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Bill Summaries: 2017–2018

Bill summaries are prepared by Legislative Analysts of the nonpartisan Minnesota House Research Department for the benefit of House members and the general public. Generally, summaries are only prepared for bills that have been scheduled for public hearings.

Multiple versions of a bill summary reflects amendments to the bill that were adopted in committee or on the House or Senate floor. All versions of bill summaries, both most recent and previous, are available.

Our strong suggestion is that readers review the language of the bill itself rather than relying entirely on information in the summary.

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BillLatest SummarySubjectVersions
HF 1First engrossmentPremium Assistance and Insurance Market ReformsAll versions
HF 2First engrossmentFederal conformityAll versions
HF 3Conference committee reportREAL ID Act implementationAll versions
HF 4Conference committee report (CCRHF0004)Omnibus tax billAll versions
HF 5Fourth engrossmentMinnesota premium security planAll versions
HF 6The second delete everything amendment (H0006DE2)Public Utilities CommissionAll versions
HF 7First engrossmentMetropolitan Council, staggered termsAll versions
HF 8As amended by the author's amendment (H0008A1)Income tax credit for student loan payments 
HF 9As introducedPhased-in income tax exemption for social security benefits 
HF 10First engrossmentHealth insurance exchange; federally facilitated marketplaceAll versions
HF 12Delete everything amendment (H0012DE1)State general levy 
HF 13First engrossmentNonprofit corporationsAll versions
HF 14First engrossmentCapital Investment; Rural Finance AuthorityAll versions
HF 16As introducedModifying income tax credit for past military service 
HF 17As introducedExemption from Motor Vehicle Registration Tax for Disabled Veterans 
HF 17First engrossmentOLA transit financials auditingAll versions
HF 18As introducedEstate tax – increase exempt amount to the federal exclusion 
HF 19First engrossmentIncome tax credit for student loan paymentsAll versions
HF 20As amended by the author's amendment (H0020A1)Income tax credit for student loan payments 
HF 22As introducedReporting requirement exemption for revocable trusts for family farms 
HF 33As introducedLegislative approval required for sentencing guideline modifications 
HF 36As introducedProperty taxation of garage condominiums 
HF 40As introducedAllowing certain property to qualify for agricultural homestead classification 
HF 46First engrossmentChanges to real property statutes; recording; registration; and titlesAll versions
HF 51As introducedDisabled veteran's property tax exclusion 
HF 54With author's amendment (H0054A1)Sales tax exemption for Internet service machinery and equipment 
HF 77As introducedEstate tax – increase exemption 
HF 79As introducedAppropriating money for a veterans home in Fillmore County; authorizing the sale of bonds 
HF 83As introducedInsurance rate data; use of medical records in applying for transition of care coverage; verification of residency and eligibility for premium assistance 
HF 85As introducedRepeals estate tax 
HF 89With author's amendment (H0089A4)Angel investment credit modified and made permanent 
HF 90As amended with author's amendment (H0090A1)Research credit – allowing alternative computation 
HF 94First engrossmentDriver's license agent; New BrightonAll versions
HF 99As introducedInsurance Market Reform 
HF 102First engrossmentAmbulance Service IGTAll versions
HF 103First engrossmentMA Rate Increase for Ambulance ServicesAll versions
HF 106First engrossmentCommunity Medical Response Emergency Medical Technician ServicesAll versions
HF 107As introducedPremium Assistance and Transition of Care Coverage 
HF 111As introducedRaffles conducted by candidate 
HF 112As introducedLocal government finance, reverse referendum for certain leases 
HF 113First engrossmentEnergyAll versions
HF 115As introducedIncome tax subtraction for meal expenses of first responders 
HF 118As introducedSupplemental Nutrition Assistance Program 
HF 119First engrossmentDisabled veterans homestead exclusion modificationsAll versions
HF 122First engrossmentStart seeing motorcycles special plate; endorsement fee allocationAll versions
HF 123As introducedPremium cigar tax 
HF 124First engrossmentDitch mowing in road right-of-wayAll versions
HF 135As introducedI-94/494/694 interchange study 
HF 136As introducedZero-based budgeting 
HF 137As introducedSales tax exemption for bullion and bullion coins 
HF 138With the author's amendment (H0138A1)Repealing June accelerated sales and use and excise tax payments 
HF 139First engrossmentChild Care Assistance Program Maximum Reimbursement RatesAll versions
HF 140Conference committee reportTeacher licensure changesAll versions
HF 146As introducedFull-service community schools 
HF 149As IntroducedSchool finance task force 
HF 150As introducedScopes on Muzzleloaders 
HF 153As introducedExpanding allowed use of Hermantown local sales tax 
HF 154As introducedAllows Proctor to increase its local sales tax; validates previous extensions of the tax 
HF 155First engrossmentIncome tax subtraction for medical care expensesAll versions
HF 156First engrossment, with the author's amendment (H0156A4)Income tax subtraction for charity care provided by medical professionalsAll versions
HF 163As introducedDue dates for property tax payments on rural vacant land 
HF 166With the author's amendment (H0166A1)Fiscal disparities program; limiting contributions for certain municipalities 
HF 171As introducedSchool building bond agricultural credit 
HF 172As introducedClay County local sales and use tax to finance a correctional and law enforcement facility 
HF 174As introducedHomestead credit state refund; agricultural property 
HF 179Fourth engrossmentProhibiting the use of ignition interlock devices enabled with location tracking capabilitiesAll versions
HF 182As introducedDefinition of resident for income and estate tax purposes 
HF 183With author's amendment (H0183DE1)Refundable credit for taxes paid to other states 
HF 184As introducedPredatory Offenses 
HF 186As amended by the author's amendment (H0186A2)Providing a vendor allowance for those collecting and remitting the sales taxAll versions
HF 188As introducedConstitutional right to carry firearm 
HF 191As introducedAllows the city of Moose Lake to impose a local sales tax for various projects 
HF 192First EngrossmentDriving without a valid license penaltiesAll versions
HF 199First engrossmentNoxious weedsAll versions
HF 200As introducedStudy of agricultural valuation based on production value 
HF 201As introducedMetropolitan Council 
HF 202As introducedException for dental providers from the state health care program participation requirement 
HF 204First engrossmentHighway construction costs studyAll versions
HF 208First engrossmentAgricultural preservesAll versions
HF 210As introducedIncome tax – residency definition 
HF 211As introducedState general levy 
HF 213As introducedPhased-in income tax exemption for social security benefits 
HF 214The delete everything amendment (H0214DE1)Sales tax exemption for bullion coinAll versions
HF 215As introducedModify the sales tax exemption for nonprofit fund-raising events on leased property 
HF 217As introducedSpecial closing times during the Super Bowl 
HF 225First engrossmentMA Asset and Spenddown StandardsAll versions
HF 226As amended (H0226A1)Gambling taxes – lawful purpose expenditure deductionAll versions
HF 227As introducedEconomic development; revising contents of required cost-of-living study 
HF 231As introducedCorridors of Commerce appropriations 
HF 232As introducedHeritage Funding – Veterans Related 
HF 234As introducedRegulation of municipal utilities and rural electric cooperatives 
HF 235Second engrossmentSolar energyAll versions
HF 237Delete everything amendment H237DE5Direct Contracting Pilot ProgramAll versions
HF 238First engrossmentJustifiable use of deadly force in self-defenseAll versions
HF 241As introducedCompressed natural gas (CNG) tax rate 
HF 242As introducedAllows the city of Walker to impose a local sales tax for various projects 
HF 244As introducedBoard of appeals and equalization course waiver 
HF 246As introducedRedistricting Principles and Commission 
HF 248As introducedTax credit for overvalued property 
HF 251As introducedRepeals seat belt evidentiary rule 
HF 252As introducedBenton County Recorder may be appointed, subject to reverse referendum 
HF 253As amended with author's amendment (H0253A2)Research credit 
HF 254As introducedExtends research credit to sole proprietors 
HF 255As introducedK-12 education credit increased and adjusted for inflation 
HF 257As introducedRetired law enforcement special plate 
HF 259First engrossmentTractor safetyAll versions
HF 260As introducedLong term care credit 
HF 261As introducedVeterans in crisis training funding 
HF 262Second engrossmentAlzheimer's Disease Working GroupAll versions
HF 268As introducedSchool Academic and Behavioral Interventions; Grant to Sanneh Foundation 
HF 270with author's amendment (H0270A2)Income tax credit for employers who hire disabled or unemployed veterans 
HF 281As IntroducedLatin language proficiency requirements 
HF 283As introducedOn-sale license authorized 
HF 284As introducedAgriculture 
HF 291As introducedClassifying data maintained by the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority and other public convention and civic centers 
HF 295As introducedState auditor litigation expenses 
HF 296As introducedDisplay of Governors' Portraits 
HF 299As introducedSales tax exemption for contractor purchases for local governments and nonprofit construction projects 
HF 300As IntroducedSales tax exemption for Minnesota State High School League sponsored events 
HF 301As IntroducedSales tax exemption for Minnesota State High School League sponsored events 
HF 306As introducedExpanding the sales tax for instructional materials 
HF 310As introducedState appropriation bonding; Duluth Steam Plant project 
HF 311As introducedModifying the use of Duluth food and beverage and lodging taxes 
HF 314First engrossmentRedistricting principlesAll versions
HF 315First engrossmentParental leave tax creditsAll versions
HF 318As introducedDirect shipments of malt liquor authorized 
HF 319As amended by the author's amendment (H0319A1)Greater Minnesota loan forgiveness program establishedAll versions
HF 320As amended by the H0320A2 amendmentScholarship build creditAll versions
HF 321As introducedTransportation-related tax and fee exemptions 
HF 322As introducedPermitting governmental units to sue for recovery of costs related to unlawful assemblies and public nuisances. 
HF 324As introducedInterstate compact for recognition of EMS personnel licensure 
HF 326As introducedMedal of Honor recipient Kenneth L. Olson Highway 
HF 328As introducedIndividual income tax – maximum rate on active trade or business income 
HF 329Third engrossmentRegulation of fireworksAll versions
HF 330Second engrossmentLocal planning; interim ordinances, housingAll versions
HF 331As introducedFarm safety 
HF 333As introducedResident Hunting and Fishing License Eligibility Requirements 
HF 334As introducedRepeal of Minnesota Radon Licensing Act 
HF 341As introducedCulturally competent policies and instruction 
HF 342As introducedSix unorganized territories added to a production tax distribution 
HF 345First engrossmentPalliative care advisory committeeAll versions
HF 346First engrossmentRequiring peace officers to receive additional training; reforming funding and reimbursement for grantsAll versions
HF 347First engrossmentManufactured homes; title and ownershipAll versions
HF 349As introducedRepeals the sales tax on digital products 
HF 351First engrossmentProvider Tax Exemption for Certain Intergovernmental Transfer PaymentsAll versions
HF 352As introducedAppropriating funds to process controlled substance evidence 
HF 363As introducedSales tax exemption for nonprofit snowmobile clubs 
HF 368Second engrossmentProhibiting Assignment of Military Pay or BenefitsAll versions
HF 371As introducedCounties; appointment to fill certain board vacancies 
HF 374As introducedCanby tax increment financing (TIF) 
HF 375As introducedCounty Veterans Memorials -- Location 
HF 378As introducedCapital investment; Agricultural Utilization Research Institute 
HF 379As introducedSpecial Education Teacher Educator Program; Southwest State 
HF 380Second engrossmentStopping for school bus penaltiesAll versions
HF 381As introducedSales tax exemption for admissions to events sponsored by a nonprofit agricultural heritage organization 
HF 386Second engrossmentIncome tax credit for contributions to K-12 scholarship granting organizations; extend existing K-12 education credit to tuitionAll versions
HF 387As introducedK-12 education deduction and credit increased, and adjusted for inflation; credit extended to tuition 
HF 389As introducedInnocent owner provision expanded 
HF 390First engrossmentObstructing traffic to a highway or airportAll versions
HF 397As introducedDental student exemption 
HF 399First engrossmentSeverance payment limits to highly compensated state employeesAll versions
HF 400Third engrossmentDiscrimination against Israel in state contractingAll versions
HF 406As introducedAllocation of Electoral Votes 
HF 409First engrossmentLocal government; long-term equity investment authorityAll versions
HF 414As introducedValuation exclusion for improvements to homestead and business property 
HF 418As introducedLight rail transit legislative approval 
HF 423First engrossmentState government; accommodation for hard-of-hearing in state funded capital projectsAll versions
HF 427As introducedClarifying the tax base for local lodging taxes 
HF 433As introducedFree electronic income tax filing study 
HF 434Second engrossmentLocal Road Wetland ReplacementAll versions
HF 444First engrossmentMNvest securities registrationAll versions
HF 445As introducedState auditor enterprise fund 
HF 446As introducedModifying uses and notification of the Albert Lea local sales tax 
HF 455First engrossmentSchool bus stopsAll versions
HF 456As introducedSales tax exemption for contractor purchases for local government and nonprofit construction projects 
HF 458As introducedState auditor litigation expenses 
HF 460First engrossment, with author's amendment (H0460A2)Dedication of short term motor vehicle lease sales tax revenueAll versions
HF 463As introducedIn-Person Absentee Voting 
HF 464First engrossmentHome care services provided by certified paraprofessionalsAll versions
HF 465The delete everything amendment (A18-0818)Property Tax Division ReportAll versions
HF 467As introducedCampaign Finance 
HF 470Conference committee report (CCRHF0470)Tampering with a public safety motor vehicleAll versions
HF 474First engrossmentInterstate Medical Licensure Compact Background ChecksAll versions
HF 479First engrossmentExpanding the motor vehicle sales tax exemption for certain local government purchasesAll versions
HF 481As amended by H0481A3-1Personal Care Assistance ProgramAll versions
HF 484As introducedEliminating the inflator from the state general levy 
HF 485As introducedAgricultural educators 
HF 486With author's amendment (H0486A2)Income and corporate franchise tax; allowance of trade or business expense deductions for manufacturers of medical marijuanaAll versions
HF 487As introducedProvides sales tax exemptions for nonprofit animal shelters 
HF 489As introducedMinnesota Principals Academy 
HF 490First engrossmentNonprofit nursing facilities in border citiesAll versions
HF 497As introducedCromwell Wright area special taxing district authorized 
HF 500First engrossmentNursing Facility Payment SystemAll versions
HF 501Delete-everything amendment H0501DE2Grant for voice response suicide prevention and mental health crisis response program 
HF 502First engrossmentDedicating the portion of sales taxes from the sales of motor vehicle tires to the highway user tax distribution fundAll versions
HF 503As introducedIncome tax subtraction for retirement pay of CIA agents 
HF 504As introducedProvides a retroactive sales tax exemption for a certain nonprofit retail development 
HF 505First engrossmentAppropriating funding for the Veterans Defense Project 
HF 513As amended by the author's amendment (H0513DE1)Extend working family tax credit to on-reservation earnings 
HF 514First engrossmentProperty tax exemption for medical clinic owned by tribeAll versions
HF 516With author's amendment (H0516A1)Increase working family tax credit 
HF 518As introducedComplex Pediatric Home Care Nursing 
HF 521As introducedIncome tax credit and deduction for contributions to section 529 college savings plans 
HF 526As introducedEstablishing the Board of Occupational Therapy Practice 
HF 527As introducedWind energy production tax 
HF 529As introducedTargeted case management; interactive video 
HF 532As introducedSales tax exemption for construction materials used in rebuilding after the Melrose fire; provides a grant to the city 
HF 533As introducedLocal sales tax authorized for the Garrison, Kathio, West Mille Lacs Lake sanitary district 
HF 534As introducedCounty officers 
HF 535The delete everything amendment (H0535DE1)Willmar school district 
HF 536As introducedAllows the city of New London to impose a local sales tax for various projects 
HF 537As introducedAllows the city of Spicer to impose a local sales tax for various projects 
HF 538As introducedPlan requirements for elementary and secondary students 
HF 547As IntroducedChild and Adult Care Food Program 
HF 550As introducedFabrication Lab Grant 
HF 552As introducedRulemaking authority 
HF 554As introducedAllows the city of Fergus Falls to impose a local sales tax for its library 
HF 555As introducedProperty tax reduction for veterans' community service organizations 
HF 559As introducedInvestment of hospital funds 
HF 561As introducedFarm advocates 
HF 564As introducedClassifying data maintained by the Public Employment Relations Board 
HF 566As introducedPort development assistance program 
HF 574First engrossment, with author's amendment (H0574A3)Individual income tax credit for teachers who obtain a master's degree in their field of licensureAll versions
HF 575The delete-everything amendment (A17-0466)Omnibus capital investment 
HF 579As introducedClarifying the definition of end user for digital products. 
