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Tuesday, May 11, 2004 - 9:05:00 AM

04:07 - Gavel. 05:20 - <A HREF="">HF2298</A> (Abrams) International economic development zone designated, tax incentives provided, and money appropriated. 06:34 - <A HREF="">HF3091</A> (Abrams) Metropolitan area transit and paratransit capital expenditures financing provided through bonds issued. 10:20 - <A HREF="">HF2083</A> (Dill) Direct reduced ore production tax rate clarified. 11:53 - <A HREF="">HF2936</A> (Hausman) Saint Paul authorized to contract with a nonprofit organization for management and operation of the RiverCentre complex. 14:23 - <A HREF="">HF1166</A> (Hackbarth) Sales tax proceeds dedicated to natural resources funding; heritage enhancement fund and council, parks and trails fund, and clean water fund and council created; and constitutional amendment proposed. Runs 1 hour, 59 minutes.