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Bill Summaries: 2019–2020

Bill summaries are prepared by Legislative Analysts of the nonpartisan Minnesota House Research Department for the benefit of House members and the general public. Generally, summaries are only prepared for bills that have been scheduled for public hearings.

Multiple versions of a bill summary reflects amendments to the bill that were adopted in committee or on the House or Senate floor. All versions of bill summaries, both most recent and previous, are available.

Our strong suggestion is that readers review the language of the bill itself rather than relying entirely on information in the summary.

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BillLatest SummarySubjectVersions
HF 1Second Division EngrossmentEarly Education and Child CareAll versions
HF 3First engrossmentOneCare Buy-InAll versions
HF 4First Division EngrossmentDrug Pricing and Price IncreasesAll versions
HF 5Fourth EngrossmentPaid Family and Medical Leave Benefit Insurance ProgramAll versions
HF 6Second Division EngrossmentWage theftAll versions
HF 7First division engrossmentBorder-to-border broadband appropriationAll versions
HF 8First EngrossmentFirearm Background ChecksAll versions
HF 9First EngrossmentExtreme risk protection orders; firearmsAll versions
HF 10First EngrossmentAmending definition of sexual harassment; Minnesota Human Rights ActAll versions
HF 11Third engrossmentEarned sick and safe (ESS) timeAll versions
HF 12First EngrossmentConversion Therapy ProhibitionAll versions
HF 13First engrossmentState Equal Rights AmendmentAll versions
HF 14First engrossmentElections; HAVA cybersecurity fundingAll versions
HF 15First engrossmentVoluntary relationship defense to criminal sexual conductAll versions
HF 16As IntroducedSmall Schools Revenue 
HF 17First engrossmentElections; HAVA cybersecurity fundingAll versions
HF 20As IntroducedIntermediate school districts 
HF 33As introducedService Cooperatives, joint powers 
HF 37As amended (H0037A1)Stillbirth credit 
HF 40First engrossmentRestoration of the civil right to voteAll versions
HF 42As Amended (H0042A1)Individual income tax rates 
HF 43As introducedSales tax exemption for the David M. Thaler Sports Center 
HF 45First engrossmentAutomatic Voter RegistrationAll versions
HF 47As introducedFertilizer 
HF 50First EngrossmentWireless communications device use while drivingAll versions
HF 51First EngrossmentDischarge of restrictive covenants affecting protected classesAll versions
HF 54As introducedEliminating intent requirement from data breach notification statute 
HF 55As IntroducedSchool meals 
HF 56As amended (H0056A1)Social Security subtractionAll versions
HF 58As introducedCorrections Officer Joseph Gomm Memorial Highway 
HF 62First engrossmentVoice response suicide prevention, crisis connection, and referralsAll versions
HF 63As introducedAppropriation for Bridges to Healthcare 
HF 69As IntroducedCombined net receipts tax calculation modified 
HF 70First EngrossmentCreating a task force on missing and murdered indigenous women and girlsAll versions
HF 71As introducedFederal Equal Rights Amendment 
HF 73As introducedExtended Time Revenue for Certain Career and Technical Programs 
HF 74As introducedFifth Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct 
HF 80First engrossmentCapital investment; changes and corrections to 2018 lawAll versions
HF 82As introducedFarmer mental health 
HF 84As introducedFarmer mental health 
HF 85First engrossmentGuidelines for patient-assisted medication administrationAll versions
HF 89As introducedChild pornography penalties 
HF 90Sixth engrossmentAssisted living licensure; consumer protections; dementia care standardsAll versions
HF 92As introducedSpear Gun Fishing 
HF 94As introducedVoter Assistance 
HF 98As introducedMetro Mobility service area 
HF 99As introducedOpioid overdose reduction pilot program 
HF 103As introducedDigital picture and recording misrepresentation 
HF 104First division engrossmentTexting while driving penaltiesAll versions
HF 110As introducedU.S. Highway 10 expansion 
HF 111As introducedCreating a task force on missing and murdered indigenous women and girls 
HF 112As introducedPrivacy of genetic information 
HF 113As introducedDistribution of fine proceeds 
HF 116As IntroducedSchool Referendums 
HF 119First engrossmentHelmets to HardhatsAll versions
HF 120As IntroducedVeterans Jobs Tax Credit 
HF 121As introducedAgricultural land used for environmental purpose 
HF 122As introducedSale of state property to a private entity; Stearns County 
HF 123As introducedLegislative Budget Office Repealed 
HF 125First EngrossmentGrantsAll versions
HF 129As introducedGovernor's Council on Developmental Disabilities; compensation 
HF 131As introducedVehicle registration reimbursement 
HF 132Delete everything amendment (H0132DE1)Local government user testing of software 
HF 133First EngrossmentNo Child Left Inside Grant ProgramAll versions
HF 135As introducedMilitary ready reserve special plates 
HF 136Second EngrossmentInternet service provider requirements; adherence to net neutralityAll versions
HF 137As introducedWorkforce development appropriation extension 
HF 139As introducedWorkforce development appropriation 
HF 140As introducedRegulation of hair braiding 
HF 141As introducedPort authorities, sale of property and vote required 
HF 142As introducedSalary differential pay for mobilized county employees 
HF 143As introducedArmed Forces Service Center at MSP 
HF 144As introducedInternational Falls local sales tax 
HF 145As introducedWindow tinting for prescription or medical needs 
HF 147First engrossmentMA Coverage of TelemedicineAll versions
HF 148As introducedCommunity emergency medical technicians 
HF 149Second engrossmentDisclosure by PharmacistsAll versions
HF 150As introducedBudget forecast 
HF 154As introducedGrants to regional emergency medical services programs 
HF 155As introducedComprehensive advanced life support (CALS) educational program 
HF 157With the author's H0157A2 amendmentSales tax exemption for certain nonprofit food programsAll versions
HF 158As introduced, with A19-0001 amendmentFarmer legal services 
HF 163As amended by H0163DE4Education PolicyAll versions
HF 164As IntroducedDuluth; tax increment financing districts authorized 
HF 167As amended by the H0167A3 amendmentEnvironmental enforcement 
HF 168Second EngrossmentDisability Waiver Rate System (DWRS)All versions
HF 171As introducedMetro Mobility service area 
HF 172As introducedPOW and MIA Recognition Day 
HF 174As Amended (H0174A1)Individual income tax rates 
HF 176As IntroducedChamplin; tax increment financing authority modified 
HF 179First EngrossmentDisability Waiver Rate System (DWRS)All versions
HF 180As introducedAppropriation for the centers for independent living 
HF 182First engrossmentPrescription Drug Repository ProgramAll versions
HF 183With the author's amendment (H0183A1)Duluth local sales tax 
HF 187As amended by A19-0057Reimbursement of county costs to defend lawsuit by state auditor 
HF 189As introducedMA Ambulance Service Rate Increase 
HF 190As introducedParent-to-Parent Programs for Families of Children with Special Health Care Needs 
HF 192Second EngrossmentMetropolitan Council, staggered terms; advisory committees establishedAll versions
HF 194As IntroducedSpecial education aid increased for school districts 
HF 195As amended by the delete-all (H0195DE1)Metropolitan Council bus emissions and routing 
HF 197As introducedPremium tax – health maintenance organizations 
HF 200As introducedRiparian Buffer Compensation 
HF 202First engrossmentHumvees and decommissioned military vehiclesAll versions
HF 203As introducedDisabled veterans homestead exclusion—private data sharing 
HF 204As introducedDisabled veterans' homestead exclusion 
HF 205As introducedDisabled veterans' homestead exclusion 
HF 207As introducedMonticello School District; Special Education Adjustment 
HF 209As IntroducedTesting materials 
HF 211As introducedDisability parking; physical therapists 
HF 212As introducedPesticide; cities 
HF 213As introducedMilitary and skilled trade career options 
HF 215With the author's amendment (H0215A1)Sales tax exemption and grant for a fire in Melrose 
HF 219As introducedCo-located freight and light rail transit liability limits 
HF 220As IntroducedBloomington; special Tax Increment Financing authority modified for the Central Station district 
HF 221As introducedMinnesota agriculture special plate 
HF 223As amended by H0223DE2Financial assurance for waste tire facilities 
HF 232First EngrossmentFarmer mental health; farm advocatesAll versions
HF 233As introducedAppropriation bonds repealed, general obligation bonds authorized 
HF 235As amended (H0235A1)Section 179 expensing 
HF 244As IntroducedRadon testing 
HF 246As IntroducedVocational enrichment program 
HF 247As IntroducedSchool Library Media Specialists 
HF 249As IntroducedCivics 
HF 250As introducedAffirmative consent instruction in schools 
HF 251First engrossmentLake Vermilion-Soudan Underground Mine State ParkAll versions
HF 253As introducedSpecial paper products vehicle permit 
HF 258First engrossmentNursing Facility Payment RatesAll versions
HF 259As introducedReimbursement for doula services 
HF 262As introducedFish and Wildlife Stamp Design Contests 
HF 263As amended by A19-0017Appropriation for the Minnesota Association for Volunteer AdministrationAll versions
HF 264As introducedLions Clubs International special plate 
HF 267As introducedElderly Waiver Program Recodification 
HF 269As introducedHIV/AIDS prevention grants 
HF 270As introducedAgricultural loans 
HF 273As introducedMinnesotaCare and Subsidized Health Coverage 
HF 279As introducedSales tax construction exemption for Inver Grove Heights 
HF 281First engrossmentOpen meeting law; attendance by interactive televisionAll versions
HF 282First Division EngrossmentProvisions related to manufactured and modular homesAll versions
HF 284First EngrossmentReview of cost of insulin productsAll versions
HF 285As introducedData Practices: data sharing for special transportation services 
HF 288First engrossmentCoverage of insulin, equipment, and suppliesAll versions
HF 289First engrossmentDiabetes drug cost transparencyAll versions
HF 290As introducedHuman services background studies of individuals with expunged records 
HF 292As introducedGirl Scouts River Valleys 
HF 293First EngrossmentGambling combined net receipts rates adjustedAll versions
HF 294As introducedGambling exemption for purchases of equipment provided 
HF 295As introducedFees related to tips via credit card 
HF 298First EngrossmentBackground studies for parents in guardianship casesAll versions
HF 300First engrossmentPublic procurement disputesAll versions
HF 301As introducedBurglary 
HF 302First engrossmentMental health designation on driver's licenses and identification cardsAll versions
HF 305As introducedFarmed white-tailed deer 
HF 306As introducedHealth plan coverage for PANDAS and PANS 
HF 309As amended by H0309DE1MFIP Cost of Living AdjustmentsAll versions
HF 310As introducedLawful gambling organizations annual audits and report requirements modified 
HF 312As IntroducedSales tax exemptions for nonprofit animal shelters 
HF 314As IntroducedSchool Calendar 
HF 316As introducedTransportation management organizations 
HF 319As amended by H0319DE2Creating a loan guarantee program for furloughed federal employeesAll versions
HF 324As introducedTaconite municipal aid account aid guarantee and distribution amount 
HF 327As introducedSexual assault investigation policies 
HF 329As IntroducedDyslexia specialist 
HF 331Third EngrossmentRaising the age for purchasing tobacco to 21All versions
HF 333With author's amendment H0333A2Sales tax exemption for public safety facilities in city of Minnetonka 
HF 334As introducedExpanding the Board of Peace Officer Standards and Training 
HF 335As introducedSales tax exemption for nonprofit conservation clubs 
HF 337As introducedSchool District Community Service Fund Transfers 
HF 339As introducedRetention of criminal gang investigative data 
HF 340First Division EngrossmentOutdoor Heritage Fund AppropriationsAll versions
HF 341First division engrossmentCriminal penalties and sanctions for sex offenders and predatory offendersAll versions
HF 342Second engrossmentAfrican American Family Preservation and Child Welfare Disproportionality ActAll versions
HF 345As amended by H0345DE4Disaster assistance contingency account funding 
HF 346As amended by A20-0760Clarifying the tax base for local lodging taxesAll versions
HF 347As introducedCocktail rooms—colocation with taprooms 
HF 349First engrossmentElectronic delivery devices; Clean Indoor Air ActAll versions
HF 350As introducedFunding for statewide tobacco cessation services 
HF 351With the author's H0351A1 amendmentSales tax exemption for firefighting and ambulance equipment 
HF 353As introducedPublic television equipment grants 
HF 354As introducedBeyond Opioids Project 
HF 355As introducedAvon local sales tax 
HF 356First engrossmentElectronic paddlewheel regulationAll versions
HF 359Second EngrossmentUse of flame-retardant chemicals in certain productsAll versions
HF 361As amended by H0361DE1Rideshare and transit customer dataAll versions
HF 362As introducedI-94/U.S. Highway 10 Mississippi River Crossing Feasibility Study 
HF 363As introducedWorkforce development appropriations 
HF 364As introducedModify use of Cloquet local sales tax revenues 
HF 365As introducedDriving privileges; diabetes 
HF 366As introducedCertification Incentive Revenue for School Districts 
HF 367As introducedAppropriation for Exodus Lending 
HF 369As introducedCreating the federal research and development support program 
HF 370As introducedMetropolitan Council, staggered terms; nomination process 
HF 374A19-0014 amendmentUnemployment Insurance Advisory Council recommendations 
HF 376As introducedAppropriation to extend a broadband network 
HF 377As introducedEmergency responder training funding 