HF 582First engrossmentSupplemental nursing services agenciesAll versions
HF 584As introducedMoped disability plates 
HF 586Second engrossmentEstablishing a trust fund to pay local governments for lands purchased using dedicated revenuesAll versions
HF 587First engrossmentUnclaimed propertyAll versions
HF 591As introducedEducational Assistance to Translators Who Aided U.S. Troops 
HF 593Second engrossmentInvestigations, background checks, and disciplinary action against real estate appraisersAll versions
HF 597As introducedWhite Earth Band of Ojibwe Human Services 
HF 599As introducedLegislative Budget Office 
HF 600Second engrossmentUniformity of private employer employment regulations; express preemption of local government private employment regulationsAll versions
HF 602As introducedK-12 education credit and subtraction extended to preK expenses 
HF 603Delete everything amendment (A17-0256)Property tax division reportAll versions
HF 604As introducedFamily childcare unionization repeal 
HF 605As amended by the author's amendment (H0605A1)Allowing an exemption for city celebration, modifying some other fundraising exemption provisions 
HF 606As introducedPhasing-out the state general levy on C/I property over five years 
HF 607As introducedResident Tuition Relief Grants 
HF 608First engrossmentTax credits related to beginning farmersAll versions
HF 609As introducedCounty program aid 
HF 610As introducedAgricultural homestead rules—property owned by trusts 
HF 612As introducedConstruction codes—issuing certificates of occupancy 
HF 613As introducedAllows the city of North Mankato to impose a food and beverage tax 
HF 615As introducedConform to federal section 179 allowances 
HF 620As introducedAppropriation for the East Side Enterprise Center 
HF 622With author's amendment (H0622A1)Definition of resident for income and estate tax purposes 
HF 625As introducedIncreasing Community Education Revenue 
HF 628As introducedSystems statements, Metropolitan Land Planning Act 
HF 629First engrossmentMedical Assistance (MA) estate claims modificationsAll versions
HF 630First engrossmentCounty aid; out-of-home placement costs under Indian Child Welfare ActAll versions
HF 631First engrossmentYouth Skills Training ProgramAll versions
HF 632As introducedApprenticeship training facilities exemption modified 
HF 633As introducedMnDOT state road construction appropriation 
HF 635First engrossmentLewis and Clark Regional Water SystemAll versions
HF 636As introducedProperty tax on farms operated by beginning farmers 
HF 638First engrossment with author's amendment (H0638A1)Allocating sales tax on motor vehicle parts to the highway user tax distributionAll versions
HF 641As introducedHospital surcharge exemption 
HF 643First engrossmentBoard of medical practice title protection and disciplinary actionAll versions
HF 646As introducedMinnesota Reading Corps 
HF 652As IntroducedSchool food service contracts 
HF 653As introducedGreater Minnesota Business Development Public Infrastructure grant program 
HF 654As introducedDates for local referenda related to spending; reverse referendum for certain property taxes 
HF 655As introducedPine County, appointment of the auditor-treasurer 
HF 656As introducedIncome tax subtraction for health insurance premiums 
HF 658As introducedEconomic development—appropriating money for a study 
HF 659As introducedExpands the allowed uses of the New Ulm local sales tax revenues 
HF 661As introducedHomestead credit refund; manufactured home park cooperatives 
HF 663As introduced2014 local government aid (LGA) penalty forgiveness 
HF 665As introducedCredit for educator expenses 
HF 670As introducedCompensatory Revenue Pilot Project Made Permanent 
HF 671As introducedBorder city aid 
HF 672As introducedProvides for local government aid (LGA) appropriation increases 
HF 673As introducedAgriculture education 
HF 675As IntroducedAllowing districts and schools to stock asthma inhalers 
HF 676As introducedPesticide and fertilizer application contracts 
HF 678First engrossmentLaw enforcement memorial special plateAll versions
HF 685First engrossmentFree annual park pass for disabled veterans and members of the militaryAll versions
HF 686As introducedDairy authority 
HF 689As introducedInnovative Science, Technology, Engineering and Math program grants 
HF 691First engrossmentState Government Finance BillAll versions
HF 696Third engrossmentModifying child foster care background studies, home and community-based services, and the disability waiver rate systemAll versions
HF 697First engrossmentLeave of absence following election to tribal council officeAll versions
HF 701As introducedModifying work time restrictions for high school students aged 18 and older 
HF 707Third engrossmentOmnibus Legacy BillAll versions
HF 710First engrossmentOutdoor Heritage Fund AppropriationsAll versions
HF 711As introducedFederally Qualified Health Center Payment Method and Grants 
HF 712First engrossmentSubstitution of Biological ProductsAll versions
HF 713First engrossmentSafe harbor; statewide sex trafficking victims strategic planAll versions
HF 714As introducedSafe harbor; appropriations for shelter, services, and other activities 
HF 718As introduced2013 local government aid (LGA) penalty forgiveness for the city of Oslo 
HF 719As introducedMinnesota Math Corps 
HF 723First engrossmentCCAP Maximum Reimbursement RatesAll versions
HF 725As introducedProvides a Pay 2017 local government aid (LGA) adjustment for a newly incorporated town 
HF 726As introducedPhasing-out the state general levy over six years 
HF 728First engrossmentVeterans affairs; appropriating money for veterans support; providing a veterans nursing home tax creditAll versions
HF 729First EngrossmentElections policy omnibusAll versions
HF 731As introducedCompulsory instruction in citizenship 
HF 732As introducedMaple Grove tax increment financing (TIF) 
HF 733As introducedAdvanced practice registered nurses licensure 
HF 734First engrossmentEducation Partnerships program and appropriationsAll versions
HF 735As introducedStillbirth credit 
HF 736As introducedFamily and medical leave 
HF 737As amended by the author's amendment (H0737A1)Mental health innovation grant programAll versions
HF 738As introducedAllows the city of Fairmont to impose a local sales tax for various projects 
HF 739As amended by the H0739A10 amendmentPlacement of small wireless facilitiesAll versions
HF 740First engrossmentMotor vehicle franchisesAll versions
HF 742The delete everything amendment (H0742DE1)Correctional Segregation 
HF 743First engrossmentGrant program; primary care and mental health professions clinical trainingAll versions
HF 744As introducedMinnesota Health Care Workforce Council 
HF 745First engrossmentCorporal Benjamin S. Kopp BridgeAll versions
HF 747As introducedUtilization Review and Prior Authorization for Prescription Drugs 
HF 754As introducedReducing general purpose aid payments for world fair spending 
HF 755As introducedAppropriations for a Minnesota Medal of Honor commemorative memorial 
HF 757As introducedSales tax exemption for materials used for resort and campground structural improvements 
HF 759The delete everything amendment (H0759DE3)Modifying a biomass contract 
HF 760With author's amendment (H0760A4)Increases LGA payments for selected cities 
HF 761As introducedFertilizer research and education 
HF 766As introducedImpaired Waters Lists and Public Notice Requirements 
HF 767As introducedHomestead property tax classification 
HF 770The delete everything amendment (H0770A3)Medical Assistance (MA) Payment for Injectable DrugsAll versions
HF 772As introducedCompensation for damage caused by wolves or elk 
HF 773With author's amendment (H0773A1)Corrects an error in the city local government aid (LGA) formulaAll versions
HF 774First engrossmentDeaf and hard-of-hearing servicesAll versions
HF 778First engrossmentMinnesota Sports Facilities AuthorityAll versions
HF 786The delete everything amendment (H0786DE1)School District Maximum Effort Capital Loans; Property Tax Reductions 
HF 787As introducedProvides civil immunity for veterinarians reporting animal cruelty 
HF 791The delete everything amendment (H0791DE1)Direct wine shippers 
HF 792First engrossmentState building code—definition of townhouseAll versions
HF 794As introducedStudent loan debt counseling grant program 
HF 800As introducedState funding for light rail transit operating costs 
HF 802As introducedAppropriating money to develop educational materials regarding career opportunities in senior care 
HF 803As introducedSenior care workforce innovation grant program 
HF 804First engrossmentLoan forgiveness and scholarship programs for individuals who provide long-term care services; administration of medications by unlicensed personnelAll versions
HF 805First engrossmentConstruction codes—modifying water conditioning installation requirements 
HF 807As introducedState auditor litigation expenses 
HF 808First engrossmentEarly Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment (EPSDT) Coverage of StiripentolAll versions
HF 809As introducedProhibition on the use of state funds for abortions 
HF 812Third engrossmentLicensure of certain facilities that perform abortionsAll versions
HF 813As introducedCounty probation services 
HF 814First engrossmentDisability Waiver Rate SystemAll versions
HF 815As introducedAPRN primary care workforce retention study 
HF 816As introducedIncome and corporate tax – one year federal conformity by administrative action 
HF 817Second engrossmentInterference with point-of-sale terminalsAll versions
HF 818As introducedElectric generating facility exemption 
HF 820As introducedEmployee Fitness Facility Credit 
HF 822First engrossmentAthletic trainer licensing modificationsAll versions
HF 823First engrossmentElderly waiver programAll versions
HF 826As introducedSpecial license for New Hope golf course 
HF 827As introducedNotice of Release from Emergency Hold 
HF 828First engrossmentMetropolitan Council restructuredAll versions
HF 829As introducedMetropolitan Council appointments; Equity Advisory Committee; Sewer Availability (SAC) stakeholder group 
HF 831As introducedExtended Time Revenue 
HF 832As introducedCollege-Level Examination Program 
HF 836As introducedCharacter development education responsibilities language added 
HF 837Second engrossmentMnDOT state road construction appropriationAll versions
HF 838As introducedProvides additional LGA to the city of West St. Paul 
HF 839As amended (H0839A1)Impersonating a Peace OfficerAll versions
HF 843As introducedExtended Time Revenue 
HF 846As introducedUnlocking Opportunities Grant Program 
HF 849As introducedChanges the transition between medium and large city LGA formula; fixes a calculation error 
HF 851First engrossmentAdvocating Change Together appropriationAll versions
HF 857First engrossmentData practices omnibus billAll versions
HF 858First engrossmentUnmanned aircraftAll versions
HF 859First engrossmentMnDOT property conveyanceAll versions
HF 861Conference committee report (CCRHF0861)Transportation finance omnibusAll versions
HF 862First engrossment  
HF 865First engrossmentHousing Support ServicesAll versions
HF 866As introducedMinnesota Supplemental Aid 
HF 868As introducedGreater Minnesota internship tax credit 
HF 869As introducedIncome tax subtraction for Social Security benefits 
HF 872As amended by the author's amendment (H0872DE1)Chemical dependency provider rate increases 
HF 873As introducedHome and Community-Based Services Rate Increase 
HF 874As amended by the author's amendment (H0874A1)Housing appropriations 
HF 875As introducedEmployment; getting to work grant program 
HF 877As IntroducedCareer and technical education 
HF 879As introducedEducation and outreach program to prevent financial fraud and exploitation 
HF 882As amended by the author's H0882A2 amendmentIncome tax subtraction for discharge of student loan indebtednessAll versions
HF 884With the H0884A1 amendmentTaxation of massage therapyAll versions
HF 885As introducedGroup Residential Housing 
HF 888Conference Committee ReportOmnibus Environment and Natural Resources BillAll versions
HF 889As introducedHigher education budget and policy 
HF 890Conference committee report (CCRHF0890)K-12 Education OmnibusAll versions
HF 892Second engrossmentOmnibus capital investmentAll versions
HF 895Second engrossmentAgriculture financeAll versions
HF 896First engrossmentPublic Safety Omnibus BillAll versions
HF 898First engrossmentParenting with a disability support service pilot projectAll versions
HF 901With author's amendment (H0901A1)Motor vehicle lease sales tax allocationAll versions
HF 904As introducedPositive support strategies exemption 
HF 905As IntroducedStudent discipline 
HF 906As introducedCigarette excise tax 
HF 908As amended by the author's amendment (H0908A1)Sales tax exemptions for restaurants and food trucks 
HF 909As introducedInsurance fraud account funding 
HF 910As amended by H0910A2Disabled veterans homestead exclusion modificationsAll versions
HF 915First engrossmentDeficiency Funding for Corrections and Military AffairsAll versions
HF 916As introducedSheriff maintain collection box for controlled substances 
HF 917First engrossmentRefundable residential biomass credit 
HF 918As introducedTax administration 
HF 919First engrossmentEarly intensive developmental and behavioral intervention benefitAll versions
HF 920As introducedExempting housing with services establishments from lodging license requirement 
HF 921As introducedIntermediate care facilities and home and community-based services 
HF 923First engrossmentStatutory attorney fees; reasonableness and limits to awardsAll versions
HF 924As introducedSales tax exemption for various construction projects in the city of Plymouth 
HF 934As introducedMunicipal funding 
HF 936As introducedBear-hunting permits; providing for first preference to residents of a Minnesota veterans home 
HF 938As introducedProperty tax levy; Carlton County 
HF 941As introducedCaregiver Support Programs 
HF 942As introducedEssential Community Supports 
HF 943As amended by the H0943A1 author's amendmentInteragency Agreements and Intra-agency Transfers 
HF 944As introducedCorrecting terminology related to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program 
HF 945First engrossmentOmnibus health and human services billAll versions
HF 946As introducedSchool district operating capital levy; obsolete language removed 
HF 947Conference Committee ReportTax Omnibus BillAll versions
HF 951First engrossmentRestoration of civil right to voteAll versions
HF 952First engrossmentTraining in hearing loss care for employees of housing with services establishmentsAll versions
HF 957As introducedCity and town zoning, fees 
HF 958As introducedModifying the Cloquet Area Fire and Ambulance District 
HF 959First engrossmentMedical faculty licenseAll versions
HF 961As introducedChild care provider training requirements 
HF 963As introducedSales tax exemption for state public highways 
HF 965As introducedAuthorizing a plaque on the Capitol grounds to honor Minnesota veterans 
HF 968As introducedExempting certain clay targets from the sales tax 
HF 969As introducedExempting game release fees from the sales tax 
HF 972First engrossmentEMS Regulatory Board; rules authorizing patient-assisted medication administration and care coordinationAll versions
HF 973As introducedSt. Louis Park tax increment financing (TIF) 
HF 976As introducedFreight rail line appropriation 
HF 978With author's H0978A1 amendmentSupport our Students Grants 
HF 979As introducedPort Development Assistance program grant 
HF 983As introducedLivestock property liens 
HF 984As introducedGas tax signs on petroleum dispensers 
HF 985First engrossmentDuty of care owed to trespasserAll versions
HF 986First engrossmentInsurance for Licensed Foster Home ProvidersAll versions
HF 987First engrossmentFoster Care Re-Entry After Age 18All versions
HF 990The delete everything amendment (H0990DE1)Data practices 
HF 991As introducedTax credit—long-term care use of retirement withdrawals 
HF 994As introducedSchool bus equipment regulations 
HF 997First engrossmentPayment of claims by certain local governmentsAll versions
HF 998As IntroducedSpecial education evaluation 
HF 999As amended by the author's amendment (H0999A1)Anoka tax increment financing (TIF) 
HF 1001As introducedRules impacting residential construction 
HF 1003First engrossmentEffluent LimitsAll versions
HF 1005As introducedDeputy Commissioners 
HF 1006As introducedPartition fences 
HF 1007As IntroducedLitigation between state agencies and local governments 
HF 1008As introducedOn-sale hours extended to 4:00 a.m. 
