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House floor session

Wednesday, March 28, 2012 - 1:02:00 PM

01:58 - Gavel. 06:55 - Points of Personal Privileges regarding the passing for former Representative Larry Haws. MESSAGES FROM THE SENATE. 16:39 - Concur to Senate amendments to HF2078 (Dittrich) Nonpublic pupil textbook aid expanded. CALENDAR FOR THE DAY. 22:26 - HF1816 (Benson, M.) Federally licensed firearm importers, manufacturers, and dealers authorized to possess and sell firearm silencers to government agencies, the military, and other licensed firearms importers, manufacturers, and dealers. 39:30 - HF2149 (Simon) Domestic violence-related offense qualifying definition expanded. 41:45 - HF2508 (Barrett) State-controlled substance schedules aligned with federal controlled substance schedules, Board of Pharmacy's controlled substance regulation authority modified, and penalties provided. 59:20 - HF329 (Bills) Public school employees prohibited from using public funds and resources to advocate to pass, elect, or defeat a political candidate, ballot question, or pending legislation. 2:17:17 - HF1983 (Garofalo) No Child Left Behind Act non-implementation fiscal impact annual management and budget report repealed. 2:19:30 - SF1917 (Davnie) School districts; ability to use prone restraints extended to one additional year, and data collection and reporting required. 2:30:05 - HF2239 (Benson, M.) Motor vehicle titling and license plate requirements amended and clarified for pioneer vehicles. 2:35:11 - HF2187 (Vogel) Vehicle title bond and title issuance requirements clarified. 2:40:00 - HF1813 (Benson, M.) Contractor availability provided to assist state agencies in reorganization. Runs 2 hours, 49 minutes.