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Bill Summaries: 2015–2016

Bill summaries are prepared by Legislative Analysts of the nonpartisan Minnesota House Research Department for the benefit of House members and the general public. Generally, summaries are only prepared for bills that have been scheduled for public hearings.

Multiple versions of a bill summary reflects amendments to the bill that were adopted in committee or on the House or Senate floor. All versions of bill summaries, both most recent and previous, are available.

Our strong suggestion is that readers review the language of the bill itself rather than relying entirely on information in the summary.

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BillLatest SummarySubjectVersions
HF 1As IntroducedGreater MN Economic Development and Job Creation 
HF 2Fourth engrossmentClarifying conditions for teacher licensure and employmentAll versions
HF 3As introducedLong-Term Care Workforce Development and Tax Policy 
HF 4Comparison summaryTransportation finance omnibusAll versions
HF 5Third engrossmentMNsureAll versions
HF 6First engrossmentIncome tax federal conformityAll versions
HF 8Delete everything amendment (H0008DE2)Child protectionAll versions
HF 9As introducedMetropolitan Council 
HF 10As introducedIncome tax credit for employers who hire veterans 
HF 12As introducedBlue Alert system 
HF 15As introducedIncreasing the compulsory attendance age from age 17 to age 18 
HF 18As IntroducedMNsure; application of information technology laws 
HF 20As introducedContinuing appropriations; government shutdown 
HF 27As introducedDestination Medical Center aid and financing 
HF 29As introducedRepeal of TANF funding for working family credit 
HF 30As introducedClarification of TANF funding for working family credit 
HF 31First engrossmentVictims of identity theftAll versions
HF 34As introducedDeer River School District, Multiage Community Center 
HF 40As IntroducedFully Funding School District Pupil Transportation Expenses 
HF 43As introducedExpress advocacy and electioneering communications 
HF 46As introducedUniversal all-day preschool for four-year-olds 
HF 51As introducedState lottery sales 
HF 53As introducedExpands the sales tax exemption for telecommunications equipment 
HF 61As amended by author's amendment (H0061A1)Research credit 
HF 62As introducedExtends research credit to sole proprietors 
HF 63With author's amendment (H0063A2)Maximum 7.85% income tax rate for active pass-through income 
HF 65First engrossmentAngel investment credit allocationAll versions
HF 66As introducedAngel investment credit made permanent 
HF 69As introducedProviding a vendor allowance for sellers collecting and remitting the sales tax 
HF 70As introducedSmall brewery Sunday sales 
HF 71First engrossmentCriminal vehicular homicide; Drake's lawAll versions
HF 72As introducedIncome tax credit and deduction allowed for preK expenses 
HF 75As introducedMetropolitan Council plans are advisory 
HF 82As introducedEstate tax – adopt federal exclusion amount 
HF 86As introducedCity of Becker liquor license 
HF 89As IntroducedExpanding the sales tax for instructional materials 
HF 90As introducedProvisional Balloting 
HF 91As introducedProperty tax exemption for new or expanding manufacturing businesses 
HF 96As introducedEstate tax – adopt federal exclusion amount 
HF 97As introducedDriver's licenses and Minnesota identification cards 
HF 98As introducedDriver's licenses and Minnesota identification cards 
HF 100As introducedAllowing school districts to begin the school year before Labor Day 
HF 101As introducedCounty consent on MnDOT projects 
HF 103As introducedProposed state constitutional amendments; two-thirds legislative vote 
HF 104As introducedForfeiture; financial exploitation vulnerable adult 
HF 121As introducedSmall brewery Sunday sales 
HF 122As introducedExpanding the motor vehicle sales tax exemption for certain local government purchases 
HF 123As introducedState lottery warning requirements 
HF 125As introducedIncome tax credit for employers who hire disabled, unemployed, or 9-11 veterans 
HF 127First engrossmentAppropriating funds to support the commissioning of the USS MinnesotaAll versions
HF 132As introducedSales tax exemption for bullion coins 
HF 134As introducedVeterans Volunteer Trust 
HF 135With author's amendment (H0135A1)Fiscal disparities program; limiting contributions for certain municipalities 
HF 136As introducedSales tax filing requirements and vendor allowances 
HF 137As introducedMilitary retirees and survivors; allowing an income tax subtraction and repealing the credit for past military service 
HF 140As introducedTargeting property tax refund 
HF 141First engrossmentVeteran-owned Small Business CertificationAll versions
HF 146As introducedHonor and Remember Flag 
HF 147As introducedProperty taxation; disabled veteran market value exclusion 
HF 148As introducedEstate tax – adopt federal exclusion amount 
HF 153The delete everything amendment (H0153DE3)Urban agriculture 
HF 155First engrossmentAutomatic License Plate Reader Data 
HF 162First EngrossmentNursing Facility Rate Adjustment for Certain FacilitiesAll versions
HF 164First engrossmentDisaster reliefAll versions
HF 166As introducedProviding funds to the legislative auditor for costs incurred in legacy fund audits 
HF 167As introducedSales tax exemption for agricultural drainage tiles 
HF 172First EngrossmentUniform Faithful Presidential Electors Act 
HF 173As introducedNursing Facility Payment Rates for Certain Facilities 
HF 175As introducedSchool District Equity Aid; Metro Adjustment 
HF 176As IntroducedModifying the use of Duluth food and beverage and lodging taxes 
HF 177First engrossmentSelf-service storage insuranceAll versions
HF 180As introducedManufactured home space requirements 
HF 181Second engrossmentOutdoor Heritage Fund AppropriationsAll versions
HF 182First engrossmentCompressed natural gas (CNG) tax rateAll versions
HF 184As introducedAquatic Invasive Species Requirements 
HF 188As introducedPrehospital Care Data 
HF 189As introducedAdministration of the regional emergency medical services grant program 
HF 190As introducedNursing Facility Payment Rate 
HF 191Third engrossmentChild protectionAll versions
HF 194As introducedAdditional accountability measures for charter schools serving at-risk student populations 
HF 195First EngrossmentMetropolitan Council, transit financesAll versions
HF 197As introducedImplementing flexible learning year programs without commissioner approval 
HF 199As introducedFirst-degree burglary; OFP violation 
HF 200First engrossmentUniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Access Act (UFADAA)All versions
HF 208As introducedUse of public funds in ballot question campaigns 
HF 209As IntroducedDodge County/SE MN HRA 
HF 210Second engrossmentCaregiver designationAll versions
HF 211First engrossmentHealth practitioner loan forgivenessAll versions
HF 213As introducedElimination of Medical Transportation Rate Reductions 
HF 215The author's amendment (H0215A3)Allocating sales tax on motor vehicle parts to the highway user tax distribution fundAll versions
HF 216First engrossmentCivil immunity for agritourism professionalsAll versions
HF 217As introducedAllowing 9th and 10th grade students to enroll in concurrent enrollment world languages courses 
HF 220Delete everything amendment (H0220DE1)Nurse Licensure Compact 
HF 222Second EngrossmentAutomated license plate readersAll versions
HF 223As IntroducedZero-based budgeting 
HF 226As IntroducedSchool Readiness Aid Expanded 
HF 228First engrossmentExclude scholarships from household income for homestead credit refund and renter property tax refundAll versions
HF 229As introducedIncome and corporate tax subtraction for fitness facility fees 
HF 230As introducedProposed state constitutional amendments; enactment by law 
HF 231As introducedSunday liquor sales 
HF 232As introducedNursing Facility Rate Adjustment for Certain Facilities 
HF 233As introducedCivil commitment 
HF 236First engrossmentRight to Try ActAll versions
HF 239Second engrossmentBonds requirements for conservators under the Uniform Probate CodeAll versions
HF 241As introducedCrime of electronic impersonation 
HF 243Second engrossmentBenefits for Purple Heart RecipientsAll versions
HF 244First engrossmentTeacher preparation program accountability dataAll versions
HF 245Second engrossment, with author's amendment (H0245A3)Individual income tax credit for teachers who obtain master's degree in field of licensureAll versions
HF 246As introducedTeacher mentorship programs 
HF 250As introducedNotice and reporting requirements regarding licensed school counselors and other school personnel 
HF 257As introducedRequiring establishment of rural service districts in cites having agricultural property 
HF 258As introducedResearch credit 
HF 260First engrossmentUniform Deployed Parents Custody and Visitation ActAll versions
HF 261As introducedCommunity emergency medical technicians 
HF 262First engrossmentReal property changes; approval of plats; cancellation of contracts for deedAll versions
HF 263As introducedMaking permanent the sales tax exemption for admissions to Minnesota State High School League events 
HF 264Second engrossmentFiscal year 2015 deficiency fundingAll versions
HF 268As introducedTax credit for federal medical device tax 
HF 273As introducedYouth intervention programs 
HF 275As introducedInvestigation of Voter Registration Crimes 
HF 278First engrossmentAlzheimer's DiseaseAll versions
HF 281As amended (H0281A1)R&D credit for sole proprietors 
HF 282As introducedCorridors of Commerce appropriations 
HF 283As introducedCamp Ripley Sentinel Landscape 
HF 287As introducedAllowing certain property to qualify for agricultural homestead classification 
HF 288First EngrossmentProfessional engineersAll versions
HF 290As introducedTax credit – long-term care use of retirement withdrawals 
HF 291Third engrossmentPublic Safety Omnibus BillAll versions
HF 293As introducedMinnesota golf special plates annual contribution 
HF 294First engrossmentHealth plan policies for stop loss coverageAll versions
HF 296As amended (H0296A6)Bingo hall taxationAll versions
HF 299As introducedIncome tax subtraction for military retirement pay 
HF 300First engrossmentPhased-in income tax exemption for social security benefitsAll versions
HF 302As introducedScopes on Muzzleloaders 
HF 303Fourth engrossmentLegacy Fund AppropriationsAll versions
HF 304First engrossmentPhased-in income tax exemption for social security benefitsAll versions
HF 305As introducedMinnesota Personal Protection Act; recognizing North Dakota permit 
HF 307First engrossmentProof of insurance in electronic formatAll versions
HF 308First engrossmentPhased-in income tax exemption for social security benefitsAll versions
HF 309As introducedPhased-in income tax exemption for social security benefits 
HF 312First engrossmentIncome tax subtraction for military retirement pay; phased-inAll versions
HF 316The Delete Everything Amendment (H0316DE1-2)Nursing Facility Payment ReformAll versions
HF 318As introducedParent-child home program 
HF 319As introducedGrant for the Headwaters Science Center 
HF 321As introducedInterstate medical licensure compact 
HF 322First engrossmentLegislative immunity; breach of peaceAll versions
HF 323Delete everything amendment (H0323DE1-2)Volunteer firefighters, wage deductions and pay periods 
HF 324As introducedHigh mileage vehicles surcharge 
HF 325The delete-everything amendment (H0325DE1)Road-user charge 
HF 327As introducedSearch and seizure of electronic data; state constitutional amendment 
HF 328Second engrossmentMNvest programAll versions
HF 329First engrossmentInsurance coverage; former state employees assaulted by inmates or patientsAll versions
HF 331As introducedIncome taxation – wagering losses under the AMT 
HF 332As introducedChildhood literacy 
HF 335As introducedRental assistance program for victims of trafficking and domestic violence 
HF 337First engrossmentCampaign Finance Policy 
HF 339First engrossmentMental health program for offenders/Beltrami CountyAll versions
HF 346As introducedAppropriation to the Minnesota Poison Information Center Grants 
HF 352First engrossmentHealthy Eating, Here at HomeAll versions
HF 358First EngrossmentFiscal year 2015 deficiency fundingAll versions
HF 359As introducedModification and extension of income tax credit for reading 
HF 361As introducedEmployment Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities 
HF 368As introducedCollection agency definition 
HF 371As introducedTaconite production tax distribution 
HF 372As introducedFirearms at state buildings; amending notification requirement 
HF 374As introducedGambling regulation 
HF 377As introducedIncome tax subtraction for charity care provided by medical professionals 
HF 378First engrossmentIncome tax subtraction for medical care expensesAll versions
HF 380First engrossmentPayment Rates for Rural Special Transportation ServicesAll versions
HF 381As introducedHistoric structure rehabilitation tax credit –Old North Branch Library 
HF 382As introducedMille Lacs Lake Management 
HF 383As introducedRecodification of the Minnesota Trust Code 
HF 384First engrossmentSchool year-long student teachingAll versions
HF 385First engrossmentCorporations, limited liability companies, and other organizationsAll versions
HF 390First engrossmentLCCMR Funding RecommendationsAll versions
HF 391As introducedVoter pre-registration at age 16 
HF 394As introducedService-learning specialist, grants, recommendations, and appropriations 
HF 395As introducedHunting and Fishing 
HF 402As introducedDeduction from credit card tips 
HF 403As introducedExpands the sales tax exemption for nonprofit groups to include non-profits providing Olympic training. 