HF 1010As introducedMinnesota Racing Commission; ongoing operations 
HF 1012As introducedChanges to benefits required by the Minnesota No-Fault Automobile Insurance Act 
HF 1019As introducedExempts qualified business property expansions from the state general tax 
HF 1020The delete everything amendment (H1020DE3)Workforce housing tax creditAll versions
HF 1024As introducedSmall schools revenue 
HF 1025First engrossmentQualifications for cremator operatorsAll versions
HF 1026As introducedNuisance lawsuits; livestock farms 
HF 1030First engrossmentOpt-out for individual state-paid health insuranceAll versions
HF 1031The delete everything amendment (H1031DE1)Ophthalmic goods and services 
HF 1032As introducedMinnesota overtime exemption for temporary agricultural employees when non-immigrant H-2A visa standards are met 
HF 1034As introducedCook County Higher Education Board funding provided 
HF 1035As introducedFunding the Cook County Higher Education Board 
HF 1037As introducedMetropolitan Council, housing plans and incentives 
HF 1038First engrossmentEnergyAll versions
HF 1047As introducedAgricultural Utilization Research Institute 
HF 1048As IntroducedCommissioner of education requirements 
HF 1050As introducedBrew-pubs authorized to distribute to a licensee of the Metropolitan Airports Commission 
HF 1052As introducedRecovery Schools; Appropriation Increase and Uses Added 
HF 1055As introducedLate payments for property taxes 
HF 1057As introducedAllows the city of Woodbury to impose a local lodging tax 
HF 1059As introducedDisabled veterans homestead exclusion—annual application requirement 
HF 1061As introducedHome and Community-Based Services Incentive Pool 
HF 1064As introducedBurnsville tax increment financing (TIF) 
HF 1066As introducedObstructing a highway 
HF 1067As introducedEstablishes a training program through Minnesota State to help secondary teachers meet the licensing requirements for concurrent enrollment courses 
HF 1077As introducedMinnow Retailer Licenses 
HF 1078As introducedSmall brewer and brewpub off-sale modification 
HF 1079As IntroducedTeacher licensing 
HF 1080As introducedGovernor's Budget Proposal 
HF 1083As IntroducedOpen enrollment lotteries 
HF 1085As introducedAssessor accreditation requirement 
HF 1086As introducedProspective federal conformity to individual income tax subtractions for discharge of indebtedness on principal residences and mortgage insurance premiums 
HF 1088As introducedTax credit for home modifications 
HF 1089As introducedFacilities Grant; Angle Inlet School 
HF 1091The delete everything amendment (H1091DE1)Sunday sales; appropriation for chemical dependency treatment programsAll versions
HF 1096As introducedDisabled veteran's homestead valuation exclusion 
HF 1101As introducedLocal government expenditures for National Night Out and law enforcement community events 
HF 1105As introducedOpen Meeting Law 
HF 1107As IntroducedDistrict procedures to apply for grants 
HF 1109As introducedFunding for state veterans homes in Montevideo and Bemidji 
HF 1110As introducedDental Practice Act modifications 
HF 1115First engrossmentSpecialized Care FacilitiesAll versions
HF 1116As introducedSnowmobile Registration Fees 
HF 1117As introducedCity of Oak Grove, area designation 
HF 1118First engrossmentElectronic delivery of cancellation of sale or resale of common interest community unitAll versions
HF 1119First engrossmentCriminal penalties for unlicensed building activity 
HF 1120First engrossmentShrimp production incentiveAll versions
HF 1121As introducedAgricultural property tax classification 
HF 1122First engrossmentRegistration system for speech-language pathology assistantsAll versions
HF 1123First engrossmentDisabled veterans homestead exclusionAll versions
HF 1126As introducedFarm work license 
HF 1127As amended by the H1127A1 amendmentMicrodistillery on- and off-sale licensing, and self-distribution 
HF 1128As introducedHealth insurance and reinsurance association 
HF 1131As introducedWorkforce development; competitive employment for transition age youth pilot program 
HF 1132As introducedCommunity First Services and Supports 
HF 1133First engrossmentElectric vehiclesAll versions
HF 1134Second engrossmentTime Limit for Filling Opioid PrescriptionsAll versions
HF 1135First engrossmentDisclosures Related to Opioid PrescriptionsAll versions
HF 1137First engrossmentRequired Use of the Prescription Monitoring Program for OpioidsAll versions
HF 1139First engrossmentJudicial commitment treatment alternativesAll versions
HF 1142The delete everything amendment (H1142DE1)Developmental education at Minnesota State Colleges and Universities 
HF 1146First engrossmentFranchise fees (gas and electric) and municipal authorityAll versions
HF 1147As introducedRamsey County human resources 
HF 1148First engrossmentService of harassment restraining order and short-form notificationAll versions
HF 1150As introducedMetro Transit farebox recovery 
HF 1155First engrossmentTrunk highway system performance, stewardship, and sustainability planAll versions
HF 1158As introducedIncome tax subtraction for Medicare Part B premiums 
HF 1159As introducedRight of Off Duty Peace Officers to Carry in Private Establishments 
HF 1162As introducedHousing; workforce housing challenge grants 
HF 1164As introducedK12 appropriation; Minnesota Center for the Book 
HF 1165First engrossmentLegal aid; farmersAll versions
HF 1166First engrossmentRate-setting ReportAll versions
HF 1167First engrossmentIncome tax credit for medical preceptorsAll versions
HF 1169As introducedExtension of Legislative Health Care Workforce Commission 
HF 1176First engrossmentPayment for Mental Health ServicesAll versions
HF 1177As introducedRural Children's Mental Health Demonstration Project 
HF 1178As introducedTIF for workforce housing 
HF 1179As introducedEmergency response teams in St. Cloud, Duluth, and Moorhead 
HF 1180As introducedHandheld cell phone and wireless communication device use ban 
HF 1182As introducedTEFRA Parental Fees 
HF 1185First engrossmentRecord retention requirements for email and other government correspondenceAll versions
HF 1186First engrossmentMental health services and practitionersAll versions
HF 1188First engrossmentGroup Residential Housing and Emergency ShelterAll versions
HF 1189As introducedLarge animal veterinarian loan forgiveness program appropriation 
HF 1190As introducedChildren's Museum of Southern Minnesota 
HF 1192As introducedFarm safety 
HF 1194As introducedPayments for Residential Facilities 
HF 1195First engrossmentPsychiatric Residential Treatment FacilitiesAll versions
HF 1197As introducedAffidavits of candidacy; filing petition 
HF 1203First engrossmentCoverage of prescription eye drop refillsAll versions
HF 1204As introducedDepartment of Labor and Industry housekeeping 
HF 1206First engrossmentSpinal cord and traumatic brain injury research grants and scholarshipsAll versions
HF 1209As introducedVeterans service disclosure requirement 
HF 1215As introducedSales tax exemption and aid related to the February 2016 fire in Madelia 
HF 1217As introducedIncreasing school lunch reimbursements by 5 cents per meal served 
HF 1220As introducedSmall Schools Revenue 
HF 1221First engrossmentNuisance lawsuits; farmsAll versions
HF 1222As introduced.Office of Higher Education policy and technical bill. 
HF 1223As introducedMilitary and veteran eligibility requirements for certain permits and licenses 
HF 1224As introducedHead Start and pupil transportation regulations 
HF 1226First engrossmentDepartment of Revenue 2015-2016 Policy and Technical ProvisionsAll versions
HF 1227The first engrossmentDepartment of Revenue 2017 Policy ProvisionsAll versions
HF 1228The delete everything amendment (A17-0309)Department of Revenue 2017 Technical Provisions 
HF 1229Second engrossmentDuties of Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities OmbudsmanAll versions
HF 1234As introducedFirst-time home buyer savings account program 
HF 1235As introducedInvestment in rural jobs tax credit 
HF 1236As introducedPublic Finance Bill 
HF 1239As introducedHome and community-based employment services (HCBS) 
HF 1241As introducedMnDOT project selection process best practices 
HF 1242First engrossmentLocal governments, ordinances affecting business licensesAll versions
HF 1243Second engrossmentSecurity freezes for people under 16All versions
HF 1244As introducedMnDOT driveway permits appeal process 
HF 1245First engrossmentChild and family services, chemical and mental health services, operations, health care, and community supports provisions modifiedAll versions
HF 1246As introducedModifies certain payments in lieu of taxes (PILT) 
HF 1247As introducedModifies certain payments in lieu of taxes (PILT) 
HF 1248As introducedGrants to Mahnomen County 
HF 1249As amended by the author's amendment (H1249A1)Minnesota housing tax credit 
HF 1250As introducedExpands the sales tax exemption for telecommunications equipment 
HF 1252As introducedAppropriating money for a grant for legal representation of children in need of protection or services, or in foster care 
HF 1254The delete everything amendment (H1254DE2)Grants for Propane-powered School BusesAll versions
HF 1255As introducedSchool-linked mental health services 
HF 1257As introducedEthanol storage and dispensing 
HF 1258As amended by the author's amendment (H1258A1)Critical access mental health ratesAll versions
HF 1260First engrossmentPost-arrest Community-based Service CoordinationAll versions
HF 1263As introducedTreatment of soil and water conservation district levies 
HF 1264As introducedMnDOT land conveyance 
HF 1265Second engrossmentEnvironment and Natural Resources Trust Fund appropriationsAll versions
HF 1268As introducedLake Mille Lacs area abatement aid 
HF 1269Delete everything amendment H1269DE2-1Federally Qualified Health Centers; 340B Drug ProgramAll versions
HF 1271As introducedStearns County Recorder may be appointed, subject to reverse referendum 
HF 1275As introducedExempts certain vending machine sales 
HF 1281Second engrossmentJudgement interest in civil actionsAll versions
HF 1282First engrossmentPsychologist Licensure RequirementsAll versions
HF 1283As introducedExpands the allowed uses of the Worthington local sales tax revenues 
HF 1285As introducedLegislative approval of rules 
HF 1289First engrossmentAdvanced Placement and International Baccalaureate ProgramsAll versions
HF 1291First engrossmentEnvironmental Permitting and Repeal of the EQBAll versions
HF 1293As introducedSwine manure basins 
HF 1295First engrossmentFirefighters cancer registry; cancer surveillance systemAll versions
HF 1298As introducedAdministrative law judge decisions – child care providers 
HF 1299As introducedCommissioner notice to affected license holders 
HF 1300As introducedDefinition of “annual” for family child care training requirements 
HF 1301As introducedChild care correction order posting modifications 
HF 1303First engrossmentNew markets credit programAll versions
HF 1304As introducedExempting agricultural grain bins from sales tax 
HF 1306As introducedFoster care parent eligibility for child care assistance 
HF 1309As introducedEnergy 
HF 1311First engrossmentChild care licensing fix-it ticketsAll versions
HF 1314As introducedPractice of Telemedicine 
HF 1315As introducedSpecial taxing district for LRT/BRT operating and maintenance costs 
HF 1316As IntroducedVideo and audio recordings added to list of personnel data classified as public 
HF 1318First engrossmentVeterans hiring preference in the legislature and state courtsAll versions
HF 1320As introducedIncreases the city LGA appropriation 
HF 1323First engrossmentState debt limitsAll versions
HF 1324As amended by the H1324A1 amendmentInnovation Education Partners Cooperative Center Grant 
HF 1325As introducedTaconite municipal aid account aid guarantee and distribution amount 
HF 1329As introducedChild care correction order quotas 
HF 1331As introducedInmate mental health data 
HF 1336As introducedSpecial fuels tax – off-road use 
HF 1338As IntroducedSpecial education evaluations 
HF 1339As introducedAssistive technology 
HF 1340First engrossmentMA Dental Payment Rates and Prior AuthorizationAll versions
HF 1341As introducedNursing facility rate adjustment effective dates 
HF 1343As introducedEliminating pretrial filing of a transcript of law enforcement body camera recordings 
HF 1345First engrossmentLocal government, spending for awards and trophiesAll versions
HF 1348As introducedModifying income tax credit for past military service 
HF 1349As introducedDental Care Pilot; Critical Access Dental Provider Criteria 
HF 1350As introducedMA Monthly Spenddown 
HF 1352As introducedGasoline used as a substitute for aviation gasoline subject to the tax on aviation gasoline 
HF 1353Second engrossmentCorrecting Obsolete Nursing Facility Cross-ReferencesAll versions
HF 1354As introducedSection 179 expensing and bonus depreciation carryover; individual income tax 
HF 1357First engrossmentMedical Assistance (MA) Chiropractic CoverageAll versions
HF 1358As introducedVehicle weight limits; construction materials special permit 
HF 1360As amended by the author's amendment (H1360A1)Sales tax exemption for certain herbicides 
HF 1362First engrossmentFunding for co-parenting services for unmarried parentsAll versions
HF 1366First engrossmentWorkers' Compensation Advisory Council recommendationsAll versions
HF 1367As introducedAllows the city of East Grand Forks to impose a local sales tax for its swimming pool 
HF 1369As introducedAppropriation for College Possible 
HF 1371First engrossmentHospital modification moratorium exception for PrairieCare's existing inpatient psychiatric hospital for children and adolescents in Brooklyn ParkAll versions
HF 1372As introducedModifying Iron Range fiscal disparities program 
HF 1376First engrossmentK12 policy billAll versions
HF 1377Second engrossmentResidential PACE FinancingAll versions
HF 1378As amended by the author's amendment (H1378A2)Tax credit; Old North Branch Library 
HF 1379As introducedTax forfeited land 
HF 1380As introducedIncreasing funding for the paraprofessional pathways to teaching program 
HF 1382As introducedIncreasing Funding for Minnesota's Regional Library Systems 
HF 1383First engrossmentCongenital brain injury; funding for fetal alcohol and drug-related disordersAll versions
HF 1384As introducedGroup Residential Housing 
HF 1385As introducedPayment for Public Health Nurse Home Visits 
HF 1386As introducedDisability Waiver Rate System 
HF 1387As introducedGroundwater Appropriation Permits 
HF 1389With author's amendment A17-0157Modifying the class rate for certain manufactured home parks 
HF 1390As introducedCounty law libraries 