HF 382As introducedMaking the current MSHSL sales tax exemption permanent 
HF 388As introducedPerham local sales tax 
HF 392As introducedSauk Centre local sales tax 
HF 395As introducedForest pests 
HF 398As amended by H0398A1Agricultural homestead rules—property owned by trusts 
HF 400Fifth EngrossmentOpioid OmnibusAll versions
HF 404As introducedRequiring the commissioner of revenue to publish sales tax rates by nine- digit zip code 
HF 411First Division EngrossmentClean water capital investment appropriationsAll versions
HF 412As introducedAppropriation for the Cook County Higher Education Board 
HF 413With the author's H0413A1 amendmentSales tax exemption for certain herbicides 
HF 414As introducedBusiness development competitive grant program appropriation 
HF 416With author's amendment (H0416A1)Penalty forgiveness for the city of Austin 
HF 418First engrossmentCriminal sexual conduct statutory reform working groupAll versions
HF 421As introducedEnhanced criminal penalties for assaulting firefighters or medical personnel 
HF 422As introducedAppropriation for child care in rural Minnesota 
HF 423First division engrossmentGreater Minnesota Child Care Facility Capital Grant ProgramAll versions
HF 424As introducedState required to pay costs of property tax judgement against state- assessed property, and money appropriated 
HF 425As introducedIntermediate Care Facility Rate Increase 
HF 428As introducedTextbooks 
HF 430Second division engrossmentAppropriating funding for the Veterans Defense ProjectAll versions
HF 434As introducedHigher Education: teacher candidates of color financial aid provided 
HF 435As introducedConstruction sales tax exemption for redevelopment of the Duluth Central High School site 
HF 436As introducedFood 
HF 440As introducedHealth plan coverage of breast cancer screening procedure 
HF 447As introducedExpands the sales tax exemption for firefighting equipment 
HF 448As IntroducedEnglish Learner Program Aid 
HF 453As introducedLicensed food handlers fee—liquor stores 
HF 458As introducedHomestead credit refund; manufactured home park cooperatives 
HF 461As introducedExtra aid to the city of West St. Paul 
HF 462First EngrossmentBicycle regulationsAll versions
HF 463As introducedAfrican Economic Development Solutions appropriation 
HF 464As introducedCreating the domestic abuse transformation program account 
HF 468With the author's amendment (H0468A1)Sales tax exemptions for the nonprofit Lake of the Woods International ice arena 
HF 469As introducedControlled substance DWI study 
HF 473First EngrossmentVolume Purchasing for Incontinence ProductsAll versions
HF 474As introducedEnhanced supervision of individuals struggling with mental illness 
HF 476As introducedInsurance exclusions 
HF 478As introducedGrant program; mental health issues experienced by firefighters 
HF 479As introducedDomestic violence and sexual assault prevention program 
HF 480As introducedCriminal sexual conduct reform; Hannah's Law 
HF 484As introducedMetropolitan agricultural preserves 
HF 485First EngrossmentInsulin Assistance ProgramAll versions
HF 486As introducedHealth plan coverage of hearing aids 
HF 489As introducedTransit service on Election Day 
HF 491First engrossmentSchool worker criminal sexual misconductAll versions
HF 492First engrossmentMisdemeanor traffic violationsAll versions
HF 493As introducedCorrectional Segregation 
HF 494As introducedTime period for notice to quit or residential rent increase 
HF 495As introducedChapter 504B; lease requirements updated 
HF 497As amended by H0497DE1Child Care Assistance Program Eligibility Restrictions 
HF 499First engrossmentChild welfare trainingAll versions
HF 501As IntroducedReading corps 
HF 502As introducedStudent loan tax credit refundability 
HF 503As introducedStudent loan tax credit marriage penalty 
HF 505First engrossmentLegislative task force on state flag designAll versions
HF 508As IntroducedSurplus computers 
HF 511As introducedLocal government; bag ordinance prohibition repealed 
HF 514As IntroducedSafe Schools Levy 
HF 515As introducedSection 179 expensing 
HF 518As introducedBonus depreciation 
HF 519As introducedReleases of liability related to services 
HF 521As IntroducedSchool Safety Capital Grants to School Districts 
HF 522First engrossmentMinnesota Family Investment Program (MFIP) Sanctions and Hardship ExtensionsAll versions
HF 525As IntroducedPupil transportation 
HF 530As introducedVeteran Domestic Abuse Prevention Program 
HF 531As IntroducedSchool Calendar 
HF 532First EngrossmentBackground checksAll versions
HF 533First engrossmentNonprofit health care entity conversion transactionsAll versions
HF 537As introducedWorkforce development appropriations 
HF 538As introducedU.S. Highway 14 
HF 540As amended (H0540A2)Consistent election requirement 
HF 541As introducedMighty Ducks grant program; state bonding 
HF 548As introducedBridge of Valor 
HF 550As introducedStudent loan debt counseling grant program 
HF 551Second engrossmentManaged Care Plan Access StandardsAll versions
HF 552As amended by H0552DE1Elderly living facility deferral of property taxes 
HF 553As introducedFarmed cervids 
HF 554First engrossmentReestablishment of parental rights; background studies.All versions
HF 557As introducedNoncompete agreements with physicians 
HF 559First engrossmentOphthalmic prescriptionsAll versions
HF 560As introducedClarifying harassment and stalking crimes 
HF 561As IntroducedNonpaternity actions; statute of limitations 
HF 562As introducedState funeral for last surviving World War II Medal of Honor recipient 
HF 563As introducedHeaven's Law 
HF 566First EngrossmentSchool safety assessment teamsAll versions
HF 567As amended by H0567A12018 property tax provisions 
HF 569As introducedSt. Louis County Tax-Forfeited Lands 
HF 570As introducedMille Lacs County auditor-treasurer may be appointed, to reverse referendum 
HF 571As introducedCertification of misdemeanors as petty misdemeanors 
HF 572First EngrossmentEarnings of nonprofit health maintenance organizationsAll versions
HF 573As introducedHigher education 
HF 573As introducedHigher education 
HF 574As IntroducedRemoving the limitation on the combined tax on Minneapolis lodging 
HF 575As IntroducedDisposal of unclaimed medications 
HF 576As IntroducedCollege entrance exam fees 
HF 578First Engrossment, as amended by H0578A2Minnesota Education Credit income eligibility 
HF 579As introducedSafe Schools 
HF 580As introducedPrepare and Prosper appropriation 
HF 583As introducedStudent loan refinancing program expansion 
HF 583As introducedStudent loan refinancing program credit requirements 
HF 586As introducedVeterans suicide awareness day 
HF 587As amended (H0587A1)Income and corporate franchise tax; allowance of trade or business expense deductions for manufacturers of medical marijuana 
HF 591As introducedFamily impact statement 
HF 593First Division EngrossmentRotary International special plateAll versions
HF 600As introducedDeer Hunting License Fee Revenues 
HF 603As introducedHigher education: University of Minnesota review of PFAS 
HF 605As introducedAvivo appropriation 
HF 606As IntroducedReligious Holidays 
HF 608First engrossmentSt. Louis County Civil Service CommissionAll versions
HF 613As introducedRosemount Armory 
HF 614As introducedHigher education: victim notifications in sexual assault policies 
HF 615As introducedAppropriation to Rapidan Township for flood costs 
HF 616As introducedMental health grants and services 
HF 618As IntroducedModifying Equalization Revenue Programs 
HF 619First engrossmentCentral Iron Range Sanitary Sewer BoardAll versions
HF 620As introducedMinnesota Diversified Industries, Inc. appropriation 
HF 623As introducedAgriculture education 
HF 627As introducedEyewitness identification policies 
HF 628As introducedLimiting DWI forfeiture for ignition interlock participants 
HF 629As introducedMinnesota Premium Security Plan 
HF 631First engrossmentData Practices and Civil Law Policy Omnibus BillAll versions
HF 632With author's amendment H0632A22018 Property Tax ProvisionsAll versions
HF 633As introducedMinnesota Racing Commission; ongoing operations 
HF 635As introducedMNLARS and deputy registrar funding 
HF 637Second engrossmentHealth-related licensing board background checksAll versions
HF 644As introducedVoter Registration Information 
HF 650As introducedAmeriCorps Promise Fellows appropriation 
HF 651As introducedWest St. Paul local sales tax 
HF 653Second EngrossmentLegacy Omnibus Arts and Cultural Heritage FundAll versions
HF 655As IntroducedBurnsville tax increment financing districts authorized 
HF 656As introducedWorkforce development appropriation 
HF 665As introducedYouth intervention program funding 
HF 667As introducedVirginia local sales tax 
HF 670As introducedProvides a sales tax exemption for contractor purchases for government and certain nonprofit construction projects 
HF 671As IntroducedMinneapolis special tax financing rules use for a redevelopment project authorized 
HF 673First subcommittee engrossmentNoncampaign disbursement; security-related expensesAll versions
HF 677As introducedMail balloting 
HF 678As introducedAppropriation to Better Futures Minnesota 
HF 679As introducedChildren's residential services 
HF 680First EngrossmentUse of Dogs to Track Big GameAll versions
HF 681As introducedPupil Transportation; Pregnant Teens and Teen Moms 
HF 682As introducedTransfer to the disaster assistance contingency account 
HF 683As introducedMinnesota Youth Council 
HF 684First division engrossmentRare disease advisory councilAll versions
HF 685As introducedRequired disclosure of facility fee 
HF 686As introducedPharmacy Licensure Requirements 
HF 687First EngrossmentSynchronization of RefillsAll versions
HF 688First EngrossmentRefills Without a PrescriptionAll versions
HF 689As introducedLength of probation 
HF 692As IntroducedCareer and technical education extended time 
HF 695As introducedSales tax exemption for Mazeppa fire 
HF 696As introducedGrand Rapids Children's Discovery Museum 
HF 702As introducedMotor vehicle sales tax exemption for road maintenance vehicles 
HF 703As introducedCompensation limits for local government employees 
HF 705As introducedRequiring records to be sealed following a pardon extraordinary 
HF 706As introducedHigher education: funding the University of Minnesota's Robert J. Jones Urban Research and Outreach-Engagement Center 
HF 707As introducedCompensation for exonerated persons 
HF 709As introducedCounty agricultural society exemption 
HF 717Second engrossmentCannabis task forceAll versions
HF 719As introducedLaw Enforcement Authority; Tribal Peace OfficersAll versions
HF 721As introducedWildlife Management Area Insecticide Use 
HF 722As IntroducedCombined net receipts tax rate reduction and lawful purpose expenditure deduction provided 
HF 723As introducedPharmacist disclosure; synchronization of refills 
HF 724First engrossmentAssisted reproduction technology; use of donated semen or ovumAll versions
HF 725First engrossmentFederally Qualified Health Center PaymentAll versions
HF 726As introducedThe State Building Code 
HF 728Second engrossmentPharmacy Benefit Manager Licensure and RegulationAll versions
HF 729As introducedState Patrol salary 
HF 731As introducedVehicle and License Exemptions for Disabled Veterans 
HF 732As IntroducedSchool-linked mental health grants 
HF 733As introducedSecurity screening systems 
HF 734As introducedEliminating the statute of limitations for criminal sexual conduct offenses 
HF 739As introducedExtending the deadline to file certain petitions for postconviction relief 
HF 740As introducedChild care licensing requirements 
HF 741Second engrossmentBailAll versions
HF 742First engrossmentMultigenerational children's mental health servicesAll versions
HF 743First EngrossmentLimits on Drug CopaymentsAll versions
HF 745As introducedMarriage; prohibits marriage for minors; requires proof of age to marry 
HF 748First engrossmentTEFRA Parental ContributionsAll versions
HF 749As introducedTurtle Sellers' Licenses 
HF 756As introducedFire protection districts authorized 
HF 758First EngrossmentMississippi Headwaters BoardAll versions
HF 759As introducedVenison donation 
HF 761As introducedResponsibility for Student Transportation 
HF 763Delete everything amendment (H0763DE1)MA Spenddown Standard 
HF 766First engrossmentMedical cannabis programAll versions
HF 768As IntroducedSchool District School-Age Care Programs 
HF 769First engrossmentPublic Employment Relations Board dataAll versions
HF 770As introducedChild care licensing and dependent care tax credit 
HF 771Second engrossmentCultural and Ethnic Communities Leadership CouncilAll versions
HF 772First engrossmentAccessibility of public buildingsAll versions
HF 778As introducedSales tax exemption for grain bins 
HF 779As introducedProvides a sales tax exemption for contractor purchases for government and certain nonprofit construction projects 
HF 780As introducedLocal road and bridge bonding 
HF 781As introducedSmall cities assistance program 
HF 783First engrossmentRequirements for supervisors of temporary body art techniciansAll versions
HF 784As introducedFund Transfer; Truman School District 
HF 785As introducedDental licensure 
HF 786As introducedNeighborhood Development Center appropriation 
HF 789As introducedRobbinsdale School District OPEB Fund Transfers 
HF 790As introduced16- and 17-year-old lawn mower use 
HF 793As introducedLegalizing the sale or possession of cannabidiol 
HF 798The delete everything amendment (H0798DE1)Contesting Child Support Cost-of-Living Adjustment 
HF 799As introducedMinnesota Family Investment Program (MFIP) 
HF 800As introducedBeaver Control 
HF 803As introducedADA Notice to Businesses Working Group formation 
HF 804As introducedLegislative Commission on Data Practices and Personal Data Privacy 
HF 807As IntroducedState payment to counties with Indian gaming casinos modified 
HF 810As introducedAuthorizing a plaque on the Capitol grounds to honor Minnesota veterans 
HF 811As introducedFarm-to-school 