HF 404As introducedSales tax exemption for infant and child car seats 
HF 406As introducedVeterans in crisis training funding 
HF 407As introducedIncome tax credit for long-term care insurance premiums 
HF 410As introducedCredit for ACA penalty for failure to have health insurance 
HF 412As introducedExtending the period that a nonprofit may lease a location for tax-exempt fund-raising events 
HF 415As introducedForfeiture proceeds; reporting 
HF 416First engrossmentReduced iron ore tax incentiveAll versions
HF 417As introducedHouston County Economic Development Authority 
HF 419As introducedCounty aid to compensate for additional MNsure administration costs 
HF 420First engrossmentIncome tax credit for STEM and long-term care jobsAll versions
HF 421As introducedRaising the rate of Proctor's local sales tax; validating the existing tax and its uses 
HF 422First engrossmentWorkforce housing grant program and tax creditsAll versions
HF 423First EngrossmentAmbulance staff variance requirementAll versions
HF 424First engrossmentConforming the state and federal definitions of directory informationAll versions
HF 427As introducedMnDOT collections for infrastructure damage 
HF 429As introducedExtends time for filing property tax refund claims by two months 
HF 430As introducedLaw enforcement body cameras 
HF 431As introducedStatutory default penalty; prohibited acts 
HF 437Second engrossmentLegislative surrogacy commissionAll versions
HF 438First engrossmentNew markets tax creditAll versions
HF 439First engrossmentPrenatal Trisomy Diagnosis Awareness ActAll versions
HF 441As introducedDedication of short term motor vehicle lease sales tax revenue 
HF 442As introducedIncrease estate tax exemption amount 
HF 443As introducedEstate tax – adopt federal exclusion amount 
HF 445First engrossmentHospital patient noticesAll versions
HF 446First engrossmentFamily law; income tax dependency exemptionsAll versions
HF 451First engrossmentRecognition of parentage; child supportAll versions
HF 453First engrossmentAppropriation for Minnesota Humanities Center's veteran programsAll versions
HF 456As introducedForfeiture; innocent owners 
HF 457With author's amendment H0457A2Changing the proposed levy certification date for special taxing districtsAll versions
HF 462As introducedLegacy funds eligibility 
HF 464First EngrossmentRevisions to the notice of custodial rights; Appendix AAll versions
HF 465As introducedChild custody determinations; best interest factors 
HF 466As introducedStarting school on September 1 in the 2015-2016 school year 
HF 469As introducedCity of Inver Grove Heights liquor license 
HF 473As introducedValuation exclusion for improvements to homestead and business property 
HF 475As introducedCommunity experts in agricultural education 
HF 482As introducedProperty taxation; eliminating the inflator in the state general levy 
HF 484As introducedDisaster funds for cooperative utilities 
HF 487As introducedLe Sueur County Nursing Facility 
HF 488As IntroducedState employee labor agreements and compensation plans 
HF 491As introducedLate payments for property taxes 
HF 493As introducedRepeal estate tax 
HF 495First engrossmentState government financeAll versions
HF 496As introducedSales tax exemption for materials used for resort and campground structural improvements 
HF 497As introducedChild support; modifying withholding requirements 
HF 498First engrossmentPhysical educationAll versions
HF 500First engrossmentCrimes for which a teaching license must be denied or revokedAll versions
HF 501As introducedUniformed and Overseas Citizens Voting 
HF 503As introducedChild Advocacy Center grants 
HF 505As introducedTax credit for ACA excess advance premium credits 
HF 506First engrossmentProviding temporary licenses to former members of the militaryAll versions
HF 507As introducedResidential hospice facility definition 
HF 510First engrossmentHennepin County, local approval filingAll versions
HF 512Second engrossmentChild support obligationsAll versions
HF 513First engrossmentStroke Transport ProtocolsAll versions
HF 515As introducedNursing home moratorium exception for a facility in Polk County 
HF 516As introducedDedicating the portion of sales taxes from the sales of motor vehicle tires to the highway user tax distribution fund 
HF 518First engrossmentFamily law changes to compensatory parenting time, maintenance, and child support modificationAll versions
HF 519As introducedAngel investment credit allocation 
HF 520As introducedAuthorization of craft wineries 
HF 523As introducedAmbulatory Health Care 
HF 525First engrossmentHealth Care Delivery Pilot ProgramAll versions
HF 526As introducedPortable toilet service vehicle weight limits 
HF 531Author's amendment (H0531A1)Exempting contractor purchases of building materials used in construction contracts with local governments and certain nonprofit organizationsAll versions
HF 532First engrossmentSales tax exemption for admissions to events sponsored by a nonprofit agricultural heritage organizationAll versions
HF 533As introducedStart seeing motorcycles special plate 
HF 534As introducedCity of Windom local sales tax authority 
HF 535As introducedCommunity supervision of offenders; Shelburne County 
HF 536First engrossmentRenewable fuels and chemicalsAll versions
HF 537As introducedCriminal defamation; false statements 
HF 538As introducedRepeal political contribution refund and public subsidy program 
HF 539As introducedBuilding code adoption cycle 
HF 545First engrossmentVeterans-to-Agriculture ProgramAll versions
HF 546First engrossmentRelease of certain military forms to a government entityAll versions
HF 548As introducedAuthorizing a grant to The Works Museum for STEM education 
HF 550First engrossmentPropaneAll versions
HF 551First engrossmentEstablishing a dual training grant program and developing competency standards.All versions
HF 552As introducedCareer counseling services 
HF 553As introducedRate increase for nonprofit facilities in Moorhead and Breckenridge 
HF 555As introducedLakes Country Service Cooperative Grant for Science and Technology Education 
HF 557As introducedSmall Schools Revenue Extended to Charter Schools and Crosswinds 
HF 558As introducedSafe routes to school program 
HF 559Delete everything amendment H0559DE1MA Eligibility for Persons Who Are Aged, Blind, or DisabledAll versions
HF 560First engrossmentMA-EPD Premium PaymentsAll versions
HF 562As introducedNursing Facility Payment Rates for Certain Facilities 
HF 564The delete everything amendment (H0564DE1)Home and Community-Based Services Rate IncreaseAll versions
HF 567As introducedCompensatory Revenue Allocations; School Board Authority 
HF 568As introducedMinnesota Reading Corps; appropriation 
HF 569As introducedRegional Library and Multicounty Multitype Library Funding 
HF 570As introducedCounty AIS Aid Payments 
HF 573First engrossmentMA Coverage of ConsultationsAll versions
HF 575As introducedPayments to Federally Qualified Health Centers and Rural Health Clinics 
HF 577As introducedPesticide, internet sales 
HF 578As IntroducedGreater MN Business Development Public Infrastructure Grants 
HF 579As IntroducedGreater MN Business Development Public Infrastructure Grants 
HF 581As introducedHomeless Youth Act 
HF 582First EngrossmentAgriculture operations nuisance liabilityAll versions
HF 583As introducedSchool and Regional Library Telecommunications Aid 
HF 584As introducedPine to Prairie Cooperative Center Mobile Manufacturing Lab Grant 
HF 586First engrossmentTown of Tofte, housingAll versions
HF 587As introducedLocal sales tax for the city of Walker 
HF 594First engrossmentTax on gasoline used in aviationAll versions
HF 596With author's amendment (H0596A2)Property taxation; levies for voter-approved bonded debt 
HF 597As introducedMinnesota state high school league 
HF 603As introducedEarly Learning Scholarships; Appropriations 
HF 604First engrossmentChemical Dependency Service Rates and Performance MeasuresAll versions
HF 605As introducedSchool Counselor Ratios Required; Money Appropriated 
HF 606Second engrossmentLicensure of certain facilities that perform abortionsAll versions
HF 607First engrossmentProhibition on the use of state funds for abortionsAll versions
HF 609As introducedTax Increment Finance (TIF) – St. Paul 
HF 610First engrossmentTowed recreational vehicle registrationAll versions
HF 614Second EngrossmentLong-Term Care Workforce NeedsAll versions
HF 620As introducedSpecial freight permit for overweight vehicles 
HF 621First engrossmentCapital investment; modifications and corrections to past appropriations 
HF 622Second engrossmentOmnibus capital investment billAll versions
HF 624First engrossmentSnowmobilesAll versions
HF 627First EngrossmentLong-Term Care Workforce DevelopmentAll versions
HF 631As introducedVehicle registration cancellation and refunds 
HF 638As introducedDelaying the revision of the state math standards 
HF 639As introducedPowerplant carbon dioxide emissions 
HF 643First engrossmentPrincipals' Leadership AcademyAll versions
HF 644Fourth engrossmentMassage and bodywork therapy registrationAll versions
HF 645As introducedTeaching licenses for out-of-state applicants 
HF 647As introducedSupplemental academic instruction at the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU) 
HF 648As introducedCareer and Technical Education Funding Formula; Community Experts 
HF 650As amended (H0650A2)Production tax allocation 
HF 652As introducedFiling fees; discharge of judgment 
HF 654Second engrossmentSafe at Home Address Confidentiality ProgramAll versions
HF 656As introducedBig Game Registration 
HF 657First engrossmentAutomated Drug Distribution SystemsAll versions
HF 658First engrossmentMA Monthly SpenddownAll versions
HF 663As introducedSchool district equity aid; metro adjustment applied to all districts 
HF 664With author's amendment H0664A1State general levy 
HF 665With author's amendment H0665A1State general levy 
HF 666First engrossmentExecutive branch agency head salariesAll versions
HF 667As introducedK-12 education credit increased and adjusted for inflation 
HF 672As introducedAllowing a computer science course to fulfill a math credit requirement 
HF 674As introducedMinnesota Reading Corps; appropriation 
HF 682As introducedDestination Medical Center (DMC) Project 
HF 683Second engrossmentIndustrial hempAll versions
HF 684As introducedTax increment financing (TIF) for workforce housing 
HF 685As introducedIncrease in the city LGA appropriation 
HF 688Second engrossmentNew markets tax creditAll versions
HF 690As introducedState Assumption of Section 404 Permit Program 
HF 691As introducedScopes on Muzzleloaders 
HF 700As amended (H0700A1)Cigarette excise taxAll versions
HF 702As introducedForeign language proficiency certificates and seals 
HF 704As introducedConcurrent enrollment course requirements 
HF 705First engrossmentProperty tax reduction for veterans' community service organizationsAll versions
HF 706As introducedEstate tax – gifts included in estate 
HF 708As introducedExtraordinary Majority to Approve Tax Increases 
HF 710As introducedModifying the allocation of sales taxes on long-term motor vehicle leases 
HF 716As introducedSaint Paul Port Authority 
HF 717First engrossmentEvent data recordersAll versions
HF 718As introducedSchool District General Education Revenue 
HF 719As introducedSchool District General Education Revenue; Basic Formula Allowance 
HF 720As introducedStudent Achievement Levy Repealed 
HF 722As introducedClarifying and delimiting authority to disarm individuals 
HF 724First engrossmentFull funding for the college concurrent enrollment programAll versions
HF 727As amended by the H0727A2Allowing postsecondary institutions to advertise the educational, programmatic, and financial benefits of their PSEO programs to all secondary students 
HF 730As introducedNursing Facility Payment Rates for Certain Facilities 
HF 732As introducedType III vehicles and buses 
HF 733As IntroducedOperating Referendum Adjustment; Owatonna School District 
HF 742Second engrossmentCampus sexual assaultAll versions
HF 743As introducedScott County community corrections grant 
HF 744As introducedAccountancy examination and peer review 
HF 745First engrossmentVeterans PreferenceAll versions
HF 746First engrossmentPhased-in income tax exemption for social security benefitsAll versions
HF 747As amended by H0747A1Estate tax – increasing and indexing for inflation the maximum subtraction for qualified farmland and small business property 
HF 748Second engrossmentDisaster relief appropriationsAll versions
HF 749Second engrossmentWorkforce Housing Office created; grants and tax credits for workforce housingAll versions
HF 750As introducedJob training grants 
HF 751First engrossmentJob training tax creditAll versions
HF 752As amendedMetropolitan Council, staggering terms of members 
