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Minnesota Legislature
2013-2014 Regular Session

14TH MEETING - Civil Law

March 12, 2013


Chair, Representative John Lesch


Representative Lesch, Chair of Committee on Civil Law, called the meeting to order at 8:15AM, March 12, 2013 in Room 10 of the State Office Building.

The Committee Legislative Assistant noted the roll.

Members present:
Lesch, Chair
Allen, Vice Chair
Scott, Lead
Anderson, M.
Johnson, B.

Members excused:

A quorum was present.

Chair Lesch moved March 12, 2013 minutes. THE MOTION PREVAILED. THE MINUTES WERE APPROVED.

HF1054 (Clark) Marriage between two persons provided, and exemptions based in religious association provided for.

Representative Simon moved HF1054 be recommended to pass and be sent to the General Register.

Representative Simon moved an oral amendment to HF1054 as follow:
Page 3, Sec. 5, line 3.26, delete "517.08" and add "517.04". THE MOTION PREVAILED. THE AMENDMENT WAS ADOPTED.

Chair Lesch moved to amend HF1054 (see attachment H1054A1). THE MOTION PREVAILED. THE AMENDMENT WAS ADOPTED.

Gus Booth, Pastor
Paul Melchert, Physician, American Academy of Pediatrician.
Teresa Colletl, Professor, St. Thomas University
Randi & Phil Reitan, Eden Prairie, MN
Jacob Reitan, Minneapolis, MN
Grace Evans, Fridley, MN
Karen E. Wills, Neuropsychologist, MN Psychological Associaiton
Jason Adkins, Executive Director, MN Catholic Conference
Kate Wulf, St. Paul, MN
Eryn Sorensen, Northwestern College student
Marilyn C. Nelson, Chairman, Carlson
Doug Mainwaring, Co-founder, National Capital Tea Party Patriots
Laura Nelson Olmstead, Roseville, MN
Lindsey Workentin, Coon Rapids, Mn
Mitch Azarion, SEIU member
Michael Frey, Waconia, MN
Erik Strand, Pastor, Edina, MN
CeAnne Becker & Laura Kaczmarek, Eden Prairie, MN
Rev. Douglas M. Donley, Mounds View, Mn
Russ Stanton, St. Paul, MN
Tatyana Benson, AFSCME, St. Paul, MN
David Wheeler, Minneapolis, MN
Jim Lawser & Duane Banser, Minneapolis, MN
John Greene, Minneapolis, MN
David Patton, St. Paul, MN
Chip Martin & Bill Chaffee, St. Could, MN
Robert Oscar Lopez, Northridge, CA
Pastor Chadwick, Mtka, MN
Lynne Osterman, New Hope, MN
Gabe Aderhold
Tom Horner, Edina, MN
Grace Fink, Edina, MN
Pauline Nixon, St. Paul, MN
Annie Kopocek, Blaine, MN
Michael Bayly, Executive Coordinator, Catholics for Marriage Equality MN
Brett Stevens, Minneapolis, MN
Kirk Dimont, St. Paul, MN
Neal Thao, St. Paul, MN
Don Portwood, Minneapolis, MN
August Berkshire, Minnesota Atheists
Simon Radecki, St. Anthony, MN
Jenny Haigh
Bob Minton, Chair, former Priests for Marriage Equality.
Richard Painter, U of M Law School, Republicans United for Freedom
Kirsten Lindbloom, Austin, MN
Dalf Carpenter, Professor, Minneapolis, MN

At 9:50 AM, Chair Lesch called hearing into recess.

At 6:08 PM, Chair Lesch resumed hearing.

Representative Scott requested for roll call on HF1054.
Chair Lesch
Vice-Chair Allen
Representative Hilstrom
Representative Hortman
Representative Liebling
Representative Paymar
Representative Rosenthal
Representative Simon
Representative Winkler
Representative Yarusso
Representative Anderson
Representative Holberg
Representative Howe
Representative Johnson
Representative Newberger
Representative Pugh
Representative Scott

Chair Lesch renewed Representative Simon's motion that HF1054 be recommended to pass, as amended, and be sent to the General Register. THE MOTION PREVAILED.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 PM.

Representative John Lesch, Chair

Jay Xiong, Committee Legislative Assistant
More Info On This Meeting..

THIS HEARING WILL BE TICKETED. TICKETS WILL BE GIVEN TO THOSE TESTIFYING ON HF1054 FIRST. THE REMAINING TICKETS WILL BE DISTRIBUTED ON A FIRST-COME, FIRST-SERVED BASIS TO THOSE IN LINE OUTSIDE ROOM 10 OF THE STATE OFFICE BUILDING. THERE WILL BE OVERFLOW SEATING IN ROOM 181 OF THE STATE OFFICE BUILDING WHERE YOU CAN VIEW THE HEARING ON TELEVISION. Tickets to attend the morning portion of this meeting will not carry over into the evening portion. Tickets will be redistributed before the committee reconvenes at 6PM - once again these tickets will be given on a first-come, first-served basis. Note to Testifiers: ONLY THOSE WHO HAVE YET TO SPEAK BEFORE THE COMMITTEE WILL BE GIVEN PRIORITY TICKETS TO THE EVENING PORTION OF THE MEETING. Those who have already testified but wish to attend the evening portion will need to wait in line. If you wish to testify, email the committee administrator at In your email, include your full name, any association you are affiliated with, and whether you plan to testify in support or in opposition of the bill.YOU MUST SIGN UP TO TESTIFY BY 3 P.M. ON MONDAY, MARCH 11 TO BE ADDED TO THE LIST. Testimony will be limited to 2 minutes per person.

Bills Added:
  • HF1054 (Clark) - Civil marriage between two persons, exemptions, and protections based on religious association provided.
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02:48 - Gavel. 03:04 - HF1054 (Clark) Marriage between two persons provided, and exemptions based in religious association provided for. The committee recessed. Runs 1 hour, 35 minutes.