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Bill Summaries: 1999–2000

Bill summaries are prepared by Legislative Analysts of the nonpartisan Minnesota House Research Department for the benefit of House members and the general public. Generally, summaries are only prepared for bills that have been scheduled for public hearings.

Multiple versions of a bill summary reflects amendments to the bill that were adopted in committee or on the House or Senate floor. All versions of bill summaries, both most recent and previous, are available.

Our strong suggestion is that readers review the language of the bill itself rather than relying entirely on information in the summary.

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BillLatest SummarySubjectVersions
HF 1Conference committee reportIncome tax rebateAll versions
HF 2As introducedChanges to income tax, property tax, and health care provider tax 
HF 3As introducedElementary class-size reduction 
HF 5Second engrossmentExtraordinary majority to approve tax increasesAll versions
HF 6As introducedSnowmobile metal traction devices 
HF 7Comparison summary of H.F. 7/S.F. 18 PDF Viewer RequiredRepeal of motor vehicle emissions inspection lawAll versions
HF 8As introducedAgricultural property tax credit 
HF 9First engrossmentBan on former legislators lobbyingAll versions
HF 10First engrossmentSchool stability for homeless childrenAll versions
HF 11As introducedGeneral education basic formula allowance increase 
HF 12First engrossmentLife imprisonment for third violent crimeAll versions
HF 13As introducedCriminal gang oversight council and strike force 
HF 14First engrossmentMaking persons convicted of criminal sexual conduct ineligible to be licensed teachersAll versions
HF 15Comparison summary of H.F. 15/S.F. 868 PDF Viewer RequiredAmending graduation standards (Profile of Learning)All versions
HF 16First engrossmentGiving school officials greater flexibility to manageAll versions
HF 17As introducedNisswa Tax increment financing 
HF 18As introducedMaximum effort capital loan program restrictions 
HF 21As introducedDefinition of family 
HF 25As introducedIncome tax subtraction for charitable contributions 
HF 26As introducedMississippi education center grant 
HF 30As introducedPermanent property tax rebate 
HF 32As introducedInternational Falls temporary liquor license for all-class reunion 
HF 35Delete-everything amendmentMinnesotaCare provider taxes and tobacco settlementAll versions
HF 36As introducedOnamia Tax increment financing 5-year rule extenstion  
HF 37As introducedMilaca Tax increment financing 
HF 39First engrossmentAuto license tax reduction, motor vehicle sales tax deductionAll versions
HF 40First engrossmentNursing facility restraintsAll versions
HF 41First engrossmentEstablishing a math and science scholarship and grant programAll versions
HF 42As introducedMedical malpractice limitation period 
HF 43As introducedWastewater infrastructure funding for Green Lake Sanitary Sewer and Water Project 
HF 44As introducedWabasha County water and sewer extension 
HF 45As introducedCity authority to impose civil penalties for ordinance violations 
HF 47First engrossmentCivil action for domestic abuseAll versions
HF 48As introducedPerformance-based gasoline purchasing plans 
HF 49First engrossmentHealth care coverage for public safety officers' survivorsAll versions
HF 50First engrossmentLevy limit adjustment for Goodhue CountyAll versions
HF 52As introducedExempting local government purchases from the sales tax 
HF 53First engrossmentUniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement ActAll versions
HF 55First engrossmentDNR firefighters; collective bargainingAll versions
HF 56First engrossmentMedical malpractice limitation periodAll versions
HF 58First engrossmentAllowing Milaca School District to begin the school year before Labor DayAll versions
HF 59As introducedSnowmobile trail grants and liability 
HF 60First engrossmentPrivate duty nursing servicesAll versions
HF 62As introducedAuto insurance nonrenewal 
HF 66As introducedSpring Lake Park civil service 
HF 67As introducedSearch and rescue dogs 
HF 69As introducedBasic formula allowance increase 
HF 70First engrossmentForfeitureAll versions
HF 71As introducedSales tax rate reduction and elimination of June accelerated payments 
HF 72As introducedSales tax exemption for certain construction materials 
HF 73Sixth engrossmentYear 2000 problemsAll versions
HF 74First engrossmentOrgan, tissue, and eye donation; suggested health care directive formAll versions
HF 75As introducedPermanently reduce the state sales tax rate to 6.0 percent 
HF 76As introducedTechnical and other changes to education provisions 
HF 77As introducedRetention of special veterans plates by surviving spouses 
HF 78As amendedPermanently reduce the state sales tax rate to 5.5 percentAll versions
HF 82First engrossmentProhibiting appropriations for art in correctional facilitiesAll versions
HF 83As introducedRemoving the minimum size requirements for debt service eligibility for secondary students 
HF 86As amendedExpanding sales tax exemptions for certain business equipment purchases 
HF 88As introducedFreezing market value until sale of property 
HF 89As introducedGrants for taxpayer assistance services 
HF 90First engrossmentJoint and several liabilityAll versions
HF 92As introducedImplied consent law; petition for judicial review; scope of discovery 
HF 93As introducedAdult basic education funding 
HF 97As introducedGambling tax exemptions for certain raffles 
HF 98As introducedProperty tax refunds for decedents 
HF 100As introducedDecentralizing the attorney general Consumer Protection Office and state Department of Human Rights 
HF 101As introducedReduced fee for state ID cards for persons with mental illness 
HF 102As introducedIncreasing the city aid base (LGA) payment to the city of Pine Island 
HF 103As introducedAuto license tax reduction, transportation trust fund 
HF 104As introducedIncreasing the city aid base (LGA) payment to the city of St. Francis 
HF 105As introducedResolution on the farm crisis, asking Congress to repeal the Freedom to Farm Act of 1996 
