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Bill Summaries: 2019–2020

Bill summaries are prepared by Legislative Analysts of the nonpartisan Minnesota House Research Department for the benefit of House members and the general public. Generally, summaries are only prepared for bills that have been scheduled for public hearings.

Multiple versions of a bill summary reflects amendments to the bill that were adopted in committee or on the House or Senate floor. All versions of bill summaries, both most recent and previous, are available.

Our strong suggestion is that readers review the language of the bill itself rather than relying entirely on information in the summary.

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BillLatest SummarySubjectVersions
HF 501As IntroducedReading corps 
HF 502As introducedStudent loan tax credit refundability 
HF 503As introducedStudent loan tax credit marriage penalty 
HF 505First engrossmentLegislative task force on state flag designAll versions
HF 508As IntroducedSurplus computers 
HF 511As introducedLocal government; bag ordinance prohibition repealed 
HF 514As IntroducedSafe Schools Levy 
HF 515As introducedSection 179 expensing 
HF 518As introducedBonus depreciation 
HF 519As introducedReleases of liability related to services 
HF 521As IntroducedSchool Safety Capital Grants to School Districts 
HF 522First engrossmentMinnesota Family Investment Program (MFIP) Sanctions and Hardship ExtensionsAll versions
HF 525As IntroducedPupil transportation 
HF 530As introducedVeteran Domestic Abuse Prevention Program 
HF 531As IntroducedSchool Calendar 
HF 532First EngrossmentBackground checksAll versions
HF 533First engrossmentNonprofit health care entity conversion transactionsAll versions
HF 537As introducedWorkforce development appropriations 
HF 538As introducedU.S. Highway 14 
HF 540As amended (H0540A2)Consistent election requirement 
HF 541As introducedMighty Ducks grant program; state bonding 
HF 548As introducedBridge of Valor 
HF 550As introducedStudent loan debt counseling grant program 
HF 551Second engrossmentManaged Care Plan Access StandardsAll versions
HF 552As amended by H0552DE1Elderly living facility deferral of property taxes 
HF 553As introducedFarmed cervids 
HF 554First engrossmentReestablishment of parental rights; background studies.All versions
HF 557As introducedNoncompete agreements with physicians 
HF 559First engrossmentOphthalmic prescriptionsAll versions
HF 560As introducedClarifying harassment and stalking crimes 
HF 561As IntroducedNonpaternity actions; statute of limitations 
HF 562As introducedState funeral for last surviving World War II Medal of Honor recipient 
HF 563As introducedHeaven's Law 
HF 566First EngrossmentSchool safety assessment teamsAll versions
HF 567As amended by H0567A12018 property tax provisions 
HF 569As introducedSt. Louis County Tax-Forfeited Lands 
HF 570As introducedMille Lacs County auditor-treasurer may be appointed, to reverse referendum 
HF 571As introducedCertification of misdemeanors as petty misdemeanors 
HF 572First EngrossmentEarnings of nonprofit health maintenance organizationsAll versions
HF 573As introducedHigher education 
HF 573As introducedHigher education 
HF 574As IntroducedRemoving the limitation on the combined tax on Minneapolis lodging 
HF 575As IntroducedDisposal of unclaimed medications 
HF 576As IntroducedCollege entrance exam fees 
HF 578First Engrossment, as amended by H0578A2Minnesota Education Credit income eligibility 
HF 579As introducedSafe Schools 
HF 580As introducedPrepare and Prosper appropriation 
HF 583As introducedStudent loan refinancing program expansion 
HF 583As introducedStudent loan refinancing program credit requirements 
HF 586As introducedVeterans suicide awareness day 
HF 587As amended (H0587A1)Income and corporate franchise tax; allowance of trade or business expense deductions for manufacturers of medical marijuana 
HF 591As introducedFamily impact statement 
HF 593First Division EngrossmentRotary International special plateAll versions
HF 600As introducedDeer Hunting License Fee Revenues 
HF 603As introducedHigher education: University of Minnesota review of PFAS 
HF 605As introducedAvivo appropriation 
HF 606As IntroducedReligious Holidays 
HF 608First engrossmentSt. Louis County Civil Service CommissionAll versions
HF 613As introducedRosemount Armory 
HF 614As introducedHigher education: victim notifications in sexual assault policies 
HF 615As introducedAppropriation to Rapidan Township for flood costs 
HF 616As introducedMental health grants and services 
