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House floor session

Thursday, May 19, 2011 - 3:05:00 PM

03:04 - Gavel. 08:00 - Conference Committee Report on SF170 (Kieffer/Daley) Teacher candidates basic skills exam pass requirement. 26:28 - Conference Committee Report on HF57 (Kriesel/Hall) Synthetic cannabinoid sale or possession crime established including driving while impaired crime. 56:17 - Committee Report on HF186 (Urdahl/Daley) Driver's license expiration period extended while person is serving in active military service. 59:15 - Conference Committee Report on HF1326 (Atkins/Gerlach) Omnibus liquor bill. MESSAGES FROM THE SENATE. 1:06:30 - Concur to Senate amendments to HF460 (Peppin) Sprinkler requirements in single-family homes prohibited. 1:11:30 - Concur to Senate amendments to HF493 (Vogel) Motor vehicle dealer record alternative site authorized, and motor vehicle registration provision modified. CALENDAR FOR THE DAY. 1:14:31 - HF779 (Vogel) Occupational licensure; right to engage in an occupation stated, and conditions for government regulation of occupations specified. 1:16:46 - SF67 (Nornes) Waterfront structures transport on trunk highways department of transportation special permit fees authorization. 1:18:43 - HF650 (Kieffer) Driver education and examination provisions regulated relating to carbon monoxide poisoning, and technical changes made. 1:23:24 - SF943 (Hackbarth) Game and fish; aquaculture provisions modified; compensation and assistance provisions for crop damage by elk modified; fish and wildlife management plan requirements modified; taking, possessing, and transporting wild animal provisions modified; acquisition procedures modified; penalty and license provisions modified; Board of Water and Soil Resources duties modified; and landowner liability for state walk-in access program limited. 3:21:07 - SF1044 (Drazkowski) Natural disasters state agencies responses provisions modifications. 4:55:01 - HF1144 (Cornish) State employee group insurance program limited reinstatement of coverage provided. 5:12:56 - SF742 (Zellers) Hospital moratorium exception provided. 5:38:11 - HF988 (Smith) Public defender representation provision modified. CONFERENCE COMMITTEE REPORTS. 5:52:10 - Conference Committee Report on HF201 (Scott/Thompson) Abortion funding limited for state-sponsored health programs. 5:55:11 - Conference Committee Report on HF936 (Holberg/Hoffman) Abortions at or after 20 weeks postfertilization age prohibited unless exceptions apply, and civil and criminal penalties provided. Runs 5 hours, 58 minutes.