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House Floor Session - Part 2 of 3

Wednesday, April 5, 2000 - 10:00 AM

CALENDAR FOR THE DAY cont. SF884 (Harder) Reduced marriage license fee provided for couples who obtain premarital counseling and dissolution proceedings filing fee increased. SF1870 (Haas) Motor vehicle fuel franchises and marketing agreements regulated. SF11 (Bishop) Domestic abuse victim civil cause of action six-year statute of limitations provided and Ramsey County joint domestic abuse prosecution unit pilot project authorized. SF3036 (Haas) Seizure and administrative forfeiture of firearms and abandoned property provided, trespass citation authority and vehicle forfeiture provisions modified, game and fish gross violations assessed, and civil penalties imposed. HF3213 (Ozment) Heritage forest areas established in specified counties, timber provisions modified, and recreational area public use rules modified. SF1495 (Pawlenty) Uniform commercial code secured transactions provisions adopted and revised article 9 provided. SF3178 (Hilty) Commissioner of public safety rule authority continued, grants awarded, private detectives and protective agents board members per diem and training program rules modified, and battered women and domestic abuse provisions modified. HF3642 (Huntley) Medical education program funds application and distribution provisions modified. HF3465 (Larsen, P) Threats to harm school official provided criminal penalties. SF3195 (Swenson) Dairy product adulteration penalties modified. SF3150 (Tuma) Higher education facilities authority bonding authority increased. SF3626 (Wilkin) Minnesota Comprehensive Health Association (MCHA) eligibility and coverage modified, and premium rates study required. SF173 (Tunheim) Possession of wild animals taken on the Red Lake Indian reservation north of the 49th parallel authorized. SF2848 (Rostberg) Supervisory or confidential emergency medical services employees or 911 system dispatchers representation by the same exclusive representatives as non-supervisory and confidential employees authorized. SF3291 (Dawkins) Motor vehicles towed at request of law enforcement; extent of lien clarified; and notice provided to owner for towing, sale, and right to reclaim. HF3839 (Goodno) Health care administrative simplification act modified, unlicensed complementary and alternative health care practitioners regulated, specified health occupations modified, civil penalties provided, and report required. SF619 (Paulsen) Collection agencies regulated and out-of-state agency licensure exemption provided. SF1048 (Jennings) Public utility commissioners ex parte communication regulated. SF1048 was re-referred back to committee. SF1896 (Boudreau) Medical assistance money recovery and erroneous vendor payment sanctions provided, estates subject to claims and liens probate provisions modified, and day services programs funding transfer recommendations developed. SF2484 (Tomassoni) Motor vehicles required to be driven in the right-hand lane. SF2473 (Biernat) Sole physical custody of a child modification standards altered. SF3108 (Anderson, B) Local and state correctional facility inmate telephone access regulated, and criminal penalties imposed. HF3516 (McCollum) Natural resources provisions modified. HF3488 (Van Dellen) Private attorney retention sunshine act adopted authorizing state agencies to employ private counsel. SF3116 (Holberg) Creditors' garnishments, executions, and levies regulated; forms revised; notification provided; attorneys' execution levies increased; and technical changes provided. The House went into recess. Runs 6 Hrs., 14 min.