HF 753As introducedHealth care practitioner loan forgiveness 
HF 756As introducedMnDOT land sale 
HF 763As introducedCity candidate filing fees 
HF 764As introducedModify the sales tax treatment of modular homes 
HF 765As introducedLegalization of sports wagering 
HF 767As introducedFirearms Safety Certificate Requirements 
HF 768As introducedExempting the Hendricks school district from the statutory reciprocity process 
HF 773First engrossmentMnSCU; Disclosure of certain contract informationAll versions
HF 774As introducedNorthwestern Online College in the High School Program Grant 
HF 776As amended (H0776A10)Telecommunications regulationAll versions
HF 777First engrossmentSpinal Cord and Traumatic Brain Injury Research GrantsAll versions
HF 778First engrossmentEarly dental prevention initiativeAll versions
HF 779Second engrossmentAgricultural research, education, and technology transferAll versions
HF 780First engrossmentHome disability access creditAll versions
HF 782As introducedLocal government finance; reverse referendum for certain leases 
HF 783As introducedFourth-degree assault; mentally ill and dangerous patients 
HF 787As introducedProhibition on the use of state funds for abortions 
HF 789As introducedSpecialized license for project-based learning 
HF 792First engrossmentDefinition of "patient"All versions
HF 793First engrossmentMinnesota Skier Safety ActAll versions
HF 794First engrossmentLand Surveying 
HF 795As introducedReturn on taxpayer investment 
HF 797As introducedExempts used goods and used motor vehicles from sales tax 
HF 798First engrossmentK-12 education deduction and credit increased, and adjusted for inflation; credit extended to tuitionAll versions
HF 799First engrossmentDuty of care owed to trespasserAll versions
HF 800As introducedFire safety account 
HF 801As introducedProperty arson resulting in harm 
HF 803As introducedHealth care practitioner loan forgivenessAll versions
HF 804As introducedStudent information system vendors 
HF 805First engrossmentSilver Alert SystemAll versions
HF 809First engrossmentRural workforce system coordinatorsAll versions
HF 812First engrossment, author's amendment (H0812A3)Tax credits for beginning farmersAll versions
HF 813As introducedCogeneration/combined heat and power facilities 
HF 815As introducedSpecial agricultural permit for overweight vehicles 
HF 820Delete everything amendment (H0820DE1)Merit-based grant program established 
HF 824As introducedPublic Waters Work Permit Exception 
HF 825As introducedSafe Place for Newborns; appropriation 
HF 827Second engrossmentTask Force on the Protection of ChildrenAll versions
HF 830As introducedPurchase of firearms from other statesAll versions
HF 834As introducedMicrobead prohibition 
HF 837As introducedDefinition of resident for income and estate tax purposes 
HF 838As introducedSchool Telecommunications Aid 
HF 839First engrossmentFebruary budget forecastAll versions
HF 840Second engrossmentElection administrationAll versions
HF 841Second engrossmentResident status for student serving in the Minnesota National GuardAll versions
HF 843Fourth EngrossmentOmnibus employment and economic development billAll versions
HF 844Conference Committee ReportPreK-12 Omnibus Education Finance and Policy BillAll versions
HF 845Second engrossmentHigher education budget and policyAll versions
HF 846Third engrossmentOmnibus Environment and Natural ResourcesAll versions
HF 848Conference Committee ReportOmnibus tax billAll versions
HF 849Second engrossmentPublic Safety Omnibus BillAll versions
HF 854As introducedIncreasing Total Operating Capital Revenue for Schools 
HF 856As introducedSpecial Technology Revenue 
HF 858As introducedIncreasing funding for the Collaborative Urban Educator (CUE) Program 
HF 859As introducedMinnesota Council on Economic Education grant 
HF 864Second engrossmentInsurance fraudAll versions
HF 868First engrossmentPayment Rates for Licensed Independent Clinical Social WorkersAll versions
HF 870As introducedAdvocating Change Together 
HF 872As introducedTechnology tax benefits transfer program 
HF 873As introducedProperty tax levy; Carlton County 
HF 874With author's amendment (H0874A1)Sales tax exemption for construction of a wastewater treatment facility in the city of Mora 
HF 876As introducedAdditional Funding for Area Learning Center programs 
HF 877As introducedGroup Residential Housing (GRH) Supplementary Service Rate 
HF 879First engrossmentAgricultural educator grant programAll versions
HF 880As introducedLoan forgiveness program for agricultural education teachers 
HF 887First engrossmentUsing unclaimed lottery prize money to acquire school trust fund landsAll versions
HF 889As introducedAdulteration by Bodily Fluid 
HF 890As introducedLGA penalty forgiveness 
HF 894As introducedBorder city aid 
HF 899First engrossmentTransitway development and financeAll versions
HF 906As introducedStrategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation 
HF 910As amended by A15-0310Food licensing exemptionAll versions
HF 916As introducedCrow Wing County offices made appointive 
HF 917As introducedMini trucks sunset repeal 
HF 918As introducedUnconventional vehicles 
HF 920First EngrossmentProhibits use of state and local funds for a Rochester to Twin City area passenger rail projectAll versions
HF 921As introducedLong-term care savings plan 
HF 922Second engrossmentLocal government, school district referendaAll versions
HF 924As introducedEstate tax – portable exclusion amount 
HF 938As introducedProvides township aid for unorganized townships or territories 
HF 944The delete-everything amendment (H0944DE1)MnDOT state-aid design standards 
HF 947As introducedAfter-school community learning grant program 
HF 948As introducedPolicy and technical gambling bill 
HF 949As introducedIncrease estate tax exemption amount 
HF 951As introducedAssessor licensure 
HF 952As introducedStudent Loan Debt Counseling 
HF 953Second engrossmentMortgage foreclosure by advertisement publication requirementsAll versions
HF 954As introducedLong-term care insurance inflation protection 
HF 955As introducedAssistance to Entrepreneurs 
HF 958As amended by H0958A1Estate tax – conforming to federal exclusion amount 
HF 960First engrossmentSocial work licensingAll versions
HF 961As introducedVeterans Hunting Rights 
HF 962As introducedMicrodistillery off-sale authorization 
HF 964As introducedImplementing portions of the Legislative Auditor's 2013 special education report 
HF 968As introducedState general levy 
HF 969As introducedColton's Law 
HF 970As introducedLet's Talk Now Act 
HF 971As introducedStatewide advance care planning grants 
HF 972First engrossmentSmile Healthy Minnesota 2016 Grant ProgramAll versions
HF 973First engrossmentCommunity Services Partners Demonstration ProjectAll versions
HF 974As introducedFetal alcohol syndrome; appropriation 
HF 975As introducedState Quality Council and Regional Quality Councils 
HF 976As introducedGroup Residential Housing (GRH) Eligibility 
HF 977As introducedLong-Term Homeless Supportive Services 
HF 978First engrossmentLicensure of genetic counselorsAll versions
HF 980First engrossmentModifying Home and Community-Based Service StandardsAll versions
HF 981Second engrossmentOptometristsAll versions
HF 982As introducedGiving secondary students full postsecondary credit for PSEO coursework 
HF 984The delete everything amendment (A15-0452)Property tax division reportAll versions
HF 987As introducedPostsecondary study abroad programs 
HF 990With the H0990DE2 amendmentClarifies that charges by accommodation intermediaries are subject to all local lodging taxes 
HF 995First engrossmentCounty aid; out-of-home placement costsAll versions
HF 996As introducedBarnum School District; Account Transfers 
HF 1000As introducedWild Rice Water Quality Standards 
HF 1001As introducedDefinition of resident for individual income tax purposes 
HF 1003Second engrossmentLocal government authority to donate certain used equipmentAll versions
HF 1005As introducedIncome tax reciprocity with Wisconsin 
HF 1009First engrossmentPublic Health Nurse Visits; Nurse-Family Partnership ProgramsAll versions
HF 1010As introducedManaged Care Contracts and Home Care Services 
HF 1011First engrossmentMA Coverage of Physician Assistant ServicesAll versions
HF 1013As introducedPayment for Nursing and Therapy Services 
HF 1014As introducedBrewer and distributor loans to retailers 
HF 1018First engrossmentNon-domiciled commercial licenseAll versions
HF 1022As introducedEligibility for the Office of Higher Education's Child Care Grant Program 
HF 1024First engrossmentTraining and technical assistance to reduce the use of seclusion and restraintAll versions
HF 1026As introducedBuilding code/Mille Lacs County 
HF 1027As introducedMinimum wage 
HF 1030As introducedEliminate income tax withholding 
HF 1036First engrossmentPhysician assistantsAll versions
HF 1037As introducedModification to Iron Range fiscal disparities program 
HF 1039As introducedEstate tax – retroactively delaying the taxation of certain gifts 
HF 1044As introducedRepeal of off-sale licensing limitation 
HF 1045As introducedAppropriation; Minnesota Children's Museum 
HF 1047First engrossmentBorn Alive Infants Protection ActAll versions
HF 1051First engrossmentPrograms to support the training of licensed agriculture educatorsAll versions
HF 1053First engrossmentMedicare Enrollment and Payment Limit ExemptionAll versions
HF 1054As introducedHousing Appropriations 
HF 1056First unofficial engrossmentLifesaver Rapid Response ProgramsAll versions
HF 1057As introducedChild Care Assistance Program (CCAP) Provider Rates 
HF 1061First engrossmentSafe harbor; appropriationsAll versions
HF 1062First engrossmentAdding mental health crisis services to emergency services for health plansAll versions
HF 1063Second engrossmentMental healthAll versions
HF 1064As introducedDependent care credit amount increased and income eligibility expanded 
HF 1065Delete everything amendment (H1065DE1)Aquatic Invasive Species 
HF 1066The delete-everything amendment (H1066DE4)Telephone regulationAll versions
HF 1068As introducedAdministrative Subpoenas; Disclosure 
HF 1073As introducedCommunity First Services and Supports (CFSS) 
HF 1074As introducedAgriculture 
HF 1075As introducedContinuing education requirements for retired substitute principals 
HF 1077As introducedDPS technical changes 
HF 1078First engrossmentAccommodation accountAll versions
HF 1080As introducedNorth Branch public utilities commission membership 
HF 1081As introducedIncome tax credit for contributions to school angel funds 
HF 1083As introducedState income tax credit for employers of certain tipped employees 
HF 1085First engrossmentCareless driving resulting in death or great bodily harmAll versions
HF 1088As introducedCrimes committed in patient care zones 
HF 1089Second EngrossmentRegulating the manufacture and use of consumer fireworksAll versions
HF 1090The first engrossmentOmnibus liquor billAll versions
HF 1091As introducedSales tax exemptions for restaurants 
HF 1094As introducedMaking a focus on early brain development a priority of the home visiting program 
HF 1096As introducedSchool Trust Lands 
HF 1098As introducedAgriculture loans 
HF 1099As introducedBuilding contracts; amending insurance requirements 
HF 1100First engrossmentCertain Flame-Retardant Chemicals ProhibitedAll versions
HF 1105As introducedUrban Challenge Grant Program 
HF 1106First engrossmentDedicating a Percent of State Procurements to Business Owners and Disabled VetsAll versions
HF 1108As introducedUniversity of Minnesota/Mayo Foundation Partnership 
HF 1109As introducedMNsure data transfers 
HF 1110As IntroducedGrants to H2O for Life and School Districts for Water Conservation Programming 
HF 1111As introducedLewis and Clark Regional Water System, appropriation bond financing 
HF 1112As introducedIgnition interlock 
HF 1116First engrossmentTaxation; transfer for divided lands restrictionsAll versions
HF 1118As introducedBrew pub sales at the state fair 
HF 1119As introducedDefinition of resident for individual income tax purposes 
HF 1122As introducedHome Care Nursing Services 
HF 1123As introducedTax increment financing (TIF) 
HF 1126As introducedDuluth public safety grant 
HF 1127First engrossmentSavings promotions raffles allowedAll versions
HF 1132As introducedSales tax exemption for nonprofit animal shelters 
HF 1133As introducedRepeal: Renewable Energy Economy 
HF 1134As introducedTeaching licenses for public post-secondary faculty 
HF 1135First engrossmentGuaranteed asset protection waiversAll versions
HF 1140First engrossmentAccounting for untested sexual assault kitsAll versions
HF 1145As introducedChemical dependency prevention; appropriation 
HF 1150As introducedRemedial education requirements for Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU) students. 
