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Monday, April 21, 2008 - 2:00:00 PM

REPORTS OF STANDING COMMITTEES AND DIVISIONS. 13:17 - Confirmation of appointments to the Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board. MESSAGES FROM THE SENATE. 18:17 - Motion to concur to Senate amendments to <A HREF=>HF3500</A> (Lillie) Business Corporations Act; Limited Liability Company Act; Uniform Limited Partnership Act of 2001; technical amendments proposed, and nonprofit limited liability company formation authorized. CALENDAR FOR THE DAY. 28:36 - <A HREF=>SF2597</A> (Bigham) School boards required to seek information from prospective teachers and the Board of Teaching about disciplinary actions against teachers. 49:34 - <A HREF=>SF3139</A> (Atkins) Internet ticket sale interference offense established. 56:57- <A HREF=>SF3214</A> (Dominguez) Minnesota Residential Mortgage Originator and Servicer Licensing Act application clarified, and insurer investment authority clarified. 59:23 - <A HREF=>SF3154</A> (Lillie) Residential mortgage originators and services regulated, and borrower's ability to pay verified. 1:02:00 - <A HREF=>SF3342</A> (Hilstrom) E-charging service and fingerprinting requirement. 1:12:01 - <A HREF=>SF3303</A> (Loeffler) Minneapolis; Nonprofit riverfront revitalization corporation authorized and report required. 2:25:00 - <A HREF=>SF2403</A> (Nelson) Disabled peace officers or firefighters continued health insurance eligibility provision modification. 2:28:05 - <A HREF=>SF2876</A> (Paymar) Dangerous dogs provisions modifications; dogs in outdoor food and beverage service establishments. 3:06:41 - <A HREF=>SF3166</A> (Walker) Child welfare and licensing provisions modifications; Interstate Compact for the Placement of Children repeal and replacement; child and adult adoptions regulation; children in voluntary foster care for treatment regulation. MESSAGES FROM THE SENATE. CONFERENCE COMMITTEE REPORTS. 4:25:31 - Motion to adopt the Conference Committee Report on <A HREF=>SF1298</A> (Hilty) Voter registration procedures, filing requirements, voting procedures, election day prohibitions, and ballot preparation requirements modified; complaint and resolution process established; and challengers required to prove residency. Runs 4 hours, 35 minutes.