HF 812As introducedSex Offenses by Persons in Authority 
HF 813Author's amendment H0813A1Student Suicide Prevention Training for Teachers 
HF 814As introducedSchool-linked mental health grants 
HF 815As introducedStep Therapy and State Public Health Care Programs 
HF 819First engrossmentX-ray machine operator practice; cardiovascular technologistsAll versions
HF 820As introducedLivestock feedlots 
HF 823First engrossmentCity fees for review of certain applicationsAll versions
HF 824As IntroducedTeachers 
HF 825First engrossmentChild care businesses pilot programAll versions
HF 826First engrossmentState funeral for last surviving World War II Medal of Honor recipientAll versions
HF 829As introducedAgricultural loans 
HF 831As introducedRelease of patient health records 
HF 834As introducedBond Allocation Act definition of a public facilities project modified 
HF 835As amended by H0835DE1Minnesota Reads Action Council 
HF 836First division engrossmentRichard J. Ames Memorial HighwayAll versions
HF 837As introducedEarly Childhood Development Screening 
HF 839As introducedSchool board vacancies 
HF 840As introducedTreatment for Periodontal Disease 
HF 844As introducedOccupation tax credit 
HF 845As introducedSchool Building Lease Levy 
HF 847As IntroducedGraduation requirements 
HF 851As introducedTwin Cities R!SE appropriation 
HF 853As IntroducedSpecial education 
HF 854As IntroducedSpecial education 
HF 857As introducedAgriculture; wild turkeys 
HF 861First engrossmentMNLARS & DVS deficiency fundingAll versions
HF 866As introducedPublic pension income subtraction 
HF 867As introducedElk River local sales tax 
HF 869As introducedExcluding some vendors from the June accelerated sales tax requirements 
HF 870As introducedCorporate AMT repeal 
HF 871As amended by H0871DE1C-option tax 
HF 873As introduced“Portorama” name designation 
HF 875As introducedClean Water Legacy Act 
HF 876As introducedSubsidies for federally qualified health centers 
HF 877As introducedPlymouth lodging tax 
HF 878As introducedBuilding and construction contracts; retainage payments requirements 
HF 879As introducedClarifying building contract indemnification agreements 
HF 881As amended by H0881DE2Teacher mentoringAll versions
HF 882As IntroducedIncreasing the General Education Formula Allowance 
HF 883As introducedSocial Security subtraction 
HF 884As introducedWorkforce and affordable homeownership development program 
HF 885As amended (H0885DE1)Social Security subtractionAll versions
HF 886As amended (H0886A1)Standard deduction amountAll versions
HF 888As introducedVeteran's identifier on state-issued identification cards 
HF 889As introducedVeterans GI Benefits 
HF 892As introducedPharmacy Licensure and Peritoneal Dialysis 
HF 893First engrossmentCertified public accounting 
HF 895As introducedState rail safety inspection program 
HF 896As amended by H0896DE1Manufactured housing 
HF 897As introducedJuvenile detention alternatives 
HF 898As introducedLicense reinstatement diversion program 
HF 901As introducedAdmission of domestic abuse no contact order violations 
HF 904As introducedPenalty forgiveness for the city of Flensburg 
HF 905As introducedThe getting to work grant program 
HF 907As IntroducedAfter-school Programs 
HF 908As introducedChild care provider business training 
HF 909As introducedGrants to address racial and ethnic disparities in prenatal care 
HF 910Second engrossmentNewborn Hearing Screening Advisory Committee; expiration dateAll versions
HF 914As introducedFinancial institutions licensing and renewal fees 
HF 915As amended by H0915DE1Grain buyers and warehouses 
HF 919First engrossmentHmong Veterans DayAll versions
HF 920As introducedFund Transfer; Minnetonka School District 
HF 921First engrossmentDental AdministratorAll versions
HF 922First engrossmentWells and boringsAll versions
HF 923As introducedEmergency Prescription Refills 
HF 925First EngrossmentUse of epinephrine auto-injectors by authorized individualsAll versions
HF 926As introducedMA Coverage of Drugs for Weight Loss 
HF 927As introducedIncrease in total allowed swing bed days for eligible hospitals 
HF 928As introducedFetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Grant 
HF 929As introducedBrain Injury Waiver 
HF 930First engrossmentMedical Assistance (MA) TEFRA OptionAll versions
HF 931As introducedBioeconomy incentives 
HF 932First engrossmentEmergency contacts informationAll versions
HF 933As introducedLa Crescent lodging tax 
HF 940As introducedAppropriation for Palliative Care Advisory Council 
HF 942As introducedMartin County Veterans Memorial 
HF 945As introducedTextbooks 
HF 947As amended by H0947A1Wage disclosure 
HF 949As introducedExtra LGA to the city of Lilydale 
HF 950As introducedSchool Safety Center Appropriation 
HF 954As introducedBig Brothers Big Sisters appropriation 
HF 955As introducedSciTechsperience Appropriation 
HF 956As introducedMighty Ducks grant program; appropriation 
HF 961As amended (H0961DE2)Film production tax credit 
HF 962As introducedAgricultural crops 
HF 963First engrossmentCoverage of contraceptive methods and servicesAll versions
HF 964As introducedHousing supports for persons with a mental illness 
HF 968First engrossmentCounty offices may be made appointed offices, to reverse referendumAll versions
HF 969With author's amendment (H0969A1)Extra LGA to the city of Hermantown 
HF 971As introducedCollege mental health services 
HF 973As introducedMPCA Citizens Board 
HF 975As introducedCommission of the Deaf, DeafBlind and Hard-of-Hearing 
HF 976First EngrossmentTransportation omnibusAll versions
HF 979As introducedLandlord distribution of voter registration materials 
HF 980As introducedAge requirement for voting at a primary election 
HF 982As introducedUniform Collateral Consequences of Conviction Act 
HF 983First engrossmentRanked-Choice Voting AuthorizationAll versions
HF 985As introducedEast African community economic development pilot grant program 
HF 986As introducedSingle Rule 
HF 987As IntroducedDriver's education 
HF 988As introducedUnemployment Insurance 
HF 989As introducedTrunk highway performance measures, targets, and reports 
HF 993As introducedHigher Education: workforce development scholarships 
HF 994As introducedRevolving loan fund for southeastern Minnesota 
HF 995As introducedVehicle forfeiture in prostitution cases 
HF 996As introducedCorrectional Officers Discipline Procedures 
HF 997As introducedProbation guidelines 
HF 998Second EngrossmentMilitary Veteran Criminal Offender SentencingAll versions
HF 1001As introducedDWI plate impoundment 
HF 1002First engrossmentRemoving the requirement that DWI offenders take an examinationAll versions
HF 1005As IntroducedSpecial Education 
HF 1007Delete everything amendment (H1007DE1)Lead safe homes grant program established 
HF 1008As introducedMotor vehicle and driver's license transaction fees 
HF 1010First EngrossmentSchool bus safety campaignAll versions
HF 1011As introducedFamily planning grants 
HF 1012As introducedAppropriation for displaced homemaker programs 
HF 1013As introducedFull-Service Community Schools 
HF 1014As introducedCriminal sexual conduct in the first degree 
HF 1016As introducedThe Works Museum 
HF 1017First EngrossmentWomen's Suffrage 100th Anniversary Commemoration CommissionAll versions
HF 1018As introducedRedistricting Advisory Commission 
HF 1019As introducedSmall business transition planning appropriation 
HF 1020As introducedModifying provisions for the transfer of inmates 
HF 1021As introducedDairy farming 
HF 1024As introducedKenneth E. Sellon and Eugene B. Schlotfeldt Memorial Highway 
HF 1025As IntroducedSpecial education funding; increasing the aid payment shift percentage 
HF 1026As IntroducedSchool Safety Technical Assistance Center, Council 
HF 1027As IntroducedCalculation of the combined net receipts tax modified 
HF 1028As introducedAlternatives to incarceration 
HF 1031As introducedTemporary on-sale licenses – restrictions on issuance 
HF 1032As amended (H1032A1)Additional standard deduction for blind and senior taxpayers 
HF 1033As introducedSpecial license; city of St. Paul 
HF 1034As amended (H1034A2)Child care tax credits 
HF 1036As introducedWashburn Center for Children appropriations 
HF 1037As amended by H1037DE1School Breakfasts; Breakfast after the Bell 
HF 1038As introducedOmbudsman for mental health services in correctional or detention facilities 
HF 1041First engrossmentHealth plan coverage of ectodermal dysplasiasAll versions
HF 1043As introducedHousing Support Program Rates 
HF 1046Delete everything amendment (H1046DE1)MA Income Limit 
HF 1049As introducedMobile Food Shelf Grants 
HF 1050Second engrossmentFamily child foster care licensureAll versions
HF 1052With author's amendment (A19-0291)Early Middle College Programs; Continued Eligibility 
HF 1055As introducedCriminal Sexual Conduct – Peace Officers 
HF 1056As IntroducedEducation Partnership Program 
HF 1057As introducedExpungement for victims of identity theft or mistaken identity 
HF 1058First division engrossmentTobacco use prevention account; appropriations for tobacco use preventionAll versions
HF 1060As introducedReduction or waiver of the criminal traffic surcharge 
HF 1061First engrossmentProhibits driver's license suspensions under certain circumstancesAll versions
HF 1073As introducedModifying the sales tax exemption for instructional materials 
HF 1083As introducedSales tax exemption for admissions to events sponsored by a nonprofit agricultural heritage organization 
HF 1088As introducedAppropriation to the Minnesota Alliance of Boys and Girls Clubs 
HF 1091As introducedYouth workforce employment program appropriation 
HF 1094As IntroducedMental health education 
HF 1095As introducedMunicipal street improvement districts 
HF 1096As introducedFood shelves 
HF 1098As introducedElectronic voting systems 
HF 1099As introducedDay Training and Habilitation (DT&H) Grants 
HF 1100With author's amendment (H1100A1)Bureau of Indian Education Tribal Contract Schools; State Aid 
HF 1101With the author's amendment (H1101A1)Change the city LGA program 
HF 1102With the author's amendment (H1102A1)Change the city LGA program 
HF 1104As introducedTax reduction authority to border city enterprise zones 
HF 1107As IntroducedRace 2 Reduce water conservation programming 
HF 1115As introducedCooperative divorce program; Bureau of Mediation Services 
HF 1116First EngrossmentCommunity education teachersAll versions
HF 1118As introducedSelf-Advocacy Grants Appropriation 
HF 1119As introducedSpecial license; city of Roseville 
HF 1120As IntroducedCompulsory instruction 
HF 1121As introducedUnderinsured and uninsured motorist coverage for motorcycles 
HF 1122As IntroducedUnreimbursed employee expense deduction 
HF 1127As introducedRyane Clark Memorial Highway 
HF 1130As introducedExcelsior local sales tax 
HF 1131As introducedModifying the LGA factors for East Grand Forks 
HF 1133First division engrossmentSolar energyAll versions
HF 1137As introducedBorder-to-border broadband appropriation 
HF 1140As introducedSurrogacy contracts; gestational carrier agreements 
HF 1142As IntroducedSchool District Debt Service Equalization Aid 
HF 1143As IntroducedSchool District Operating Referendum Equalization Aid 
HF 1146As introducedMileage-based user fee pilot program 
HF 1148As amended (H1148A1 and H1148A2)Energy conservation 
HF 1149As introducedExpanding conservation officer authority under DWI law 
HF 1150As introducedCounty board vacancies 
HF 1151First division engrossment (DIVH1151-1)Housing Finance Agency appropriations 
HF 1152First engrossmentTransmission of absentee ballots to voters with a disabilityAll versions
HF 1153As introducedPresidential nomination primary 
HF 1154As IntroducedNonprofit unrelated business income tax (UBIT) 
HF 1155As introducedUjamaa Place appropriation 
HF 1156As introducedHousing tax credit 
HF 1162As IntroducedSchool District Special Education Funding; Cross Subsidy Aid 
HF 1163With author's amendment (H1163A1)Increase appropriations for city LGA and county program aid (CPA) 
HF 1166First engrossmentAdaptive Fitness Access GrantsAll versions
HF 1167As introducedStudy of disparities in breastfeeding 
HF 1168As introduced180 Degrees appropriation 
HF 1171As introducedCaptain Jeffrey Vollmer Memorial Highway 
HF 1176As introducedGrant to the Tap program 
HF 1177As introducedState Aid for Math Corps Activities 
HF 1178As IntroducedSchool District and Library Telecommunications Funding 
HF 1179As introducedNorthstar Commuter Rail extension project 
HF 1182First engrossmentTargeted grant program; disease-preventable disease outbreaksAll versions
HF 1184As introducedRedevelopment grants and demolition loans appropriation 
HF 1185As introducedMinnesota job creation fund appropriation 
HF 1186As introducedMinnesota investment fund appropriation 
HF 1187As introducedMinnesota Public Radio 
HF 1188First EngrossmentMove over law; recycling and solid waste vehiclesAll versions
HF 1189As introducedCounseling and Care Management, Outreach, Referral and Education Program 
HF 1190As introducedIncreasing Funding for Concurrent Enrollment Programs 
HF 1191As amended by H1191A4Energy conservation 
HF 1193As IntroducedSoutheast Edina Redevelopment Project Area special TIF authority modified 
HF 1194As introducedChildren's mental health collaboratives funding 
HF 1196As introducedEmployer access to employee's user name and password 
HF 1197As amended by H1197DE1Electronic Communications Privacy ActAll versions
HF 1201As introducedHigher education: aviation degree loan repayment program 
HF 1204As IntroducedSex discrimination 
HF 1205As introducedForfeiture of good time for assaulting a correctional officer 
HF 1207As amended by H1207DE2Duluth and Other School Districts; Special Education Adjustment 
HF 1208As introducedLegislative Commission on Housing Affordability 
HF 1209As introducedPredatory offender notice to home care provider 
HF 1213As introducedMahnomen County onetime funding provided 
HF 1215As IntroducedSolid waste management tax 