HF 1151As introducedMA Dental Services 
HF 1152First engrossmentWorking group on preventing infectious disease among home care agency employeesAll versions
HF 1155Second engrossmentData sharingAll versions
HF 1159As introducedAerodynamic devices vehicle length limit exclusion 
HF 1160As introducedCommercial vehicle inspection reporting 
HF 1161As introducedFeedlot truck wash 
HF 1163As introducedSchool bus endorsement on driver's license 
HF 1164As introducedThird-party commercial driver's license and motorcycle endorsement testing 
HF 1167First engrossmentDeputy registrars and driver's license agents; electronic recordsAll versions
HF 1168First engrossmentNatural Resources 
HF 1170Second engrossmentTeacher loan forgiveness programAll versions
HF 1172As introducedExtended Employment 
HF 1173As introducedWetland Conservation Act Exemption 
HF 1175As amended (H1175DE3)Brownfield revitalization 
HF 1176As amended (ACK-HF1176-A2)Lawful gambling tax reductionsAll versions
HF 1179As introducedCounty offices 
HF 1182Second engrossmentOrgan donationAll versions
HF 1185As introducedLawful gambling tax reductions 
HF 1186As introducedElectrical licenses 
HF 1187As amended by author's amendment (A15-0129)Extension of foreclosure reconveyance protections to farms 
HF 1193As introducedSchool-age child care; exclusion from licensure 
HF 1199As introducedModifies base wages and payment rates for certain services 
HF 1200As introducedCourse offering for local board of appeal and equalization 
HF 1201As introducedSuicide prevention 
HF 1202With author's amendment (A15-0403)Increase rates for payment in lieu of tax (PILT)All versions
HF 1208First engrossmentQuality Incentive and Risk Adjustment for Health DisparitiesAll versions
HF 1209Second engrossmentTraining and techniques to de-escalate mental health crisesAll versions
HF 1211As introducedDisability Waiver Rate System 
HF 1212As introducedProperty tax changes for agricultural and senior-owned property 
HF 1217As introducedConcurrent enrollment 
HF 1219First EngrossmentReporting data on homeless and highly mobile studentsAll versions
HF 1220As introducedClarifications regarding early learning scholarships 
HF 1221First engrossmentNursing Facility Property Rate Adjustment for Certain FacilitiesAll versions
HF 1222As introducedCompensatory Revenue Allocations; School Board Authority 
HF 1223As introducedFabrication Lab Grant; Anoka-Hennepin STEP program 
HF 1224As introducedMinnesota State Academies; technology and general funding 
HF 1229First engrossmentCommercial vehicle inspectorsAll versions
HF 1230As introducedModifying requirements for agricultural classification 
HF 1232As introducedSex trafficking 
HF 1233As amended (H1233A1-1)Student discipline 
HF 1234As introducedSex offenses by Persons in Authority 
HF 1235First engrossmentFarmer-lender mediationAll versions
HF 1237As introducedParaprofessional preparation in working with students with disabilities 
HF 1239As introducedSunday liquor sales 
HF 1241As introducedStatewide uniform minimum wages and benefits 
HF 1242As introducedData practices; disability certificate holders 
HF 1243As introducedCommunity virtualization 
HF 1246Second engrossmentMinnesota Telemedicine ActAll versions
HF 1247As introducedIncarcerated women; pregnancy and childbirth 
HF 1248As introducedTransfer of West Metro Education Program Facilities 
HF 1251As introducedHighway-rail grade crossings; railroad assessment and crossing improvements 
HF 1254As introducedValidation of the city of Marshall's 2011 sales tax authority 
HF 1255As introducedDWI; plate impoundment; ignition interlock 
HF 1257First engrossmentResponsible contractor lawAll versions
HF 1259As introducedEarly Educational Services for Certain Students from other States 
HF 1261First engrossmentRulemakingAll versions
HF 1262Delete everything amendment (H1262DE3)Upper St. Anthony Lock Closure Grants 
HF 1265As introducedAdditional LGA to certain cities for transportation costs 
HF 1268First engrossmentInsurance producers for health insurance consumersAll versions
HF 1269As IntroducedReimbursement to local government for public safety personnel on military leave 
HF 1271First EngrossmentGroup Residential Housing (GRH) EligibilityAll versions
HF 1272First engrossmentHuman services licensingAll versions
HF 1277Second engrossmentCouncil on International Medical GraduatesAll versions
HF 1281First engrossmentFiscal notes, revenue estimates, and local government impact notes 
HF 1282As introducedNonpartisan legislative offices 
HF 1283As amended (H1283A2)Teacher-governed schoolsAll versions
HF 1284As introducedGrants to Assisted Living Facilities for Assistive Technology 
HF 1285Delete-everything amendment (H1285DE2)Graduation rate and student debt disclosures 
HF 1286As introducedInsurance coverage for dependents of deceased volunteer firefighters 
HF 1290As introducedInsurance fraud account funding 
HF 1291As introducedFine allocation; towns 
HF 1293As introducedLiquor statutes recodification 
HF 1296As introducedAdministrative funding grant; veterans' services in Stearns County 
HF 1297First engrossmentMetropolitan Council, membership nominating committeeAll versions
HF 1299As introducedTax Increment Financing (TIF) - Eagan 
HF 1301As introducedDependent care credit amount increased and income eligibility expanded 
HF 1303As introducedHealth plan contracting requirements 
HF 1306As introducedRequiring the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities to establish a transfer curriculum 
HF 1307As introducedValuation exclusion for improvements to residential and apartment property 
HF 1314First engrossmentDental Faculty and Resident Dentists – MA EnrollmentAll versions
HF 1322As amended (H1322A1-1)Sales tax exemption for certain herbicides 
HF 1324As introducedVolunteer first responder aid 
HF 1325As introducedTax-forfeited Land Sales 
HF 1326First engrossmentMPCA policy billAll versions
HF 1328As introducedConservation Easement Stewardship Accounts 
HF 1329First engrossmentDNR Policy and Technical Bill 
HF 1333Second engrossmentTermination of spousal support based on cohabitationAll versions
HF 1341First engrossmentDeaf and Hard-of-Hearing Services AppropriationsAll versions
HF 1342As introducedUniform Fraudulent Transfer Act 
HF 1344As introducedAppropriation; Duluth Children's Museum 
HF 1346As introducedJohn Alleman Memorial Bridge 
HF 1347As introducedAlternative Teacher Preparation Grants 
HF 1349As introducedDrainage Systems 
HF 1350First engrossmentNonemergency Medical TransportationAll versions
HF 1353First engrossmentEthnic CouncilsAll versions
HF 1354As introducedInsurance coverage for dependents of deceased volunteer firefighters; reporting volunteer firefighter deaths 
HF 1357First engrossmentCertificate of dissolution for marriage dissolution casesAll versions
HF 1358As introducedUniform Municipal Contracting Law, guaranteed energy savings contracts 
HF 1359As introducedCounties; overseer of roads and assessors in unorganized territories 
HF 1362As introducedIncluding towns in the reporting requirements to receive state aid 
HF 1363As introducedCigarette tax stamp discount 
HF 1365First engrossmentState and Local Primary Election DatesAll versions
HF 1366As introducedMental health services; appropriation 
HF 1367With author's amendment (H1367A1)Income tax exclusion for capital gains 
HF 1368First engrossmentIncome tax credit for contributions to prekindergarten scholarship granting organizationsAll versions
HF 1370As introducedInterlocutory appeals on class action certificates 
HF 1372Second engrossmentTrust for the care of animals; updates to uniform probate code and RUFADAA; receivership; MN Revised Uniform LLC ActAll versions
HF 1376As introducedModifying schedules of controlled substances 
HF 1384As introducedRecodifying the charter school statutes 
HF 1387As introducedElections; political party petitions 
HF 1389As introducedPupil Transportation Adjustment; Geographically Large Districts 
HF 1390As introducedIncreasing the Maximum Funding for Extended Time Pupils 
HF 1391As introducedAppropriating money for College Possible 
HF 1392As introducedChanging statewide testing requirements 
HF 1393As introducedIndividual income tax – definition of a resident 
HF 1394First engrossmentMPCA Citizens' BoardAll versions
HF 1399As introducedWine transfers 
HF 1406Second engrossmentOmnibus Game and Fish BillAll versions
HF 1407As introducedProperty taxation; defining wine produced by a farm winery as an agricultural product 
HF 1408First engrossmentWater conditioning installationAll versions
HF 1410As introducedSustainable forest incentive act changes 
HF 1412The delete everything amendment (H1412DE7)Electronic waste recyclingAll versions
HF 1413As introducedMankato and North Mankato sales tax extensions 
HF 1414As introducedFunding for State Veterans Homes in Montevideo and Bemidji 
HF 1415As introducedRoad right-of-way; manure application 
HF 1416As introducedUnemployment tax reduction 
HF 1420As introducedPublic utility solar project 
HF 1422First engrossmentSeat belt fines on busesAll versions
HF 1423As introducedSpecial fuels tax – off-road use 
HF 1425As introducedGetting to Work grant program 
HF 1426Delete everything amendment A15-0287 to HF 1426Customized training for skilled manufacturing industries 
HF 1427First engrossmentDistrict One Hospital Board meetings (Faribault)All versions
HF 1428First engrossmentQualifying homeless and other young children for educational servicesAll versions
HF 1429Second engrossmentLands BillAll versions
HF 1432First engrossmentsIndian Tribe Background ChecksAll versions
HF 1433As introducedProhibiting recording people in common changing areas 
HF 1434First engrossmentFirearm SuppressorsAll versions
HF 1437Second engrossmentOmnibus agriculture finance billAll versions
HF 1439As introducedCritical Access Mental Health Payment Rates 
HF 1443First engrossmentPublic Assistance Program SimplificationAll versions
HF 1446As IntroducedScience, Technology, Engineering and Math Grants to School Districts 
HF 1447First engrossmentHealth Care Workforce Planning and GrantsAll versions
HF 1448As introducedSale of Lands Donated to the State 
HF 1450Second engrossmentSmall cities transportation aidAll versions
HF 1459As introducedProviding for truth-in-taxation statements to be mailed in October 
HF 1460Delete everything amendment (H1460DE2-1)Health Care Program Eligibility VerificationAll versions
HF 1461First engrossmentOfficer Scott Patrick Memorial HighwayAll versions
HF 1463As introducedIncome tax subtraction for meal expenses of first responders 
HF 1466As introducedMicrodistillery off-sale authorization 
HF 1467As introducedRailroad company eminent domain powers in Hennepin County 
HF 1470As IntroducedSecretary of State business fees and filings 
HF 1472First engrossmentMortgage foreclosure postponement and validationAll versions
HF 1477Author's amendment (H1477A2)Solid waste 
HF 1478As introducedExcluding electricity and natural gas purchases from the metropolitan transit area tax 
HF 1479First engrossmentIncome tax subtraction and credit for contributions to Minnesota College Savings PlanAll versions
HF 1482First engrossmentChanges to Medical Cannabis Registry ProgramAll versions
HF 1485As introduced and amended by the H1170A2-1 amendmentCharter school enrollment preference for children eligible for a meal benefit 
HF 1489As introducedWetland Conservation Act 
HF 1490As introducedWatershed Management 
HF 1491As introducedDrones 
HF 1495Second engrossmentState Patrol academyAll versions
HF 1497As introduced and amended by the H1497A1 amendmentRequiring a civics test for high school graduation 
HF 1502As introducedDuluth golf course liquor license 
HF 1503First engrossmentDisposal of Controlled Substances and Legend DrugsAll versions
HF 1509As introducedMicrodistillery off-sale authorization 
HF 1517As IntroducedDevelopment of a plan to encourage college completion. 
