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House floor session - part 2

Wednesday, April 16, 2008 - 9:45:00 AM

04:45 - Gavel. CALENDAR FOR THE DAY. 09:08 - <A HREF=>SF3474</A> (Magnus) Rock County; Appointive office process provided. 11:55 - <A HREF=>HF3577</A> (Tschumper) Houston County; Process provided to make certain county offices appointive. 17:33 - <A HREF=>SF2930</A> (Davnie) Debt management services regulated, and obsolete criminal provision repealed. 20:07 - <A HREF=>SF2642</A> (Simon) Safe at Home program data practices provisions modification. 28:23 - <A HREF=>SF2605</A> (Peterson, S.) Metropolitan Council members staggered terms provided. 2:42:02 - <A HREF=>SF2828</A> (Paymar) Critical public service property trespassing provisions modified. 2:44:45 - <A HREF=>SF2399</A> (Hilstrom) Public nuisance law requirement affecting evidentiary thresholds and numbers of triggering incidents for specific offenses changed. 2:46:47 - <A HREF=>SF3263</A> (Bunn) Hospital records as electronic image and conveyance of dead human body. 2:53:50 - <A HREF=>SF3225</A> (Madore) Ombudsman for mental health and developmental disabilities and the medical review subcommittee deceased clients data gathering authorization. 2:58:15 - <A HREF=>SF2024</A> (Norton) Disabled children notice of redetermination of eligibility for services requirement. 3:00:09 - <A HREF=>SF3286</A> (Doll) Health plan company complaint form filing requirements modification. 3:05:53 - <A HREF=>SF2377</A> (Olin) Ambulance service basic life support and advanced life support requirements provisions modifications. 3:11:37 - <A HREF=>SF2368</A> (Ward) Enterprise activities closure or transfer human services commissioner legislature notification requirement. 3:49:02 - <A HREF=>SF3130</A> (Kalin) Miscellaneous corrections department technical corrections and modifications. 4:33:59 - <A HREF=>SF3571</A> (Hilstrom) State operated services programs non state employees employment. 4:36:19 - <A HREF=>SF3235</A> (Simon) Omnibus data practices. 5:17:01 - <A HREF=>SF2390</A> (Hilstrom) Social security number collection and use modification. 5:20:21 - <A HREF=>SF3647</A> (Bunn) Emergency responders exempted from permit requirement for emergency communication equipment. 5:22:53 - <A HREF=>SF2936</A> (Marquart) Plat requirements modified. 5:28:51 - Reconsideration of <A HREF=>SF2390</A> (Hilstrom) Social security number collection and use modification. 5:32:42 - <A HREF=>SF3021</A> (Ozment) Claims bill. Runs 5 hours, 36 minutes.