HF 1216Second division engrossmentDuluth regional exchange district created, financedAll versions
HF 1217As introducedNorth Mankato Food and beverage tax 
HF 1218As introducedSt. Paul lodging tax increase 
HF 1221As introducedCustomized Living Services Provider Transfer of Capacity 
HF 1225As introducedPersonal Care Assistance (PCA) Payment Rate Methodology 
HF 1226Author's DE1 amendmentHome visiting for pregnant women and families with young children 
HF 1230As introducedEarly learning programs 
HF 1236As introducedDrone surveillance by law enforcement 
HF 1237As introducedHousing of Inmates in Public Facilities 
HF 1238As introducedChild Care Assistance Programs 
HF 1239As introducedTesting surface water used as drinking water; source water protection 
HF 1240As introducedCross-Country Ski Passes 
HF 1241As introducedCall center employment 
HF 1244First EngrossmentDrainageAll versions
HF 1246First Division EngrossmentPrescription Drug Price TransparencyAll versions
HF 1247As introducedAnatomical gift of eye; designation of appropriate eye bank 
HF 1250As introducedCommunity Behavioral Health Clinics 
HF 1253As introducedEmployment of people with mental illness 
HF 1254As introducedMedical assistance coverage modified for officer-involved coordination 
HF 1255As amended by H1255A2Pesticides 
HF 1256As introducedAdult Foster Care and Home and Community-Based Services 
HF 1257First EngrossmentDrug Benefit TransparencyAll versions
HF 1258First engrossmentChildhood trauma-informed policy and practices task forceAll versions
HF 1259As amended (H1259A2)Disabled veterans homestead exclusion 
HF 1262As introducedMarriage and family therapists provisions 
HF 1263As introducedConforming recreational vehicles to motor vehicle DWI law 
HF 1264As introducedMedical Assistance (MA) Housing Access Grants 
HF 1267As introducedOrganic agriculture 
HF 1269First engrossmentAccess to mental health services; providers of mental health servicesAll versions
HF 1271As introducedDetroit Lakes local sales tax 
HF 1272As introducedMinnesota Family Investment Program (MFIP) 
HF 1273As introducedEmergency management readiness grants 
HF 1277As IntroducedSpecial Education 
HF 1280As introducedFire protection special taxing districts authorized 
HF 1281First engrossmentBehavioral health home servicesAll versions
HF 1282As IntroducedIncreasing Funding for Minnesota's Regional Public Library Systems 
HF 1284As introducedSoil and Water Conservation Districts 
HF 1285First engrossmentConsumer-Directed Community Supports (CDCS)All versions
HF 1286As introducedTelemedicine and Community Health Workers 
HF 1287First engrossmentParenting with a disability support service pilot projectAll versions
HF 1289First EngrossmentSpecial EducationAll versions
HF 1290As IntroducedAmending requirements related to railroad crossing to include on-track equipment 
HF 1292As introducedPesticide 
HF 1293As introducedAgricultural seed 
HF 1294As introducedCritical incident review process 
HF 1295As introducedDedicating a portion of the state sales tax revenue to an amateur sports account 
HF 1296As introducedGovernment data practices: data sharing 
HF 1297As introducedOutpatient Drug Reimbursement 
HF 1298As introducedMinimum Wage for Personal Care Assistance (PCA) Services 
HF 1299As introducedForest Carbon Sequestration 
HF 1300As introducedMonth of May designated Maternal Mental Health Awareness Month 
HF 1301As introducedFood shelves 
HF 1302First engrossmentCorporate franchise tax – captive insurance companies 
HF 1303As introducedAssociation of Minnesota Public Educational Radio Stations (AMPERS) 
HF 1310As introducedUniversity Ave. engineering evaluation 
HF 1315As IntroducedCorrectional officers 
HF 1316As introducedLegislative Water Commission 
HF 1317As introducedTemporary solar energy system credit 
HF 1318With author's amendment (H1318A2)Lodging tax in Lake County and modification of the Two Harbors lodging taxAll versions
HF 1320As introducedAgricultural utilization 
HF 1323As introducedVeterans benefits excluded from household income for the property tax refund program 
HF 1327As introducedWolf Hunting 
HF 1328First subcommittee engrossmentAutomatic Voter Registration; Preregistration 
HF 1329As IntroducedTeacher licenses 
HF 1335As IntroducedMinnesota Principals Academy 
HF 1336As IntroducedState Bond Proceeds: Red Rock Central School District 
HF 1339As introducedShade trees 
HF 1340First EngrossmentCoverage of mental health and substance use disorders 
HF 1343As IntroducedSunscreen 
HF 1344As amended by H1344A1Sanneh Foundation Education Grant 
HF 1356As introducedConstruction sales tax exemption for a Monticello fire station 
HF 1357As introducedRemoving short-term motor vehicle taxes and fees from car sharing services 
HF 1358As introducedAccessibility of local government websites 
HF 1359As introducedWorkforce Development, Inc. appropriation 
HF 1362As introducedFarmed cervids 
HF 1363As introducedSupport our Students Grants to School Districts 
HF 1369As introducedEnergy benchmarking 
HF 1371As introducedEarly voting 
HF 1372Second engrossmentPermanent absentee votersAll versions
HF 1375As introducedIncreased penalties for certain negligent driving 
HF 1378Second engrossmentNonprofit health maintenance organizationsAll versions
HF 1380As IntroducedTeacher preparation 
HF 1381As introducedCommunity solutions for healthy child development grant program 
HF 1382First engrossmentEarly Special Education Services: Metro Deaf Charter SchoolAll versions
HF 1384As IntroducedBackground Checks; Head Start and Tribal Organizations 
HF 1386As introducedSnowmobiles 
HF 1388As introducedAIDS Drug Assistance Program 
HF 1389First engrossmentBoard of Executives for Long Term Services and SupportsAll versions
HF 1390First EngrossmentSpecial EducationAll versions
HF 1391As introducedSchool building bond agricultural credit 
HF 1393As introducedModification to Carver County hospital construction moratorium exception 
HF 1397As introducedDaylight saving time 
HF 1399As introducedOmbudsman for Corrections 
HF 1400Second EngrossmentSpoken language health care interpreter registryAll versions
HF 1402As introducedLocal housing trust fund grants 
HF 1403First engrossmentProhibited Animal PartsAll versions
HF 1405First Division EngrossmentEnergyAll versions
HF 1407As introducedRegulation of outpatient surgical centers 
HF 1408First division engrossmentHighway work zonesAll versions
HF 1410As introducedState general levy rate freeze 
HF 1412As IntroducedDyslexia screening 
HF 1414First EngrossmentSexual health educationAll versions
HF 1415First EngrossmentTeacher licensureAll versions
HF 1416As IntroducedMinnesota Center for the Book 
HF 1418As introducedDairy farming 
HF 1419As introducedDairy farming 
HF 1420As introducedDisabled veteran access to medical marijuana 
HF 1421As introducedClosed-Captioned Television 
HF 1422As IntroducedSeizure smart schools 
HF 1424Third engrossmentStudent loan advocateAll versions
HF 1427As introducedWillmar local sales tax 
HF 1428As introducedSecretary of State deficiency request 
HF 1430As introducedAgricultural Riparian Buffer Credit 
HF 1434With Author's Amendment (H1434A1)Increases the City LGA Appropriation 
HF 1435As amended (H1435A1)State general levy 
HF 1436As introducedIncrease the Two Harbors local sales tax 
HF 1437As Amended (H1437A1)Subtraction for discharged principal residence indebtedness 
HF 1442As introducedSales tax construction exemption for Minneota school 
HF 1445As introducedResearch credit 
HF 1447First Division EngrossmentTransportation-related COVID-19 responseAll versions
HF 1453As amended (H1453A1)Inflation indexing technical and clarifying changes 
HF 1455As introducedResearch credit 
HF 1456As introducedScanlon local sales tax 
HF 1458As introducedStandardizing the sparsity adjustment in the city LGA formula 
HF 1462As introducedSunday sales—hours of sale 
HF 1464As introducedYouthprise Opportunity Reboot appropriation 
HF 1465As introducedWorking family credit tied to federal earned income credit 
HF 1467As introducedNontaxable scholarships excluded from household income for the property tax refund program 
HF 1468As introducedState agricultural society bonds 
HF 1471As introducedAuthorizing a plaque on the Capitol grounds to honor World War l veterans 
HF 1472As introducedWater Related Notifications 
HF 1476As introducedExemption for certain collegiate ticket purchasing rights 
HF 1478As introducedRetroactive construction exemption for the Elko New Market water treatment facility 
HF 1483As introducedCambridge local sales tax 
HF 1485As introducedWorthington local sales tax 
HF 1486As introducedPartnership audits 
HF 1487First engrossmentElections AdministrationAll versions
HF 1491As introducedSales tax exemption for construction materials bought by snowmobile clubs 
HF 1493As introducedPassenger rail 
HF 1495As IntroducedTeacher training 
HF 1496As IntroducedDyslexia screening 
HF 1498As introducedGlenwood local sales tax 
HF 1500Third EngrossmentDriver's license and identification card requirementsAll versions
HF 1501First EngrossmentPayday lendingAll versions
HF 1502First Division EngrossmentSalt Applicator ProgramAll versions
HF 1503As introducedAccess to vital records by agencies operated by Indian tribes 
HF 1504As introducedYouth skills training program 
HF 1505As introducedSummit Academy OIC appropriation 
HF 1507Second engrossmentEconomic response to COVID-19 peacetime emergencyAll versions
HF 1511Second engrossmentEligibility for discretionary and mandatory eviction expungementsAll versions
HF 1512First engrossmentEarly education teachersAll versions
HF 1513First engrossmentHome rule charter cities, charter commission expensesAll versions
HF 1516First engrossmentHome care provider regulationAll versions
HF 1520First Division EngrossmentTraining 911 telecommunicators to provide CPR instructionAll versions
HF 1521As introducedRequirements for parenting education program; mediation notice 
HF 1522As introducedRegulation of prescribed pediatric extended care (PPEC) centers 
HF 1523First Division EngrossmentPrescription Drug Purchasing ProgramAll versions
HF 1529As introducedCounty aid; out-of-home placement costs under the Indian Child Welfare Act 
HF 1530As introducedVeterinarians; criminal and civil immunity 
HF 1535First division engrossmentEnhanced Asthma Care ServicesAll versions
HF 1538As introducedHospital districts, participation by unorganized territories 
HF 1539As introducedReimbursement for doula services 
HF 1540As introducedMental health training program for pediatric residents 
HF 1542First engrossmentHomeless YouthAll versions
HF 1543First engrossmentBackground study set-asidesAll versions
HF 1545As introducedColor requirements for school bus bodies 
HF 1546First EngrossmentIncome tax; beginning farmersAll versions
HF 1550As IntroducedRoseville; expenditure of hazardous substance subdistrict tax increment amount of time extended 
HF 1553As introducedGreater Minnesota community design program 
HF 1555House/Senate Comparison SummaryTransportation finance omnibusAll versions
HF 1559As IntroducedParaprofessionals 
HF 1563As introducedSales tax construction exemption for Mendota Heights 
HF 1565As introducedOffice of Ombudsman for Long-Term Care 
HF 1566As IntroducedSubstance misuse prevention 
HF 1567As introducedPublic safety: ignition interlock devices 
HF 1568As introducedTraffic regulations for light rail transit 
HF 1569First Division EngrossmentWorking Lands Pilot ProgramAll versions
HF 1570As introducedEstablishing a Green Roof Advisory Task Force 
HF 1571Second engrossmentClosing or modifying the use of manufactured homes; notice to residentsAll versions
HF 1574As introducedRental housing term of affordability 
HF 1575As introducedInmate mental health data 
HF 1576As introducedNonprofit health maintenance organizations 
HF 1580As amended (H1580A1)Payments for Durable Medical Equipment and Supplies 
HF 1581First EngrossmentFarmer mental health; farm advocatesAll versions
HF 1584As introducedSmall Business Loan Program 
HF 1586Second EngrossmentDNR Lands BillAll versions
HF 1587As introducedGame and Fish Citizen Oversight Committees 
HF 1589As introducedAmending various DWI provisions 
HF 1590As introducedVoluntary PreKindergarten (VPK) and School Readiness Plus 
HF 1591As introducedCancer reporting system 
HF 1594As introducedWorkforce Development Grant to YWCA; Job Skills Training 
HF 1595As introducedBioeconomy incentives 
HF 1599As introducedExtra LGA to the city of Floodwood 
HF 1603As amended by H1603DE2Mail ballotingAll versions
HF 1604As introducedLegal representation for children 
HF 1605As introducedRedistricting Advisory Commission 
HF 1615As introducedCorrectional employees 
HF 1616As introducedAgriculture 
HF 1620As amended (H1620A1)Working family credit; taxpayers without children 
HF 1623First engrossmentTransportation policy omnibusAll versions
HF 1628As introducedLegislative special election timeline 
HF 1642As Amended by H1642A2Historic Structure Rehabilitation credit sunset and assignment 
HF 1644First engrossmentCensus 2020 MobilizationAll versions
HF 1649First engrossmentThird-party testing for school bus driversAll versions
HF 1652As introducedMetropolitan Council regional transit capital bonding authority 
HF 1653As introducedNorthstar assistance payment rates 
HF 1654As introducedPedestrian and nonmotorized traffic safety evaluations 
HF 1656First EngrossmentDNR Policy BillAll versions
HF 1657As introducedCity of Scandia; subordinate service district for broadband service 
HF 1658As introducedInsurance for licensed foster home providers 
HF 1659As introducedAppropriations for sexually exploited youth shelter and services 
HF 1660As introducedIndustrial hemp 
HF 1661First Division EngrossmentHemp; medical cannabisAll versions
HF 1664As introducedGrant for culturally appropriate doula support and related services 
HF 1665First division engrossmentCreating an Office of Ombudsperson for Child Care ProvidersAll versions
HF 1666As introducedParenting time presumptions changed; parenting time considerations 