HF 1392With the author's amendment (H1392A1)Housing—rental assistance program for homeless and highly mobile students 
HF 1393Second engrossmentState and Local Primary Election DatesAll versions
HF 1394As introducedWorkforce development—modifying the dislocated worker program 
HF 1398As IntroducedHigh school equivalency tests 
HF 1400As introducedNursing assistant reimbursable expenses 
HF 1401As introducedCreation of Minnesota Reinsurance Association 
HF 1403As introducedAlcohol and drug counselors added to health professional education loan forgiveness program 
HF 1405As introducedPricing of medical supplies and durable medical equipment 
HF 1406First engrossmentGroup Residential HousingAll versions
HF 1409As introducedScholarships for teacher candidates of color 
HF 1410As introducedChild care business development grants 
HF 1412As introducedSupport program for adoptive, foster, and kinship families 
HF 1413As introducedClinical lactation services licensure 
HF 1414First engrossmentCare delivery by safety net providersAll versions
HF 1415Third EngrossmentDaily fantasy sports authorizedAll versions
HF 1416As introducedWork zones 
HF 1418As introducedState lottery policy bill 
HF 1419As introducedUnemployment Insurance, recommendations of the UI Advisory Council 
HF 1420The delete everything amendment (H1420DE1)World's Best Workforce 
HF 1421As IntroducedE-learning days 
HF 1422First engrossmentChild Care ReportAll versions
HF 1426As IntroducedTeacher preparation program data 
HF 1428As introducedSt. Francis - Crossroads School; Determining Nonresident Tuition Rates 
HF 1429As amended (H1429DE1)Contempt of court expandedAll versions
HF 1430As introducedState grant assigned family and student responsibility reduced 
HF 1431As introducedAssessor accreditation waiver 
HF 1433First engrossmentAdministrative RulemakingAll versions
HF 1434First engrossmentMnDOT project selection and reportingAll versions
HF 1436As introducedSartell on-sale liquor licenses 
HF 1437As introducedTrunk Highway 371 expansion feasibility study 
HF 1438As introducedAppropriating money to the Veterans Journey Home 
HF 1440Fifth engrossmentOpioid Addiction Prevention and TreatmentAll versions
HF 1443First engrossmentInsurance fraud and renewal of policies through affiliated entitiesAll versions
HF 1445As introducedConsumer-Directed Community Supports Budget Methodology 
HF 1447As introducedCigarette tax stamp discount 
HF 1449As introducedMinnesota Children's Museum Grant 
HF 1451First engrossmentLands billAll versions
HF 1452As introducedExpand permissible claims to a person working to pay court-ordered fees 
HF 1453First engrossmentMinnesota family investment program (MFIP)All versions
HF 1458First engrossmentChild Care Assistance Program Federal ComplianceAll versions
HF 1459As introducedChild care licensor training 
HF 1461As introducedUrban agriculture 
HF 1466First engrossmentBuffersAll versions
HF 1467As introducedMnDOT tolling report 
HF 1469As introducedAllow the city of Sleepy Eye to impose a local lodging tax 
HF 1470As amended by the author's amendment (H1470A1)Housing; rental assistance program for homeless and highly mobile students 
HF 1472As introducedLocal election canvassing 
HF 1475As amended (A17-0124)Soliciting or providing support for terrorismAll versions
HF 1478As IntroducedUnrequested leaves of absence for teachers 
HF 1480First engrossmentMetropolitan area transit finance and reportingAll versions
HF 1481First engrossmentEnhanced criminal penalties for assaulting firefighters or medical personnelAll versions
HF 1484As introducedPublic Library Construction Grants 
HF 1489As introducedModifying assessment of manufactured home property 
HF 1490First engrossmentDental programs; school-based sealant grant program and early dental prevention pilot programAll versions
HF 1491As introducedRequiring all early learning scholarships to be awarded directly to families 
HF 1495The delete everything amendment (H1495DE1)Tax credit for combined heat and power systemsAll versions
HF 1496First engrossmentTrunk Highway 65 studyAll versions
HF 1497As introducedRebates for wind, solar thermal, energy storage, and geothermal systems 
HF 1499As introducedDependent care credit amount increased and income eligibility expanded 
HF 1500As introducedStudent loan refinancing program expansion 
HF 1502As introducedAthletic fields and playgrounds using crumb rubber 
HF 1504First engrossmentLocal ordinances and merchant bagsAll versions
HF 1507Second engrossmentThe Student Data Privacy ActAll versions
HF 1508First engrossmentChild care licensingAll versions
HF 1509As introduced“I VOTED” stickers 
HF 1510As introducedPrivate Prison 
HF 1511First engrossmentFarmer-lender mediationAll versions
HF 1512As introducedModifies the city local government aid (LGA) formula and corrects a calculation error 
HF 1516As introducedMorrison County Recorder may be appointed, subject to reverse referendum 
HF 1517First engrossmentModifications to Statewide Quality Reporting and Measurement System (SQRMS)All versions
HF 1518Second engrossmentDeputy registrar & driver's license agent electronic recordsAll versions
HF 1519As introducedCounty license bureau hours 
HF 1522As introducedGroup Residential Housing 
HF 1524As introducedModifying the election process for the University's Board of Regents 
HF 1526As introducedAppropriating money to the Veterans Journey Home 
HF 1527As introducedUses of Support Our Troops account money 
HF 1530First engrossmentAdvisory task forces and Open Meeting LawAll versions
HF 1532As amended by H1532A2Home Health ServicesAll versions
HF 1535First engrossmentWorkforce and affordable homeownership development programAll versions
HF 1537As introducedAbatement of penalty for late payment of property taxes 
HF 1538First engrossmentLawsuits filed on behalf of condominiums; by-law requirementsAll versions
HF 1539As introducedMotor vehicle duplicate titles 
HF 1541First engrossmentAccessibility Standards Applied to LegislatureAll versions
HF 1542Second engrossmentHuman Rights Act; architectural barrier lawsuit clarificationsAll versions
HF 1544As introducedRequirements for government entities denying access to data 
HF 1545As introducedFood safety 
HF 1547As introducedSustainable Forest Incentive Act 
HF 1550As introducedMunicipal road funding and allocation 
HF 1551As introducedProperty tax valuation freeze for senior homeowners 
HF 1553First engrossmentNonemergency medical transportationAll versions
HF 1556As introducedCounty review of land transfers or divisions 
HF 1558As introducedSchool district health insurance coverage 
HF 1559First engrossmentMA Hospital ReimbursementAll versions
HF 1561First engrossmentTelemedicine ServicesAll versions
HF 1562As introducedRichfield; tax increment financing (TIF) 
HF 1563As introducedVeterans equine therapy 
HF 1566As amended by the author's amendment (H1566A2)Homestead credit refund for homeowners and renter property tax refund 
HF 1569As introducedAlternate voting systems 
HF 1570As introducedSuburb-to-suburb transit appropriation 
HF 1571First engrossmentBalancing long-term care services and supportsAll versions
HF 1572As introducedSex offender sentencing and supervision; child pornography sentencing 
HF 1577As IntroducedPregnant students and students who are parents of young children 
HF 1579As introducedDepartment of Corrections Reimbursement of County Transport Costs 
HF 1580The delete everything amendment (A18-0599)Charter schools 
HF 1581As introducedGame and Fish Penalties 
HF 1583As introducedBasic sliding fee child care assistance 
HF 1584As introducedRochester; tax increment financing (TIF) 
HF 1585Delete-everything amendment (H1585DE1)Uniform election dates 
HF 1589First engrossmentLimousine window tinting 
HF 1592As introducedTax exemptions for a Major League Soccer stadium 
HF 1595As introducedSherburne County Recorder may be appointed, subject to reverse referendum 
HF 1596As introducedLegislative Commission on Data Practices 
HF 1597As introducedState veterans cemetery burial fee 
HF 1601As introducedTrespass expanded to include school bus 
HF 1603The delete everything amendment (H1603DE2)Minnesota Family Investment Program (MFIP) transitional standard 
HF 1605As introducedFirearms 
HF 1607First engrossmentLocal housing trust fundsAll versions
HF 1609Third engrossmentRevised Uniform Law on Notarial ActsAll versions
HF 1612As introducedSchool District Pupil Transportation Funding 
HF 1617First engrossmentLocal bridge program maximum grantsAll versions
HF 1619First engrossmentAlternative payment method for children's hospitalsAll versions
HF 1620As introducedEconomic development 
HF 1628As introducedState payments of refunds on state-assessed property 
HF 1631As introducedExpanding the sales tax exemption for drugs and medical devices 
HF 1636As introducedChip A. Imker Memorial Highway 
HF 1640First engrossmentPolice and firefighters' civil service commissionsAll versions
HF 1641The delete everything amendment (H1641DE1)Sales tax exemption on admissions to a county fair 
HF 1643Second engrossmentReform of the Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation BoardAll versions
HF 1649First engrossmentElectronic service delivery documentation systemAll versions
HF 1652As introducedDevelopmental education (DE) at Minnesota State 
HF 1654As introducedCustody and visitation for parents convicted of domestic assault strangulation 
HF 1655As introducedSales tax; aquaculture 
HF 1657As introducedTrunk highway projects in Hennepin County 
HF 1659As introducedTransportation management organization grants 
HF 1660As introducedMobile Food Shelf Grants 
HF 1661As introducedGraduation Incentives Program; Age 21 Provision Made Permanent 
HF 1663As IntroducedTeacher shortage 
HF 1665First engrossmentTelecommunications regulationAll versions
HF 1668As IntroducedEarly childhood programs 
HF 1669As introducedFirearms background checks 
HF 1670First engrossmentDriver diversion program made permanent; certain court appearances mandatedAll versions
HF 1674As introducedMarshall County Recorder may be appointed, subject to reverse referendum 
HF 1680As IntroducedErin's Law 
HF 1682As introducedAppropriating money for Veterans' Voices radio programming 
HF 1684As introducedIncreasing school readiness aid 
HF 1689As introducedCity and town expenditures for city and town historical societies 
HF 1693First engrossmentMinnesota Premium Security Plan 
HF 1694As introducedTax administration 
HF 1696As introducedCounties, option for appointment of county recorders 
HF 1697As introducedVoting equipment grant account 
HF 1701As introducedClarifying electronic access data definition to exclude government employees 
HF 1702Second engrossmentAttorneys for youth in juvenile court casesAll versions
HF 1703First engrossmentMA Payment for Public Health Nurse Home VisitsAll versions
HF 1705As introducedSupplemental payments for durable medical equipment and medical supplies 
HF 1708With Author's Amendment H1708A1Central Minnesota Promise Neighborhood; State Grant 
HF 1711As introducedModifying the definition of agricultural purposes 
HF 1712As introducedCollaborative practice dental hygiene and dental assisting 
HF 1714First engrossmentYouth sports concussion working groupAll versions
HF 1715As introducedData on applicants to small business procurement programs 
HF 1717Second engrossmentAgriculture policyAll versions
HF 1719First engrossmentStatute of limitations on paternity and nonpaternity actionsAll versions
HF 1720First engrossmentAgricultural containment facilities property tax exemptionAll versions
HF 1721As introducedReporting on consulting work performed for public postsecondary systems 
HF 1722As introducedNorthstar Commuter Rail line extension 
HF 1724As introducedData on applicants to small business procurement programs 
HF 1725First engrossmentVehicle weight limits; vehicles transporting milkAll versions
HF 1730First engrossmentLicensure of prescribed pediatric extended care (PPEC) centersAll versions
HF 1731First engrossmentClean Water FundAll versions
HF 1732First engrossmentExaminations of insurance companies by the commissioner of commerceAll versions
HF 1739First engrossmentCompetitive BiddingAll versions
HF 1740As introducedOn-sale license authorized for NFL training site 
HF 1741As introducedDistribution of mortgage registry tax on real property in multiple counties 
HF 1744As introducedThe Works Museum 
HF 1745First engrossmentMetro Mobility enhancement task forceAll versions
HF 1747First engrossmentMetropolitan Council's sewer availability charge (SAC)All versions
HF 1751First engrossmentTax dataAll versions
HF 1754As introducedRegulation of paid tax preparers 
HF 1755As introducedRegulation of paid tax preparers 
HF 1756As introducedRegulation of paid tax preparers 
HF 1769As introducedPenalties for use of sales suppression devices to avoid sales taxes 
HF 1770As introducedPenalties for use of sales suppression devices to avoid sales taxes 
HF 1773As introducedTax Court procedures 
HF 1775As introducedModifying the treatment of private institutions in the case of an adjudication of fraud or misrepresentation 
HF 1779As introducedUniform Collateral Consequences of Conviction Act 
HF 1799As introducedModifying income tax credit for past military service 
HF 1801As introducedParent-child home program 
HF 1802As introducedSupplemental nonprofit security grant 
HF 1803As introducedFirefighter special plate 
HF 1804First engrossmentGroup Residential HousingAll versions
HF 1806As introducedElectronic monitoring pretrial release pilot project 
HF 1814As introducedStudy on expanding public access to legislative records and meetings 
HF 1816As introducedCommunity Action Agencies 
HF 1817As introducedContracts for optometrist services modified and disclosures required 
HF 1819As introducedMedical Assistance (MA) drug reimbursement 
HF 1821As introducedAmends provisions related to Department of Transportation sales tax collection on aircraft and motor vehicles 
HF 1822As introducedReducing the double dedication of the legacy tax on long-term motor vehicle leases 
HF 1823As introducedRice County auditor-treasurer, recorder may be appointed, subject to reverse referendum 
HF 1825As IntroducedPerpich Center for Arts Education 
HF 1826As IntroducedPerpich Center for Arts Education 
HF 1830As introducedTaxation of resort and other seasonal-recreational property 
HF 1831First engrossmentMinnesota grape and wine councilAll versions
HF 1833As introducedVehicle weight limits; police and ambulance vehicles 
HF 1838As introducedTax procedural provisions 
HF 1842As introducedCorridors of commerce project eligibility 
HF 1843As introducedNonpartisan legislative officesAll versions
HF 1844As introducedMinnesota Rail Service Improvement (MRSI) program 
