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Bill Summaries: 2009–2010

Bill summaries are prepared by Legislative Analysts of the nonpartisan House Research Department for the benefit of House members and the general public. Generally, summaries are only prepared for bills that have been scheduled for public hearings.

Multiple versions of a bill summary reflects amendments to the bill that were adopted in committee or on the House or Senate floor. All versions of bill summaries, both most recent and previous, are available.

Our strong suggestion is that readers review the language of the bill itself rather than relying entirely on information in the summary.

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Bill                Latest Summary VersionSubjectVersions     
HF 2Conference Committee ReportEducationAll versions
HF 41st engrossmentUnemployment benefitsAll versions
HF 6As introducedState budget information; duties and rights of classified employees 
HF 71st committee engrossmentMisuse of state funds; internal controlAll versions
HF 83rd engrossmentFalse Claims ActAll versions
HF 10As introducedRepealing the 2008 changes to the Green Acres program 
HF 12As introducedUnemployment insurance 
HF 13As introducedRepeal of Designer Selection Board 
HF 14As introducedJackson County, appointment of auditor-treasurer 
HF 17As introducedCentral Iron Range Sanitary Sewer District, retroactively authorized 
HF 191st engrossmentMortgage foreclosure postponementAll versions
HF 20As introducedSearchable database of state expenditures 
HF 27As introducedProperty taxation; limiting the taxable value of reconstructed homes in a disaster area 
HF 28As introducedCapital bonding request; wind generator for the State Academies for the Deaf and Blind 
HF 29As introducedReferendum Revenue Allowances; Inflation adjustment 
HF 35As introducedReferendum Revenue; Repealing Caps on Voter-Approved Authority 
HF 37As introducedResearch and development tax credit 
HF 40As introducedEarly learning and care quality rating and improvements system 
HF 422nd engrossmentMinnesotaCare for unemployed individualsAll versions
HF 44As introducedHousing opportunity property area; tax abatement 
HF 451st committee engrossmentCareless drivingAll versions
HF 48As introducedRed Rock Corridor 
HF 53As introducedPharmacy practice 
HF 55As introducedFund Transfer; La qui Parle Valley School District 
HF 57As introducedVoter photo identification requirement 
HF 58As introducedIncluding content about the juvenile and criminal justice systems in middle school social studies standards 
HF 67As introducedAssault of Utility Workers 
HF 70As introducedMeth precursor logs; retention; inspection 
HF 72As introducedLifelong learning account program 
HF 73As introducedState airports fund transfer 
HF 78As introducedRepealing the 2008 changes to the Green Acres program 
HF 79As introducedWind energy conversion systems production tax; school proceeds 
HF 83As introducedDuluth International Airport bonding 
HF 84As introducedConsumer Fraud 
HF 851st engrossmentGPS mounting in vehiclesAll versions
HF 86As amended by author's amendment H0086DE1Low-carbon fuel standard 
HF 90As introducedDebtor exemptions 
HF 91As introducedQualifying school elevator repairs for health and safety revenue 
HF 95As introducedChanges to 2008 tax law; section 125 health insurance credit and MOE suspension 
HF 97As introducedConvention Center liquor licenses 
HF 99As introducedMinnesota Land Conservation Property Tax Law 
HF 1001st engrossmentI-35W Bridge collapse compensation fundAll versions
HF 101As introducedTaylors Falls; border city development zone 
HF 102As introducedOakdale TIF 
HF 1031st engrossmentState tort liability capAll versions
HF 104As introducedPermanent school fund revenue reserved for school technology purposes 
HF 106As introducedEstablishing a P-20 education partnership 
HF 107As introducedAuthorizing staff development revenue to be spent on CPR and AED training 
HF 1082nd engrossmentSeat belt requirementsAll versions
HF 1101st committee engrossmentIrv Anderson Memorial HighwayAll versions