HF 1674As introducedSouthwest Light Rail Transit project; Calhoun Isles property 
HF 1675As introducedDriver's education on distracted driving 
HF 1677As amended by H1677A4Business compensation for biomass plant closing 
HF 1678As introducedArrest, restraint, and detention of juveniles 
HF 1679As introducedJuvenile hearings and records and juvenile court delinquency changes 
HF 1680As introducedChild Care Assistance Program Record-Keeping 
HF 1683As introducedEnergy use data 
HF 1684As introducedChild care licensing streamlining 
HF 1685As amended by H1685DE1Family child care substitute caregivers 
HF 1687As introducedFund Transfer; Hopkins School District 
HF 1693As introducedGoodwill Easter Seals Minnesota's FATHER Project appropriation 
HF 1700As introducedNPDES Permit Requirements 
HF 1706As introducedSoil and Water Conservation Districts 
HF 1709As introducedMetropolitan Landfill Contingency Action Trust Account 
HF 1711First EngrossmentK-12 Education Policy BillAll versions
HF 1713As introducedThreatened and endangered species 
HF 1714First engrossmentRamsey County; repeal of special law for community correctionsAll versions
HF 1717As introducedJuvenile life sentence without release 
HF 1718First engrossmentBoard of PharmacyAll versions
HF 1719First engrossmentMFIP and GA Drug Testing ProvisionsAll versions
HF 1727As introducedUse of consular identification card for motor vehicle registration 
HF 1731First division engrossmentVeterinary prescription monitoring programAll versions
HF 1732First engrossmentMaltreatment of Minors ReorganizationAll versions
HF 1733First EngrossmentAgriculture policyAll versions
HF 1735As IntroducedPSEO; Transportation; Online Courses; Timelines 
HF 1739As introducedAitkin County taxes in unorganized townships 
HF 1740First Division EngrossmentCapitol Flag ProgramAll versions
HF 1741First engrossmentOrgan donationAll versions
HF 1744First Division EngrossmentEstablishing a family law mediation task forceAll versions
HF 1752As introducedIntermediate Care Facility Rate Increase 
HF 1761As IntroducedStudent discipline 
HF 1763As amended (H1763A1)Taxpayer receipt established 
HF 1764As introducedIntermediate Care Facility Rate Increase 
HF 1766As introducedCity of Blue Earth local sales tax 
HF 1773As introducedAppropriations for a Minnesota Medal of Honor commemorative memorial 
HF 1774As introducedAmerican Allies Day 
HF 1777First engrossmentLocal government speed limit authority in residential areasAll versions
HF 1778First EngrossmentCities of the first class speed limit authorityAll versions
HF 1779As introducedHigher education: funding for University of Minnesota agricultural research and extension service 
HF 1780As introducedStronger Community Aid program created, truth in taxation process dates amended, and money appropriated 
HF 1781As introducedMinnesota investment fund appropriation 
HF 1782As introducedHometown Heroes Assistance Program 
HF 1783As introducedSt. Louis Park to Savage transitway feasibility study 
HF 1785As amended by H1785A1Education; dismissals 
HF 1787As amended by H1787A3Renewable energy 
HF 1788As amended by H1788A3Renewable energy 
HF 1791As introducedTransitional Housing Program Appropriation 
HF 1795As amended (H1795A1)Working family credit; taxpayers with three or more qualifying childrenAll versions
HF 1796As introducedCommunity solar 
HF 1798As introducedCorrecting misnamed accounts 
HF 1799As introducedGrowler sales—container sizes 
HF 1801As amended by H1801DE6Early Childhood Committee HHS Division ReportAll versions
HF 1802As introducedGrowler sales—barrel limit 
HF 1804As introducedTwin Cities to Milwaukee and Chicago passenger rail 
HF 1805As amended by H1805A1Emergency Services Grants 
HF 1807With author's amendment (H1807DE3)Intensive Summer School Programs; Taconite Assistance Area 
HF 1809As introducedRepealing June accelerated tax payments 
HF 1812As introducedMighty Ducks grant program 
HF 1813As introducedConstruction exemption for a Dakota County law enforcement facility 
HF 1815As introducedMunicipal liquor stores – reporting of net loss 
HF 1818As introducedIn-person Absentee Voting 
HF 1821As introducedEducational data: student privacy and educational technology 
HF 1822As amended (H1822A1)Throwback rule 
HF 1825As amended (H1825A1)Working Family CreditAll versions
HF 1826As introducedSpecial license – city of Edina 
HF 1827As introducedMicrodistilleries, alcoholic beverage tastings 
HF 1829As introducedMutual fund manager apportionment 
HF 1832As introducedState Bond Proceeds: Worthington School District 
HF 1834First division engrossmentFiscal year 2019 transfer and appropriationAll versions
HF 1838As IntroducedBoard of School Administrators; License Fee Increase 
HF 1841As introducedWater in child care programs 
HF 1842Second EngrossmentEnergyAll versions
HF 1845As introducedWastewater Treatment 
HF 1846As introducedDrinking water service connection fee 
HF 1848As IntroducedDual enrollment instruction 
HF 1849As introducedCorporate franchise tax – tax havens 
HF 1850As introducedSupplemental nonprofit security grant program 
HF 1851As amended (H1851A1)Removes requirement that licensed petroleum distributor furnish bonds for payment of tax and expands personal liability 
HF 1855As introducedRedistricting constitutional amendment 
HF 1858As introducedCreating a crime for falsely reporting a crime motivated by bias 
HF 1860As introducedMeatpacking workers 
HF 1861As introducedConflict-free minerals 
HF 1862First engrossmentTaxpayer assistance grantsAll versions
HF 1863First division engrossmentContinuing appropriations; government shutdownAll versions
HF 1864As introducedBrain injury information provided to courts 
HF 1867First engrossmentCounty cost of care for state-operated facility servicesAll versions
HF 1868First EngrossmentStudent journalismAll versions
HF 1875First engrossmentCenter for Victims of Torture integrated care modelAll versions
HF 1879As IntroducedUnreimbursed special education costs partially paid by state 
HF 1880As introducedSchool Trust Lands 
HF 1882As introducedInvasive Species 
HF 1883As IntroducedStudents in foster care 
HF 1885As introducedWatercraft Surcharge 
HF 1886As introducedSilica Sand 
HF 1888First engrossmentChildren's residential treatment, psychiatric residential treatment, and intensive treatment servicesAll versions
HF 1892As introducedPrenatal substance use reporting 
HF 1895As introducedHigher education: career and technical education teacher training 
HF 1898As introducedPublic awareness and education; skin lightening products with mercury 
HF 1901As introducedSchool board policies on student deaths 
HF 1904As introducedHigher education: state grant awards 
HF 1907As introducedConcurrent Enrollment Teacher Training Programs 
HF 1908As introducedNursery stock; pesticide 
HF 1909As introducedDirect shipped wine 
HF 1914First division engrossmentAdvanced practice registered nursesAll versions
HF 1918As introducedTermination of lease based on illness and disability 
HF 1924As amended by H1924DE1Child care emergency preparedness procedures 
HF 1925As introducedChild care licensing inspections 
HF 1926As amended by H1926DE1Family child care substitute and replacement caregivers 
HF 1928First Division EngrossmentClean Water FundAll versions
HF 1930As introducedMinnesota Rail Service Improvement (MRSI) program 
HF 1931As introducedLifetrack workforce development appropriation 
HF 1933As introducedLifetrack building maintenance appropriation 
HF 1935First EngrossmentOmnibus state government, military affairs, and veterans affairs financeAll versions
HF 1940As IntroducedSpecial education 
HF 1941As introducedInterstate Compact; National Popular Vote for President 
HF 1947As introducedParole Board 
HF 1948First Division EngrossmentOmnibus Corrections BillAll versions
HF 1949As introducedCloud computing service options; IT consolidation 
HF 1951As introducedHigher education: requiring affirmative consent standards in campus sexual assault policies 
HF 1954As IntroducedGovernor's policy bill 
HF 1955First division engrossmentPublic Safety Agency BillAll versions
HF 1957As introducedGovernment data practices: postsecondary student complaint data classified as private 
HF 1958As introducedDepartment of Veterans Affairs contracting authority 
HF 1959As introducedCommissioner of Veterans Affairs duties 
HF 1961As introducedCommunity Action Grants 
HF 1962As introducedLegislative IT Accessibility 
HF 1964First EngrossmentPSEO notification requirementsAll versions
HF 1965As introducedAquaculture 
HF 1968As introducedState employees with disabilities 
HF 1969As IntroducedGrant to Science from Scientists for STEM Programming 
HF 1971As introducedCriminal forfeiture 
HF 1972First EngrossmentWritten notice before eviction complaintAll versions
HF 1974First engrossmentObsolete Budgeting TerminologyAll versions
HF 1975First engrossmentBest value contractingAll versions
HF 1977As introducedBarter arrangements in state optical fiber contracts 
HF 1979As introducedSpecial Education Grant: Lakes Country Service Cooperative 
HF 1980As IntroducedSchool cooperatives; facilities revenue 
HF 1981As introducedLocal public health grants 
HF 1983As introducedIntervener Services for Persons who are DeafBlind 
HF 1985As introducedMA coverage of fluoride varnish 
HF 1990As introducedMinnesota State required to create a program for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities 
HF 1993As introducedVolunteer firefighters, EMT and ambulance service persons 
HF 1995As introducedVehicle platooning 
HF 1996As introducedAutomated vehicle testing 
HF 1997First engrossmentHennepin County, job order contractingAll versions
HF 1998As introducedRenewable energy use in state buildings 
HF 2001First Division EngrossmentWorkforce Compliance Certificates; Minnesota Human Rights Act 
HF 2004As introducedHuman Rights Act; access to closed files at the Department of Human Rights 
HF 2008First engrossmentLead hazard reduction; renovationAll versions
HF 2009First division engrossmentStep Therapy Prohibition for Metastatic CancerAll versions
HF 2010First EngrossmentLocal correctional officers discipline procedures actAll versions
HF 2011As introducedWatershed Management 
HF 2013As introducedThresholds for marijuana offenses 
HF 2015As introducedEmerald Ash Borer 
HF 2017As introducedManufactured home parks relocation trust fund 
HF 2018As introducedModification of pari-mutuel racing regulatory provisions 
HF 2020As introducedWork zone safety 
HF 2021As introducedGrain elevators 
HF 2022As introducedElectric vehicle charging stations 
HF 2023As introducedAdultery repeal 
HF 2025As introducedCamp Ripley Museum 
HF 2027First engrossmentVolunteer health care provider programAll versions
HF 2031As introducedModifies the city LGA program and increases the appropriation 
HF 2032First EngrossmentLCCMR Funding RecommendationsAll versions
HF 2035As introducedPrepared food credit 
HF 2036As introducedAdvance care planning appropriation 
HF 2043As amended by H2043DE1Pathways to prosperity grant program 
HF 2044First engrossmentAccess to certified birth and death recordsAll versions
HF 2046As amended by H22046A1Hopkins School District; Inclusion of Charter School Programs 
HF 2047As introducedChild care licensing 
HF 2048As amended by H2048DE1Family child care training 
HF 2049As amended by H2049DE1Family child care orientation 
HF 2050As introducedExpress advocacy and electioneering communications 
HF 2051Second EngrossmentNAIC Model Regulations and federal Medicare coverage conformityAll versions
HF 2052As introducedReporting on health care spending related to health indicators 
HF 2053First engrossmentOffice of Enterprise SustainabilityAll versions
HF 2054First engrossmentHigher education: Office of Higher Education agency billAll versions
HF 2056As introducedState solicitation; emergency acquisitions 
HF 2057As introducedTargeted group small businesses 
HF 2058As introducedEminent domain procedures 
HF 2059As introducedAccess to multi-unit residential facilities by Census workers 
HF 2062As introducedData practices: business data submitted for workforce certificate of compliance program 
HF 2065First EngrossmentWage garnishment; garnishment for 90 days; limitation on levy for earningsAll versions
HF 2066First engrossmentFederal background checks by political subdivisionsAll versions
HF 2068As introducedSchool conference and activities leave 
HF 2069As introducedCommunity competency restoration task force 
HF 2070As introducedState Bee 
HF 2076As introducedClosed Landfill Investment Fund 
HF 2082As introducedDeputy registrar aid 
HF 2083As introducedData Practices – Corrections and Jails 
HF 2084As introducedLegislative Water Commission 
HF 2086First division engrossmentVeterans and Military Affairs Omnibus BillAll versions
HF 2090As amended by H2090A2Construction exemption for public safety facilitiesAll versions
HF 2093First engrossmentFarm loansAll versions
HF 2094As introducedDirect Support Services Providers Workforce Negotiations 
HF 2095As introducedSpecial license; city of Pemberton 
HF 2097As introducedHennepin County library 
HF 2104As introducedExempt entities – nuclear decommissioning reserve funds 
HF 2110As IntroducedLong-Term Facilities Maintenance Revenue; Age Index Modified 
HF 2112As introducedHemp 
HF 2120As introducedCedar Riverside Partnership appropriation 
HF 2122First engrossmentRatification of Direct Support Services Workforce Labor AgreementAll versions
HF 2123As introducedAgriculture 
HF 2125Third engrossmentOmnibus Tax BillAll versions
HF 2128As introducedIndeterminate sentence release board established 
HF 2129As introducedAgricultural loans 
HF 2138As introducedAppropriation for development assistance to minority-owned businesses 
HF 2142As introducedSpecial license; city of Pierz 
HF 2144As introducedCamp Ripley Military Museum 
HF 2145First EngrossmentMuskie Fishing LicenseAll versions
HF 2150As introducedTelemedicine for erectile dysfunction prescribing 
HF 2151As amended by H2151A1Regional Center for Entrepreneurial Facilitation appropriationAll versions