HF 1847First EngrossmentBackground check consistencyAll versions
HF 1851As introducedOmbudsperson for Prepaid Health Plans 
HF 1855As introducedMN.IT 
HF 1861As introducedFood shelf program appropriation 
HF 1863As introducedWetland Replacement 
HF 1866Second engrossmentMetropolitan CouncilAll versions
HF 1869As introducedIncome tax credit and deduction for contributions to section 529 college savings plans 
HF 1871As introducedMnDOT contract repayment 
HF 1874As introducedCollaborative Urban Educator Program 
HF 1875As introducedControlled substance schedule updates 
HF 1876First engrossmentPermitting trade associations to access vehicle registration informationAll versions
HF 1878As introducedAutomatic admission at public higher education institutions 
HF 1879As introducedSmall Cities Assistance program funding 
HF 1882As amended by the author's H1882A1 amendmentRenewable energy 
HF 1886As introducedSchool District Maximum Effort Capital Loan; Replacement Revenue 
HF 1888As introducedGift law 
HF 1890As introducedLegislative Salaries 
HF 1891As introducedRequiring affirmative interim approval of state employee collective bargaining and arbitration awards 
HF 1892As introducedImpersonating a member of the military or a veteran 
HF 1893As introducedIncome tax subtractions for military technicians 
HF 1896First engrossmentLegislative Commission on Cyber SecurityAll versions
HF 1897With the author's amendment (H1897A1)Retroactive sales tax exemption for the Elko New Market water treatment facility 
HF 1899As introducedMotor fuels tax 
HF 1902As introducedSales tax exemptions for nonprofits that are similar to YMCAs, YWCAs and JCCs 
HF 1906First engrossmentPostsecondary Enrollment OptionsAll versions
HF 1907First engrossmentCosmetologyAll versions
HF 1909As introducedRed Lake School District Facilities Construction Grant 
HF 1913As introducedIntermediate care facility rate increase 
HF 1916As introducedEconomic development 
HF 1921As introducedReplaces town LGA with additional town road aid 
HF 1922First engrossmentElectric vehicle registration feeAll versions
HF 1923As introducedTax credit for solar energy systems 
HF 1926As introducedDepartment of Administration 
HF 1928As introducedMetropolitan Livable Communities Act abolished; money for bus operations 
HF 1930As introducedHomestead credit refund and renter property tax refund; additional exemption for senior/disabled claimants 
HF 1932As introducedSex Trafficking Task Force funding 
HF 1933Second engrossmentAirport zoningAll versions
HF 1934First engrossmentMinnesota Sports Facilities AuthorityAll versions
HF 1936As introducedObsolete Budgeting Terminology 
HF 1937As IntroducedOpen enrollment lotteries 
HF 1938First engrossmentChemical and mental health servicesAll versions
HF 1944The delete everything amendment (H1944DE5)High school apprenticeship pilot program and tax creditAll versions
HF 1950As introducedEconomic development—creating a research and development support program 
HF 1952As amended by author's amendment (H1952A1)Railroad grade safety improvements credit 
HF 1956First engrossmentMnDOT pavement managementAll versions
HF 1958As IntroducedEarly education programs 
HF 1963As introducedSchool district bond proceeds; closure of school buildings 
HF 1966As IntroducedSchool performance reports 
HF 1968As introducedUse of previously distributed production tax proceeds 
HF 1969As introducedState auditor enterprise fund 
HF 1972As introducedEconomic development—grant to the Minnesota Association for Volunteer Administration 
HF 1974First engrossmentMental Health and Substance Use Disorder Work GroupAll versions
HF 1975First engrossmentMunicipal contracting, multiyear water tank service contractsAll versions
HF 1978As introducedSales tax exemption for a nonprofit operation of an ice arena 
HF 1985As introducedProperty taxation of electric generation, transmission, and distribution systems 
HF 1985As introducedProperty taxation of electric generation, transmission, and distribution systems 
HF 1990As introducedOpt-outs funding formula 
HF 1993First engrossmentMedical Cannabis Therapeutic Research ActAll versions
HF 1994First engrossmentBuffersAll versions
HF 1997As introducedEarly learning scholarships 
HF 2000As introducedMetropolitan area long-range transportation planning 
HF 2010As amended by the H2010DE1 amendmentModifies St. Cloud's special local tax authority 
HF 2011First engrossmentGeneral John Vessey DayAll versions
HF 2013First engrossmentAccessibility of public buildingsAll versions
HF 2017As amended (H2017A2)Creating a grant to reduce recruitment by violent organizationsAll versions
HF 2022As introducedIncome tax sourcing rules for directors' compensation 
HF 2023First engrossmentSpoken language health care interpreter registry systemAll versions
HF 2036As introducedRural development; creating the greater Minnesota community design pilot project 
HF 2039Delete-everything amendment (H2039DE1)Voter registration; challenges 
HF 2040As introducedPostelection registration verification 
HF 2046As amended by the author's amendment (H0246A1)Tax credit for prepared food donations 
HF 2047First engrossmentComprehensive plan to end HIV/AIDSAll versions
HF 2049First engrossmentFarm-to-school food salesAll versions
HF 2050As introducedElectronic voter signatures 
HF 2052As amended by the author's H2052A1 amendmentWind and solar energy 
HF 2058First engrossmentEminent domain, LRT and BRTAll versions
HF 2061First engrossmentExempting transportation and public transit purchases from the sales taxAll versions
HF 2063First engrossmentHome care provider advisory council duties and appropriationsAll versions
HF 2067First engrossmentModifying definitions in the Uniform Voidable Transfers ActAll versions
HF 2068As introducedCombatting terrorism recruitment 
HF 2069As introducedAviation Degree Loan Forgiveness Program 
HF 2072As introducedRepeal political contribution refund 
HF 2073As introducedPublic subsidy program repeal 
HF 2078As introducedWorkforce development; Bridges to Healthcare appropriation 
HF 2080As introducedAttorney Loan Repayment Assistance Program of Minnesota 
HF 2099The Delete Everything Amendment (H2099DE3)Construction exemption for Second Harvest HeartlandAll versions
HF 2104As introducedCompensatory Revenue; Adjustment for Large Districts 
HF 2107As introducedLGA reduction for cities imposing special labor regulations 
HF 2112The delete everything amendment (H2112DE4)Housing financeAll versions
HF 2114As amended by the author's amendment (H2114A2)Legislative Property Tax Reform Task Force 
HF 2115As introducedMedical Assistance (MA) outcomes program 
HF 2116As introducedData privacy: protecting employees' personal social media accounts 
HF 2117As introducedMinnesota State Council on Disability Appropriation 
HF 2119As amended by the H2119A1 amendmentModifying the disaster assistance accountAll versions
HF 2121As introducedFire safety account 
HF 2128As introducedCocktail room and taproom licenses 
HF 2131The delete everything amendment (H2131DE2)Office of Legislative Auditor Audits of DHS 
HF 2138As introducedOffice of MN.IT Services 
HF 2140As introducedOpioid Abuse Prevention Pilot Projects 
HF 2143As introducedImposing a duty to collect sales tax on Internet marketplace providers and users 
HF 2145As introducedNonpublic pupil aid; uses and amounts 
HF 2150As introducedStatewide tobacco quitline service 
HF 2153As introducedProgram for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities 
HF 2156As introducedEconomic development; East Phillips Neighborhood Institute 
HF 2164As introducedFree or reduced-cost burial in state veterans cemeteries 
HF 2167As introducedEconomic development; nonprofits assistance fund 
HF 2168As introducedState Patrol trainee salaries 
HF 2170As introducedWind energy: siting and noise complaint issues 
HF 2174As introducedRamsey County, supported work program 
HF 2175As introducedSales tax exemption for the redevelopment of the Twin Cities Army Ammunition Plant site 
HF 2176As introducedLocal options for technical violations 
HF 2177Second engrossmentAdvanced practice registered nurse and physician assistant authorityAll versions
HF 2178With the H2178A1 amendmentReimbursement for Doula Services 
HF 2179As introducedVacancies in nomination 
HF 2182With author's amendment (H2182A1)Homestead credit refund for homeowners and renter property tax refund 
HF 2183As introducedEconomic development 
HF 2186As introducedRenter property tax refund; allocation of tax by landlord 
HF 2187As introducedReducing general purpose aid payments for lobbying expenses 
HF 2191As introducedG.O. bonding for local road and bridge programs 
HF 2196As introducedPolitical contributions from the sale of goods or services 
HF 2197As IntroducedStudent fees at public postsecondary institutions 
HF 2198As IntroducedStudent fees at public postsecondary institutions 
HF 2206First engrossmentEstablishing a state holiday recognizing Hmong veteransAll versions
HF 2209First engrossmentJob growth and energy affordability omnibusAll versions
HF 2212As amended by the author's amendment (A17-0218)Indemnification for landfill cleanup costs 
HF 2224As introducedIntermediate school district mental health innovation grants 
HF 2226As introducedAgricultural education loan forgiveness 
HF 2227As introducedLabor and industry—pipeline dual-training programs 
HF 2229As introducedContracting; railroads use mass transit right-of-ways 
HF 2230As introducedContracting; railroads use mass transit right-of-ways 
HF 2231As introducedWashington County—tax increment financing (TIF) 
HF 2234As introducedNorth Memorial Hospital family practice residency grant 
HF 2245First engrossmentWelfare dataAll versions
HF 2247As introducedCity of South St. Paul—tax increment financing (TIF) 
HF 2248As introducedLarge electricity customers may choose suppliers 
HF 2252As introducedDedicating a portion of sales tax revenues to fire grant and safety accounts 
HF 2254The delete everything amendment (H2254DE10)Senior deferral applications 
HF 2257As introducedChild care grant program parameters 
HF 2259The delete everything amendment (H2259DE6)Early education programsAll versions
HF 2264First engrossmentTrunk Highway 316 speed limit in Hastings 
HF 2266As introducedCommunity development—central Minnesota opportunity grant program 
HF 2271As introducedElection judge lists 
HF 2274The delete-everything amendment (H2274DE1)State bond funding for regional behavioral health crisis program facilities 
HF 2276As introducedAtomic Veterans Day 
HF 2277As introducedWolf-livestock conflict 
HF 2278As introducedEnergy conservation 
HF 2282As amended by H2282A2Solid waste management tax refund 
HF 2290As introducedCompensation for Sherburne County title examiner 
HF 2296As amended with author's amendment (H2296A1)Occupation tax apportionment 
HF 2304First engrossmentAuthorization to use certain handheld portable x-ray systemsAll versions
HF 2305As introducedTax Incidence Report 
HF 2309As introducedLaw enforcement data: electronic device location tracking warrants 
HF 2313As IntroducedAppropriating money for tuition reductions at Minnesota State Colleges 
HF 2314As introducedMoist snuff tax restructured 
HF 2320As amended by H2320A1Construction licensing 
HF 2328As introducedSales tax exemptions and reimbursements related to the Super Bowl 
HF 2335As introducedAssessor data excluded from evidence in tax court 
HF 2336As introducedFree electronic filing of individual income tax returns 
HF 2337As introducedTargeted domestic violence prevention programming 
HF 2339As amended by author's amendment (H2339A1)Endow Minnesota Tax Credit 
HF 2340As introducedModifies and clarifies the definition of taxable admissions 
HF 2347As introducedFlashing lights for volunteer emergency responders 
HF 2354As introducedUpload of voter registration data 
HF 2363First engrossmentRevised Uniform Athlete Agents ActAll versions
HF 2364As introducedRequiring a warrant to obtain blood or urine samples 
HF 2366As introducedHistoric Preservation Office 
HF 2367As introducedEconomic development; snow angel grant program 
HF 2372Delete everything amendment (H2372DE1)Property taxation; agricultural classification 
HF 2374As introducedWorkforce development scholarships 
HF 2376As introducedMnDOT state road construction appropriation 
HF 2378Author's amendment (H2378A1)Grant to MacPhail Center for Online Music Education 
HF 2380As introducedExpanding the use of interactive video teleconferencing 
HF 2381As introducedExpanding the “good Samaritan” law 
HF 2389Delete everything amendment H2389DE3-1Study on the Use of Acupuncture for Pain ReliefAll versions
HF 2391First EngrossmentExemption of health savings accounts and medical savings accounts from garnishment, levy, and attachmentAll versions
HF 2398As introducedGrants to Minnesota Life College 
HF 2401As introducedGrant program for students with intellectual disabilities 
HF 2402As introducedEnhancing the penalty for trespassing on school property 
HF 2406As amended by H2406A1Casino aid payments 
HF 2412The delete everything amendment (H2412DE5)Special Service Districts – requiring benefit test for service charges 
HF 2419First engrossmentCampaign FinanceAll versions
HF 2421with the author's amendment (H2421A1)Expands the sales tax exemption for purchases of electricity 
HF 2422As introducedMinnesota State collective bargaining 
HF 2426First engrossmentLegislative Property Tax Reform Task ForceAll versions
HF 2427As introducedTransfer of principal campaign committee 
HF 2430As IntroducedESSA Plan 
HF 2431As introducedUpdated court provisions 
HF 2447As introducedMnDOT driveway permits appeal process 
HF 2457As introducedSoy-based asphalt sealant 
HF 2475First engrossmentCentral Iron Range Sanitary Sewer BoardAll versions
HF 2477The first engrossmentOmnibus higher education bill 
HF 2495Delete everything amendment (H2495DE3)School Tax Fairness Act; Altering School District Property Tax Bases 
HF 2496As amended by author's amendment (H2496A1)Tax on nonferrous mining 
HF 2499As introducedBudget Reserve Compensation of Permanent School Fund 
HF 2508As introducedFilm production tax credit 
HF 2544With the H2544A1 amendmentOnetime extra LGA payment to the city of Lilydale 
HF 2564As introducedChild care program integrity 
HF 2565As introducedProperty tax exemption for leased exempt conservation land 
HF 2573As introducedReporting of abortion data 
HF 2574Third EngrossmentRare disease advisory councilAll versions
HF 2584As amended by the H2584A1 amendmentManaged Care Withhold Related to Coverage Verification 
HF 2591As IntroducedUniform Employee and Student Online Privacy Protection Act (UESOPPA) 
HF 2601First engrossmentBackground studies for parents in guardianship casesAll versions
