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Health and Human Services Finance


2013-2014 Regular Session - February 19, 2013



Thomas E. Huntley, Chair

Chair Thomas Huntley called to order the seventeenth meeting of the Health Care and Human Services Finance Committee at 10:12 a.m. in Room 200 of the State Office Building on Tuesday, February 19, 2013. A quorum was present. The committee legislative assistant noted the roll:

Members Present:

Rep. Thomas Huntley, Chair
Rep. Kim Norton, Vice Chair
Rep. Jim Abeler
Rep. Susan Allen
Rep. Matt Dean
Rep. Peter Fischer
Rep. Patti Fritz
Rep. Glenn Gruenhagen
Rep. Laurie Halverson
Rep. Melissa Hortman
Rep. Carolyn Laine
Rep. Tina Liebling
Rep. Diane Loeffler
Rep. Tara Mack
Rep. Joe McDonald
Rep. Rena Moran
Rep. Jerry Newton
Rep. Joe Schomacker
Rep. Nick Zerwas

HF 5 (Atkins) - Minnesota Insurance Marketplace established, powers and duties prescribed, right to not participate established, open meeting requirements and data practices procedures specified, and money appropriated.

Chair Huntley moved HF 5 be recommended to pass and be rereferred to the Committee on Taxes.

Chair Huntley moved adoption of the H0005A179 amendment. The motion prevailed.

Representative Abeler moved adoption of the H0005A176 amendment and requested a roll call. Lengthy discussion occurred. Representative Abeler withdrew his request for a roll call. On the motion of adoption, it did not prevail and a division was called resulting in a 9/9 vote. The tally was questioned so the Chair asked for another show of hands resulting in 9 ayes and 10 nays. The motion did not prevail.

Chair Huntley moved adoption of the H0005A119 amendment. Michael Turpin, General Counsel of the Exchange testified. Discussion occurred and the Chair renewed his motion that the H0005A119 amendment be adopted. The motion prevailed.

Chair Huntley moved adoption of the H0005A163 amendment. Following discussion, the motion prevailed.

Representative Allen moved adoption of and explained the H0005A157 amendment. Discussion occurred and at 11:27 a.m. Chair Huntley recessed until 4:00 p.m. when discussion will continue on the H0005A157 amendment.

At 4:17 p.m. Chair Huntley called the meeting back to order. Representative Abeler moved adoption of the H0005A182 amendment. Peter Brickweide, Director of Government Affairs at the Department of Commerce, testified. Following brief discussion, the motion prevailed.

The Chair moved adoption of the H0005A120 amendment. Representative Atkins explained the amendment and following discussion, the motion prevailed.

Representative Abeler moved adoption of the H0005A143 amendment. Following discussion, Representative Abeler withdrew the H0005A143 amendment.

Representative Allen renewed her motion that the H0005A157 amendment be adopted. Kate Johanson of the Department of Commerce testified briefly. Following discussion, the motion prevailed and the H0005A157 amendment was adopted.

Representative Abeler moved adoption of the H0005A178 amendment and then withdrew the amendment.

Chair Huntley renewed his motion that HF5, as amended, be recommended to pass and referred to the Committee on Taxes. The motion prevailed and adjourned the meeting at 4:47 p.m.

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February 19, 2013

Thomas E. Huntley, Chair

Jan Horner, Committee Legislative Assistant
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Final amendments and voting on HF 5.