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House floor session - part 2

Wednesday, April 30, 2008 - 1:01:00 PM

01:03 - Gavel. CALENDAR FOR THE DAY. 02:10 - <A HREF=>HF995</A> (Hilty) Peak Oil; governor memorialized, by resolution, to take action to prepare a plan of response and preparation to meet the challenges of Peak Oil. 32:10 - <A HREF=>SF2796</A> (Bly) Early childhood education programs teaching employment requirements modified. 35:17 - <A HREF=>SF3364</A> (Kalin) Deaf, Deaf-blind and Hard-of-Hearing Minnesotans Commission provisions modified. 40:24 - <A HREF=>SF3132</A> (Loeffler) Medical debt information regulation. Motion to re-refer SF3132 to House Health and Human Services Committee. 1:11:42 - <A HREF=>HF3729</A> (Hilty) Legislative Energy Commission established, and Legislative Electric Energy Task Force abolished, conforming corrections made, and money appropriated. 1:30:41 - <A HREF=>SF2706</A> (Hilty) Energy usage performance standards provided for development and application. 1:36:20 - <A HREF=>SF3669</A> (Madore) Transportation construction impacts mitigation effects on small businesses report. 1:44:25 - <A HREF=>HF2877</A> (Paymar) Disarming a peace officer crime established. 2:03:57 - <A HREF=>SF2948</A> (Atkins) Professional firefighter arbitration procedures repealed concerning total package final offers. 2:07:00 - <A HREF=>SF3256</A> (Sailer) Day training and habilitation programs separate license requirements exceptions. 2:09:36 - <A HREF=>SF3137</A> (Hortman) Commuter rail; transportation commissioner's authority clarified relating to commuter rail, and operation and maintenance of commuter rail lines located in the metropolitan area provided. 2:11:26 - <A HREF=>HF3222</A> (Huntley) Health care services provisions amended, general assistance medical care, medical assistance, and MinnesotaCare changes made, claims, liens, and treatment of assets modified, and statewide information exchange established. 2:23:48 - <A HREF=>HF3494</A> (Pelowski) State employee blood donors provided with up to three hours of paid leave in any 12-month period, and employee leave provided by employers. 2:27:03 - <A HREF=>HF3367</A> (Pelowski) Open meeting law provisions modified and attorney fees provided. 2:28:46 - <A HREF=>HF3585</A> (Koenen) Local governments authorized to engage in energy-related activities, including ownership of renewable energy products, and bonds authorized. 3:10:35 - <A HREF=>SF2576</A> (Shimanski) Crime of false police and fire emergency calls as misdemeanor offense. 3:13:04 - <A HREF=>SF2988</A> (Bigham) School bus driver type III qualifications established, and penalties provided. 3:18:51 - <A HREF=>SF3360</A> (Mullery) Animal fighting device possession restriction and penalty modification. 3:27:57 - <A HREF=>SF3372</A> (Madore) Long-term disability parking city permit program minimum requirements established. 3:42:19 - <A HREF=>HF3699</A> (Hilty) Discretionary partial recounts provided, and recount and postelection review procedures specified, voting system requirements changed, and township election advisory group provided. Runs 4 hours, 46 minutes.