HF 1519As introducedGambling managers, raffle winner selection, bingo prize limits, local regulation 
HF 1520First engrossmentLegislative Coordinating CommissionAll versions
HF 1524As introducedJudgment interest in civil actions 
HF 1525First engrossmentTransportation Advisory BoardAll versions
HF 1526As introducedSuburban connections demonstration project 
HF 1529The delete everything amendment (H1529DE1)Education savings accounts for students with special needsAll versions
HF 1534As introducedRiparian Buffers 
HF 1535Second engrossmentChildren and family service policy modificationsAll versions
HF 1538As IntroducedRetired workers compensation judges 
HF 1539Second engrossmentData practices provisions; DHSAll versions
HF 1541First engrossmentCedar Lake Area Water and Sanitary Sewer DistrictAll versions
HF 1542First engrossmentTravel abroad programs for Minnesota secondary school studentsAll versions
HF 1544As introducedCigar tax reduction 
HF 1546As introducedMale and female students; athletic participation and privacy 
HF 1549First engrossmentDOLI/Construction codes and licensing housekeeping billAll versions
HF 1552As introducedRate increase for nursing facilities in Swift, Chippewa, Renville, and Kandiyohi counties 
HF 1554First engrossmentAgriculture policyAll versions
HF 1555First engrossmentDOLI Housekeeping BillAll versions
HF 1560As introducedConsent to release of patient health records 
HF 1565As introducedRichfield – Tax Increment Financing (TIF) 
HF 1566As introducedProof of Auto Insurance 
HF 1568First engrossmentCivil commitment; special review boardAll versions
HF 1570First engrossmentFirefighters; licensure requirements modified and license reciprocity providedAll versions
HF 1571As introducedPostsecondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) Funding Increase 
HF 1573As introducedOverdimensional load escort driver certificate 
HF 1581As introducedKoochiching County Nursing Facility 
HF 1582Second engrossmentBody piercingAll versions
HF 1584First engrossmentHealth professionalsAll versions
HF 1586First engrossmentProhibiting bad faith assertions of patent infringement; prohibition on “patent trolling”All versions
HF 1591First engrossmentMinnesota Department of Education policy billAll versions
HF 1596As introducedMinimum fine for wireless communication device use while driving 
HF 1598First engrossmentRoadside mowing regulation and enforcementAll versions
HF 1604Second engrossmentEpinephrine auto-injector authorizationAll versions
HF 1605First engrossmentHigher Education bonding requestsAll versions
HF 1606As introducedHome and Community-Based Services (HCBS) Transitions Grants 
HF 1609As introducedPsychologists as Providers in Behavioral Health Homes 
HF 1612As introducedMotor vehicle filing fees 
HF 1615As introducedLifesaver Rapid Response Programs; Silver Alert Working Group 
HF 1628As introducedModifying the sales tax exemption for durable medical equipment and supplies 
HF 1632As introducedMinnesota State Council on Disability 
HF 1634As introducedPayment Rates for a Hospital Specializing in the Treatment of Cerebral Palsy and Other Conditions 
HF 1636As introducedSchool District Fund and Account Transfers; Two-year Extension 
HF 1637As introducedGroup Residential Housing (GRH) Supplementary Rate 
HF 1638Second engrossmentHealth and Human Services Omnibus Finance BillAll versions
HF 1639As introducedGrants for Legal Services and Referral Assistance 
HF 1640As introducedTEFRA Parental Contributions 
HF 1641As IntroducedSchool District Local Optional Revenue; Equalization 
HF 1643As introducedGranting School Districts Spending Flexibility between ECFE and School Readiness Programs 
HF 1646As introducedMotorcycle headlights 
HF 1647As amended (H1647DE1)Nonprofit hospital collectionsAll versions
HF 1649As introducedSustainable Forest Incentive Act 
HF 1651First engrossmentSteve's Law Grant Program AppropriationAll versions
HF 1652Fourth engrossmentPrescription Monitoring ProgramAll versions
HF 1653As introducedPsychiatric Residential Treatment 
HF 1657As introducedAllowing charter school authorizers to terminate a charter school contract based on poor student performance and growth 
HF 1658Delete everything amendment (H1658DE1)Office of Higher Education technical and policy changes 
HF 1659First engrossmentPharmacyAll versions
HF 1664First engrossmentFederally facilitated marketplaceAll versions
HF 1665As introducedRepeal of MinnesotaCare; MinnesotaCare II Program 
HF 1671As introducedProperty Tax Payers' Empowerment Act 
HF 1673As introducedRepealing the Commissioner of Veterans Affairs Guardianship Program 
HF 1674As introducedSanitary districts 
HF 1676First engrossmentEducational partnership fundAll versions
HF 1677Third engrossmentDHS policy; miscellaneous provisionsAll versions
HF 1678As introducedEnergy 
HF 1682As introducedAquatic Invasive Species Requirements 
HF 1688As introducedMinnesota Human Rights Act; claims for a minor 
HF 1693As introducedUnclaimed property 
HF 1694First engrossmentEvaluation of economic development incentive programsAll versions
HF 1695As introducedUnemployment Insurance, recommendations of the UI Advisory Council 
HF 1698As introducedProperty taxation of homestead resort property 
HF 1699First engrossmentDefinition of health care facility for occupation safety statutesAll versions
HF 1702As amended by H1702A1Extended employment 
HF 1703As introducedTax Court 
HF 1704As introducedLottery in lieu sales tax allocation 
HF 1706As introducedOutdoor Heritage Fund 
HF 1707With author's amendment (H1707A3)Environment and Natural Resources Trust FundAll versions
HF 1709As introducedFull-service community schools 
HF 1712As introducedSchool Crisis Response Teams 
HF 1714First engrossmentExtension of expiration dates for certain task forcesAll versions
HF 1715As introducedMnDOT Transportation policy provisions 
HF 1716As introducedIncome tax credit for student loan payments 
HF 1718As introducedInterstate Compact for Juveniles 
HF 1725As IntroducedElectronic filing for contested case hearings 
HF 1729As introducedPayment Rates for Primary Care Services 
HF 1730Delete everything (H1730DE1)Alternative notice periods for tenant's notice to quit 
HF 1731As introducedRenter property tax refund; percentage of rent constituting property tax 
HF 1732First engrossmentRead ID Act authorizationAll versions
HF 1733As introducedMnDOT cost share policy 
HF 1734As introducedFree annual park pass for members of the military 
HF 1739As introducedIn-Home and Community Services for Older Adults with Vision Loss 
HF 1744As introducedMotor carrier out-of-service orders 
HF 1745As introducedSolar generating systems siting 
HF 1751As introducedMinnesota Human Rights Act; certificate of compliance for affirmative action plans 
HF 1754As introducedGrants for Living At Home Programs for Older Adults 
HF 1762As introducedEnglish Learner Revenue; Incentive Aid 
HF 1763As introducedSchool District Incentive Aid for Student Success in Mathematics 
HF 1765As introducedCriminal statute of limitations; maltreatment of minors 
HF 1768As introducedIncreasing elderly exclusion; modifying property tax refund exemptions 
HF 1769First engrossmentOrdinances affecting business licenses, notice requiredAll versions
HF 1770First engrossmentConciliation court jurisdiction to determine claims by a countyAll versions
HF 1772As introducedSergeant Joseph Bergeron Memorial Highway 
HF 1775As introducedTax incidence study 
HF 1779As introducedDisclosure of student data 
HF 1780As introducedMnDOT performance and stewardship 
HF 1783First engrossmentTransportation companies and auto insuranceAll versions
HF 1790As introducedConsumer-Directed Community Supports 
HF 1792Second engrossmentState receivership of facilitiesAll versions
HF 1793First engrossmentMinnesota racing commission policy and technical changesAll versions
HF 1794As introducedLGA penalty forgiveness 
HF 1798As introducedElectronic paddlewheels authorized 
HF 1806As introducedRed Lake School District; Maximum Effort Capital Loan 
HF 1822As introducedAesthetic enhancements prohibition 
HF 1824First engrossmentNursing Facility Payment Rates for Certain FacilitiesAll versions
HF 1825Second engrossmentCriminal and civil penalties for sales suppression devicesAll versions
HF 1826As introducedState grants management 
HF 1828As introducedIncome property assessment data 
HF 1829As introducedRepeal June accelerated payment provisions for sales and excise taxes 
HF 1830As introducedTermination of local assessor 
HF 1831As introducedTax credit for overvalued property 
HF 1835First engrossmentWater Supply PlanningAll versions
HF 1837As introducedLittle Africa marketing and branding 
HF 1838First engrossmentCommissioner recommendations on terminating and withdrawing authorizersAll versions
HF 1846As introducedNorway house liquor license 
HF 1853First engrossmentHospital Payment RatesAll versions
HF 1856As introducedI-94/494/694 interchange study 
HF 1875As introducedEstablishing a loan forgiveness program for pilots 
HF 1878As introducedMinnesota Initiative Foundations/Child Care 
HF 1884As introducedUse of instruction permit as proof of age 
HF 1897As introducedCareer and Technical Grants 
HF 1901As introducedProbate – apportionment of estate taxes for estates with QTIPs 
HF 1903As introducedTransportation management organizations 
HF 1906As introducedNursery plants; pesticide; pollinators 
HF 1924As introducedTransportation public-private partnership pilot projects 
HF 1928As introducedStudent loan entrance counseling. 