HF 1112nd engrossmentState Board of Investment; divestment from IranAll versions
HF 112As introducedIntermediate care facilities 
HF 113As introducedHealth professional loan forgiveness 
HF 116As introducedType III vehicle registration 
HF 1202nd engrossmentRural health cooperative arrangementsAll versions
HF 1211st committee engrossmentClearwater County Veterans Memorial HighwayAll versions
HF 123As introducedState airports fund transfer 
HF 124As introducedHigh-speed rail feasibility study 
HF 125As introducedCapital bonding request; State Academy for the Blind building for 18-21 year-old students 
HF 1271st engrossmentAuto accident liabilityAll versions
HF 1281st committee engrossmentRemoving gun case and bow case requirementsAll versions
HF 129As introducedElectronic solicitation of children 
HF 1301st engrossmentPredatory offender registrationAll versions
HF 134As introducedCareless driving 
HF 1351st engrossmentMinnesota Health PlanAll versions
HF 136As introducedProperty; eliminates sunset date for establishing emergency medical services special taxing districts 
HF 144As introducedTraffic information 
HF 145As introducedMeth precursor logs; retention; inspection 
HF 150As introducedATV use by the disabled 
HF 151As introducedProperty; extending property tax exemption for apprentice training facilities 
HF 153As introducedRepealing the 2008 changes to the Green Acres program 
HF 1571st committee engrossmentLocal zoning for owner-occupied residential usesAll versions
HF 159As introducedLiquor control devices allowed 
HF 1612nd engrossmentMedical response unit reimbursement program and EMS appropriationsAll versions
HF 1622nd engrossmentDrainageAll versions
HF 1661st engrossmentRecalled toy salesAll versions
HF 170As introducedOptions to decline telephone directory delivery 
HF 174As introducedMinnesota Health Security Program 
HF 1761st engrossmentRyan's Vital Record Rights ActAll versions
HF 177As introducedRadiation therapy facility construction moratorium 
HF 179As introducedHead Start 
HF 1811st engrossmentMinnesotaCare ProgramAll versions
HF 184As introducedRepealing the 2008 changes to the Green Acres program 
HF 194As introducedRepealing the prohibition against starting school before Labor Day 
HF 1951st committee engrossmentAllowing the school year to begin before Labor Day in the 2009-2010 and 2010-2011 school yearsAll versions
HF 200Delete everything amendment H0200DE1Special transportation services 
HF 2011st committee engrossmentCounties; threshold for publication of individual claims increasedAll versions
HF 203As introducedMinnesota Child Savings Accoung initiative 
HF 204As introducedRemoving sunset for establishing house improvement districts without special legislation 
HF 208As introducedForeclosure of mechanic's liens on motor vehicles 
HF 210As introducedAutism spectrum disorders 
HF 211As introducedStatutory housing warranties: attorney's fees 
HF 212As introducedEvidence; transcripts; squad car videos 
HF 2141st engrossmentSchool Board Authority to Enter into Wind Energy Projects; Modifications to the Wind Energy Production Tax 
HF 215As introducedCity of North Mankato, special TIF authority 
HF 216As introducedModifying the Green Acres program 
HF 2171st engrossmentModifying the Green Acres programAll versions
HF 218As introducedCity of Minnetonka, special TIF authority 
HF 219As introducedCity of Mankato, special TIF authority 
HF 2221st engrossmentCampaign access to multiple-unit residencesAll versions
HF 223As introducedWords Work Grants 
HF 2241st engrossmentJudicial selection; constitutional amendment 
HF 2391st engrossmentHomeowner warrantiesAll versions
HF 240As introducedHealth occupations; licensure for physician assistants 
HF 246As introducedChild care provider rates, quality rating and improvement system 
HF 247As introducedLong-term care savings plan 
HF 248As introducedDomestic fatality review team 
HF 249As introducedHealth occupations; psychologists 
HF 250As amended by author's amendment H0250A4Regulating toxic chemicals in children's productsAll versions


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