HF 2621Fourth engrossmentFemale genital mutilation; crime for parents and custodians; child protectionAll versions
HF 2636As introducedTown authority to appropriate money to food shelves 
HF 2645Author's amendment (H2645A1)Project SUCCESS 
HF 2653As introducedInformation on human herpesvirus cytomegalovirus 
HF 2663With the H2663A1 amendmentAllow cities to impose a local sales tax without a special law 
HF 2669First engrossmentUniversity of Minnesota sexual harassment reportingAll versions
HF 2676As introducedPublic health response contingency account 
HF 2682The delete everything amendment (H2682DE3)Modifying the election process for the University's Board of Regents 
HF 2684As introducedSupplemental Personal Needs Allowance 
HF 2699First engrossmentJoint custody presumption; parenting time presumptionAll versions
HF 2716With the H2716A1 amendmentReplace certain existing taxes with the fair taxAll versions
HF 2719As amended by the author's H2719A1 amendmentExcavation notice system 
HF 2722First engrossmentSecretary of State; registered business addressesAll versions
HF 2724As introducedSchool meals 
HF 2725As introducedCounty-based Eligibility Determination System 
HF 2727As introducedFertilizer 
HF 2732As introduced1837 Ceded Territory Fisheries Technical Committee 
HF 2733As introducedCommercial motor vehicle inspections 
HF 2737As introducedStatutory references to district flexibility provisions 
HF 2738As introducedChild abuse awareness posters 
HF 2739As introducedOfficer Bill Mathews Memorial Highway 
HF 2740As introducedSeatbelt exemption; sanitation and recycling vehicles 
HF 2741As introducedReport on MA Application Process 
HF 2743Second engrossmentAmending the statute of limitations in construction litigationAll versions
HF 2746As introducedAuthority of certain health professionals to authorize prescription eyeglasses using old prescription 
HF 2750As introducedSchool attendance 
HF 2751As introducedElectric vehicle charging station parking 
HF 2752As introducedCharter school enrollment preference 
HF 2753As introducedLicense to practice medicine in rural or underserved communities for international medical graduates 
HF 2754As introducedLocal sales tax for the city of Perham 
HF 2760As introducedAmbulance Service Payment Rates 
HF 2761As introducedMinnesotaCare Premium Reconciliation 
HF 2764Second engrossmentCorporations, nonprofit corporations, limited liability companies, limited partnerships, and partnershipsAll versions
HF 2766First engrossmentReplaces the term “hazardous substance” with “intoxicating substance”All versions
HF 2767As introducedDischarge of restrictive covenants affecting protected classes 
HF 2768As introducedChild sexual abuse prevention instruction 
HF 2770The delete everything amendment H2770DE1Property taxation; conversion to assessed values and mill rates 
HF 2774First EngrossmentLegislative Commission on State Information Technology ServicesAll versions
HF 2775As introducedApprentice-Hunter Validation 
HF 2777As IntroducedTeacher misconduct 
HF 2779As introducedContracts for optometrist services modified and disclosures required 
HF 2780Second engrossmentChild care background studiesAll versions
HF 2788As introducedMilitary Career Options 
HF 2789First engrossmentOutdoor Heritage Fund AppropriationsAll versions
HF 2790As introducedCigarette and premium cigar taxes 
HF 2791The delete everything amendment (H2791DE1)Farm winery agricultural land requirement repealed 
HF 2794As IntroducedTeacher misconduct 
HF 2795First engrossmentTeacher misconductAll versions
HF 2800As introducedFifth Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct 
HF 2802As introducedCompliance with Effluent Limits/Regulatory Certainty 
HF 2809First engrossmentEmergency Operations and Continuity of GovernmentAll versions
HF 2810As introducedGovernment Data Practices 
HF 2811As introducedExempting some vendors from June accelerated sales tax payments 
HF 2815As introducedCriminalizing the misrepresentation of service animals 
HF 2825As introducedPostsecondary enrollment options 
HF 2826As introducedProviding property tax exemptions for certain racing facilities 
HF 2829First engrossmentReal Estate Appraisal Advisory BoardAll versions
HF 2833As introducedIncome tax subtraction for tip income 
HF 2834As introducedChild care facility exemption 
HF 2835First unofficial engrossmentDeputy registrar aidAll versions
HF 2836As introducedNett Lake School District; Taconite Assistance Area 
HF 2841As introducedState Grant to the Grand Rapids Discovery Museum 
HF 2843As introducedCharter school enrollment preference 
HF 2845As introducedSinging-based Pilot Program to Improve Reading 
HF 2846Second engrossmentSpecial education working groupAll versions
HF 2847As introducedCuyuna Country State Recreation Area Citizens Advisory Council 
HF 2855As introducedLimiting the amelioration doctrine 
HF 2856Supporting documents for supplemental budgetPublic Safety Omnibus BillAll versions
HF 2857As introducedBlue lights on tow trucks 
HF 2858As introducedArtificial Light Use While Hunting 
HF 2859As introducedStatewide testing 
HF 2860As introducedCurriculum review 
HF 2867As introducedMembership of the governor's Workforce Development Board 
HF 2868As introducedCybersecurity 
HF 2869As introducedNational Guard – State-Sponsored Life Insurance Program 
HF 2870With the author's amendment (H2870A1)Changes the taxation of certain sales and leases of American-made motor vehiclesAll versions
HF 2877As introducedMonticello School District; Special Education Adjustment 
HF 2879As introducedRemediation grants 
HF 2882As introducedCapital Investment; Rural Finance Authority 
HF 2884As introducedFood handler license fees 
HF 2887As introducedFertilizer 
HF 2899First engrossmentDisclosure of prohibited acts by residential contractorsAll versions
HF 2902As introducedResults First Initiative 
HF 2904As amended in committeeChild pornography penaltiesAll versions
HF 2906As introducedStays of adjudication in criminal sexual conduct cases 
HF 2907As introducedDisabled veterans homestead exclusion—private data sharing 
HF 2908As introducedWarrant Officer Dennis A. Groth Memorial Bridge 
HF 2909As introducedLevy authority for multicounty housing and redevelopment authority 
HF 2911First engrossmentAdult Foster Care and Home and Community-Based Services StandardsAll versions
HF 2912First engrossmentRetainageAll versions
HF 2913As introducedProhibiting employers from requiring wage disclosures 
HF 2919First engrossmentTelemedicine ServicesAll versions
HF 2920As introducedModifying the Nursing Facility Construction Project Rate for a Specific Facility 
HF 2921As introducedRailroad on-track equipment 
HF 2923As amended (A18-0758)City of Champlin – tax increment financing (TIF)All versions
HF 2924As introducedState employee insurance changes submitted separately to subcommittee on employee relations 
HF 2926As introducedLegislative ratification of collective bargaining agreements and compensation plans 
HF 2930As introducedNoise barrier analysis 
HF 2932As introducedPenalties for negligent driving with a cell phone 
HF 2934First engrossmentSchool bus driversAll versions
HF 2936As introducedAdministration of School Trust Lands 
HF 2937First engrossmentModifying job training program requirementsAll versions
HF 2938As introducedFertilizer research 
HF 2940First engrossmentPCA Water Quality FeesAll versions
HF 2941As introducedExemption for medical clinic owned by Indian tribe 
HF 2944As amended by H2944A1Criminal sexual conductAll versions
HF 2945As introducedIntensive Residential Treatment Services Provider Requirements 
HF 2952As introducedMaltreatment of Minors Act Recodification 
HF 2953The H2953DE3 amendmentTransferring chapter 13 responsibilities from the Commissioner of Administration to the Office of Administrative HearingsAll versions
HF 2956As introducedExempting assisted living facility from property taxation 
HF 2962First engrossmentPrescribing by PharmacistsAll versions
HF 2964As introducedIncreasing penalties for patrons of prostitutes 
HF 2967First engrossmentIdentifying connections between pornography and sex traffickingAll versions
HF 2971As introducedTax refunds on state assessed property 
HF 2982Second engrossmentAgricultural dataAll versions
HF 2987First engrossmentPrescription Drug Repository ProgramAll versions
HF 2990As introducedTemporary motor vehicle permits 
HF 2995As introducedWine transfers between commonly-owned liquor stores 
HF 2996As introducedChild welfare training 
HF 2999As introducedTrooper Dale G. Roehrich Memorial Highway 
HF 3001As introducedService Cooperatives, joint powers 
HF 3006As introducedIncrease the Duluth local sales tax to pay for roads 
HF 3009As introducedCenters for independent living—veteran services 
HF 3012As introducedPayment for Prescription Medications 
HF 3013First engrossmentReading preparation for teachersAll versions
HF 3015As introducedChild care correction order posting 
HF 3017First engrossmentProcedures for handling sexual assault examination kitsAll versions
HF 3018As introducedCharitable gambling tax task force 
HF 3019As introducedOpiate Prescription Quantity Limit 
HF 3023First engrossmentOpioid prescribing continuing educationAll versions
HF 3024First engrossmentDisclosure by PharmacistsAll versions
HF 3030As introducedAdvisory taskforce on sexual harassment at the state capitol 
HF 3032Fourth EngrossmentTransportation networking company (TNC) regulationsAll versions
HF 3035As introducedTeacher Sexual Misconduct 
HF 3044First engrossmentRules impacting residential constructionAll versions
HF 3050As introducedCapital Investment; Rural Finance Authority 
HF 3051The delete-everything amendment (H3051DE1)Loan forgiveness program appropriations 
HF 3055First engrossmentElderly Waiver Program RecodificationAll versions
HF 3056As introducedDisability parking; physical therapists 
HF 3061As introducedPrimary care residency expansion grant program 
HF 3062Second engrossmentStudent Health Initiative to Limit Opioid HarmAll versions
HF 3076First engrossmentSt. Louis County Civil Service CommissionAll versions
HF 3077First engrossmentDuluth Seaway Port Authority membershipAll versions
HF 3078First engrossmentSolid wasteAll versions
HF 3080As introducedSales tax exemption for admissions to major golf tournaments 
HF 3085As introducedClarifying Eligible Mental Health Providers for Innovative School Grants 
HF 3086As introducedModifies the use of the Cloquet local sales tax revenues 
HF 3089First engrossmentMine Inspections and RequirementsAll versions
HF 3093As introducedTeacher Tax Credit for Masters Degree; Special Education 
HF 3094As introducedSchool district building bonds; purposes 
HF 3095Second engrossmentSolid waste collectionAll versions
HF 3101As introducedLicensure for health services executives 
HF 3108As introducedSpecial elections must be held on Tuesdays 
HF 3119As introducedSanneh Foundation Grant 
HF 3120As introducedEnvironmental Permitting 
HF 3121First engrossmentFood safetyAll versions
HF 3127First engrossmentMetropolitan agricultural preservesAll versions
HF 3132As introducedAudit to Identify Third-Party Liability 
HF 3133As introducedStable housing and supportive services for youth grants 
HF 3134First engrossmentChildren's residential services effective datesAll versions
HF 3138Supporting documents for the supplemental budgetHealth and Human Services Omnibus Bill; Transportation Omnibus BillAll versions
HF 3139As introducedPrescribed pediatric extended care centers 
HF 3147Third EngrossmentMNLARS supplemental appropriationAll versions
HF 3148As introducedDriver and Vehicle Services information system RFI 
HF 3150As introducedDitch mowing 
HF 3152As introducedMinnesota agriculture special plate 
HF 3153As introducedRecycling grants to metropolitan counties 
HF 3154As introducedExemption for certain purchases by cross–country ski clubs 
HF 3156As introducedLocal road and bridge GO bonds 
HF 3157First EngrossmentCriminalizing the misrepresentation of service animalsAll versions
HF 3162As amended with author's amendment H3162A1Repeal corporate minimum tax and minimum fee applied to C corporationsAll versions
HF 3166As amended by author's amendment H3166A1Providing extended time revenue to educational programs for students in correctional programs 
HF 3169First engrossmentFoster care homes background study requirementsAll versions
HF 3170As introducedCommissioner of health; submission of proposed federal funds requests to legislature 
HF 3171As introducedOlder adult social isolation working group 
HF 3172First engrossmentPredatory offender notice to home care providerAll versions
HF 3178As introducedSchool and district performance ratings 
HF 3180As introducedIncreasing English Learner Revenue for Schools 
HF 3182As introducedResponsibility for Student Transportation 
HF 3189As amended (H3189A1-1)Medical facilities abatements for underserved areas 
HF 3190First engrossmentExtended Time Revenue for Certain Career and Technical ProgramsAll versions
HF 3191First engrossmentDisability Waiver Rate System (DWRS)All versions
HF 3193First engrossmentModifies the Effective Date for Certain Employment Services under the Disability Waiver Rate System (DWRS)All versions
HF 3194As introducedPhysician required to notify woman of opportunity to view ultrasound before abortion 
HF 3195First engrossmentCouncil of Health Boards clinical experience studyAll versions
HF 3196First engrossmentStep Therapy Protocol OverrideAll versions
HF 3197As introducedMFIP Assessment of Need for Parenting Skills Training 
HF 3198Third engrossmentReport by OLA on geographic rating areas for individual and small group health insurance ratesAll versions
HF 3199As introducedState Military Code—Conformance with Federal Laws and Regulations 
HF 3201As introducedAnoka-Metro Regional Treatment Center 
HF 3202Second engrossmentHospital modification moratorium exception for Regions HospitalAll versions
HF 3203As introducedSchool worker criminal sexual misconduct 
HF 3204First engrossmentRequires health insurance coverage of breast cancer screening procedureAll versions
HF 3205First engrossmentModifies Child Care Assistance Program Provisions for Homeless Families and Provider RatesAll versions
HF 3206As introducedGrow Your Own Teacher Training Programs 
HF 3207As introducedTextbooks 
HF 3209As introducedCriminalizes accessing a computer without authorization 
HF 3210As introducedStorm and Sanitary Sewer Systems – County Authority 
HF 3212As introducedArmory Rental Support 
HF 3213As introducedRental of State Armories 
HF 3216First engrossmentAnimal feedlotsAll versions
HF 3217As introducedModifies the licensing and regulation provisions for pari-mutuel horse racing 
HF 3219As introducedLocal road and bridge GO bonds 
