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House floor session

Thursday, May 01, 2008 - 9:39:00 AM

07:22 - Gavel. MESSAGES FROM THE SENATE. 17:12 - Concurrence to Senate amendments to <A HREF=>HF4075</A> (Olin) Bovine tuberculosis control provided in certain areas, and money appropriated. CONFERENCE COMMITTEE REPORTS. 22:25 - Conference Committee Report on <A HREF=>SF2369</A> (Bigham) School districts athletic, extracurricular and cocurricular criminal history background check requirements. 1:04:44 - Conference Committee Report on <A HREF=>SF2881</A> (Davnie)Deed, rates of interest, and mortgage contracts regulated, borrower's ability to repay verification provided, and mortgage broker's failure to comply penalties and remedies provided. 1:07:55 - Conference Committee Report on <A HREF=>SF3674</A> (Olin) Revisor's bill. CALENDAR FOR THE DAY. 1:14:25 - <A HREF=>SF543</A> (Nelson) Employee Free Choice Act; resolution memorializing Congress to support the Employee Free Choice Act relating to workers' rights to form and join unions. 1:55:22 - <A HREF=>SF875</A> (Rukavina) Minimum wage increased and indexed, training wage eliminated, and new employee notice required. 2:38:07 - <A HREF=>SF2786</A> (Mahoney) Restricted plumber licenses effective dates modified. 2:46:29 - <A HREF=>HF3807</A> (Hortman) Whistleblower additional protection provided to state executive branch employees. 3:14:42 - <A HREF=>SF3189</A> (Bigham) Drivers license examination successful completion requirement for controlled substance offenses. 3:17:10 - <A HREF=>SF651</A> (Clark) Commercial decabromodiphenyl ether manufacture and sale restrictions; alternative assessments report requirement. 4:11:09 - <A HREF=>SF3508</A> (Dominguez) Motor vehicle insurance adjustments insurer prohibitions. 4:15:44 - <A HREF=>SF3715</A> (Fritz) Steele County nursing home and assisted living facility transfer to nonprofit corporation authorized, interest in nonprofit corporation provided, and nursing home moratorium exception provided. 4:19:56 - <A HREF=>SF3213</A> (Hosch) Human services technical changes, health care and miscellaneous provisions clarifications. FISCAL CALENDAR. 4:22:52 - <A HREF=>HF3292</A> (Dittrich) School trust fund lands management provided, school trust fund land return improvements provided, Permanent School Fund Advisory Committee mission redefined, and report provided. 4:28:46 - <A HREF=>HF3498</A> (Berns) Firefighter Training and Education Board member compensation authorized. CALENDAR FOR THE DAY. 4:32:40 - <A HREF=>SF3363</A> (Solberg) State government budget information dissemination, modifications and requirements. 5:15:38 - <A HREF=>HF3222</A> (Huntley) Health care services provisions amended, general assistance medical care, medical assistance, and MinnesotaCare changes made, claims, liens, and treatment of assets modified, and statewide information exchange established. CONFERENCE COMMITTEE REPORTS. 6:32:17 - Conference Committee Report on <A HREF=>HF3172</A> (Pelowski) Ballot delivery, election judge, mail election, special election and special primary, school district election, and post election review procedures changed, and continued use of certain applications authorized. CALENDAR FOR THE DAY. 6:40:31 - <A HREF=>HF3955</A> (Thissen) Home care service provider regulations modified, and community-based care promoted for older adults through establishment of community consortiums, and reports required. Runs 6 hours, 53 minutes.