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Act Summaries: 2017–2018

Act summaries are prepared by Legislative Analysts of the nonpartisan Minnesota House Research Department for the benefit of House members and the general public. Our strong suggestion is that readers review the language of the law itself rather than relying entirely on information in the summary.

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ChapterSubjectLaw Text
Chapter 101MNLARS; supplemental appropriations and project requirementsLaws 2018, Ch. 101
Chapter 103Corporations, nonprofit corporations, limited liability companies, limited partnerships, and partnershipsLaws 2018, Ch. 103
Chapter 104Mortgage loan originatorsLaws 2018, Ch. 104
Chapter 105Town authority to appropriate money to food shelvesLaws 2018, Ch. 105
Chapter 106Criminalizing the misrepresentation of service animalsLaws 2018, Ch. 106
Chapter 107Uniform Municipal Contracting LawLaws 2018, Ch. 107
Chapter 108Officer Bill Mathews Memorial HighwayLaws 2018, Ch. 108
Chapter 109Safe at Home ProgramLaws 2018, Ch. 109
Chapter 110Credit union governanceLaws 2018, Ch. 110
Chapter 111Exemption of health savings accounts and medical savings accounts from garnishment, levy, and attachmentLaws 2018, Ch. 111
Chapter 112Motor vehicle service contract requirementsLaws 2018, Ch. 112
Chapter 113Regulation of kiosks that purchase used cellular phonesLaws 2018, Ch. 113
Chapter 114County authority related to storm and sanitary sewersLaws 2018, Ch. 114
Chapter 115Carbon monoxide detectors - boatsLaws 2018, Ch. 115
Chapter 116Amending the statute of limitations in construction litigationLaws 2018, Ch. 116
Chapter 117Changes conversion and residential use in the Common Interest Ownership ActLaws 2018, Ch. 117
Chapter 118Child support modificationsLaws 2018, Ch. 118
Chapter 119Campaign financeLaws 2018, Ch. 119
Chapter 120Metropolitan Airports Commission compensation limitsLaws 2018, Ch. 120
Chapter 121Commission on Deaf, DeafBlind, and Hard-of-Hearing MinnesotansLaws 2018, Ch. 121
Chapter 122Motorcycle permit instructionLaws 2018, Ch. 122
Chapter 123Criminalizing interference with point-of-sales terminalsLaws 2018, Ch. 123
Chapter 124Multiyear water tank service contractsLaws 2018, Ch. 124
Chapter 125Credit Reserve ActLaws 2018, Ch. 125
Chapter 127Joint petitions for custody and parenting time; filing petitions for custodyLaws 2018, Ch. 127
Chapter 128Mental health provider requirementsLaws 2018, Ch. 128
Chapter 129Modifying job training program requirementsLaws 2018, Ch. 129
Chapter 130Physician Assistant Advisory Council term limitsLaws 2018, Ch. 130
Chapter 132Air pollutionLaws 2018, Ch. 132
Chapter 133Biodiesel mandateLaws 2018, Ch. 133
Chapter 134Recycling grants to metropolitan countiesLaws 2018, Ch. 134
Chapter 135Permitting trade associations to access vehicle registration informationLaws 2018, Ch. 135
Chapter 139Purple Heart cities and countiesLaws 2018, Ch. 139
Chapter 140Agricultural dataLaws 2018, Ch. 140
Chapter 141Modifying the nursing facility construction project rate for a specific facilityLaws 2018, Ch. 141
Chapter 143Athletic trainer and psychology licensing modificationsLaws 2018, Ch. 143
Chapter 144Identifying connections between pornography and sex traffickingLaws 2018, Ch. 144
Chapter 146Counties competitive bidding: Uniform Municipal Contracting LawLaws 2018, Ch. 146
Chapter 151Intensive residential treatment and adult crisis response requirementsLaws 2018, Ch. 151
Chapter 152Birth defects information systemLaws 2018, Ch. 152
Chapter 153Child care correction order postingLaws 2018, Ch. 153
Chapter 155PACE Energy LoansLaws 2018, Ch. 155
Chapter 158Security freeze for people under 16Laws 2018, Ch. 158
Chapter 159Move over lawLaws 2018, Ch. 159
Chapter 160Procedures for handling sexual assault examination kitsLaws 2018, Ch. 160
Chapter 161Financial exploitation of eligible adultsLaws 2018, Ch. 161
Chapter 162Step therapy overrideLaws 2018, Ch. 162
Chapter 163Positive Supports Rule Child Care ExemptionLaws 2018, Ch. 163
Chapter 164Extending expiration dates of advisory committees and councilsLaws 2018, Ch. 164
Chapter 165Mowing in trunk highway right-of-wayLaws 2018, Ch. 165
Chapter 166Child care background studiesLaws 2018, Ch. 166
Chapter 167Isolation and quarantine proceduresLaws 2018, Ch. 167
Chapter 168Health care payments disclosures and price transparencyLaws 2018, Ch. 168
Chapter 169Ramsey Soil and Water Conservation District discontinuedLaws 2018, Ch. 169
Chapter 170Advanced practice registered nurses; health professionals permitted to authorize prescription eyeglasses using old prescriptionLaws 2018, Ch. 170
Chapter 171Agricultural transportationLaws 2018, Ch. 171
Chapter 173Real Estate Appraisal Advisory BoardLaws 2018, Ch. 173
Chapter 174Prohibiting Assignment of Military Pay or BenefitsLaws 2018, Ch. 174
Chapter 175Fraternal benefit societiesLaws 2018, Ch. 175
Chapter 176Revised Uniform Law on Notrial ActsLaws 2018, Ch. 176
Chapter 177Solid waste collectionLaws 2018, Ch. 177
Chapter 179Sex trafficking prevention training for hotel employeesLaws 2018, Ch. 179
Chapter 183Expanding DWI administrative penalties to fully include off-road vehiclesLaws 2018, Ch. 183
Chapter 184Household goods moversLaws 2018, Ch. 184
Chapter 188Child foster careLaws 2018, Ch. 188
Chapter 189St. Paul, design-build authorityLaws 2018, Ch. 189
Chapter 190Agriculture policyLaws 2018, Ch. 190
Chapter 192Revised Uniform Athlete Agents ActLaws 2018, Ch. 192
Chapter 193Solar energy financial assistanceLaws 2018, Ch. 193
Chapter 194Civil commitment dischargeLaws 2018, Ch. 194
Chapter 195Controlled substances and "intoxicating substances" in DWI provisionsLaws 2018, Ch. 195
Chapter 196Metropolitan Council governanceLaws 2018, Ch. 196
Chapter 198Changes related to the distribution of the production tax on taconiteLaws 2018, Ch. 198
Chapter 199Hospital modification moratorium exception for Regions HospitalLaws 2018, Ch. 199
Chapter 200Child care licensingLaws 2018, Ch. 200

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