HF 1930As introducedProviding Southeast Asian children and families with access to early childhood resources 
HF 1931As introducedSustainable forest incentive program changes 
HF 1933As introducedCoon Rapids – Tax Increment Financing (TIF) 
HF 1935Second engrossmentReligious exemptions for autopsiesAll versions
HF 1936First engrossmentPublic Health Care Program Eligibility VerificationAll versions
HF 1942As introducedFunding for Officers' Club building at Fort Snelling 
HF 1944First engrossmentAllowing early termination of an agricultural preserve upon an owner's deathAll versions
HF 1945As introducedWayzata – Tax Increment Financing (TIF) 
HF 1948First engrossmentStopping for a school busAll versions
HF 1950As introducedDestination Medical Center (DMC) – authority of nonprofit economic development agency 
HF 1955As amended by the H1955A2 amendmentTeacher mentorship programsAll versions
HF 1956As introducedSchool year-long student teaching 
HF 1960First engrossmentLodging establishment definitionAll versions
HF 1969As introducedLegislative approval of Metropolitan Council housing policy plan and the local housing incentives account goals 
HF 1971First engrossmentMetropolitan CouncilAll versions
HF 1974As introducedRedistricting Principles 
HF 1976First engrossmentElectronic payments in workers' compensationAll versions
HF 1981As introducedProvisional registration and balloting; early voting 
HF 1982First engrossmentSharing of Revenue Department Information with DHSAll versions
HF 1985As introducedRepealing the June accelerated tax payments 
HF 1994As amended (H1994DE1)Expanding the exemption for sales to nonprofit organizationsAll versions
HF 1995As introducedDissolving the Minneapolis school district and providing for successor school districts 
HF 1996As introducedAssociate degree transfer pathways within the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU) 
HF 2002As introducedCottage Grove – Tax Increment Financing (TIF) 
HF 2009First engrossmentHealth insurance coverage and compliance 
HF 2014First engrossmentMnDOT driveway permitsAll versions
HF 2016As introducedCounty Program Aid 
HF 2017As introducedRepealing the tax on digital products 
HF 2019As introducedProviding a sales tax exemption for small city celebrations 
HF 2026As introducedUniform outcome reporting 
HF 2032Second engrossmentIron Range Unemployment Benefits ExtensionAll versions
HF 2034As introducedReducing LGA payments to first class cities 
HF 2038Delete everything amendment (H2038DE1-1)Managed Care Administrative ExpensesAll versions
HF 2039As introducedPupil Transportation; Nonresident Charter School Pupils 
HF 2044As introducedCommunity corrections aid formula modified 
HF 2053As introducedDrive-away/in-transit license plates 
HF 2054As introducedClean Water Council 
HF 2072First engrossmentTransfer-on-death title for watercrafts and motor vehiclesAll versions
HF 2075As introducedLiquor license for municipal athletic center 
HF 2077As introducedAgricultural property tax credit for school capital levies 
HF 2081The delete everything amendment (H20181DE2)Rebates for alternative fuel vehicles 
HF 2083As introducedIncome tax subtraction for student loan principal payments 
HF 2084First engrossmentIncome tax credit for student loan paymentsAll versions
HF 2104Second engrossmentMetropolitan Council, sewer availability charge (SAC)All versions
HF 2113Delete everything amendment (A15-0385)Special Education Aid Payments; Charter SchoolsAll versions
HF 2131As introducedSales tax vendor allowance 
HF 2134As introducedSales tax exemption for admissions to certain BMX tracks 
HF 2140Delete everything amendment (H2140DE2)Prescription Drug Price Comparisons; Reporting on Health Care Costs and VolumeAll versions
HF 2143As introducedHealth care provider tax – ambulance services 
HF 2152As introducedAutomated property system 
HF 2153As introducedSection 179 expensing carryover; income and corporate tax 
HF 2179As introducedIncome tax – sourcing rules for compensation of members of boards of directors 
HF 2182As introducedVapor products tax 
HF 2186As introducedYoung child credit 
HF 2192As amended (H2192A1)Increasing the agricultural market value credit 
HF 2193As introducedWorkers' compensation insurance payments for inpatient hospital treatment 
HF 2200As introducedHomestead credit state refund; agricultural property 
HF 2211As introducedState Tax Credit; MinnesotaCare Repeal 
HF 2213Delete-everything amendment (H2213DE2)State government 
HF 2215As IntroducedWetland replacement 
HF 2235As introducedWorkers' compensation insurance payments for inpatient hospital treatment 
HF 2236As introducedMetropolitan Council 
HF 2240As introducedRight-of-way acquisition for large energy projects 
HF 2260As amended (H2260A1)Study of agricultural valuation based on production value 
HF 2269As introducedGovernor's capital investment bill 
HF 2272As introducedFarm winery tax credit 
HF 2276As amended by author's amendment (H2276A1)Job training center tax credit 
HF 2294First engrossmentElimination of waiting period for marriage licensesAll versions
HF 2314With author's amendment (H2314A1)Tax credit for prepared food donations 
HF 2322Second engrossmentLicensure of lactation consultantsAll versions
HF 2332First engrossmentEstablishment of a merged market for health plansAll versions
HF 2340As introducedPrompt payment to subcontractors 
HF 2344Third engrossmentLicensure of orthotists, prosthetists, pedorthists, orthotic fitters, and orthotic-prosthetic assistantsAll versions
HF 2345First engrossmentSpoken language health care interpretersAll versions
HF 2353As introducedPublic Library Construction Grants 
HF 2365As introducedDrainage 
HF 2366As introducedLicensure of music therapists 
HF 2371First engrossmentClaims Against the StateAll versions
HF 2380First engrossmentFunding for MNsure operationsAll versions
HF 2381First engrossmentBroadbandAll versions
HF 2387As amended (H2387A1)Accelerating the general sales tax exemption for certain local governments 
HF 2389Second engrossmentRegulation of eyelash extension servicesAll versions
HF 2401As introducedTime to complete local approval of 2014 law 
HF 2404As introducedRural residential district speed limits 
HF 2405As introducedMinnesotaCare Waiver 
HF 2406As introducedDrones 
HF 2408As introducedEmerald ash borer 
HF 2427As introducedReduced fiscal disparities contributions for small cities 
HF 2436First engrossmentRate Increase for Rural Dental ProvidersAll versions
HF 2437First engrossmentRate Increase for Rural Dental ProvidersAll versions
HF 2444As introducedDisabled veterans – tax exemptions for vehicle purchases and registrations 
HF 2445First engrossmentOsteopathic physiciansAll versions
HF 2449As introducedIncreasing funding for the Minnesota Reading Corps 
HF 2461The delete everything amendment (H2461DE1)Sales tax exemption for equipment used by Internet service providers 
HF 2467First engrossmentMetropolitan Council, staggering terms, members must be local elected officialsAll versions
HF 2469First engrossmentFuneral establishments; preparation and embalming roomsAll versions
HF 2470As introducedChild Care Assistance Program Maximum Reimbursement Rates 
HF 2478As introducedWorkers' Compensation Advisory Council recommendations 
HF 2486The delete everything amendment (H2486DE2)Energy conservation 
HF 2497Second engrossmentLocal government; zoning of temporary health care dwellingsAll versions
HF 2500As introducedTRIO Program Supplemental Grants 
HF 2502First engrossmentTractor rollover protectionAll versions
HF 2505As introducedModifying income tax credit for past military service 
HF 2508As introducedTransit farebox revenues 
HF 2511As introducedCharter schools 
HF 2512As introducedPrescription drugs; extended supply 
HF 2514As introducedHost community economic development grants 
HF 2515Third engrossmentUpdates to the probate codeAll versions
HF 2516As introducedTractor rollover protection 
HF 2517As introducedProperty taxes on farms operated by beginning farmers 
HF 2529As introducedReimbursements for trust conversions 
HF 2532As introducedPesticide; white-tailed deer 
HF 2533As introducedProperty tax refund and homestead credit refund; senior and disabled claimants 
HF 2534As introducedHealth-related licensing boards 
HF 2539As introducedSubstance use continuum of care; appropriation 
HF 2540Second engrossmentLegality of Daily Fantasy SportsAll versions
HF 2546The delete-everything amendment (H2546DE1)Refinancing for borrowers facing a financial emergency 
HF 2547As introducedCollegiate Recovery Program – University of Minnesota, Rochester 
HF 2552First engrossmentOFP; hearing requirementsAll versions
HF 2553As introducedOFP; eliminating respondent filing fees 
HF 2554As introducedImpersonating a member of the military or veteran 
HF 2564First engrossmentProvider Tax Exemption for Ambulance and Emergency ServicesAll versions
HF 2572First engrossmentChild protectionAll versions
HF 2573As IntroducedExempting game release fees from the sales tax 
HF 2574As introducedExempting certain clay targets from the sales tax 
HF 2576As introducedPromoting awareness of loan forgiveness programs 
HF 2585First engrossmentInterim ordinancesAll versions
HF 2586As introducedCollege-ready scores; Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments 
HF 2590First engrossmentCounty No-Net-Gain PoliciesAll versions
HF 2591First engrossmentApproval of State Land AcquisitionsAll versions
HF 2601As introducedBonding; Rural Finance Authority (RFA) 
HF 2602First engrossmentUse of private/nonpublic data for authorized purposesAll versions
HF 2603The second engrossmentState agency land acquisition; public notice, meeting requiredAll versions
HF 2607First engrossmentNursing Facility Moratorium and External Fixed CostsAll versions
HF 2609First engrossmentCertified community behavioral health clinicsAll versions
HF 2611First engrossmentOutdoor Heritage Fund AppropriationsAll versions
HF 2613First engrossmentSTEMI receiving centers; EMS Regulatory BoardAll versions
HF 2614First engrossmentOral Health Assessments; Rate Increase for Certain Dental ServicesAll versions
HF 2622As introducedStudent suicide prevention training for teachers 
HF 2624As introducedMilitary Personnel Permitted to Re-take Road Test 
HF 2625As introducedRichfield firefighters, response time residency requirement 
HF 2628First engrossmentGreater Minnesota family medicine residency grant programAll versions
HF 2630As introducedMaple Grove – Special tax increment financing (TIF) authority 
HF 2639As introducedBehavioral health pilot project 
HF 2641First engrossmentExpansion of debt settlement services regulationAll versions
HF 2645As introducedLibrary Construction Grant; East Central Regional Library 
HF 2650As introducedReceivership; short form of assignment for real property; conforming changes 
HF 2652First engrossmentAssaulting Peace OfficersAll versions
HF 2660As introducedGrant program for addiction medicine graduate fellowships 
HF 2661First engrossmentChildren's mental health; appropriationAll versions
HF 2665First engrossmentMinnesota Eligibility System Executive Steering CommitteeAll versions
HF 2670First engrossmentEarly Learning ScholarshipsAll versions
HF 2671As introducedAccess to student data 
HF 2674As introducedMineral Coordinating Committee 
HF 2683First engrossmentLegislative task force; child protectionAll versions
HF 2684As introducedNorthstar Care for Children; basic rate increase 
HF 2687As introducedRepeal of Minnesota Radon Licensing Act 
HF 2688First engrossmentElections policy omnibusAll versions
HF 2690Second engrossmentIgnition interlock; repeat offendersAll versions
HF 2694First engrossmentExclusions from home care licensureAll versions
HF 2695First engrossmentDyslexia specialistsAll versions
HF 2703As introducedPresumptive Eligibility and Federally Qualified Health Centers 
HF 2705As introducedMinnesota Revised Uniform Limited Liability Company Act 
HF 2710First engrossmentHarassment restraining ordersAll versions
HF 2718As introducedElk River Public Utilities Commission, membership 
HF 2719As introducedExempting personal property of new electric generation facility from taxation 
HF 2721As introducedSchool District Boundary Adjustment; Moorhead and Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton 
HF 2727As introducedCampaign Finance Constitutional Amendment 
HF 2728As introducedSmall Business Development Center Services 
HF 2729As amended by H2729A1Greater Minnesota loan forgiveness program established 
HF 2731As introducedSchool-linked mental health services; appropriation 
HF 2735As introducedPresidential Primary Election 
HF 2740Second engrossmentPermanent Child Support Task ForceAll versions
HF 2741Second engrossmentDissemination of private sexual images; civil action and criminal penaltiesAll versions
HF 2742First engrossmentRequirements for closed captioning in medical facilitiesAll versions
HF 2749In conference committeeOmnibus budget billAll versions
HF 2750As introducedGranting School Boards Authority to Reallocate General Education Revenue 
HF 2755As introducedCity of Canby – Special tax increment financing (TIF) authority 
HF 2757First engrossmentPartition fence law; city and county authorityAll versions
HF 2762As introducedMinnesota Department of Education data security plan 
HF 2763As introducedDisabled veteran's property tax benefit 
HF 2765As introducedWashington County – Special tax increment financing (TIF) authority 
HF 2767As introducedHomeless Youth Act Appropriation 
HF 2771First engrossmentOrganic agricultureAll versions
HF 2772As introducedContinuum of treatment; substance use disorders 
HF 2774As introducedElections Emergency Plans 
HF 2775As introducedCombining or moving a polling place in an emergency 
HF 2777As introducedBlood borne pathogens; exposure; ex parte hearing 
HF 2778As introducedAdvisory committees for the deaf and hard-of-hearing and for the blind and visually impaired advisory committees 
HF 2794As introducedExcused absences from school 
HF 2798As introducedDual Training Competency Grants 
HF 2803As introducedCivil commitment 
HF 2805First engrossmentTeacher residency pilot programAll versions
HF 2810First engrossmentHometown Heroes ActAll versions
HF 2813As introducedStatutory references to parental rights in education 
HF 2814First engrossmentLegislative study group to review OLA report on teacher licensingAll versions
HF 2815As introducedDual credit acceptance policies in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and North Dakota 
