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House Ways and Means Committee

Wednesday, April 21, 2010 - 2:07 PM

00:42 - HF2405 (Reinert) Temporary successors provided to members of the legislature called into active military service, implementation of statutory language provided, and constitutional amendment proposed. 09:54 - HF2690 (Sertich) Executive agency appropriations required to include proportionate reductions in expenditures on contracts, requirements provided during periods of projected deficits, and executive branch positions eliminated. 17:40 - HF3122 (Juhnke) Licensing and regulation provided for appraisal management companies, real estate appraiser advisory board regulated, and money appropriated. 21:56 - HF3414 (Hilty) Public Utilities Commission supplemental funding authorized, and money appropriated. 28:57 - SF2996 (Urdahl) School concession stands established as a specific category of food and beverage service establishments. 32:13 - HF2753 (Morrow) State road construction funding provided, trunk highway bonds issued, and money appropriated. 33:57 - HF605 (Hortman) Transportation Department management, priorities, research, and planning provisions modified. 36:55 - HF2600 (Mullery) Licensing and regulation provided for an individual engaged in the business of a mortgage loan originator or the mortgage loan business, conforming and transitional provisions provided, and money appropriated. 41:21 - HF2990 (Hilstrom) State Guardian Ad Litem Board established and money appropriated. 48:45 - HF2807 (Hornstein) Transportation construction impacts on business provisions modified, prohibited rest area activities added, highway routes modified; traffic provisions, bridge projects provisions, and impound provisions modified; Minnesota Council of Transportation Access and a Commuter Rail Corridor Coordinating Committee established and member provisions modified. 1:02:03 - HF2577 (Carlson) Legislators allowed to call a special session, and constitutional amendment proposed. 1:05:34 - HF2116 (Hansen) Vehicle transaction fees increased. Runs 1 hour, 8 minutes.