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Act Summaries: 2017–2018

Act summaries are prepared by Legislative Analysts of the nonpartisan Minnesota House Research Department for the benefit of House members and the general public. Our strong suggestion is that readers review the language of the law itself rather than relying entirely on information in the summary.

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SummarySubjectLaw Text
Chapter 1Federal conformityLaws 2017, Ch. 1
Chapter 2Premium Subsidy Program and Insurance Market ReformsLaws 2017, Ch. 2
Chapter 3Local boards of appeal; special waiverLaws 2017, Ch. 3
Chapter 4AgricultureLaws 2017, Ch. 4
Chapter 6Sunday sales authorizationLaws 2017, Ch. 6
Chapter 7Local road wetland replacement and fire remediationLaws 2017, Ch. 7
Chapter 9County veterans memorialsLaws 2017, Ch. 9
Chapter 10MNvest securities registrationLaws 2017, Ch. 10
Chapter 11Dental student practiceLaws 2017, Ch. 11
Chapter 12Innocent owner provision expandedLaws 2017, Ch. 12
Chapter 13Minnesota premium security planLaws 2017, Ch. 13
Chapter 14MnDOT state road construction appropriationLaws 2017, Ch. 14
Chapter 15Mowing in trunk highway right-of-wayLaws 2017, Ch. 15
Chapter 16Changes to real property statutes; recording; registration; and titlesLaws 2017, Ch. 16
Chapter 17Nonprofit corporationsLaws 2017, Ch. 17
Chapter 18Investment of hospital funds; use of hospital district tax for certain ambulance services expensesLaws 2017, Ch. 18
Chapter 19Early intensive developmental and behavioral intervention benefitLaws 2017, Ch. 19
Chapter 20State building codeLaws 2017, Ch. 20
Chapter 21Discrimination against Israel in state contractingLaws 2017, Ch. 21
Chapter 22Limitation on life insurance paymentsLaws 2017, Ch. 22
Chapter 23Payment of commissions to insurance providersLaws 2017, Ch. 23
Chapter 24Protections for sales representativesLaws 2017, Ch. 24
Chapter 25Credit union notice of meeting to membersLaws 2017, Ch. 25
Chapter 26National Night Out and law enforcement community eventsLaws 2017, Ch. 26
Chapter 27County law library fund transfersLaws 2017, Ch. 27
Chapter 28Ramsey County personnel lawsLaws 2017, Ch. 28
Chapter 29Spending on awards and trophiesLaws 2017, Ch. 29
Chapter 30Collaborative dental hygiene and dental assisting practicesLaws 2017, Ch. 30
Chapter 31Prohibition on the use of state funds for abortionLaws 2017, Ch. 31
Chapter 32Alternative payment method for children's hospitalsLaws 2017, Ch. 32
Chapter 33Licensure of certain facilities that perform abortionsLaws 2017, Ch. 33
Chapter 34Minnesota Joint Underwriting AssociationLaws 2017, Ch. 34
Chapter 35Unemployment insurance, recommendations of the UI Advisory CouncilLaws 2017, Ch. 35
Chapter 36Reporting requirement exemption for revocable trusts for family farmsLaws 2017, Ch. 36
Chapter 37Classification of data, formal complaints, and private actions against real estateLaws 2017, Ch. 37
Chapter 38Electronic delivery of cancellation of sale or resale of common interestLaws 2017, Ch. 38
Chapter 39Examinations of insurance companies by the commissioner of commerceLaws 2017, Ch. 39
Chapter 40Revisor's BillLaws 2017, Ch. 40
Chapter 41Agriculture financeLaws 2017, Ch. 41
Chapter 42Omnibus environment and natural resourcesLaws 2017, Ch. 42
Chapter 43K-12 omnibus billLaws 2017, Ch. 43
Chapter 44State Government FinanceLaws 2017, Ch. 44
Chapter 45Omnibus health and human services billLaws 2017, Ch. 45
Chapter 46Medical Assistance estate claims modificationsLaws 2017, Ch. 46
Chapter 47Coverage of prescription eye drop refillsLaws 2017, Ch. 47
Chapter 48Marking requirements for retail merchandiseLaws 2017, Ch. 48
