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Bill Summaries: 2005–2006

Bill summaries are prepared by Legislative Analysts of the nonpartisan House Research Department for the benefit of House members and the general public. Generally, summaries are only prepared for bills that have been scheduled for public hearings.

Multiple versions of a bill summary reflects amendments to the bill that were adopted in committee or on the House or Senate floor. All versions of bill summaries, both most recent and previous, are available.

Our strong suggestion is that readers review the language of the bill itself rather than relying entirely on information in the summary.

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Bill                Latest Summary VersionSubjectVersions     
HF 1Comparison of H.F. 1, 4th engrossment, and S.F. 2273, 3rd engrossmentPublic safety omnibus billAll versions
HF 3Conference committee reportOmnibus capital investment billAll versions
HF 9As introducedHealth savings accounts 
HF 10As introducedState forecast 
HF 11As introducedEnforcement of mandatory auto insurance 
HF 121st engrossmentEmployment of minors in establishments where liquor is served or consumedAll versions
HF 17As introducedCompetency to proceed; insanity defense 
HF 20With author's A1 amendmentGift of Life Act; income tax subtraction for organ donation expenses 
HF 27As introducedMaximum effort capital loan tax rates 
HF 342nd engrossmentBig Marine Disabled Veterans Rest CampAll versions
HF 36As introducedAllow the city of Willmar to impose a local sales tax 
HF 422nd engrossmentFirearms, natural resourcesAll versions
HF 43As introducedLevy authority; Red Wing 
HF 44As introducedReduced premiums tax on life insurance 
HF 46As introducedState litigation proceeds 
HF 47As introducedCorrecting the calculation of the LGA city aid base 
HF 50As introducedRoseau flood damage repair appropriation 
HF 57Conference committee reportDeficiency fundingAll versions
HF 58As introducedRestoration of funding for the Early Childhood Family Education program 
HF 59As introducedDesignation of Biauswah Bridge and Roussain Cemetery 
HF 60As introducedEliminating the education commissioner as a charter school sponsor 
HF 611st engrossmentCaregiver supportAll versions
HF 65As introducedFarm trucks allowed to haul animal carcasses 
HF 67As introducedTuition reciprocity report and agreements 
HF 681st engrossmentGiving coaches with nonrenewed contracts an opportunity to respondAll versions
HF 70As introducedCity of Gaylord Multicultural and Lifelong Learning Center 
HF 75As introducedVeterans homes bonding 
HF 78As introducedCity of Rushford nanotechnology facility appropriation 
HF 82As introducedIncreasing city population size; extending time period permitted to hold land for economic development purposes 
HF 84As introducedExpanding the use and increasing the rate of the Hermantown sales tax 
HF 88As introducedRegulation of lottery service businesses 
HF 89As introducedMethamphetamine 
HF 90As introducedMethamphetamine 
HF 921st engrossmentAllowing the Perpich Center for Arts Education to sponsor a charter school and to conduct meetings electronicallyAll versions
HF 96As introducedGrant Magnet School Youth and Community Center 
HF 101As introducedDepartment of Revenue administration of the Duluth local sales tax 
HF 105As introducedVeterans license plates 
HF 1071st engrossmentFaribault prison expansionAll versions
HF 108As introducedBus purchase levy; school districts in statutory operating debt 
HF 112As introducedBidding exception for certain federally subsidized transit facilities 
HF 115As introducedMinnesota State Academies; capital requests 
HF 116As introducedLegislative approval of administrative rules 
HF 1182nd engrossmentResponsible Food Consumption ActAll versions
HF 121As amended in committeeBullet-proof vestsAll versions
HF 124As introducedTurnback of T.H. 268 to Pipestone County 
HF 1271st engrossmentCancer drug repository programAll versions
HF 133As introducedTIF -- Elgin, Eyota, Byron, and Oronoco 
HF 135As introducedHealth savings accounts 
HF 141As introducedTransportation and technology levy authority 
HF 145As introducedState government accounting and forecast 
HF 148As introducedRestoring funding for certain education funding programs 
HF 152As introducedRestoration of funding for the community education and ECFE programs 
HF 155As introducedOff-sale licenses authorized near St. Paul campus 
HF 159As introducedPension deficit bonding referendum 
HF 165As introducedAuthorization to offer applied doctoral degrees 
HF 1661st engrossmentIncome tax conformity, acceleration of recognition of charitable contributions for tsunmai reliefAll versions
HF 169As introducedProperty tax exemption for homestead of disabled veterans 
HF 1711st engrossmentVeterans license plate for Global War on TerrorismAll versions
HF 176As introducedCity of Wabasha - TIF 
HF 179As introducedAppropriation for compulsive gambling prevention and education 
HF 180As introducedMakes limited market value permanent 
HF 182As introducedAllows a joint truth-in-taxation hearing; Aitkin County 
HF 184As introducedOnamia School District; Capital grant for geothermal heating system 
HF 187As amended (A05-0018)Designation of Purple Heart Memorial HighwayAll versions
HF 195As introducedReferendum revenue under open enrollment 
HF 198As introducedEliminating the referendum allowance limit 
HF 200As introduced, with author's A1 amendmentIndividual income tax subtraction for military pensions 
HF 204As amended in committeePossession of traffic signal override devicesAll versions
HF 208As introducedCity of Blue Earth - Fire and police station 
HF 209As introducedTowns, clarification of levying and spending authority 
HF 210As introducedMotor vehicle fires, local government reimbursement 
HF 212As introducedAllocation of revenue from motorcycle endorsement surcharge 
HF 213As introducedLibrary accessibility and improvement grants 
HF 2151st engrossmentDNR agency initiatives 
HF 2181st engrossmentExtending eligibility for wind incentive paymentsAll versions
HF 219As introducedMedical Assistance spend-down 
HF 223As introducedIncreased ethanol content in gasoline 
HF 2251st engrossmentOmnibus data practices billAll versions
HF 2261st engrossmentAbortion notification reportsAll versions
HF 227As introducedFamily planning grant funds 
HF 228As introducedAmortization of nonconforming billboards permitted 
HF 2291st engrossmentIncome tax checkoff for National Guard and Reserve familiesAll versions
HF 234As introducedWright Technical Center; Expanding use of the building lease levy 
HF 235As introducedUnborn Child Pain Prevention Act 
HF 236As introducedCaledonia liquor license 
HF 2412nd engrossmentAmerican flag pin or patch; public employees or contractorsAll versions
HF 243With author's amendment, H0243A1 and A05-0160Identity theft - electronic use of false pretenseAll versions
HF 2482nd engrossmentPrinsburg School District; special levy authorityAll versions
HF 249As introducedExtends the special agricultural homestead to grandchildren 


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