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House floor session - part 3

Friday, May 20, 2011 - 8:08:00 PM

04:01 - Gavel. CALENDAR FOR THE DAY. 08:05 - SF1044 (Drazkowski) Natural disasters state agencies responses provisions modifications. 18:25 - SF137 (Wardlow) Mortgage foreclosure redemption period modifications; real property deeds to correct title clarification; residential purchase agreements cancellation authorization; attorney as agent for service modifications. 25:25 - SF301 (Shimanski) Fourth-degree assault crime and the assaulting a police horse crime expanded to provide more protection to law enforcement assistants. 31:07 - SF478 (Shimanski) Motorcycle license plates for physically disabled persons. 34:30 - SF1208 (Hoppe) Insurance definitions modified, life insurance and title insurance reserves modified, accounts and funding agreements regulated, obsolete and conflicting provisions repealed, and conforming changes made. 37:40 - HF1270 (McDonald) E-charging expanded to include citations, juvenile adjudication, and implied test refusal or failure. 41:56 - SF1265 (Simon) Professional athletes drug and alcohol testing program provisions. 44:40 - HF1219 (Davids) Omnibus technical tax bill. 1:05:09 - SF1045 (Hoppe) Continuing education and prelicensing requirements, insurance coverages, nonadmitted insurers, insolvencies, adjusters, and appraisers regulated. 1:12:13 - HF1384 (Davids) Charitable or religious organization transfers excluded from the fraudulent transfers act. 1:26:54 - HF1179 (McFarlane) Pupil transportation provisions modified, Department of Education's role clarified in maintaining training programs, lift bus use included in the category or revenue authorized for reimbursement, and actual contracted transportation costs included as a method for allocating pupil transportation costs. 1:29:32 - HF1332 (Hansen) Legislative auditor governing provisions modified. 1:31:14 - SF1285 (Anderson, D.) Chemical and mental health services changes made, and rate reforms made. 1:37:46 - SF249 (Sanders) Residential contractors insurance claims for goods and services regulation. 1:40:36 - SF1009 (Sanders) Vacancies in nomination procedures and requirements changed. 1:47:39 - SF1270 (Kahn) Geospatial advisory council provisions changed and expiration date extended. 1:59:28 - HF232 (Kriesel) Gold star license plates eligibility expanded to surviving legal guardians and siblings. 2:14:54 - SF302 (Davids) Dental provider contracts and provider audits regulated. FISCAL CALENDAR. 2:27:03 - HF959 (Howes) Flood hazard mitigation funding provided, federal disaster assistance match funding provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated. Runs 4 hours, 12 minutes.