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House floor session - part 2

Sunday, May 22, 2011 - 5:01:00 PM

06:15 - Gavel. CALENDAR FOR THE DAY. 07:10 - SF1159 (Kieffer) Workers' Compensation Advisory Council recommendations adopted, and duties, benefits, and requirements changed, rulemaking required, and money appropriated. 18:14 - SF1197 (Beard) Utility report filing, weatherization programs, and public utility commission assessment technical changes made and provisions modified; obsolete and redundant language removed; and reporting requirements provided. 1:45:08 - SF612 (Hamilton) Youth athletes with concussions resulting from participation in youth athletic activities policies established. 1:56:22 - SF881 (McDonald) E-charging expanded to include citations, juvenile adjudication, and implied test refusal or failure. 1:58:43 - SF477 (Drazkowski) Food, beverage, and lodging establishment statutes exemption modified. 2:18:06 - SF799 (Nornes) Student records and data usage liability clarification. MESSAGES FROM THE SENATE. 2:22:26 - Concur to Senate amendments to HF988 (Smith) Public defender representation provision modified. 2:26:59 - Concur to Senate amendments to HF1405 (Daudt) Claims processing regulated for insurance on portable electronics products, and automated claims processing system use permitted to requirements and safeguards. CONFERENCE COMMITTEE REPORTS. 2:30:55 - Conference Committee Report on SF86 (Beard/Rosen) Carbon dioxide emissions increase by utilities ban removal; greenhouse gas control plan repeal. 2:39:17 - Conference Committee Report HF954 (Fabian/Stumpf) Kittson County; process for making certain county offices appointive provided. 2:45:01 - Conference Committee Report HF1144 (Cornish/Carlson) State employee group insurance program limited reinstatement of coverage provided. CALENDAR FOR THE DAY. 2:49:13 - SF712 (Fabian) Omnibus state lands bill. MOTIONS AND RESOLUTIONS. 3:28:03 - SC8 (Dean) A Senate concurrent resolution relating to adjournment of the Senate and House of Representatives until Tuesday, January 24, 2012, at 12:00 noon. Runs 3 hours, 38 minutes.