HF 2152As introducedEnd-of-life option; medical aid-in-dying medication 
HF 2153First engrossmentElderly waiver payment ratesAll versions
HF 2154As introducedGambling Control Board provisions modified 
HF 2161As introducedDual-training competency standards 
HF 2169As amended by H2169A2Department of Revenue policy and technical bill 
HF 2171As introducedWorking group; links between health disparities, educational achievement 
HF 2175As introducedSpecial license; cities of Austin and Rochester 
HF 2179As introducedException to mortuary science regulation for certain persons making or selling caskets or urns 
HF 2181As introducedTelecommuter friendly certification 
HF 2182First engrossmentDirect Care Service CorpsAll versions
HF 2184As introducedGovernor's HHS Omnibus Finance Bill 
HF 2185First engrossmentDepartment of Human Services Disability Services Policy BillAll versions
HF 2195First division engrossmentEarly care and education; quality, coordination, universal identifierAll versions
HF 2198As amended by H2198DE4Service-learning 
HF 2200First Division EngrossmentAgriculture financeAll versions
HF 2200First EngrossmentAgriculture and housing finance 
HF 2201As introducedEducation: St. Paul citywide college savings accounts 
HF 2202As introducedFarmers 
HF 2206First engrossmentMental health professional licensingAll versions
HF 2207As IntroducedGovernor's Education Finance Bill 
HF 2208Third EngrossmentJobs Omnibus BillAll versions
HF 2209First EngrossmentOmnibus Environment and Natural Resources BillAll versions
HF 2217As introducedCounty child protection grant allocation 
HF 2218As introducedUtility diversity reporting 
HF 2220As introducedMinnesota Outdoor Recreation Office 
HF 2225As introducedLegislative Audit Commission 
HF 2230As introducedSalon licensure and continuing education 
HF 2231First engrossmentSubstance use disorder treatment payment ratesAll versions
HF 2232As introducedEducational data: postsecondary directory information 
HF 2233As amended by H2233A1Electric vehicles 
HF 2234As introducedUnfair settlement of automobile insurance claims 
HF 2235As introducedCompensation requirements for businesses funded by MIF and JCF 
HF 2240As IntroducedCooperative Career Academy; Moorhead School District 
HF 2243As IntroducedStudent discipline 
HF 2244As introducedNursing Facility Value-Based Reimbursement 
HF 2249First engrossmentEyelash Extension ServicesAll versions
HF 2252As introducedNEMT Advisory Committee 
HF 2253As introducedDNR Policy 
HF 2258As introducedConservation Materials Containing Plastics 
HF 2259First EngrossmentPostsecondary enrollment optionsAll versions
HF 2264As introducedRetaining Early Educators Through Attaining Incentives Now Grants 
HF 2265First engrossmentNonemergency medical transportation services provider disqualification varianceAll versions
HF 2267As amended by H2267A1Carpet recycling 
HF 2269As introducedBiomass contract amendment 
HF 2273As introducedHousing tax credits allocation 
HF 2274As introducedOvertime 
HF 2276As introducedTrichloroethylene ban 
HF 2282As introducedE-learning days 
HF 2286As amended by H2286DE1Renter's credit: automated system for certificates of rent paid 
HF 2287As introducedInformation technology apprenticeship grants appropriation 
HF 2290As amended (H2290DE1)Omnibus liquor bill 
HF 2293As introducedPesticide 
HF 2296As introducedMunicipal street impact fees authorized 
HF 2305First engrossmentDepartment of Human Services Continuing Care Policy BillAll versions
HF 2306As introducedDepartment of Human Services Housing; Chemical and Mental Health Policy Bill 
HF 2311As introducedWorkers' compensation 
HF 2313As introducedDepartment of Labor and Industry – housekeeping changes 
HF 2319As amended by H2319DE2Department of Human Services Program IntegrityAll versions
HF 2321As introducedBig Game 
HF 2324As introducedPeace Officer Excellence Task Force 
HF 2325As introducedAdult Basic Education Aid 
HF 2327First subcommittee engrossmentCampaigning near a polling placeAll versions
HF 2334First engrossmentHealth Care Policy ProvisionsAll versions
HF 2341As introducedHospitality industry workforce development appropriation 
HF 2348As amended by A19-0302Property and Local Tax Division ReportAll versions
HF 2349As amended (HF2349DE1)Renter's credit co-payments and income eligibility 
HF 2351As introducedControlled Substance Crimes 
HF 2359As introducedPremium Subsidy Program 
HF 2362As amended by H2362DE1Data practices: modifying data classification for grant applications to the State Arts Board 
HF 2365As introducedIntermediate Care Facility Rate Increase 
HF 2366As introducedHigher education: Hunger Free Campus Act 
HF 2367First engrossmentCertifications for victims of crimesAll versions
HF 2369As introducedMaternal morbidity and death studies 
HF 2371As introducedCounty substance use disorder staff qualifications 
HF 2379First engrossmentDepartment of Human Services Policy Bill – Direct Care and TreatmentAll versions
HF 2380As introducedHealth insurance premium credit 
HF 2383First engrossmentSchool Trust Lands DirectorAll versions
HF 2385As introducedControlled Substance Schedules Modifications 
HF 2387As introducedPublic Employees Retirement Association increased employer contributions funding from state aid to local governments extended 
HF 2395As introducedFirefighter licensing 
HF 2396As introducedCreation of a voluntary stretch energy code 
HF 2397As amended by H2397DE1Department of Human Services Policy Bill – Children and Families 
HF 2398As introducedAirport zoning 
HF 2400Second EngrossmentEducation Omnibus BillAll versions
HF 2401As IntroducedGeneral Education Aid 
HF 2405As introducedMedical Resource Control Centers 
HF 2413As introducedRondo Community Land Trust appropriation 
HF 2414Second engrossmentHealth and Human Services Omnibus Finance BillAll versions
HF 2415As amended by H2415A1Integrated perinatal care; community health workers; doula reimbursementAll versions
HF 2419As introducedCoworking grants pilot program appropriation 
HF 2420As introducedChild Care Site Assistance Grants 
HF 2427As introducedHigher education: funding graduate training for concurrent enrollment teachers 
HF 2429As introducedEconomic substance test 
HF 2442As introducedNight Vision Equipment 
HF 2446As introducedSpecial education employment pilot project 
HF 2456First EngrossmentHistoric preservation corps; joint powersAll versions
HF 2459As introducedContinuation of MinnesotaCare Provider Tax 
HF 2460As introducedPeace officer excellence task force 
HF 2463As IntroducedSchool Readiness Plus Funding Made Permanent 
HF 2467As introducedContractor recovery fund 
HF 2471As IntroducedReligious Holidays 
HF 2472As amended by H2472A1Sales tax construction exemption for St. Louis Park 
HF 2473As introducedExplicitly prohibits new local sales taxes on food and beverages 
HF 2474As introducedChild Care Economic Development Grant Program 
HF 2490As amended by H2490A1Amateur Sports Commission, skate park grant program established 
HF 2499As introducedSewage septic tank truck weight limits 
HF 2501As introducedCity and town expenditures for their historical societies 
HF 2504As introducedMinnesota Valley Regional Rail Authority bonds 
HF 2509First engrossmentMinnesota Volunteerism Innovation Board 
HF 2527As introducedAgriculture 
HF 2529First engrossmentOmnibus capital investmentAll versions
HF 2530As introducedDividend received deduction – debt-financed stock 
HF 2531As IntroducedMinnesota Council on Economic Education 
HF 2533As introducedOffice on the Economic Status of Women 
HF 2538First engrossmentUnclaimed property 
HF 2542Second engrossmentOmnibus Housing Policy BillAll versions
HF 2544First Division EngrossmentHigher Education Omnibus BillAll versions
HF 2548First division engrossmentContinuing care for older adultsAll versions
HF 2550As introducedPublic Safety 
HF 2553As introducedPublic ditch mowing and weed control 
HF 2557As introducedEstate tax 
HF 2567As introducedClosing the Opportunity Gap appropriations 
HF 2571As introducedPathways to Prosperity and Well-Being Pilot Project 
HF 2575As introducedChild Care Governor's Proposals 
HF 2580As introducedNonprofit Assistance Grant Fund appropriation 
HF 2581As amended by H2581A1Food Shelf Program Diaper Purchases 
HF 2586As introducedCertifications for victims of crimes 
HF 2601As amended by H2601DE1Workforce and affordable homeownership development program 
HF 2602As introducedData practices: establishing a Legislative Commission on Intelligence and Technology 
HF 2604First engrossmentAssisted living licensure delay and modificationsAll versions
HF 2610With author's amendment (H2610DE3)Early Childhood Division Report – Education 
HF 2611As introducedTransfers to the disaster assistance contingency account 
HF 2612As amended (H2612A1)Modifying the general local sales tax provisions 
HF 2620As introducedCharitable farmland 
HF 2622As introducedWorkforce development program inventory 
HF 2625As introducedCommunity solar gardens 
HF 2628As introducedPayment of estimated tax – corporations 
HF 2636As introducedDuluth Seaway Port Authority, meetings by telephone or other electronic means 
HF 2642As introduced529 subtraction repealed; state grant funding increased 
HF 2646As introducedDisabled veterans homestead exclusion 
HF 2650As introducedPublic finance 
HF 2651As introducedChild care assistance; child care advisory working group 
HF 2658As amended (H2658DE2)Film production tax credit 
HF 2663As introducedHigher Education: reducing state grant parameters for family and student contributions 
HF 2674As introducedHousing Supports Supplemental Rate 
HF 2682Second EngrossmentLegacyAll versions
HF 2690As introducedAgriculture; higher education 
HF 2695As IntroducedCareer and Technical Revenue 
HF 2703As introducedParks and Trails Fund 
HF 2705First Division EngrossmentJudiciary Omnibus BillAll versions
HF 2706As introducedDividend received deduction 
HF 2709As amended by H2709DE6Peace Officer Training Reimbursement; Peace Officer Discipline Reporting 
HF 2710As introducedPOST Board Funding 
HF 2711As amended by A20-0767Public Safety Omnibus Bill 
HF 2725First engrossmentOsseo School Board; Election DistrictsAll versions
HF 2730As introducedHigher Education: Open textbooks at Minnesota State 
HF 2749As introducedPast military service credit income thresholds 
HF 2753As introducedIncome tax brackets modified 
HF 2756As amended (H2756DE2)Additional tax on preferential rate income 
HF 2759As introducedDirect shipped wine 
HF 2763As introducedIncreases solid waste management tax and dedicates increase to soil and water conservation grants 
HF 2766As introducedGender-neutral terms in state constitution 
HF 2772First engrossmentHCBS employee scholarship and loan forgiveness programAll versions
HF 2785As introducedSex Trafficking Investigations Coordinator 
HF 2792First engrossmentPublic Safety Omnibus BillAll versions
HF 2806First EngrossmentBoard of PardonsAll versions
HF 2808As introducedWebsite Accessibility Grant Advisory Council 
HF 2849First Division Engrossment (DIVH2849-1)Higher education: Argosy closure student relief 
HF 2858As introducedSentencing Guidelines Commission Constitutional Amendment 
HF 2864As introducedMinnesota Outdoor Recreation Office 
HF 2881As introducedMotor vehicle registration information systems 
HF 2889First engrossmentEducation Finance Forecast AdjustmentsAll versions
HF 2898Second engrossmentCivil commitmentAll versions
HF 2901As introducedCreation of Subcommittee to Minnesota Recovers Task Force; Local Grants 
HF 2910As introducedRespiratory Therapy Requirements 
HF 2930As introducedSpecial Education Revenue; Unreimbursed Costs 
HF 2931As amended by H2931A1Grand Rapids local sales tax authority 
HF 2934As introducedSafety of persons with dementia or Alzheimer's disease 
HF 2955As introducedSales tax exemption for construction of a Buffalo fire station 
HF 2956As amended by H2956A1Crosslake local sales tax authority 
HF 2959As introducedAgricultural loans 
HF 2965As introducedPrivate Joseph Marthaler Memorial Bridge 
HF 2967First engrossmentMortgage Financing for Manufactured HomesAll versions
HF 2968As introducedSchool District Operating Referendum Notices 
HF 2971Second EngrossmentVocational Services for Individuals with DisabilitiesAll versions
HF 2974As introducedExpanding uses of money obtained from high school raffles 
HF 2976As introducedTransfers to minors; standard or care; other updates 
HF 2980As introducedSales tax exemption for certain storage and retrieval equipment 
HF 2981As introducedLiquor caterer's permit 
HF 2983As introducedSexual assault examination kits 
HF 2986As introducedRail safety inspection program 
HF 2987As introducedRail yard evacuation 
HF 2999As introducedGross Overlimits 
HF 3001As introducedMental illness training for Tier 1 and 2 teacher license renewals 
HF 3003As introducedAutomatic sprinkler systems in existing high-rise buildings 
HF 3004As amended by H3004DE1Sales tax on prewritten computer software accessed on the “cloud” 
HF 3006First engrossmentHelp America Vote Act fundingAll versions
HF 3007As introducedModifying court of appeals publishing criteria 
HF 3008As introducedProhibiting slavery or involuntary servitude constitutional amendment 
HF 3009As introducedLaw enforcement drone use 
HF 3010As introducedSearch warrants for electronic communication information 
HF 3012As introducedLaw enforcement data: electronic device location tracking warrants 
HF 3022As introducedMountain Lake; tax increment financing five-year rule extended to ten years 
HF 3023As amended (H3023A1)Like-kind exchanges 
HF 3026First engrossmentMA Coverage and Clinical TrialsAll versions
HF 3028As introducedBoard of Medical Practice background check fee 
HF 3029As introducedBorder-to-border broadband statutory funding 
HF 3030The A1 amendmentRestaurants, children's meals 
HF 3032First engrossmentSale or furnishing of flavored tobacco productsAll versions
HF 3041As introducedProhibiting interference with access to reproductive health services and facilities 