HF 3221First engrossmentElection Administration OmnibusAll versions
HF 3224First engrossmentCredit union governanceAll versions
HF 3225As introducedRegulation of automated kiosks that purchase used cell phones 
HF 3227As introducedATV Safety Training 
HF 3231As introducedMakes the court technology fund permanent 
HF 3232Second engrossmentSolar energyAll versions
HF 3238As introducedOnetime city LGA for the city of Hermantown 
HF 3239As amended by H3239A1Construction code licensing 
HF 3240Second engrossmentHome care provider regulationAll versions
HF 3243As introducedInclusion of prepaid pension expenses in public utility rate base 
HF 3246As introducedChildhood trauma-informed policy and practices task force 
HF 3249First engrossmentMove over lawAll versions
HF 3251As introducedHome and Community-Based Services Innovation Pool 
HF 3253As introducedPositive Support Rule Child Care Exemption 
HF 3254As introducedCoverage for PANDAS and PANS 
HF 3258First engrossmentLaw Enforcement Data: Automatic License Plate Readers and Body CamerasAll versions
HF 3259As introducedLaw Enforcement Data 
HF 3260As introducedSex Offenses by Persons in Authority 
HF 3261As introducedFarm winery signs 
HF 3265First engrossmentChild foster care training requirementsAll versions
HF 3271As introducedEstate tax—recapture tax 
HF 3273Second engrossmentMetropolitan Council governanceAll versions
HF 3274As introducedEstate tax – recapture tax 
HF 3276With author's amendment H3276A2Property taxation; consolidating all residential classes into class 1 
HF 3277As amended (H3277A3)Property tax timing and calendar changes 
HF 3278As introducedAdjutant General Authority 
HF 3280Second engrossmentWild Rice Sulfate StandardAll versions
HF 3282First engrossmentHousehold goods moversAll versions
HF 3284As introducedModular homes 
HF 3285First engrossmentManufactured home parksAll versions
HF 3287Second EngrossmentSex trafficking prevention training for hotel employeesAll versions
HF 3290First engrossmentCommission on Deaf, DeafBlind, and Hard-of-Hearing MinnesotansAll versions
HF 3291First engrossmentFunding for statewide tobacco cessation servicesAll versions
HF 3292As introducedSales tax exemption for all items covered by Medicare, Medicaid, or private health insurance 
HF 3295As introducedJoint petitions for custody and parenting time; filing petitions for custody 
HF 3296First engrossmentInvestigating and further criminalizing maltreatment of vulnerable adultsAll versions
HF 3297As introducedEstates eligible to receive property tax refunds 
HF 3300As introducedCity of Minneapolis – tax increment financing (TIF) 
HF 3301As introducedStopping for school buses safety campaign 
HF 3308First engrossmentProtections for vulnerable adultsAll versions
HF 3312As introducedPatient consent to the release of health records 
HF 3315First engrossmentK12 policy billAll versions
HF 3320As IntroducedLong-Term Facilities Maintenance Revenue Uses 
HF 3323As introducedDirect care and treatment 
HF 3329As introducedExemption for certain collegiate ticket purchasing rights 
HF 3330As introducedPet euthanasia 
HF 3331As introducedSales tax exemption for agricultural drain tiles 
HF 3332As introducedSupplemental point source implementation grants 
HF 3334As introducedOccupation tax—credit for production taxes 
HF 3338First engrossmentSecurity screening systems for equipment producing ionizing radiationAll versions
HF 3339First engrossmentSewage septic tank truck weight limitsAll versions
HF 3343As introducedOpen Meeting Law, attendance by interactive television modified 
HF 3344First engrossmentChild support arrearagesAll versions
HF 3346As introducedMnDOT Loan forgiveness 
HF 3349As introducedAgricultural historical society exemption 
HF 3350As introducedDeer License Fee Revenues 
HF 3352First engrossmentLCCMR Funding RecommendationsAll versions
HF 3354As introducedEducational Partnerships 
HF 3355First engrossmentMnDOT agency provisionsAll versions
HF 3356First engrossmentProhibits driver's license suspensions under certain circumstancesAll versions
HF 3357As introducedAllows reduction or waiver of the criminal/traffic surcharge 
HF 3360As introducedState government 
HF 3361As introducedSubstance misuse prevention 
HF 3366As introducedAccess to vital records by agencies operated by Indian tribes 
HF 3367As introducedAdvanced practice registered nurses 
HF 3369First engrossmentMetropolitan Council financeAll versions
HF 3370First engrossmentSchool safetyAll versions
HF 3371First engrossmentCriminal Sexual Conduct—Peace OfficersAll versions
HF 3372First EngrossmentModifying the election process for the University's Board of RegentsAll versions
HF 3374As introducedPesticide applicator licenses 
HF 3375As introducedCreating a task force to address violence against indigenous women 
HF 3376First engrossmentReview of CPA firm audits by the state auditorAll versions
HF 3378As introducedSchool-linked Mental Health Grants 
HF 3380Second engrossmentSelf-service storage facilities; late fees included in liensAll versions
HF 3384As introducedSales tax exemption for certain purchases for lawful gambling purposes 
HF 3387As introducedVeterans benefits services disclosure 
HF 3389As introducedChild support modifications 
HF 3390As introducedChild support arrearages interest 
HF 3395As introducedMetropolitan Airports Commission, compensation limits 
HF 3396As introducedHealth care price transparency 
HF 3398First engrossmentAll-payer claims database; authorizing continued use for certain purposesAll versions
HF 3402As introducedHousing Support Supplementary Service Rate 
HF 3403First engrossmentChild care licensing requirement modificationsAll versions
HF 3404As introducedTraumatic Brain Injury Advisory Committee 
HF 3406As introducedChild support potential income and arrears 
HF 3415As introducedSexual assault policies at postsecondary institutions 
HF 3420As amended by H3420A1Lake Mille Lacs area economic restoration program 
HF 3421As introducedDNR Game and Fish Policy Provisions 
HF 3422As introducedDNR Policy – Aquatic Invasive Species 
HF 3423As introducedDNR Policy Bill 
HF 3424Second engrossmentDNR Lands BillAll versions
HF 3425As introducedCriminalizing digital picture and recording misrepresentation 
HF 3429As introducedDisabled veterans homestead exclusion 
HF 3430As introducedProviding a reduced class rate for craft or retreat houses 
HF 3431As amended by the H3431A1 amendmentEliminating the combined cap on the Minneapolis lodging taxes 
HF 3432As introducedMental health provider modifications 
HF 3436First engrossmentProhibiting the use of state funds for coverage of criminal proceedingsAll versions
HF 3440As introducedSnowmobile Trails and Enforcement Account 
HF 3441Second engrossmentAir emission standardsAll versions
HF 3442First engrossmentAdvanced biofuel production incentiveAll versions
HF 3445Delete-everything amendment (H3445DE3)Rulemaking; Harassment, Misconduct, and Discrimination Office 
HF 3447First engrossmentState Information TechnologyAll versions
HF 3448As introducedIsolation and quarantine procedures 
HF 3451As introducedBrain Injury (BI) and Community Access for Disability Inclusion (CADI) Waivers 
HF 3454As introducedRelative foster care licensing and child protection pilot projects 
HF 3455As introducedBehavioral health services modifications 
HF 3463Fifth engrossmentMotor vehicle dealers and deputy registrarsAll versions
HF 3464As introducedNon-itemizer charitable contribution subtraction 
HF 3465As introducedVoluntary relationship defense to criminal sexual conduct 
HF 3469As introducedTransit system development implementation plan 
HF 3472First engrossmentAquacultureAll versions
HF 3477As introducedPurple Heart Cities and Counties 
HF 3479First engrossmentControlled Substance SchedulesAll versions
HF 3480Second engrossmentSecurity freezes and data breachesAll versions
HF 3482As introducedHennepin County transportation tax revenue sharing 
HF 3484As introducedRural development 
HF 3485As introducedCorridors of Commerce 
HF 3486As introducedFamily court early neutral evaluation and mediation survey; Dakota County grant 
HF 3487As introducedNoxious weeds 
HF 3493As introducedIncrease city LGA appropriation 
HF 3494As introducedCorporate franchise tax—captive insurance companies 
HF 3497As introducedTelecommunications, application fees for certain wireless facilities 
HF 3501As introducedState deed issuance for tax-forfeited land sales 
HF 3502First engrossmentEnvironment and Natural Resources 
HF 3503As introducedDisabled veterans homestead exclusion 
HF 3504As introducedRetention of criminal gang investigative data 
HF 3505As introducedIncreasing the penalty for repeat theft offenses 
HF 3507As introducedVeteran Status Data Collected 
HF 3514As introducedMetropolitan Council 
HF 3518As introducedPay for state executive branch employees tied to performance appraisal 
HF 3523First engrossmentBiodieselAll versions
HF 3526As amended (H3526A1)Agricultural homestead classification for business entities 
HF 3528As introducedMotor vehicle salvage titles 
HF 3529As introducedCharter Schools; Property Tax Exemption for Building Owners 
HF 3530First engrossmentAdvisory council on PANDAS and PANSAll versions
HF 3534As introducedOpioid overdose reduction pilot program 
HF 3536As introducedPhysician Assistant Advisory Council term limits 
HF 3542As introducedCommunity Action Grant Funding 
HF 3543As introducedMNsure funding and authority 
HF 3546As introducedSchool bus visibility 
HF 3548As introducedAgricultural transportation hours of service 
HF 3551As introducedSafe at Home program data 
HF 3552First engrossmentChanges Conversion and Residential Use in the Common Interest Ownership ActAll versions
HF 3554As introducedAdjusts the amount charged for the cost of confining juveniles 
HF 3557First engrossmentEnvironmental Review for Recreational TrailsAll versions
HF 3566As introducedChanges to the marketplace provider sales tax provisions 
HF 3567First engrossmentRegulation of affinity group insurance discounts and insurance fraudAll versions
HF 3569As introducedConforming to Section 179 allowances for farm machinery 
HF 3570As introducedMN.IT; limitation of services and recodification of statutes 
HF 3571First engrossmentPharmacy licensure exemption for home dialysis suppliesAll versions
HF 3573Second engrossmentChild care background studiesAll versions
HF 3574As introducedGrants to address racial and ethnic disparities in prenatal care 
HF 3575Second engrossmentHuman Services Department Restructuring Working GroupAll versions
HF 3577Second engrossmentSalt Applicator ProgramAll versions
HF 3578As introducedPredatory Offender Registration 
HF 3582First engrossmentChapter 504B; lease requirements updatedAll versions
HF 3584As introducedExpand nonprofit ice arena sales tax exemption 
HF 3585As introducedGrant for Girls in Action program 
HF 3589As introducedCivics test 
HF 3591As introducedIncreasing Pupil Transportation Aid 
HF 3592As introducedMinnetonka School District; Community Education Fund Transfer 
HF 3593As introducedDeputy registrars and driver's license agents; aid and funding 
HF 3594As introducedStrengthening Minnesota's Teacher of Color Programs 
HF 3598with H3598A1 amendmentConstruction sales tax exemption for redevelopment of the Duluth Central High School siteAll versions
HF 3599As introducedSafe Schools 
HF 3600As introducedCharter School and School District Revenue Compared 
HF 3605As introducedGrants to increase the supply of child care providers 
HF 3606As introducedProhibiting local ordinances regulating auxiliary containers 
HF 3607First engrossmentWater monitoringAll versions
HF 3608As introducedHennepin County competitive bidding modified 
HF 3610As introducedIncreasing the penalty for assaulting a peace officer 
HF 3611First engrossmentArming Peace OfficersAll versions
HF 3612First engrossmentSupplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) WaiversAll versions
HF 3616As introducedSuburban transit providers; suburb-to-suburb transit project 
HF 3617As introducedSuburban transit providers; MVST allocation formula 
HF 3622As introducedReserve Credit for Insurance Companies 
HF 3623As introducedSetting lottery retailer compensation in law 
HF 3625As introducedTransportation for minors study 
HF 3626First engrossmentChild foster careAll versions
HF 3627First engrossmentRunaway and Homeless Youth ReportAll versions
HF 3629As introducedChild care background study costs 
HF 3638The First EngrossmentHigher Education Omnibus BillAll versions
HF 3640First engrossmentHealth-related licensing board background checksAll versions
HF 3643Delete everything amendment (H3643DE1)Grants for the Purchase of Drug Deactivation and Disposal ProductsAll versions
HF 3646As introducedSales tax exemption for nonprofit conservation clubs 
HF 3648As introducedSnowmobile Education and Training 
HF 3650As introducedOpioid Prevention Pilot Projects 
HF 3657As introducedBomb disposal unit reimbursement 
HF 3660First engrossment3M SettlementAll versions
HF 3662As introducedAttorney fees 
HF 3664First engrossmentHair Braider Registration EliminatedAll versions
HF 3666First engrossmentElectronic waste recycling; other PCA programsAll versions
HF 3667As introducedSunday off-sale hours of sale modified 
HF 3672As introducedModifying income tax credit for past military service 
HF 3674As introducedRequires the commissioner of MMB to provide certain information regarding collective bargaining agreements and compensation plans when those plans are submitted to the legislature for review 
HF 3675As introducedSolar grants for schools 
HF 3676As introducedGrants for Audits of School Physical Plants and Crisis Management Policies 
HF 3677As introducedModifying compensation for exonerated persons 
HF 3679As introducedIrrigation Wells 
HF 3680As introducedGraduate registered physicians 
HF 3681As introducedMet Council financial activity reviews 
HF 3682As introducedCounties Transit Improvement Board (CTIB) elimination 
HF 3688Second engrossmentConsumer protections for PACE loansAll versions
HF 3689First engrossmentBirth defects information systemAll versions
HF 3692As introducedDyslexia screening 
HF 3693Second engrossmentCritical infrastructure; civil and criminal liabilityAll versions
HF 3695As introducedAlternative treatment options for veterans 
HF 3698The delete-everything amendment (H3698DE1)Public-private partnerships for infrastructure projects 
HF 3703First engrossmentMnDOT prioritization of congestion reductionAll versions
HF 3707As introducedMaltreatment of minors 
HF 3709As introducedPrivate Well Testing for PFCs 
HF 3710First engrossment with the H3710A1 amendmentDuluth/Essentia Development PlanAll versions
