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Bill Summaries: 2011–2012

Bill summaries are prepared by Legislative Analysts of the nonpartisan Minnesota House Research Department for the benefit of House members and the general public. Generally, summaries are only prepared for bills that have been scheduled for public hearings.

Multiple versions of a bill summary reflects amendments to the bill that were adopted in committee or on the House or Senate floor. All versions of bill summaries, both most recent and previous, are available.

Our strong suggestion is that readers review the language of the bill itself rather than relying entirely on information in the summary.

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BillLatest SummarySubjectVersions
HF 1Second engrossmentEnvironmental review and permittingAll versions
HF 2Second engrossmentZero-based budgeting; sunset processAll versions
HF 31st engrossmentAlternative teacher preparation program and limited term teaching licenseAll versions
HF 42nd engrossmentReduction in state workforceAll versions
HF 6Second engrossmentSex Offender SentencingAll versions
HF 7First engrossmentLocal government mandates repealedAll versions
HF 8Third engrossmentHealthy Minnesota Contribution ProgramAll versions
HF 10As introducedBusiness tax reductions 
HF 11As introducedResearch and Development Credit 
HF 12First committee engrossment with H0012A22 amendmentAgricultural property taxation; Green AcresAll versions
HF 15As IntroducedPartial income tax subtraction for military retirement pay; $6,000 limit 
HF 16As IntroducedFishing with Two Lines 
HF 18As IntroducedExpands the sales tax exemption for farm machinery 
HF 19As introducedNursing Facility Rate Adjustment 
HF 22Delete everything amendment H0022DE2Property taxation; classification of certain inns located in small cities 
HF 27As introducedPotter Center for the Arts/Bonding 
HF 31As IntroducedDrivers Given Priority to Take Deer Killed in Motor Vehicle Collisions 
HF 32First engrossmentGovernmental tort liability limitsAll versions
HF 39As introducedBlack and Yellow Trail 
HF 40As introducedLifelong learning account program 
HF 42Conference committee report (CCRHF0042A)Tax Omnibus BillAll versions
HF 49As introducedFergus Falls local sales tax 
HF 50First engrossmentVeterans; creating a license plate for women veteransAll versions
HF 52First engrossmentLocal government, zoning variancesAll versions
HF 54As IntroducedAgricultural property taxation; Green Acres 
HF 552nd engrossmentState landsAll versions
HF 56First EngrossmentUSERRA; Waiver of State ImmunityAll versions
HF 57Conference Committee ReportSynthetic marijuanaAll versions
HF 633rd engrossmentTeacher licensure provisionsAll versions
HF 66First engrossmentPolitical contribution refund and tax check-off repealAll versions
HF 67As IntroducedState budget 
HF 68As IntroducedCareless driving 
HF 71As IntroducedOperating Capital Revenue Uses Expanded 
HF 72As IntroducedEnergy 
HF 77As introducedEstablishing Grant Programs for Healthy Communities and Circles of Support 
HF 79Third engrossmentIncome tax federal conformity, tax year 2010 only; repeal of refund delayAll versions
HF 80As IntroducedAnnual special permit for waterfront structures 
HF 82Delete everything amendment (H0082DE1)Income tax subtraction for military retirement pay; phased inAll versions
HF 88As IntroducedSafe Schools Levy; Maintenance of Effort Requirement Repealed 
HF 89Third engrossmentVoter IdentificationAll versions
HF 92As IntroducedRepeal of January collective bargaining agreement deadline and aid penalty 
HF 93As IntroducedArianna Celeste MacNamara Memorial Bridge 
HF 99As IntroducedVeterans; property tax; exempting property of veteran service organizations 
HF 102First EngrossmentMinnesota Science and Technology ProgramAll versions
HF 103First engrossmentUnemployment insuranceAll versions
HF 105As IntroducedVeterans; appropriations; disabled veterans rest camp 
HF 106As IntroducedProviding a sales tax exemption for water used in public safety 
HF 107As IntroducedSpear Fishing - Slot Limits for Northerns Removed 
HF 108As IntroducedIncome tax checkoff for contributions for multiple sclerosis research and assistance 
HF 110As IntroducedPension Commission membership 