HF 3043As introducedBoard of Medical Practice 
HF 3045As introducedIgnition interlock driving privilege reinstatement 
HF 3054As amended by H3054A4Energy 
HF 3056First engrossmentState GO bond financing grant requirementsAll versions
HF 3057First EngrossmentEnvironmental permitsAll versions
HF 3058First engrossmentEnvironmental PermitsAll versions
HF 3060As introducedLocal government; immigration detention 
HF 3061First EngrossmentFederal Immigration DetentionAll versions
HF 3065As introducedAmerican sign language/English interpreters employed by schools 
HF 3068First engrossmentAccess to Presidential Primary Voter DataAll versions
HF 3069As introducedAssault by strangulation 
HF 3070As introducedIncreased penalties for human trafficking offenses 
HF 3072First engrossmentSmoking in vehicles with minors present prohibitedAll versions
HF 3073As amended by H3073DE1Pregnancy and parenting leave incumbencyAll versions
HF 3074As introducedSelf-directed caregiver grants 
HF 3075As introducedShared mobility program data 
HF 3077As introducedCaregiver Support and Essential Community Supports Programs 
HF 3079First engrossmentHealth disparities and individuals with disabilitiesAll versions
HF 3081As introducedSocial work practice update 
HF 3085Second EngrossmentTransit safey and enforcementAll versions
HF 3087As introducedMinnesota State Colleges and Universities critical operating funds 
HF 3089As introducedAddiction medicine graduate medical education fellowship 
HF 3091As introducedTransit service evaluation 
HF 3093First engrossmentContinuing education materials on leading causes of maternal deathAll versions
HF 3094As IntroducedState Service Dogs 
HF 3095First engrossmentReporting of marriage certificate data; marriage license applicationsAll versions
HF 3099As amended by H3099A3Telecommunications 
HF 3100Conference Committee Report (SGS20-3100)Insulin assistance programsAll versions
HF 3103First EngrossmentDefinition of Race; Minnesota Human Rights ActAll versions
HF 3104First EngrossmentHuman Services Policy Omnibus billAll versions
HF 3105As introducedProviding for probationary sentences for caretakers of children 
HF 3106As introducedStandardized Assessment Task Force 
HF 3107First EngrossmentAllowing innovation zone partners to use alternative assessmentsAll versions
HF 3108As introducedImmunity from prosecution 
HF 3109As introducedExtended Jurisdiction Juvenile Report 
HF 3110As introducedLight rail transit 
HF 3117As introducedConfidential informants 
HF 3119As introducedState Agency Value Initiative (SAVI) program 
HF 3122As introducedPharmacogenomics task force established 
HF 3123As IntroducedSudden cardiac arrest 
HF 3126As introducedAudit report to Gambling Control Board 
HF 3127Second engrossmentParent Representation in Child Protection Proceedings Task ForceAll versions
HF 3128First EngrossmentOutdoor Heritage FundAll versions
HF 3130As introducedIntermediate Care Facilities for Persons with Developmental Disabilities Payment Rates 
HF 3134As amended by H3134A1Oakdale local sales tax authority 
HF 3136As introducedDepreciation subtraction carryover 
HF 3139As introducedCalculation of enrollee contribution toward out-of-pocket maximum or cost-sharing 
HF 3140As introducedMikwanedun Audisookon Center appropriation 
HF 3143As introducedInsulin assistance programs 
HF 3144First engrossmentInsulin assistance programsAll versions
HF 3155As introducedCarlton County local sales tax authority 
HF 3156Second engrossmentPublic Safety COVID-19 ResponseAll versions
HF 3159First engrossmentFetal alcohol spectrum disorder screeningAll versions
HF 3164As introducedVaping prevention pilot grants 
HF 3166As introducedVaping awareness and prevention instruction 
HF 3167As introducedBurnsville; tax increment financing districts authorized 
HF 3169As introducedEssential health benefits 
HF 3173As introducedFamily child care licensing 
HF 3176As introducedAir Medal special license plate 
HF 3179As IntroducedSchool district transportation contracts 
HF 3180As IntroducedPFAS in Food Packaging Ban 
HF 3181As IntroducedDisposable Wipes 
HF 3186As amended by H3186DE2Governor's policy proposalsAll versions
HF 3192As introducedMarshall County Central Schools; Fund Transfer 
HF 3194As introducedDeputy Richard K. Magnuson Memorial Highway 
HF 3195As introducedPatrol Inspector Robert H. Lobdell Memorial Highway 
HF 3199First engrossmentMedical cannabis program; reduced enrollment feeAll versions
HF 3200As introducedOpen meeting law 
HF 3201First EngrossmentAmending and supplementing the Increase Teachers of Color ActAll versions
HF 3202First EngrossmentHairstyling and makeup services 
HF 3204First EngrossmentHigh School Diplomas for Certain VeteransAll versions
HF 3208As introducedPharmacist intramuscular and subcutaneous drug administration 
HF 3209As introducedEnergy 
HF 3211As IntroducedCrane Operation and Certification Standards 
HF 3212As introducedApprenticeship 
HF 3218First EngrossmentPeace officers accused of sexual assaultAll versions
HF 3219First engrossmentCreation of comprehensive mental health services division in MDEAll versions
HF 3222As introducedThe State Building Code 
HF 3223First engrossmentAlternative Biological ProductsAll versions
HF 3224As amended by H3224A1Farm SafetyAll versions
HF 3228First engrossmentPrescription Drug Affordability ActAll versions
HF 3229As introducedLaw enforcement authority; tribal peace officers 
HF 3232As introducedCareer and technical education pilot project appropriation 
HF 3236First engrossmentNursing Home Energy Efficiency Grant ProgramAll versions
HF 3239As introducedDeer Carcass Importation 
HF 3240As introducedSpecial transportation service (STS) regulations 
HF 3242As introducedCity of North Branch, public utilities commission membership 
HF 3243As introducedExpands access to information for law enforcement hiring 
HF 3245As amended by H3245A2Federal conformityAll versions
HF 3246As introducedMicrodistillery definition; off-sale 
HF 3251As introducedIndian employment preference 
HF 3252First engrossmentCampus zone pass; healthy food availabilityAll versions
HF 3253As IntroducedHousing Tax Credit 
HF 3266As introducedHeritage Funding – Veterans Related 
HF 3268As introducedPFAS Task Force 
HF 3274As introducedCIC amendments; court approval to by-laws 
HF 3276First EngrossmentOut-of-home placement cost of careAll versions
HF 3278As introducedSales tax exemption for construction of a Crystal police station 
HF 3280As introducedSales tax exemption for construction of a Grand Rapids fire station 
HF 3283As introducedSpecial license; city of Minneapolis 
HF 3296As introducedVeterinary Diagnostic Laboratory 
HF 3309As introducedCapital Investment; Laboratory Equipment 
HF 3316As introducedSchool District Compensatory Revenue; Extended Time Set Aside 
HF 3318First EngrossmentHousing SupportAll versions
HF 3320As introducedSales tax exemption for fundraising sales made by certain student organizations 
HF 3322As introducedBreast and Cervical Cancer Screening 
HF 3323As introducedCenters for independent living appropriation 
HF 3324As introducedAppropriation for Veteran Retreats 
HF 3325As introducedWorkforce development 
HF 3326First EngrossmentBond financing for housingAll versions
HF 3336As introducedTraining Requirements for Direct Support Staff 
HF 3339As introducedPupil withdrawal agreements 
HF 3341First engrossmentAppraisal management company licensure feesAll versions
HF 3342As introducedNontoxic Shot 
HF 3348First EngrossmentProhibiting certain fees by landlords; restricting landlord entryAll versions
HF 3349First EngrossmentRepairs for residential rental unitsAll versions
HF 3352First engrossmentDNR Lands BillAll versions
HF 3356First engrossmentState Register; Capitol activities reportAll versions
HF 3358As introducedFunding for emergency shelters (housing) 
HF 3359As introducedConsumer-Directed Community Supports Codification 
HF 3360As introducedFunding for violent crime enforcement teams 
HF 3362As introducedSales tax exemption for fundraising sales made by certain student organizations 
HF 3363As introducedSnowmobile Registration 
HF 3368As amended by H3368DE2Solar energy 
HF 3369As introducedProhibition on retail sale of dogs and cats 
HF 3375As introducedBois Forte workforce training pilot project appropriation 
HF 3376As amended by H3376DE1Trichloroethylene banAll versions
HF 3377As IntroducedAir Permit Compliance 
HF 3380As introducedHuman sex trafficking investigation policies 
HF 3388As introducedSafe and supportive schools 
HF 3389As amended by A20-0770Omnibus Tax Bill 
HF 3391As amended by H3391DE2Public Safety and Corrections Omnibus Policy BillAll versions
HF 3392As amended by H3392DE4Office of Higher Education (OHE) Policy and Technical BillAll versions
HF 3395As introducedUjamaa Place appropriation 
HF 3396As introducedStudent discipline and nonexclusionary discipline 
HF 3397First engrossmentReal property ownership and tax-forfeited landAll versions
HF 3398Second engrossmentUtilization review and prior authorizationAll versions
HF 3401As amended by H3401A2Grant program for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities expanded to adjacent states 
HF 3403As introducedBemidji local sales tax authority 
HF 3404As introducedOccupational Employment Statistics (OES) Survey 
HF 3411First engrossmentCivil commitmentAll versions
HF 3413As introducedEmerging entrepreneur program housekeeping 
HF 3414As introducedIndeterminate sentence release board established 
HF 3420As introducedPoultry processing 
HF 3421As introducedPet food 
HF 3423First EngrossmentPFAS Water Quality StandardsAll versions
HF 3429Second engrossmentElections AdministrationAll versions
HF 3430As introducedAccess to Presidential Primary Voter Data 
HF 3433As introducedTask force to eliminate subminimum wage 
HF 3436As introducedEnergy 
HF 3438As introducedElectricity rates; website post 
HF 3445First engrossmentPsychiatric residential treatment facility servicesAll versions
HF 3450As introducedFamily planning grants 
HF 3451As introducedCovenants; Real Property; Covenants of Affordability 
HF 3454As introducedRehabilitation loans for manufactured housing 
HF 3455First EngrossmentReorganization of Minnesota Statutes, section 120B.30All versions
HF 3458First EngrossmentFarmamerica; Capital InvestmentAll versions
HF 3459As introducedUniversity of Minnesota/Mayo Clinic regenerative medicine partnership appropriation requirements modified 
HF 3464As introducedCottage foods 
HF 3467As introducedState Building Code – adult-sized changing facilities 
HF 3474As IntroducedVeterans Suicide Awareness Day 
HF 3476First EngrossmentSchool bus inspectionsAll versions
HF 3482First engrossmentSeclusion in educationAll versions
HF 3483As introducedCity charter commissions 
HF 3485First engrossmentMedical cannabis programAll versions
HF 3486As introducedReplacement of drinking water lead service lines 
HF 3489First EngrossmentCarbon SequestrationAll versions
HF 3494As introducedTrunk highway turnbacks 
HF 3496As introducedDepartment of Revenue free filing report 
HF 3497As introducedGreater Minnesota child care facility capital grant program 
HF 3498As introducedSchool zone speed limits 
HF 3499First Engrossment2020 Election Procedures; HAVA AppropriationsAll versions
HF 3500As introducedConversion of life insurance into long-term care insurance 
HF 3502As introducedSauk River Watershed District levy 
HF 3504As introducedLimiting individual-use screens in preschool and kindergarten 
HF 3517As introducedExpanding the scope of location tracking warrant 
HF 3520As introducedDisability Waiver Rate System 
HF 3533First EngrossmentAgricultureAll versions
HF 3535As introducedMuzzleloaders 
HF 3537First engrossmentSober housing oversightAll versions
HF 3546As amended by H3546A1Moorhead local sales tax authority 
HF 3547Second EngrossmentMotor vehicle registration taxAll versions
HF 3552As introducedPurple Heart special license plate 
HF 3553First EngrossmentMotor vehicle collisionsAll versions
HF 3555First EngrossmentDWI license reinstatement provisionsAll versions
HF 3556As introducedTrauma-informed school incentive aid 
HF 3557First engrossmentMERC funding for training in nursing facility settingsAll versions
HF 3558As introducedAgriculture loans 
HF 3559As introducedItasca County local sales tax authority 
HF 3560As introducedSt. Peter local sales tax authority 
HF 3561As introducedSales tax exemption for construction of a Maplewood fire station and emergency management center 
HF 3563First engrossmentChild supportAll versions
HF 3568As introducedPlanning group to decriminalize mental illness 
HF 3570As introducedMedical recuperative health homes 
HF 3572As introducedSpecial license – city of St. Cloud 
HF 3573As introducedOn-sale licenses; ballparks 
HF 3576As introducedReal estate appraisers 
HF 3578As introducedAgricultural relative homestead 
HF 3580First engrossmentPELSB recommendationsAll versions
HF 3584As introducedPets and companion animals 
HF 3594As introducedEdina local sales tax authority 
HF 3595As introducedMinnesota River Basin 
HF 3600As introducedInternational Institute of Minnesota appropriation 
HF 3601As introducedUse of credit information in employment 
HF 3603As introducedRecognizing Canadian orders for protection 
HF 3611As introducedUniform outcome report card requirements 
HF 3616As introducedTargeted group businesses 
HF 3617As introducedBreckenridge local sales tax authority 
HF 3618As introducedRental of State Armories 
HF 3627First EngrossmentReverse mortgage loan servicer notification requirementsAll versions
HF 3629As introducedMinnesota Alliance of Boys and Girls Clubs appropriation 
HF 3630As introducedAutism training 
HF 3632As introducedFamily Assets for Independence 
HF 3633As introducedDisaster assistance contingency account funding 
HF 3642As introducedPermanent School Fund Aid; Tribal Contract Schools 
HF 3643As introducedInvasive Species 
HF 3653As introducedSpecial license; city of Forest Lake 
HF 3654As introducedPersonal Care Assistance Program Integrity and Rate Reform 
