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Bill Summaries: 2017–2018

Bill summaries are prepared by Legislative Analysts of the nonpartisan Minnesota House Research Department for the benefit of House members and the general public. Generally, summaries are only prepared for bills that have been scheduled for public hearings.

Multiple versions of a bill summary reflects amendments to the bill that were adopted in committee or on the House or Senate floor. All versions of bill summaries, both most recent and previous, are available.

Our strong suggestion is that readers review the language of the bill itself rather than relying entirely on information in the summary.

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BillLatest SummarySubjectVersions
HF 251As introducedRepeals seat belt evidentiary rule 
HF 252As introducedBenton County Recorder may be appointed, subject to reverse referendum 
HF 253As amended with author's amendment (H0253A2)Research credit 
HF 254As introducedExtends research credit to sole proprietors 
HF 255As introducedK-12 education credit increased and adjusted for inflation 
HF 257As introducedRetired law enforcement special plate 
HF 259First engrossmentTractor safetyAll versions
HF 260As introducedLong term care credit 
HF 261As introducedVeterans in crisis training funding 
HF 262Second engrossmentAlzheimer's Disease Working GroupAll versions
HF 268As introducedSchool Academic and Behavioral Interventions; Grant to Sanneh Foundation 
HF 270with author's amendment (H0270A2)Income tax credit for employers who hire disabled or unemployed veterans 
HF 281As IntroducedLatin language proficiency requirements 
HF 283As introducedOn-sale license authorized 
HF 284As introducedAgriculture 
HF 291As introducedClassifying data maintained by the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority and other public convention and civic centers 
HF 295As introducedState auditor litigation expenses 
HF 296As introducedDisplay of Governors' Portraits 
HF 299As introducedSales tax exemption for contractor purchases for local governments and nonprofit construction projects 
HF 300As IntroducedSales tax exemption for Minnesota State High School League sponsored events 
HF 301As IntroducedSales tax exemption for Minnesota State High School League sponsored events 
HF 306As introducedExpanding the sales tax for instructional materials 
HF 310As introducedState appropriation bonding; Duluth Steam Plant project 
HF 311As introducedModifying the use of Duluth food and beverage and lodging taxes 
HF 314First engrossmentRedistricting principlesAll versions
HF 315First engrossmentParental leave tax creditsAll versions
HF 318As introducedDirect shipments of malt liquor authorized 
HF 319As amended by the author's amendment (H0319A1)Greater Minnesota loan forgiveness program establishedAll versions
HF 320As amended by the H0320A2 amendmentScholarship build creditAll versions
HF 321As introducedTransportation-related tax and fee exemptions 
HF 322As introducedPermitting governmental units to sue for recovery of costs related to unlawful assemblies and public nuisances. 
HF 324As introducedInterstate compact for recognition of EMS personnel licensure 
HF 326As introducedMedal of Honor recipient Kenneth L. Olson Highway 
HF 328As introducedIndividual income tax – maximum rate on active trade or business income 
HF 329Third engrossmentRegulation of fireworksAll versions
HF 330Second engrossmentLocal planning; interim ordinances, housingAll versions
HF 331As introducedFarm safety 
HF 333As introducedResident Hunting and Fishing License Eligibility Requirements 
HF 334As introducedRepeal of Minnesota Radon Licensing Act 
HF 341As introducedCulturally competent policies and instruction 
HF 342As introducedSix unorganized territories added to a production tax distribution 
HF 345First engrossmentPalliative care advisory committeeAll versions
HF 346First engrossmentRequiring peace officers to receive additional training; reforming funding and reimbursement for grantsAll versions
HF 347First engrossmentManufactured homes; title and ownershipAll versions
HF 349As introducedRepeals the sales tax on digital products 
HF 351First engrossmentProvider Tax Exemption for Certain Intergovernmental Transfer PaymentsAll versions
HF 352As introducedAppropriating funds to process controlled substance evidence 
HF 363As introducedSales tax exemption for nonprofit snowmobile clubs 
HF 368Second engrossmentProhibiting Assignment of Military Pay or BenefitsAll versions
HF 371As introducedCounties; appointment to fill certain board vacancies 
HF 374As introducedCanby tax increment financing (TIF) 
HF 375As introducedCounty Veterans Memorials -- Location 
HF 378As introducedCapital investment; Agricultural Utilization Research Institute 
HF 379As introducedSpecial Education Teacher Educator Program; Southwest State 
HF 380Second engrossmentStopping for school bus penaltiesAll versions
HF 381As introducedSales tax exemption for admissions to events sponsored by a nonprofit agricultural heritage organization 
HF 386Second engrossmentIncome tax credit for contributions to K-12 scholarship granting organizations; extend existing K-12 education credit to tuitionAll versions
HF 387As introducedK-12 education deduction and credit increased, and adjusted for inflation; credit extended to tuition 
HF 389As introducedInnocent owner provision expanded 
HF 390First engrossmentObstructing traffic to a highway or airportAll versions
HF 397As introducedDental student exemption 
HF 399First engrossmentSeverance payment limits to highly compensated state employeesAll versions
HF 400Third engrossmentDiscrimination against Israel in state contractingAll versions
HF 406As introducedAllocation of Electoral Votes 
HF 409First engrossmentLocal government; long-term equity investment authorityAll versions
HF 414As introducedValuation exclusion for improvements to homestead and business property 
HF 418As introducedLight rail transit legislative approval 
HF 423First engrossmentState government; accommodation for hard-of-hearing in state funded capital projectsAll versions
HF 427As introducedClarifying the tax base for local lodging taxes 
HF 433As introducedFree electronic income tax filing study 
HF 434Second engrossmentLocal Road Wetland ReplacementAll versions
HF 444First engrossmentMNvest securities registrationAll versions
HF 445As introducedState auditor enterprise fund 
HF 446As introducedModifying uses and notification of the Albert Lea local sales tax 
HF 455First engrossmentSchool bus stopsAll versions
HF 456As introducedSales tax exemption for contractor purchases for local government and nonprofit construction projects 
HF 458As introducedState auditor litigation expenses 
HF 460First engrossment, with author's amendment (H0460A2)Dedication of short term motor vehicle lease sales tax revenueAll versions
HF 463As introducedIn-Person Absentee Voting 
HF 464First engrossmentHome care services provided by certified paraprofessionalsAll versions
HF 465The delete everything amendment (A18-0818)Property Tax Division ReportAll versions
HF 467As introducedCampaign Finance 
HF 470Conference committee report (CCRHF0470)Tampering with a public safety motor vehicleAll versions
HF 474First engrossmentInterstate Medical Licensure Compact Background ChecksAll versions
HF 479First engrossmentExpanding the motor vehicle sales tax exemption for certain local government purchasesAll versions
HF 481As amended by H0481A3-1Personal Care Assistance ProgramAll versions
HF 484As introducedEliminating the inflator from the state general levy 
HF 485As introducedAgricultural educators 
HF 486With author's amendment (H0486A2)Income and corporate franchise tax; allowance of trade or business expense deductions for manufacturers of medical marijuanaAll versions
HF 487As introducedProvides sales tax exemptions for nonprofit animal shelters 
HF 489As introducedMinnesota Principals Academy 
HF 490First engrossmentNonprofit nursing facilities in border citiesAll versions
HF 497As introducedCromwell Wright area special taxing district authorized 
HF 500First engrossmentNursing Facility Payment SystemAll versions