HF 112As introducedTaylors Falls -- border city development zone authority 
HF 113First engrossmentExemption from MinnesotaCare Provider TaxAll versions
HF 115As IntroducedRepeal of January collective bargaining agreement deadline and aid penalty 
HF 117As IntroducedGrant program to fund high school counseling services 
HF 122Second engrossmentDental plan provider agreementsAll versions
HF 1251st engrossmentSalary freeze; 2011 appropriation reductionsAll versions
HF 126As IntroducedHigher education base reductions 
HF 127As IntroducedState employee salary freeze 
HF 128As IntroducedAppropriations reductions 
HF 1291st engrossmentPermanently enacts state revenues savings initiatives enacted temporarily during the 2010 session and conforms to federal income tax changesAll versions
HF 130Conference committee reportState budget reductionsAll versions
HF 1331st engrossmentTrial placements at the Minnesota Academies for the Deaf and BlindAll versions
HF 135First EngrossmentLocal authority to regulate wellsAll versions
HF 1411st engrossmentPublic safety dogsAll versions
HF 142As IntroducedAgricultural property taxation; Green Acres 
HF 143As IntroducedAllowing Glenwood Township to impose an aggregate materials tax 
HF 148As IntroducedAgricultural property taxation; Green Acres 
HF 1511st engrossmentPosting predatory offender information on the InternetAll versions
HF 152As IntroducedCriminal possession and sale of identification documents 
HF 155As IntroducedRepeals general levy limits 
HF 156As introducedProperty taxation; seasonal recreational property 
HF 161Delete everything amendment (H0161DE2)Public safety; firearms; repealing Minnesota's permit-to-purchase requirement 
HF 164As IntroducedIncome tax subtraction for military retirement pay 
HF 166As IntroducedLead poisoning prevention 
HF 171Delete everything amendment (H0171DE2)Electronic Benefit Transfers and Residency Requirements 
HF 1731st engrossmentSunset of state agenciesAll versions
HF 174Third engrossmentDOR for tax compliance contractAll versions
HF 180As IntroducedLocation of Criminal Prosecutions 
HF 182First engrossmentWater Rulemaking Moratorium and StudyAll versions
HF 183As IntroducedRequiring teacher candidates to pass a basic skills test before being granted an initial teaching license 
HF 185As introducedEnvironmental penalties 
HF 186Second engrossmentVeterans; Drivers License Renewal RequirementsAll versions
HF 191First EngrossmentConsolidation of state agency information systems and servicesAll versions
HF 1921st engrossmentReinventing Government Employment Act 
HF 194As introducedCapital investment, report on jobs created or retained 
HF 197As introducedNonresident Off-Road Vehicle State Trail Pass 
HF 1991st engrossmentFreedom of choice in health careAll versions
HF 200First engrossmentAlzheimer's Disease ReportingAll versions
HF 201As IntroducedProhibiting Use of State Health Care Program Funding for Abortions 
HF 202As IntroducedCorporate franchise tax - single sales apportionment 
HF 2031st engrossmentLegislative approval of rulesAll versions
HF 2061st engrossmentPermenant School Fund Advisory Committee membershpAll versions
HF 207As IntroducedMinerals management costs 
HF 210Fourth engrossmentElectionsAll versions
HF 211Second engrossmentOmnibus torts billAll versions
HF 212As IntroducedPELRA definition of public employee 
HF 221As introducedPaynesville airport 
HF 222Delete-everything amendment (H0222DE3)Health insurance 
HF 225As IntroducedLimiting Northern Pike Experimental and Special Management Waters 
HF 226First engrossmentVeterans cemetery sitingAll versions
HF 229First engrossmentJuvenile sex offender -- residency restrictionAll versions
HF 232As IntroducedVeterans; Gold Star License Plate eligibility expanded 
HF 233As introducedIdentification of Improper Medicaid PaymentsAll versions
HF 235First engrossmentHannah's lawAll versions
HF 239As introducedICF/MR Rate Increase 
HF 240The delete everything amendment (H0240DE8)Veterans; homestead market value exclusion for certain disabled veteransAll versions
HF 242As IntroducedSpear Fishing on Cass Lake 
HF 247Conference committee reportOmnibus tax billAll versions
HF 248As introducedRepeal of law relating to Section 125 plans 
HF 2501st engrossmentClaims against the stateAll versions