Chapter 49Cities; interim ordinances related to housing proposalsLaws 2017, Ch. 49
Chapter 50Interstate medical licensure compact background checksLaws 2017, Ch. 50
Chapter 51Training for home care providers on serving clients with hearing lossLaws 2017, Ch. 51
Chapter 52Payment of local government claimsLaws 2017, Ch. 52
Chapter 53Community medical response emergency medical technician servicesLaws 2017, Ch. 53
Chapter 54Omnibus Lands ActLaws 2017, Ch. 54
Chapter 55Law enforcement memorial special plateLaws 2017, Ch. 55
Chapter 56Board of Medical Practice title protection and disciplinary actionLaws 2017, Ch. 56
Chapter 57Advanced practice registered nurse licensureLaws 2017, Ch. 57
Chapter 58Practice of telemedicineLaws 2017, Ch. 58
Chapter 59Advanced practice registered nurse and physician assistant authorityLaws 2017, Ch. 59
Chapter 60Attorneys for youth in juvenile court cases; McKenna's LawLaws 2017, Ch. 60
Chapter 61Ramsey County; supported work programLaws 2017, Ch. 61
Chapter 62Transportation finance omnibusLaws 2017, Ch. 62
Chapter 63Public safety omnibus billLaws 2017, Ch. 63
Chapter 64Job growth and energy affordability omnibusLaws 2017, Ch. 64
Chapter 65Omnibus Higher Education billLaws 2017, Ch. 65
Chapter 66Omnibus tax billLaws 2017, Ch. 66
Chapter 67County license bureau hoursLaws 2017, Ch. 67
Chapter 68Department of Labor and Industry housekeepingLaws 2017, Ch. 68
Chapter 69Medal of Honor recipient Kenneth L. Olson HighwayLaws 2017, Ch. 69
Chapter 70Corporal Benjamin S. Kopp BridgeLaws 2017, Ch. 70
Chapter 71Nursing assistant training program reimbursable expensesLaws 2017, Ch. 71
Chapter 72Claims billLaws 2017, Ch. 72
Chapter 73Teacher licensingLaws 2017, Ch. 73
Chapter 74Pesticide and fertilizer application contractsLaws 2017, Ch. 74
Chapter 75Comprehensive plan to end HIV/AIDSLaws 2017, Ch. 75
Chapter 76REAL ID Act ImplementationLaws 2017, Ch. 76
Chapter 77Notice of proposed city ordinancesLaws 2017, Ch. 77
Chapter 78Duty of care owed to trespasserLaws 2017, Ch. 78
Chapter 79Mental health servcies and mental health practitionersLaws 2017, Ch. 79
Chapter 80Architectural barriers lawsuits under the Minnesota Human Rights ActLaws 2017, Ch. 80
Chapter 81Chip A. Imker Memorial HighwayLaws 2017, Ch. 81
Chapter 82Making the medical faculty licensure permanentLaws 2017, Ch. 82
Chapter 83Prohibiting the use of ignition interlock devices enabled with location tracking capabilitiesLaws 2017, Ch. 83
Chapter 84Substitution of biological productsLaws 2017, Ch. 84
Chapter 85Specifying limitation on notice of release from emergency holdLaws 2017, Ch. 85
Chapter 86Vehicle weight limits; vehicles transporting milkLaws 2017, Ch. 86
Chapter 87Lawsuits filed on behalf of condominiums; by-law requirementsLaws 2017, Ch. 87
Chapter 88Agriculture finance and policyLaws 2017, Ch. 88
Chapter 89Higher education omnibus billLaws 2017, Ch. 89
Chapter 90Modifying child foster care background studies, home and community-based services, and the disability waiver rate systemLaws 2017, Ch. 90
Chapter 91Omnibus Legacy ActLaws 2017, Ch. 91
Chapter 92Elections omnibusLaws 2017, Ch. 92
Chapter 93Omnibus environment and natural resources billLaws 2017, Ch. 93
Chapter 94Omnibus Jobs BillLaws 2017, Ch. 94
Chapter 95Public safety omnibus billLaws 2017, Ch. 95
Chapter 96Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund appropriationsLaws 2017, Ch. 96
Chapter 97Firefighter Civil Service CommissionLaws 2017, Ch. 97
Chapter 98Insurance fraud and Commerce Fraud BureauLaws 2017, Ch. 98
Chapter 992017 Regular Session Corrections BillLaws 2017, Ch. 99

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