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House floor session - part 2

Thursday, April 24, 2008 - 6:46:00 PM

03:22 - Gavel. CALENDAR FOR THE DAY. 03:31 - <A HREF=>SF3218</A> (Nelson) Workers compensation advisory council recommendations adoption. 42:18 - <A HREF=>SF2919</A> (Simon) Hearing time requirements modified and clarified, prehearing discharge exception provided for commitment petitions involving mentally ill or sexually dangerous persons. 46:42 - <A HREF=>HF3332</A> (Dill) Credit card surcharges regulated. 55:46 - <A HREF=>SF2775</A> (Nelson) Disconnection notice requirement to municipality upon customer gas or electric service shutoff. 1:04:01 - <A HREF=>SF2942</A> (Rukavina) Surplus appropriation sunset provision removed. 1:06:36 - <A HREF=>SF3069</A> (Madore) Special 2008 US Women’s Open motor vehicle license plates temporary permits issuance. 1:09:49 - <A HREF=>SF3775</A> (Sailer) Used paint collection and process pilot program established, and reports required. 3:42:00 - <A HREF=>SF3441</A> (Paymar) Domestic abuse advocate testimony limited without consent of victims. 3:50:03 - <A HREF=>SF2511</A> (Pelowski) Health Care Peer Review Committee reestablished relating to quality of care and treatment of offenders, and Minnesota Breeders fund advisory committees reestablished. 3:59:30 - <A HREF=>SF3364</A> (Kalin) Deaf, Deaf-blind and Hard-of-Hearing Minnesotans Commission provisions modified. 4:12:14 - <A HREF=>HF3493</A> (Solberg) Disaster relief funding provided, state reimbursement provided, and money appropriated. 4:38:01 - <A HREF=>HF2996</A> (Paymar) Miscellaneous public safety provisions. Runs 6 hours, 46 minutes.