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House floor session - part 2

Thursday, May 05, 2011 - 2:02:00 PM

01:20 - Gavel. CALENDAR FOR THE DAY. 04:17 - HF1289 (Mack) Buses provisions modified authorizing the use of highway shoulders. 12:53 - HF1341 (McDonald) Health services to children under Minnesota public health care programs fiscal information reporting required. 25:21 - SF170 (Kieffer) Teacher candidates basic skills exam pass requirement. 45:14 - HF396 (Wardlow) Minnesota Common Interest Ownership Act; clarifying, technical, and conforming changes made. 51:47 - HF1405 (Daudt) Claims processing regulated for insurance on portable electronics products, and automated claims processing system use permitted to requirements and safeguards. 58:57 - SF509 (Kiffmeyer) Voter photo identification requirement; picture identification issuance provisions; provisional balloting procedure establishment; challenged voter eligibility list establishment; electronic polling place roster standard for use establishment and use requirement; legislative task force on electronic roster implementation creation; recount procedure enacting; appropriating money. 5:02:30 - HF1105 (Kiel) Pickup truck provisions modified. 5:06:21 - HF1139 (Hancock) Public safety equipment single source acquisition and long-term leasing authorized. 5:09:12 - HF493 (Vogel) Motor vehicle dealer record alternative site authorized, and motor vehicle registration provision modified. 5:17:29 - HF447 (Kelly) Investigation, review, and hearing governing provisions modified, crime of criminal abuse of a vulnerable adult made a registrable offense under the predatory offender registration law, terminology changed, criminal penalty increased for assaulting a vulnerable adult, and criminal penalties provided. Runs 5 hours, 29 minutes.