HF 2818As introducedUrban agriculture 
HF 2820As introducedWashington County 
HF 2833As introducedNursing Facility Payment Rate Technical Correction 
HF 2840As introducedFarm safety 
HF 2841As introducedMetropolitan Landfill Contingency Action Trust 
HF 2842As introducedDisposable Wipes 
HF 2843As introducedNorthern Pike Regulations 
HF 2844Third engrossmentOmnibus Game and Fish BillAll versions
HF 2845Second engrossmentDNR violations; trophy animalsAll versions
HF 2847As introducedU.S. Highway 12 projects 
HF 2851As introducedNursing Facility Payment Rates Recodification 
HF 2861As introducedLegislative task force to review OLA report on K-12 teacher licensing 
HF 2865First engrossmentUniversity of Minnesota; Fetal Tissue Research CenterAll versions
HF 2866First engrossmentDNR Policy BillAll versions
HF 2867First engrossmentBusiness certification dataAll versions
HF 2868First engrossmentVeteran Dental CareAll versions
HF 2870First engrossmentCommunity CorrectionsAll versions
HF 2871First engrossmentDepartment of Revenue Policy and TechnicalAll versions
HF 2874As introducedCivil liability; agricultural education and demonstration 
HF 2875As introducedTaxes; federal conformity 
HF 2876As introducedTax administration 
HF 2881As introducedWorking lands watershed restoration 
HF 2888As introducedSentencing Guidelines; Rejecting Proposed Changes to Drug Offense Sentences 
HF 2889First engrossmentChild support; parenting expense adjustmentAll versions
HF 2890As introducedExpanding innovation zone opportunities 
HF 2896As introducedPostsecondary programs for students with certain disabilities 
HF 2898Delete everything amendment (A16-0882)Protecting student data under the Minnesota Student Data Privacy ActAll versions
HF 2901As introducedCo-occurring mental health and chemical dependency disorders 
HF 2902As introducedEducation Finance Appropriation Canceled: Special Education Paperwork 
HF 2906As introducedOrganic agriculture 
HF 2911As introducedTaxes; federal conformity 
HF 2912As introducedTaxes; federal conformity 
HF 2915As IntroducedFederal funds received by the state 
HF 2924As introducedExpanding the Self Refi program 
HF 2925As introducedState grant assigned family responsibility reduced and living and miscellaneous expense allowance increased 
HF 2927First engrossmentSpecific service signsAll versions
HF 2930As introducedRail transit operating costs 
HF 2932As introducedHennepin County energy forward pricing 
HF 2936As amended (H2936A1)Agricultural containment facilities exemption 
HF 2937As introducedStaff development revenue for school districts 
HF 2944First engrossmentProviding students with effective and diverse teachersAll versions
HF 2946As introducedNational Guardsmen Game and Fish Licenses 
HF 2955Second engrossmentHuman Rights Act; public accommodation claims for architectural barriersAll versions
HF 2956As introducedDakota County Community Development Agency 
HF 2957As introducedCreating the Ramsey county economic development authority 
HF 2959As introducedAbsentee voting methods 
HF 2961First engrossmentFree annual park pass for members of the militaryAll versions
HF 2965As introducedIncome tax credit for student loan payments 
HF 2968As introducedHomestead credit refund and renter property tax refund; additional exemption for senior/disabled claimants 
HF 2969As introducedIncome tax credit for stillbirths 
HF 2970Second engrossmentCapital investment, debt management guideline addedAll versions
HF 2972As introducedIndividual income tax – residency test 
HF 2974As introducedForeign workers under H-2A visas excluded from state maximum hour and overtime law 
HF 2976As introducedProstitution; hiring minors 
HF 2981As introducedSchool District Participation in the QComp Program 
HF 2983As introducedCareer and Technical Education; Mobile Manufacturing Lab 
HF 2985As introducedHousehold Size Methodology under Medical Assistance 
HF 2987As introducedAgricultural property tax credit for school capital levies 
HF 2989As introducedAngel Investment Tax Credit – expansion of qualifying securities 
HF 2990As introducedTax Time Savings Grant Program; Taxpayer Assistance Grants 
HF 2991First engrossmentAppraisal management companies, appraiser fees, and appraiser investigation costsAll versions
HF 2992As introducedChange to AWAIR program under MN OSHA 
HF 2993Second engrossmentLCCMR Funding RecommendationsAll versions
HF 2994As introducedWorkers' compensation insurers' retention limits 
HF 2995As introducedDepartment of Labor and Industry Housekeeping Bill 
HF 2998As introducedHomestead credit refund; shareholders of manufactured home park cooperatives 
HF 3000First engrossmentBuffersAll versions
HF 3001As introducedDisclosure of federal penalties; state bonds 
HF 3002As introducedDeer Hunting Lotteries 
HF 3003As introducedDEED Department Bill 
HF 3005As introducedCourt reporter statutes; court proceedings 
HF 3009First engrossmentCommunity Respite Care GrantsAll versions
HF 3014Second engrossmentAutocyclesAll versions
HF 3015As introducedCity of Dassel tax forfeited land 
HF 3019First engrossmentRamsey County Human ResourcesAll versions
HF 3022First engrossmentElk ManagementAll versions
HF 3024First engrossmentBoard of BarbersAll versions
HF 3026As introducedChemical dependency treatment 
HF 3036As introducedAdvisory Task Force; Division of Health Aging within Minnesota Department of Health 
HF 3039As introducedNursing Facility Moratorium Exception Funding 
HF 3043As introducedEarly Repayment of Maximum Effort Capital Loans 
HF 3044First engrossmentTargeted case management; interactive videoAll versions
HF 3045First engrossmentProcess for investigating quality of care complaintsAll versions
HF 3048Third engrossmentHospice services provided to children diagnosed with a life-threatening illnessAll versions
HF 3059As introducedDefinition of solid waste management services 
HF 3063As introducedReimbursement for costs of nursing assistant training programs 
HF 3066First engrossmentMDE department billAll versions
HF 3067First engrossmentMnDOT agency policyAll versions
HF 3074As introducedCommunity solar gardens 
HF 3077As IntroducedState auditor appropriations 
HF 3081First engrossmentWorkforce development areasAll versions
HF 3082First engrossmentDamage to energy transmission propertyAll versions
HF 3083As introducedConcurrent enrollment; developmental courses 
HF 3090As introducedCounseling for college student loan debtors 
HF 3102As introducedRegulation of lawful gambling 
HF 3103As introducedCollege Possible funding increased 
HF 3104As introducedPatrol Officer Michael Alan Hogan Memorial Highway 
HF 3109First engrossmentSmall business procurement; Veteran-owned small businessesAll versions
HF 3118First engrossment with author's amendment (H3118A1)Disabled veterans' homestead value exclusionAll versions
HF 3123First engrossmentSchool board appointments and special elections to fill board vacanciesAll versions
HF 3124As introducedExpanding the definition of retailers with a duty to collect sales tax 
HF 3125First engrossmentRenewable motor oil mandateAll versions
HF 3129Second engrossmentSchool district health insurance proposal processAll versions
HF 3130As introducedFetal Tissue Research; Legislative Auditor Review 
HF 3132As introducedTeacher Shortage Act 
HF 3142Conference committee reportMinnesota Department of Health Policy BillAll versions
HF 3148As introducedLocal sales tax authority for East Grand Forks 
HF 3150First engrossmentReporting of abortion dataAll versions
HF 3153As introducedVeterinary Diagnostic Laboratory 
HF 3154As introducedVeterinary Diagnostic Laboratory 
HF 3155As introducedCorridors of Commerce 
HF 3159As introducedBuffers 
HF 3162As introducedNorthwest Angle School Capital Grant 
HF 3163As introducedWorking family credit increase 
HF 3165As introducedAlternative teacher preparation grant program 
HF 3166As introducedSpecial Revenue Fund; Boards of Teaching and School Administrators 
HF 3167As introducedCharacter development education; Medal of Honor Society 
HF 3168First engrossmentState Government FinanceAll versions
HF 3169As introducedNursing facilities in border cities 
HF 3170As introducedPositive Support Strategies and Restrictive Interventions 
HF 3175As introducedDriving instructor license background checks 
HF 3176As introducedTransit bonding 
HF 3182As introducedBonding; Agricultural Utilization Research Institute (AURI) 
HF 3184As introducedIndustrial hemp 
HF 3185As introducedIndustrial hemp 
HF 3186First engrossmentGrain buyers; sales taxAll versions
HF 3187As introducedSecurity freezes on the credit reports of minors 
HF 3189As introducedMRSI program; freight rail preservation grants 
HF 3191First engrossmentSafe harbor for sexually exploited youthAll versions
HF 3199Second engrossmentDHS policyAll versions
HF 3202As introducedCity of Burnsville – Special tax increment financing (TIF) authority 
HF 3204First engrossmentCharter school technical corrections billAll versions
HF 3205As amended (H3725A1)Providing a sales tax exemption for food sold in vending machines 
HF 3207As introducedMuskie 
HF 3208As introducedBlaze Pink 
HF 3209As introducedLead Shot 
HF 3211Second engrossmentAdvance deposit wagering authorizedAll versions
HF 3220Delete everything amendment (H3220DE1)Regulating the use of parenting consultantsAll versions
HF 3223As introducedPrison 
HF 3228First engrossmentEvaluation of MNsure's 2016 open enrollment operations and performanceAll versions
HF 3230As introducedSubsidies for federally qualified health centers 
HF 3231First engrossmentAgriculture policyAll versions
HF 3233As introducedTeacher Training; Concurrent Enrollment Courses 
HF 3235First engrossmentMA Payment Rate for Ambulance Services; EMS Regulatory Board AppropriationsAll versions
HF 3237The first engrossmentTechnical and policy changes to Office of Higher Education programsAll versions
HF 3240As introducedCharter School Aid Payments 
HF 3241As introducedGrant program; clinical training programs for physician assistants, advanced practice registered nurses, mental health professionals 
HF 3246As introducedChanges to benefits required by the Minnesota No-Fault Automobile Insurance Act 
HF 3248As introducedChild welfare services 
HF 3249As introducedWhite Earth Band of Ojibwe Human Services 
HF 3252First engrossmentVeterans – Reinstatement of Real Estate LicenseAll versions
HF 3254As introducedSt. Cloud School District; Grant for Preschool Pilot Program 
HF 3258As introducedModifying housing finance program eligibility 
HF 3260As introducedSex offender residency restrictions 
HF 3269As introducedStudy; low retention rates for APRNs in primary care settings 
HF 3273As introducedCollaborative Urban Educator Program; Curriculum Required 
HF 3275As introducedGraduate student eligibility for the child care grant program 
HF 3276First engrossmentConsumer-Directed Community SupportsAll versions
HF 3277First engrossmentFood Stamp Employment and Training ProgramAll versions
HF 3281As introducedRaffle boards 
HF 3287As introducedAdvanced In-Home Activity-Monitoring Systems 
HF 3292As introducedTax credit for K-12 teacher licensure and professional development 
HF 3301As introducedHome and Community-Based Services Incentive Pool 
HF 3303First engrossmentMine Safety RequirementsAll versions
HF 3305First engrossmentChild foster care trainingAll versions
HF 3308Second engrossmentFamily law cases required to provide parties with dispute resolution noticeAll versions
HF 3309First engrossmentBullion product dealersAll versions
HF 3310First engrossmentCarbon Monoxide Detectors - BoatsAll versions
HF 3313First engrossmentStudent discipline working groupAll versions
HF 3316As introducedTaxes; federal conformity 
HF 3324As introducedUrban agriculture 
HF 3325First engrossmentAutonomous vehicles task force and demonstration projectAll versions
HF 3326As introducedTeacher Training; Concurrent Enrollment Courses 
HF 3332As introducedPilot project to help struggling students read 
HF 3333As introducedControlled Substance Schedule Updates 
HF 3339As introducedLifetime Game and Fish Licenses 
HF 3340As introducedCollaborative Urban Educator Program; Funding Increased 
HF 3350First engrossmentLong-term care simulation modelAll versions
HF 3357As introducedHibbing Public Utilities Commission, membership increased 
HF 3363Second engrossmentFood accessAll versions
HF 3368As introducedGas tax signs on petroleum dispensers 
HF 3369As introducedSensory Testing Services 
HF 3370First engrossmentPredatory offender registration 
HF 3374Second engrossmentDistribution of funds for family planning servicesAll versions
HF 3377Second engrossmentWorkforce and Affordable Homeownership Development Program EstablishedAll versions
HF 3378As introducedUniversity of Minnesota; Institutional Review Board 
HF 3383As amended (H3383A1)Provides tax relief to the city of Madelia for its fire on February 3, 2016 
HF 3384First EngrossmentPrinciple based reserving method for certain insurance companiesAll versions
HF 3385Second engrossmentDriving without a license penaltiesAll versions
HF 3387As introducedModifying the uses of compensatory revenue; expanding board flexibility 
HF 3388As introducedBureau of Small Business 
HF 3394As introducedVeterans Services Disclosure Requirement 
HF 3396As introducedAmending the Human Rights Act definition of sex; changing requirements for employers and public accommodations for restrooms and locker rooms 
HF 3401Second engrossmentLands BillAll versions
HF 3402First engrossmentProhibiting garnishment of retirement, health savings, and medical savings accountsAll versions
HF 3403As introducedState payments of refunds on state-assessed property 
HF 3404First engrossmentSchool bus stopsAll versions
HF 3405As introducedYear-round mentoring and tutoring grant; Sanneh Foundation 
HF 3416As introducedVeterans Preference Act 
HF 3419First engrossmentScreening and treatment for maternal depression; treatment for pregnant and postpartum women with substance use disordersAll versions
HF 3423First engrossmentCriminal and Juvenile Justice Information Advisory GroupAll versions
HF 3427As introducedSpecial Education Teacher Education; Grant to Southwest State 
HF 3429First engrossmentPilot program; early preventive dental care for infants and toddlersAll versions
HF 3433First engrossmentChild care programsAll versions
HF 3434As introducedChild care programs 
HF 3436First engrossmentChild care task forceAll versions
HF 3438As introducedIncreasing awareness of senior care career opportunities. 