HF 108As introducedIncome tax credits for contributions to organizations that provide services to the poor 
HF 109As introducedIncome tax credit for charitable contributions 
HF 111First engrossmentAuto and homeowner's insuranceAll versions
HF 112First engrossmentIdentity fraud All versions
HF 113As introducedBomb disposal expense reimbursement 
HF 114As introducedFBI drugfire computer program 
HF 118First engrossmentSenate confirmation of agency and department headsAll versions
HF 122First engrossmentAge for holding officeAll versions
HF 123As introducedIncome tax subtraction for military pay 
HF 125As introducedReducing class rate on second tier of seasonal recreational property 
HF 126As introducedRepeal of health care provider taxes 
HF 127As introducedGrants for organ, tissue, and eye donation initiatives 
HF 130As introducedDeclining pupil aid; flood districts 
HF 131As introducedGrant extension; Southwest Star Concept School 
HF 132As introducedExempt bingo in nursing homes 
HF 133As introducedRepeal of authority for local residency requirements 
HF 134As introducedAppropriations to the Commissioner of Trade and Economic Development 
HF 135As introducedAssault enhancement program 
HF 139As introducedPolitical affiliation of certain Campaign Finance Board members 
HF 142First engrossmentEnhanced sentencing for subsequent controlled substance convictionsAll versions
HF 143As introducedDomestic assault; malicious punishment of a child 
HF 151As introducedResolution on the farm crisis, for federal authorities to assist farmers 
HF 153As introducedAdditional on-sale licenses in Marshall 
HF 155As introducedFunding for the Passing on the Farm Center 
HF 157As introducedChange of route for Laura Ingalls Wilder Historic Highway 
HF 158First engrossmentConsecutive sentencing, jail creditAll versions
HF 159First engrossmentUnicameral legislature All versions
HF 160First engrossmentReal property easements for utilitiesAll versions
HF 161As introducedVarious sales tax changes  
HF 163As introducedIncome tax rate reduction  
HF 165As introducedDisability license plates without certification for modified vehicles 
HF 167As introducedExempting agricultural property from payable 1999 property taxes 
HF 168As introducedSales tax exemption for smoking cessation devices 
HF 169Delete-everything amendmentMinnesota tax exemption All versions
HF 171As introducedContinuing education on infection control for health occupations 
HF 172Second engrossmentDefinition of bodily harmAll versions
HF 174As introducedPaynesville area hospital district; annexation of city of Richmond 
HF 176Third engrossmentLocal correctional employee pension planAll versions
HF 177Second engrossmentPartial-birth abortions prohibitedAll versions
HF 178First engrossmentInformed consent for abortionsAll versions
HF 180First engrossmentAmusement park rides All versions
HF 182First engrossmentSpecial elections for certain vacancies in statutory citiesAll versions
HF 183First engrossmentCivil commitment; chemical dependency treatment for minorsAll versions
HF 184Second engrossmentUnited Nations trade point appropriation All versions
HF 186First engrossmentHealth coverage for cochlear implantsAll versions
HF 187As introducedDirectional sign for Century College  
HF 188Delete-everything amendmentImmediate jeopardy fines 
HF 189As introducedPort development assistance appropriation 
HF 190As introducedS corporation status -- federal conformity  
HF 193First engrossmentInterference with emergency callsAll versions
HF 196As introducedDrainage system; transfer of access easements 
HF 197First engrossmentOrder of final argument; prosecutorial rebuttalAll versions
HF 198As introduced1997 and 1998 property tax rebate extended to cabins 
HF 199As introducedSales tax rebate 
HF 200As introducedLimiting market value increases 
HF 202As introducedFaribault tax increment financing 
HF 203As introducedMedical education and research, children's, tobacco prevention endowment funds; tobacco settlement 
HF 206As introducedCertification and registration of ASL/English interpreters and sign, cued speech, and oral transliterators 
HF 208First engrossmentMinnesota Comprehensive Health AssociationAll versions
HF 209Second engrossmentReversion to bond fund appropriationsAll versions
HF 210As amended by the authorState grant calculations 
HF 212As introducedBig Bear Country Education Center 
HF 213First engrossmentExempting teachers of oral deaf education from ASL requirementsAll versions
HF 214First engrossmentVolunteer ambulance attendantsAll versions
HF 215As introducedComprehensive advanced life support educational program 
HF 216As introducedTransfer of pretrial prisoners 
HF 217First engrossmentReligious exemption to mandated autopsies and dissectionsAll versions
HF 218As introducedAppropriation for youth housing programs 
HF 219As introducedGrants to ensure children's ability to read by second grade 
HF 220As introducedDistribution of property tax penalties and interest 
HF 221As introducedExpanding the sales tax exemption for admission to high school league events 
HF 222As introducedFund transfer; Monticello school district 
HF 223First engrossmentTobacco use prevention grantsAll versions
HF 224As introducedExcludes charitable contributions from alternative minimum taxable income 
HF 225As amended by the authorIncome tax rate reduction 
HF 228First engrossmentSex offender registration and community notificationAll versions
HF 229As introducedAppropriation for Duluth Technology Village 
HF 232First engrossmentJury sizeAll versions
HF 233As introducedUse and sale of fireworks 
HF 235As introducedAg classification extended to certain property  
HF 240As introducedSheriff's contigent fund  
HF 241As introducedIntegration revenue to follow students 
HF 242As introducedCompensatory revenue adjustment 
HF 243As introducedClassifying data on building violations 
HF 245As introducedUnderage drinking 
HF 247As introducedCollaborative urban educator grants 
HF 248First engrossmentPermitting a branch bank in a townshipAll versions
HF 249First engrossmentIRRRBAll versions
HF 250As introducedRepeal of health care provider taxes