HF 618As IntroducedModifying Equalization Revenue Programs 
HF 619First engrossmentCentral Iron Range Sanitary Sewer BoardAll versions
HF 620As introducedMinnesota Diversified Industries, Inc. appropriation 
HF 623As introducedAgriculture education 
HF 627As introducedEyewitness identification policies 
HF 628As introducedLimiting DWI forfeiture for ignition interlock participants 
HF 629As introducedMinnesota Premium Security Plan 
HF 631First engrossmentData Practices and Civil Law Policy Omnibus BillAll versions
HF 632With author's amendment H0632A22018 Property Tax ProvisionsAll versions
HF 633As introducedMinnesota Racing Commission; ongoing operations 
HF 635As introducedMNLARS and deputy registrar funding 
HF 637Second engrossmentHealth-related licensing board background checksAll versions
HF 644As introducedVoter Registration Information 
HF 650As introducedAmeriCorps Promise Fellows appropriation 
HF 651As introducedWest St. Paul local sales tax 
HF 653Second EngrossmentLegacy Omnibus Arts and Cultural Heritage FundAll versions
HF 655As IntroducedBurnsville tax increment financing districts authorized 
HF 656As introducedWorkforce development appropriation 
HF 665As introducedYouth intervention program funding 
HF 667As introducedVirginia local sales tax 
HF 670As introducedProvides a sales tax exemption for contractor purchases for government and certain nonprofit construction projects 
HF 671As IntroducedMinneapolis special tax financing rules use for a redevelopment project authorized 
HF 673First subcommittee engrossmentNoncampaign disbursement; security-related expensesAll versions
HF 677As introducedMail balloting 
HF 678As introducedAppropriation to Better Futures Minnesota 
HF 679As introducedChildren's residential services 
HF 680First EngrossmentUse of Dogs to Track Big GameAll versions
HF 681As introducedPupil Transportation; Pregnant Teens and Teen Moms 
HF 682As introducedTransfer to the disaster assistance contingency account 
HF 683As introducedMinnesota Youth Council 
HF 684First division engrossmentRare disease advisory councilAll versions
HF 685As introducedRequired disclosure of facility fee 
HF 686As introducedPharmacy Licensure Requirements 
HF 687First EngrossmentSynchronization of RefillsAll versions
HF 688First EngrossmentRefills Without a PrescriptionAll versions
HF 689As introducedLength of probation 
HF 692As IntroducedCareer and technical education extended time 
HF 695As introducedSales tax exemption for Mazeppa fire 
HF 696As introducedGrand Rapids Children's Discovery Museum 
HF 702As introducedMotor vehicle sales tax exemption for road maintenance vehicles 
HF 703As introducedCompensation limits for local government employees 
HF 705As introducedRequiring records to be sealed following a pardon extraordinary 
HF 706As introducedHigher education: funding the University of Minnesota's Robert J. Jones Urban Research and Outreach-Engagement Center 
HF 707As introducedCompensation for exonerated persons 
HF 709As introducedCounty agricultural society exemption 
HF 717Second engrossmentCannabis task forceAll versions
HF 719As introducedLaw Enforcement Authority; Tribal Peace OfficersAll versions
HF 721As introducedWildlife Management Area Insecticide Use 
HF 722As IntroducedCombined net receipts tax rate reduction and lawful purpose expenditure deduction provided 
HF 723As introducedPharmacist disclosure; synchronization of refills 
HF 724First engrossmentAssisted reproduction technology; use of donated semen or ovumAll versions
HF 725First engrossmentFederally Qualified Health Center PaymentAll versions
HF 726As introducedThe State Building Code 
HF 728Second engrossmentPharmacy Benefit Manager Licensure and RegulationAll versions
HF 729As introducedState Patrol salary 
HF 731As introducedVehicle and License Exemptions for Disabled Veterans 
HF 732As IntroducedSchool-linked mental health grants 
HF 733As introducedSecurity screening systems 
HF 734As introducedEliminating the statute of limitations for criminal sexual conduct offenses 
HF 739As introducedExtending the deadline to file certain petitions for postconviction relief 
HF 740As introducedChild care licensing requirements 
HF 741Second engrossmentBailAll versions
HF 742First engrossmentMultigenerational children's mental health servicesAll versions
HF 743First EngrossmentLimits on Drug CopaymentsAll versions
HF 745As introducedMarriage; prohibits marriage for minors; requires proof of age to marry 
HF 748First engrossmentTEFRA Parental ContributionsAll versions
HF 749As introducedTurtle Sellers' Licenses