HF 3450As introducedGrant to the Girls in Action program 
HF 3452As introducedEstablishing the prekindergarten MinneK program 
HF 3454As introduced (as amended by H3454A1)Prevention of financial abuse and exploitation of seniors, vulnerable adults, and caregivers 
HF 3458The delete everything amendment (H3458DE2)Lake Mille Lacs area economic reliefAll versions
HF 3459The delete everything amendment (H3459DE2)Lake Mille Lacs Area economic relief program 
HF 3466As introducedHealth information technology grant program 
HF 3467Third engrossmentHealth and Human Services, State Government, and Public Safety OmnibusAll versions
HF 3469Second engrossmentLaura's Law; interfering with scene of deathAll versions
HF 3470As amended by H3470A1Municipal regulation of public utilities; franchise fees 
HF 3482First engrossmentIdentity theft; criminal statute of limitations 
HF 3486First engrossmentDisability Waiver Rate SystemAll versions
HF 3496As introducedCrumb rubber on athletic fields and playgrounds, signs, moratorium 
HF 3497As introducedPedicab electric-assist bicycles 
HF 3500As introducedReducing state-generated special education paperwork 
HF 3501As introducedMinerals Management Account 
HF 3502As introducedSchool Trust Lands 
HF 3503As introducedSchool Trust Lands 
HF 3508The delete everything amendment (H3508DE2)Public Utilities Commission membershipAll versions
HF 3511First engrossmentCompensation for MNsure failure to timely issue form 1095-AAll versions
HF 3512As introducedUnemployment Insurance Advisory Council recommendations 
HF 3516As introducedOff-Road Vehicles 
HF 3517Second engrossmentUnmanned aircraft systemsAll versions
HF 3522As introducedSchool District Early Learning Program Coordination; ECFE and School Readiness 
HF 3523As introducedQualifying Charter Schools for School Readiness Aid 
HF 3525As introducedCity of Anoka – special tax increment financing (TIF) authority 
HF 3526As introducedMnSCU Open Textbooks 
HF 3538As introducedLocal sales tax authorized for the Garrison, Kathio, West Mille Lacs Lake sanitary district 
HF 3543As introducedSchool desegregation and integration rules 
HF 3546First engrossmentCounty Probation ServicesAll versions
HF 3548First engrossmentSpecial transportation service regulationsAll versions
HF 3549Second engrossmentPresidential Primary ElectionAll versions
HF 3551As introducedHennepin County; job order contracting 
HF 3553As introducedClinical drug trials; oversight 
HF 3554First engrossmentTelecommunications; deployment of small wireless facilitiesAll versions
HF 3555First engrossmentRequirements Related to Applications for Health CoverageAll versions
HF 3556As introducedMedical assistance; release of claim 
HF 3558As introducedCity and town expenditures for their historical societies 
HF 3560With author's amendment (H3560A1)Citizenship credit 
HF 3561As introducedHomestead property tax classification 
HF 3568As introducedPrescribed Burns 
HF 3569As introducedRenewable Development Fund 
HF 3581As introducedOmbudsman for Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities 
HF 3582Delete everything amendment H3582DE1Community Medical Response Emergency Medical Technician ServicesAll versions
HF 3585Second engrossmentPublic EmploymentAll versions
HF 3586As introducedParent's responsibility to educate a child 
HF 3588As introducedNatural gas vehicle weight limits 
HF 3590First engrossmentEarned compliance credits; correctional supervisionAll versions
HF 3594As introducedReplace certain existing taxes with the FAIR tax 
HF 3601As introducedGreater Minnesota internship grant program established and tax credit repealed. 
HF 3602As introducedLGA base adjustment for newly incorporated cities 
HF 3603As amended by author's amendment (H3603DE2)Extension of the Hermantown local sales tax 
HF 3608As introducedState aid to counties with casinos 
HF 3615As introducedMedical assistance estate recovery 
HF 3622As introducedDWI; search warrants 
HF 3627First engrossmentPerpich Center for Arts EducationAll versions
HF 3644First engrossmentMetropolitan Council, sewer availability charge (SAC)All versions
HF 3652As introducedStaff Sergeant Kevin Witte Memorial Highway 
HF 3654As introducedCity of Northfield – Special tax increment financing (TIF) authority 
HF 3660As introducedSales and lodging tax exemptions for occasional sales of lodging 
HF 3663As introducedPermit to Carry Expiration for Certain Servicemembers 
HF 3679As introducedPhysical assaults of teachers by students 
HF 3680As introducedHandheld portable x-ray systems 
HF 3685As amended (H3685A1)Dry cleaner response and reimbursement account 
HF 3689First engrossmentMnDOT project selection process best practicesAll versions
HF 3691First engrossmentNorthstar commuter rail extension negotiationsAll versions
HF 3693As introducedDakota County plat authority 
HF 3698First engrossmentRail transportation provisionsAll versions
HF 3706As introducedAllowing homestead property taxes to be paid in monthly installments 
HF 3708As introducedSolid waste; moratorium on organized collection 
HF 3721As introducedCorrecting Terminology Related to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program 
HF 3723First engrossmentMnDOT right-of-way; field application of manureAll versions
HF 3724First engrossmentVoting Equipment Grant AccountAll versions
HF 3725As amended (H3725A2)Sales tax refund on construction materials used in a water treatment facility 
HF 3729Delete everything amendment (H3729DE1)Spousal anti-impoverishmentAll versions
HF 3733As introducedState grant assigned family and student responsibility reduced 
HF 3757As introducedSnow Angel Program 
HF 3758As introducedTax increment financing (TIF) – 6-year Rule 
HF 3770As introducedMetropolitan Council, exclude Cannon Falls from jurisdiction 
HF 3772As introducedAgriculture; food shelves 
HF 3773Delete everything amendment (H3773DE1-1)Agency Agreements and Fund Transfers 
HF 3774With author's amendment (H3774A1)Income tax rate reductionAll versions
HF 3783First engrossmentExpedited PermitsAll versions
HF 3785As introducedSales tax exemption for nonprofit snowmobile clubs 
HF 3787As introducedRemote sellers subject to sales tax collection requirements 
HF 3789As introducedMnSCU IT and administrative costs 
HF 3790Delete everything amendment (H3790DE2)Payment Rates for Durable Medical Equipment and Other Supplies 
HF 3794As introducedProviding supplemental county program aid for Roseau County 
HF 3801As introducedDual training program support grants and administrative changes 
HF 3806As introducedTax exemptions for a Major League Soccer stadium 
HF 3813As introducedGovernor's Supplemental Education Finance Bill 
HF 3828As introducedProperty tax credit for agricultural buffer land 
HF 3829Second engrossmentOmnibus Legacy BillAll versions
HF 3840As introducedMinnesota housing tax credit 
HF 3841As introducedWorkforce housing tax credit 
HF 3847As introducedIncome tax subtraction for social security benefits 
HF 3852As amended (H3852A1)Sales tax construction exemption for a siding production facilityAll versions
HF 3858First engrossmentGovernor's Supplemental Education Finance BillAll versions
HF 3888First engrossmentAgriculture financeAll versions
HF 3890First engrossmentOmnibus Environment and Natural Resources FinanceAll versions
HF 3912As amended by author's amendment (H3912A1)Research and development credit – ASC election 
HF 3925Second engrossmentIron Range Resources and RehabilitationAll versions
HF 3926As introducedConstruction sales tax exemption for redevelopment of Duluth Central high school site 
HF 3931Third engrossmentOmnibus employment and economic development billAll versions
HF 3944First engrossmentRadon licensure; rulemaking, local inspections or permitsAll versions
HF 3959Fourth engrossmentREAL ID Act implementationAll versions
HF 3974As introducedCounty approval of land acquisition with outdoor heritage fund money 
HF 3994First engrossmentStatutory Right of Publicity; cause of action created 
SF 5First unofficial engrossmentHigher education budget and policy 
SF 107Third engrossmentCaregiver designationAll versions
SF 174Conference Committee ReportAgency head salaries; deficiency appropriations 
SF 209Second unofficial engrossment (UES0209-2)Iron Range Unemployment Benefits ExtensionAll versions
SF 337First engrossmentConforming state and federal definitions of directory information 
SF 498Revised Conference Committee Report (CCRSF0498A)Portable Recording Systems (“Body Cameras”)All versions
SF 878Conference committee reportPublic Safety Omnibus BillAll versions
SF 888Second unofficial engrossmentState Government Finance 
SF 1111First unofficial engrossmentTraffic regulations 
SF 1137First committee engrossmentSex Offenses by Persons in AuthorityAll versions
SF 1215Second engrossmentBanning flame-retardant chemicals in certain products 
SF 1523Second engrossmentHealth plan coverage modifications 
SF 1646Third engrossmentREAL ID Act initial authorization 
SF 2555As passed by the Senate (4th engrossment)Temporary family health care dwellings, permits 
SF 2713Second engrossmentDissemination of private sexual images; civil action and criminal penalties 
SF 2760First unofficial engrossmentLands Bill 
SF 2850Second engrossmentFund-raising for Capitol reopening 
SF 3018First unofficial engrossmentAgriculture policy 
SF 3368First unofficial engrossmentRoad right-of-way use; field application of manure 
SF 3481Third engrossmentControlled Substances 
SF 3589First unofficial engrossmentREAL ID Act implementation