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Thursday, April 14, 2005 - 12:34 PM

01:35 - Gavel. 02:55 - <A HREF="">HF1717</A> (Emmer) Minors under age 18 required to attend school as a requirement for possessing a driver's permit or license (informational only). 11:34 - <A HREF="">HF2275</A> (Sykora) Teaching probationary period work year definition provided, and early childhood family education teachers defined as public employees. 22:55 - <A HREF="">HF1719</A> (Klinzing) High school reform measures provided including educational planning and assessment program, and a college-level examination program; basic skills tests replaced with comprehensive assessments, and money appropriated. 33:30 - <A HREF="">HF1680</A> (Meslow) Licensed student support services student access provided. 38:27 - <A HREF="">HF762</A> (Kelliher) Truant children parental notice inclusion of possible availability of mental health screening provided. 47:35 - <A HREF="">HF834</A> (Dittrich) School district authority granted to offer certain rewards to persons who provide information that leads to the apprehension and arrest of a person or persons who have committed a crime against school property, students, or personnel. 55:17 - <A HREF="">HF1811</A> (Penas) Telecommunications/Internet access equity aid provided, and money appropriated. 58:11 - <A HREF="">HF813</A> (Sykora) School trust land construction aggregate evaluation provided, and money appropriated. 1:35:20 - <A HREF="">HF1927</A> (Solberg) School district refunding bonds made eligible for taconite production tax revenue payments. 1:35:30 - <A HREF="">HF2414</A> (Sykora) Statewide student information and reporting system created, and money appropriated. 1:47:40 - <A HREF="">HF2421</A> (Heidgerken) School district equity revenue increased for districts with low levels of referendum revenue per pupil unit. 1:56:31 - <A HREF="">HF1462</A> (Krinkie) Independent School District #621, Mounds View, required to establish a trust fund for the proceeds from the sale of property to use for general operating purposes. Runs 2 hours, 20 minutes.