HF 3711First engrossment with the H3711A2 amendmentDuluth/Essentia Development PlanAll versions
HF 3719First engrossmentRenewable chemicalsAll versions
HF 3721As introducedAttorney General Contingent Fee Contracts 
HF 3722As introducedMedical Assistance Work and Community Engagement Requirement 
HF 3723As amended by H3723A3Public employee union political contributions 
HF 3725First engrossmentCriminal forfeitureAll versions
HF 3726First engrossmentIgnition interlock required to reinstate driving privilegesAll versions
HF 3728As introducedCreation of a citizen council on legislative ethics 
HF 3734First engrossmentProject LegacyAll versions
HF 3735First engrossmentPlumber authorization to repair pumps or water pipes associated with well water systems; amendment to rulesAll versions
HF 3749As introducedGrants for electric generation from biomass 
HF 3750As introducedGI Benefits 
HF 3755First engrossmentCarbon Monoxide Detectors - BoatsAll versions
HF 3759As introducedPipeline certificate of need/route permit 
HF 3760First engrossmentSolar energy in schoolsAll versions
HF 3761As introducedThreatened and Endangered Species 
HF 3763As introducedUse of the Douglas J. Johnson economic protection trust fund 
HF 3769As introducedRochester International Airport appropriation 
HF 3771First engrossmentLegislative Budget OfficeAll versions
HF 3776First engrossment with author's amendment H3776A3Transportation; property taxation; metropolitan area congestion managementAll versions
HF 3778As introducedModifies Child Care Assistance Program Provisions for Homeless Families and Provider Rates 
HF 3782As introducedCivil commitment 
HF 3789As introducedSchool bus colors 
HF 3793As introducedConstruction sales tax exemption for Minnetonka public safety facilities 
HF 3795Third engrossmentMetro Mobility, Human Services data sharing for special transportationAll versions
HF 3796As introducedFacility Grants to Enhance School Safety 
HF 3797With author's H3797A2 amendmentSafe Schools Revenue 
HF 3799First engrossmentFraternal benefit societiesAll versions
HF 3806As introducedCampaign Finance Subsidy Program 
HF 3807As introducedManufactured home installers 
HF 3811As introducedIndividual income tax rate reduction 
HF 3814As introducedModifying the prohibition on local taxes on sales and income 
HF 3817As introducedRequiring MnState to move its central office onto a system campus 
HF 3819First engrossmentRamsey Soil and Water Conservation DistrictAll versions
HF 3820As introducedGrant program, technical assistance, and education regarding electronic prescribing of controlled substances 
HF 3821As introducedPublic Assistance Income Eligibility 
HF 3822As introducedMental health professionals licensing 
HF 3823First engrossmentMinnesota Health Policy CommissionAll versions
HF 3824Second engrossmentWells and boringsAll versions
HF 3825As introducedAllied health professions birth month renewal cycle 
HF 3830As amended by the H3830A1 amendmentReducing LGA by local sales tax revenueAll versions
HF 3833Second engrossmentFinancial exploitation of eligible adultsAll versions
HF 3836As introducedNatural resources 
HF 3837First engrossmentCampaign FinanceAll versions
HF 3838As introducedSt. Paul authorized to use design-build for a project 
HF 3841As introducedUniform Municipal Contracting Law 
HF 3845As introducedUnclaimed property 
HF 3846As introducedUnclaimed property 
HF 3847As introducedConsumer-Directed Community Supports (CDCS) 
HF 3848First engrossmentNurse licensure compactAll versions
HF 3849As introducedSwing bed approval 
HF 3850As introducedEyelash Extension Facility Licensure Eliminated 
HF 3852As introducedState grant assigned family and student responsibility reduced 
HF 3853As amended by the H3853A4 amendmentTax credits for child care expenses 
HF 3856First engrossmentWell notification feeAll versions
HF 3857As introducedQuarterly reports by commissioner of health on vulnerable adult maltreatment investigations 
HF 3860As introducedSenior Companion and Foster Grandparents Programs 
HF 3867As introducedModifying motor vehicle sales tax class 
HF 3868As introducedBrew/winemaking on premises stores 
HF 3870As introducedMixed Delivery of Voluntary Prekindergarten Programs 
HF 3873As introducedAllowing retired workers' compensation and administrative law judges to hear Workers' Compensation Court of Appeals cases 
HF 3874As introducedFeral Swine 
HF 3877As introducedModifying the election process for the University's Board of Regents 
HF 3879As amended by A18-0703Education Grant to Mind Foundry Learning Foundation for STEM activitiesAll versions
HF 3885As introducedGrants for Audits of School Physical Plants and Crisis Management Policies 
HF 3887As introducedNorthstar Digital Literacy Assessment 
HF 3889As introducedTowns in Scott County may impose fee 
HF 3890As introducedWolf depredation 
HF 3891The delete everything amendment (H3891DE1)State government 
HF 3893First engrossmentPrice disclosure requirements for health care providers and health plan companiesAll versions
HF 3899As introducedSupplemental FY2019 funding for the University of Minnesota 
HF 3900As introducedOffice of Higher Education agency bill 
HF 3905As introducedRevoking snowmobile or ATV privileges following a DWI conviction 
HF 3907As introducedClearwater County Land Access 
HF 3908As introducedClean Water Legacy Act 
HF 3912As introducedMinneapolis veterans home 
HF 3917As introducedMetropolitan Council governance 
HF 3918As introducedExempting gun safes from the sales tax 
HF 3923As introducedRevoking snowmobile or ATV privileges following a DWI conviction 
HF 3924As introducedRevoking snowmobile or ATV privileges following a DWI conviction 
HF 3925As introducedBicycles; regulations, planning, and development 
HF 3934First engrossmentIncome tax subtraction for civilian pensions credited for military serviceAll versions
HF 3935As introducedLifetime revocation of licenses and reinstatement procedure for repeat DWI offenders 
HF 3937With author's amendment H3937A1Excluding the first $200,000 in value from the state general levy for C/I property 
HF 3939As introducedBorder city development zones 
HF 3955As introducedExpanding vehicle forfeiture in prostitution offenses 
HF 3957As introducedModifying restrictions on local government loan repayment funds 
HF 3958As introducedAmends the fee to renew a judgment on consumer credit transactions 
HF 3960As introducedExternal Peer Review of Water Quality Standards 
HF 3962As introducedBoard of Animal Health; data practices 
HF 3972First engrossmentOmnibus liquor billAll versions
HF 3976As introducedSales tax for certain nonprofit purchases of prepared food 
HF 3979As introducedJointly-held state primary election and presidential nomination primary 
HF 3980First engrossmentFreight Rail Economic Development programAll versions
HF 3982As introducedHumvees and decommissioned military vehicles 
HF 3984As introducedModifying procedures for appointing counsel in juvenile court 
HF 3985As introducedRequiring MnState to provide affordable textbooks 
HF 3989As introducedCorporate franchise tax rate reduction 
HF 3997As introducedMotorcycle instruction permit 
HF 4003First engrossmentEnforcement Ban on Water Appropriation Permit RequirementsAll versions
HF 4008As introducedMowing in trunk highway right-of-way 
HF 4013As introducedExpands the sales tax exemption for nonprofit groups to include nonprofits providing Olympic training. 
HF 4016As introducedGifts to state via Web site 
HF 4020As introducedYouth Intervention Donation Tax Credit 
HF 4023As introducedThe State Fire Code 
HF 4028As introducedMS4 Permits - Townships 
HF 4029As introducedModifies definition of transportation wetland eligible for payments in lieu of taxes (PILT) 
HF 4030As introducedIntermediate Care Facility for Persons with Developmental Disabilities 
HF 4032As introducedGreater Minnesota child care facility capital grant program 
HF 4034As introducedModifies the Two Harbors local sales tax authority 
HF 4044As introducedExpands the crime of assaulting secure treatment facility employees 
HF 4057As introducedDisabled veterans homestead exclusion—application due date and refunds 
HF 4061The delete everything amendment (H4061DE2)Two-tiered minimum wage for tipped employees 
HF 4063As introducedExempting certain gas pipelines from the state general levy 
HF 4070As introducedDemolition debris landfill permits 
HF 4072As introducedEstablishing a tax credit for contributions used to fund housing for low- and moderate-income Minnesotans. 
HF 4079As introducedLRT and freight rail colocation 
HF 4083As introducedMilitary Ready Reserve Special Plates 
HF 4094First engrossmentChild care trainingAll versions
HF 4095As introducedThe youth skills training program 
HF 4099First engrossmentState budgetAll versions
HF 4100First EngrossmentAbandoned cemeteries where veterans are buriedAll versions
HF 4103As introducedI-35 signs 
HF 4104As introducedMail balloting 
HF 4112As introducedX-ray practice by cardiovascular technologists 
HF 4113As introducedHome visiting programs appropriation 
HF 4114As introducedCompensation of business owners affected by closure of a biomass plant 
HF 4117As introducedCivics course credit and reporting 
HF 4131With the H4131A1 amendmentLGA adjustment for the city of Hermantown 
HF 4133Third engrossmentAgriculture policyAll versions
HF 4134As introducedProperty taxation; definition of “agricultural purposes” 
HF 4139First engrossmentIron Range resources and rehabilitationAll versions
HF 4140As introducedIncreasing penalties for patrons of prostitutes 
HF 4143As introducedCoverage for treatment of ectodermal dysplasia 
HF 4144As introducedPipeline valuation study 
HF 4152As introducedOff-sale licenses for food retailers authorized 
HF 4160First engrossmentDriver and vehicle services fundAll versions
HF 4164As introducedSpecialist Noah Pierce Bridge 
HF 4167Second engrossmentOmnibus Legacy BillAll versions
HF 4168As introducedParks and Trails Fund – Restoration Evaluations 
HF 4169As introducedNurse licensure compact 
HF 4174As introducedState Trooper Ray Krueger Memorial Highway 
HF 4180As introducedBroadband grants 
HF 4183As introducedDependent exemption and inflation adjustments for the Homestead Credit Refund and Renter's Refund programs 
HF 4186As introducedProviding a reduced class rate for community land trust properties 
HF 4190As introducedTax credit for mechanical insulation 
HF 4191As introducedHuman services forecast adjustments 
HF 4192As introducedBoard of Social Work fees 
HF 4193As introducedBoard of Optometry fees 
HF 4206As introducedElectronic Visit Verification 
HF 4211As introducedATVs in Campgrounds 
HF 4214As introducedSchool Districts; Transportation of Pregnant Teens and Teen Parents 
HF 4218As introducedCity of Bloomington—tax increment financing (TIF) 
HF 4225As introducedCommemorative Korean War Ribbon and Medallion 
HF 4226As introducedMinnesota Health Policy Commission 
HF 4227First engrossmentMinnesota Health Policy CommissionAll versions
HF 4234As introducedRequiring MnState to submit a plan to transfer technical colleges to the K-12 system 
HF 4244As introducedLocal government borrowing from USDA grants 
HF 4249First engrossmentChild care background studiesAll versions
HF 4252As introducedThe State Fire Code 
HF 4254As introducedUnemployment Insurance Advisory Council recommendations 
HF 4256First engrossmentCapitol Preservation Commission, Capitol Art Exhibit Advisory CommitteeAll versions
HF 4265As introducedCivil Air Patrol appropriation 
HF 4268As introducedBond allocation—qualifying district heating facilities 
HF 4272As IntroducedSpecial Education Equity Aid 
HF 4283As introducedVolume Purchase Program for Insulin 
HF 4289First engrossmentJob growth and energy affordability omnibusAll versions
HF 4299As IntroducedThreat assessment teams 
HF 4302As IntroducedMounds View early college aid 
HF 4317As introducedSecurity screening systems 
HF 4321As introducedExpands the sales tax exemption for firefighting equipment 
HF 4328Supporting documents for the supplemental budgetHouse Omnibus Education BillAll versions
HF 4348with the H4348A1 amendmentRelief for Mazeppa fireAll versions
HF 4354With H4354A1 amendmentModifies cancelation date on the Melrose fire local government grantsAll versions
HF 4356As introducedWaiving surplus federal property fees for school districts and MnState institutions 
HF 4362As introducedTax-exempt bond allocation; Fort Snelling Upper Post housing project 
HF 4367As introducedInver Grove Heights fire station sales tax exemption 
HF 4370As introducedAdjust sales tax rates down to reflect increased collects from remote sales 
HF 4385Conference Committee ReportTax Omnibus BillAll versions
HF 4395With author's amendment H4395A2Property tax credit for riparian buffers 
HF 4403As amended (H4403A1 and H4403A2)Aid reductions for certain types of local spendingAll versions
HF 4404Third engrossment, as passed by the HouseOmnibus capital investmentAll versions
HF 4408As introducedEdina TIF 
HF 4415As introducedStillbirth Tax Credit 
HF 4425As introducedCapital investment; Rural Finance Authority 
HF 4434As introducedFractional homestead determination 
HF 4437First engrossmentAuto parts dedication constitutional amendmentAll versions
HF 4457As introducedVulnerable adult maltreatment prevention and accountability 
HF 4458As introducedVulnerable adult maltreatment prevention and accountability 
HF 4459As introducedAmending definition of sexual harassment; Minnesota Human Rights Act 
SF 1Conference committee reportPremium Assistance and Insurance Market ReformsAll versions
SF 444The delete everything amendment (S0444DE3)Omnibus liquor bill 
SF 605Second unofficial engrossmentState Government FinanceAll versions
SF 780Conference committee report (CCRSF0780)Agriculture financeAll versions
SF 800Conference committee report (CCRSF0800)Omnibus health and human services billAll versions
SF 803Conference committee report (CCRSF0803)Public Safety Omnibus BillAll versions
SF 1124First unofficial engrossmentLands bill 
SF 1694First engrossmentGeneral John Vessey Day 
SF 1937Conference Committee Report (CCRSF1937)Job growth and energy affordability omnibusAll versions
SF 2214Conference Committee ReportOmnibus higher education billAll versions
SF 2675First unofficial engrossmentAll-payer claims database 
SF 2849As introducedPhysician required to notify woman of opportunity to view ultrasound before abortion 
SF 3133Conference Committee Report (CCRSF3133)MNLARS; supplemental appropriations and project requirements 
SF 3504Second engrossmentNuclear energy costs 
SF 3569As introducedMowing in trunk highway right-of-way 
SF 3656Supporting documentsSupplemental budgetAll versions
SF 3793First engrossmentCounties competitive bidding; Uniform Municipal Contracting Law