HF 3657First engrossmentDNR Policy BillAll versions
HF 3659As introducedModifying the Safe at Home provisions 
HF 3660As introducedFATHER Project appropriation 
HF 3661As introducedLittle Falls local sales tax authority 
HF 3663As introducedUniversity of Minnesota Clinical Research Facility financing 
HF 3670As introducedStudent loans discharged due to death or disability in tax year 2018 
HF 3671First engrossmentIncarceration of short-term offendersAll versions
HF 3672As introducedBasic sliding fee child care assistance 
HF 3674As introducedLitchfield local sales tax authority 
HF 3675As introducedAuthorizing the Department of Public Safety to receive grant funding 
HF 3677As introducedOccupational therapy updates 
HF 3678As introducedBaby's First Years demonstration project 
HF 3685As introducedMinnesota Diversified Industries appropriation 
HF 3687As introducedSpecialist Noah Pierce Bridge 
HF 3693First engrossmentGrants to expand access to child care for children with disabilitiesAll versions
HF 3694As introducedBureau of Mediation Services 
HF 3699As IntroducedEthanol mandate 
HF 3703As introducedSoil and Water Conservation Districts 
HF 3706As introducedIndustrial hemp 
HF 3708As introducedWoodbury local lodging tax 
HF 3711As amended by H3711A1Fergus Falls local sales tax authority 
HF 3727First engrossmentDHS Healthcare OmnibusAll versions
HF 3730As introducedCoroner or medical examiner given access to criminal justice data 
HF 3735As introducedChild Support 
HF 3736As IntroducedEducation Grant; Network for the Development of Children of African Descent 
HF 3737As introducedChild care provider licensing, training, and staffing requirements 
HF 3738As introducedSales tax exemption for construction of a Bloomington fire station 
HF 3739As introducedAgricultural loans and grants 
HF 3741As IntroducedSchool district reports 
HF 3757As amended by H3757A1Surprise billing for emergency services 
HF 3758As introducedSmall brewer – prohibition on growler sales 
HF 3759First engrossmentRequiring prorated rent; prohibiting early lease renewalAll versions
HF 3762As amended by H3762A1Farm safety 
HF 3764As introducedRear-facing child passenger restraint systems 
HF 3767First engrossmentCounty FairsAll versions
HF 3769As amended by H3769A1Northfield local sales tax authority 
HF 3771As introducedUnlawful administration of controlled substances 
HF 3772First EngrossmentDepartment of Corrections Policy BillAll versions
HF 3776As introducedWaite Park local sales tax authority 
HF 3780As introducedChild welfare response to child sex trafficking and sexual exploitation of children 
HF 3786As introducedSales tax exemption for construction of a St. Peter fire station 
HF 3792As IntroducedSt. Cloud local sales tax authority 
HF 3794First engrossmentX-rays and sources of ionizing radiationAll versions
HF 3799As introducedAgricultural education 
HF 3800As introducedTeacher licensure modifications 
HF 3801As introducedMA Spenddown Standard 
HF 3804As introducedAdding unorganized territory to Harris Township, Itasca County 
HF 3806As introducedSales tax exemption for county fairs 
HF 3812Delete everything amendment A20-0738Child Protection DHS Policy BillAll versions
HF 3813As introducedChildren and Families DHS policy bill 
HF 3814As introducedSupplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Employment and Training 
HF 3816As introducedAutomatic expungement; prosecutor initiated expungement 
HF 3819As introducedATVs 
HF 3820As introduced911 Emergency Services – Definition of Metropolitan Area 
HF 3822As introducedChild care licensing 
HF 3826As amended by H3826DE1Short-term rental propertyAll versions
HF 3837As introducedIdentifying, reporting, and prosecuting crimes motivated by bias 
HF 3838As introducedOpioids 
HF 3840As introducedSpecial license; Maple Lake 
HF 3842First EngrossmentInsurance data securityAll versions
HF 3844As introducedTiny houses; vehicle registration 
HF 3845First engrossmentTemporary vehicle permitsAll versions
HF 3847As introducedPlastic bag fees 
HF 3849As introducedDual Enrollment Teacher Training Program 
HF 3852As IntroducedDyslexia identification reporting 
HF 3855As introducedMetropolitan Council, meeting agendas and proceedings 
HF 3866As introducedMnCHOICES Assessments 
HF 3868First EngrossmentGuardian and conservator background studiesAll versions
HF 3869As introducedExpanding the crime of computer theft 
HF 3873As introducedWarren local sales tax authority 
HF 3875As introducedWadena local sales tax authority 
HF 3876As amended by H3876A2Tax increment financing; five-year pooling rule extended to ten years for redevelopment districts outside metro areaAll versions
HF 3880First EngrossmentChild Support DHS Policy BillAll versions
HF 3881As introducedParaprofessional orientation and training 
HF 3882As introducedSection 179 subtraction and like-kind exchanges 
HF 3883As introducedHermantown local sales tax authority 
HF 3884As introducedChild care program grants 
HF 3887As introducedCivil commitment records 
HF 3890As introducedSpecial license; city of Sartell 
HF 3892First engrossmentPostpartum Health CoverageAll versions
HF 3906As introducedLorax Act 
HF 3907First engrossmentReport on Identifying 340B DrugsAll versions
HF 3908As amended by H3908DE2Student athlete compensation and representation 
HF 3911As introducedProhibiting drones in airspace above prisons 
HF 3914As amended by H3914DE1East Grand Forks local sales tax authority 
HF 3925As introducedGrant provided to Avivo 
HF 3926As introducedFarm safety 
HF 3928First engrossmentHealth Department advisory councils and committeesAll versions
HF 3950First EngrossmentWellsAll versions
HF 3951As introducedAquifer Recharge 
HF 3954As introducedHead Start 
HF 3955As amended by H3955A4Energy conservation in low-income households 
HF 3959As introducedOHE registration and licensure rule changes 
HF 3964First EngrossmentREAL ID Act implementationAll versions
HF 3968As introducedWater-Use Permits 
HF 3971As introducedDrinking Water and Wastewater Infrastructure 
HF 3972As amended by H3972A1Department of Human Services operations, program integrity and criminal penalties policy 
HF 3974First EngrossmentCounty highway speed limitsAll versions
HF 3977As introducedFederal TIFIA loan 
HF 3980As introducedTransfer to public health response contingency account 
HF 3983As amended by H3983A2Income tax subtraction for volunteer driver mileage reimbursementAll versions
HF 3991As introducedGrain buyers 
HF 3992As introducedDuluth School District; Facilities Levies 
HF 4002As introducedSpecial license; Lake of the Woods County 
HF 4003As introducedMeat processing 
HF 4010First engrossmentHealth risk limits; groundwaterAll versions
HF 4011As introducedNeighborhood Development Center appropriation 
HF 4013First engrossmentLead risk assessments; lead ordersAll versions
HF 4019As introducedBuilding permit and inspection fees 
HF 4023As introducedRegulation of religious postsecondary institutions 
HF 4028As introducedHennepin County, construction manager at risk authority 
HF 4029As introducedOHE regulation of religious postsecondary schools 
HF 4036As introducedPostsecondary institutions prohibited from requiring mandatory predispute arbitration clauses 
HF 4037As introducedWritten notice of cancellation no longer required for private career school students 
HF 4038As introducedConditional approval limited to schools physically present in Minnesota 
HF 4040As introducedSt. Paul; food hall license 
HF 4042As introducedFraudulent business filings 
HF 4049As introducedState IDs for recently released inmates 
HF 4055As introducedDepartment of Commerce technical bill 
HF 4058First EngrossmentCleanup of contaminated land 
HF 4059As introducedLyme disease research funds appropriated to the University of Minnesota 
HF 4066As introducedEducation credit income definition 
HF 4072As amended by H4072DE2Farm safety 
HF 4074As introducedSales tax exemption extended for construction of a Minnetonka public safety facility 
HF 4075As introducedSchool Meals; Increasing Funding and Modifying Policy 
HF 4088As introducedAppropriation for grants to student teachers 
HF 4097First engrossmentDriver's road testAll versions
HF 4098As introducedInnovation research zone program 
HF 4100As introducedHuman Rights Act; past pay inquiries prohibited 
HF 4117As introducedAmerican Indian student education 
HF 4119As introducedMinnesotaCare Expansion 
HF 4121As introducedTranscript notation for students disciplined or investigated for sexual assault 
HF 4129As introducedFairmont local sales tax authority 
HF 4137As introducedRequiring intent in the crime of harassment. 
HF 4144As amended by H4144A1Local government debt financing modified 
HF 4153As introducedRegulating cooperation with federal immigration enforcement 
HF 4157As introducedChanges to Office of Higher Education programs for teachers from racial or ethnic groups that are underrepresented in the teacher workforce 
HF 4165As amended by H4165A1Housing infrastructure grant program established 
HF 4168As introducedPostsecondary institutions required to disclose costs, completion rates, and success in placement 
HF 4171First engrossmentEmergency medical services task force; appropriationsAll versions
HF 4181As amended by H4181A10Electric vehicles 
HF 4187As introducedGoodwill-Easter Seals training center appropriation 
HF 4196As amended by H4196DE1LGA penalty forgiveness; reporting requirements for city of Sargeant 
HF 4197As introducedCold-weather rule 
HF 4201As introducedSchool district audits 
HF 4204As introducedDHS Community Supports Policy Bill 
HF 4219First engrossmentDWI enforcement by conservation officers 
HF 4221As introducedMinnesota GI Bill 
HF 4222As introducedDental care for veteran home residents 
HF 4223As introducedVeteran adult day care programs 
HF 4224As introducedVeterans stable housing initiative; data sharing 
HF 4241As introducedDHS Continuing Care Policy Bill 
HF 4242As introducedGrant to Black Men Teach Twin Cities 
HF 4248As introducedSales tax exemption for construction materials used in rebuilding after the Alexandria fire; provides a grant 
HF 4257As introducedMental illness training for Tier 1 and 2 teacher license renewals 
HF 4277As introducedDirect care and treatment termination of services 
HF 4283As introducedBrew pubs; tastings 
HF 4284As introducedGrowler sales 
HF 4285Second EngrossmentAgricultureAll versions
HF 4286As introducedEnvironmental enforcement 
HF 4304As amended by H4304A2 and H4304A4Peace officersAll versions
HF 4311As introducedClean Water Fund 
HF 4326First division engrossmentPublic health emergency; health care response revolving account and loan programAll versions
HF 4327As introducedPublic health emergency; health care response revolving account and loan program 
HF 4371As amended by H4371DE1Distribution of property tax payments 
HF 4374As introducedChild care assistance rates 
HF 4401As introducedSunday delivery restrictions 
HF 4407As introducedOgilvie Fund Transfer 
HF 4415Third EngrossmentCOVID-19 education related closuresAll versions
HF 4429As amended by H4429A1Workforce development 
HF 4490Second EngrossmentAgricultureAll versions
HF 4498First engrossmentEnvironment and Natural Resources Trust FundAll versions
HF 4500Second engrossmentState grantsAll versions
HF 4502First EngrossmentEnergy conservation 
HF 4507Delete everything amendment (H4507DE1)Open Meeting Law 
HF 4531As introducedCOVID-19 response efforts 
HF 4540As introducedPublic Safety, Corrections, and Judiciary Supplemental Appropriations Bill 
HF 4541Second engrossmentHousing Late Fees and Lease Renewals; Foreclosure Moratorium; Emergency Housing Grant Funding Related to COVID-19All versions
HF 4542As amended by H4542DE2K12 Omnibus Finance Bill 
HF 4553As introducedOffice of Higher Education Agency Policy Bill 
HF 4554Second EngrossmentOmnibus Environment and Natural Resources BillAll versions
HF 4556As introducedCOVID-19 response efforts 
HF 4571As introducedCivil asset forfeiture 
HF 4582First engrossmentMFIP Supplemental PaymentAll versions
HF 4594As introducedEnvironmental Permits 
HF 4597First engrossmentModification of horse racing regulationsAll versions
HF 4599As introducedFarmer-Lender Mediation 
HF 4601First engrossmentGrants from Opiate Epidemic Response AccountAll versions
HF 4602As introducedLoan to Duluth paper mill 
HF 4603As amended by H4603DE1Minnesota 21st century fund 
HF 4605First engrossmentLocal government, electronic filing of documents, signaturesAll versions
HF 4607As introducedLive Well at Home Grants 
HF 4611First engrossmentCOVID-19 emergency community relief grantsAll versions
HF 4632As introducedAdult-use cannabis 
HF 4673First engrossmentCoronavirus aid and grant distributions to local governmentsAll versions
HF 4684As introducedFederal aid, COVID-19 
SF 131As introducedRequired disclosure of facility fee 
SF 278Conference Committee ReportPharmacy Benefit Manager Licensure and RegulationAll versions
SF 584As introducedAllied health professions birth month renewal cycle conversion 
SF 802First unofficial engrossmentPublic Safety and Judiciary Omnibus Bill 
SF 1098Fourth engrossmentPrescription Drug Price Transparency 
SF 1706First unofficial engrossmentWage garnishment; garnishment for 90 days; limitation on levy for earningsAll versions
SF 1743As amended by HF1982-1Days and hours of instruction 
SF 2130As amended (S2130DE2)Omnibus Liquor Bill 
SF 2226First Unofficial EngrossmentAgriculture and housing finance 
SF 2227First unofficial engrossmentOmnibus State Government, Military Affairs, and Veterans Affairs Finance 
SF 2314First Unofficial EngrossmentOmnibus Environment and Natural Resources Bill 
SF 2415First Unofficial EngrossmentHigher Education Omnibus Bill 
SF 3255Third EngrossmentTransportation omnibus 
SF 3322Second EngrossmentHuman Services Policy Omnibus Bill 
SF 3358Second EngrossmentAmusement park ride operation 
SF 3560Second engrossmentHealth care omnibus 
SF 4489As introducedSpecial limited off-sale; restaurants 
SF 4563As amended by the S4563A1 amendmentState COVID-19 expenditures