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House floor session - part 2

Monday, April 16, 2012 - 1:18:00 PM

00:10 - Gavel. CONFERENCE COMMITTEE REPORTS. 05:21 - Conference Committee Report on HF1816 (Benson, M./Ingebrigtsen) Federally licensed firearm importers, manufacturers, and dealers authorized to possess and sell firearm silencers to government agencies, the military, and other licensed firearms importers, manufacturers, and dealers. 10:53 - Conference Committee Report on HF2239 (Benson, M./Nelson) Motor vehicle titling and license plate requirements amended. 13:33 - Conference Committee Report on HF2128 (Quam/Hoffman) Emergency medical personnel licensed. CALENDAR FOR THE DAY. 16:56 - HF2705 (Mazorol) Closing agents regulated, and licensed attorneys and direct employees of licensed attorneys exempted from the licensing requirements for closing agents. 19:15 - SF1964 (Stensrud) Window cleaning safety measures implemented. 22:25 - HF2861 (McElfatrick) Municipalities authorized to make grants to emergency medical services agencies. 34:23 - SF2114 (Holberg) Child support 20-year survival judgments provisions eliminated. 37:30 - SF1620 (Dittrich) Eminent domain relocation assistance eligibility or assistance amount administrative law judge hearing. 40:10 - SF1875 (Daudt) Property and casualty insurance coverage provisions modification. 42:45 - SF1599 (Kriesel) Permissive preference for veterans and spouses of veterans in private employment. 46:14 - SF2060 (Wardlow) Revisor's bill. 48:38 - SF1492 (Wardlow) Fallen Firefighters Memorial Day date change. 50:52 - SF2360 (Garofalo) Health professional education loan forgiveness program modification. 52:29 - HF2463 (LeMieur) Alcoholic beverage special licensing purchase authorized until the state is able to issue the necessary card. 1:49:14 - SF2183 (Doepke) Education commissioner unadopted rules enforcement prohibition. 1:56:08 - SF288 (Kelly) Dental laboratories regulations. 1:59:07 - HF2614 (Mahoney) Administrative law judge and compensation judge mandatory retirement age changed. 2:01:23 - SF1689 (Gruenhagen) Military affairs; nonpublic employees reemployment rights protections extended. 2:05:00 - HF2627 (Gottwalt) Omnibus Health and Human Services policy bill. 2:38:25 - HF2647 (Myhra) Public data definition relating to agreements involving payment of public money clarified. Runs 3 hours, 17 minutes.