1.1.................... moves to amend H.F. No. 3059, the first engrossment, as follows:
1.2Page 1, line 15, delete everything after "to," and insert "special transportation
1.3service, defined"
1.4Page 1, line 16, delete everything before "in"
1.5Page 11, lines 5 to 8, delete the new language
1.6Page 11, after line 15, insert:

1.9    Subdivision 1. Definitions. For purposes of this section, the following definitions
1.11(1) "new provider" is a nonemergency medical transportation service provider that
1.12was not required to comply with special transportation service operating standards before
1.13the effective date of this act; and
1.14(2) "commissioner" is the commissioner of human services.
1.15    Subd. 2. Application for and terms of variance. A new provider may apply to the
1.16commissioner, on a form supplied by the commissioner for this purpose, for a variance
1.17from special transportation service operating standards. The commissioner may grant or
1.18deny the variance application. Variances expire on the earlier of, February 1, 2016, or the
1.19date that the commissioner of transportation begins certifying new providers under the
1.20terms of this act and successor legislation.
1.21    Subd. 3. Information concerning variances. The commissioner shall periodically
1.22transmit to the Department of Transportation the number of variance applications received
1.23and the number granted.
1.24    Subd. 4. Report by commissioner of transportation. On or before February
1.251, 2015, the commissioner of transportation shall report to the chairs and ranking
2.1minority members of the senate and house of representatives committees and divisions
2.2with jurisdiction over transportation and human services concerning implementing this
2.3act. The report must contain recommendations of the commissioner of transportation
2.4concerning statutes, session laws, and rules that must be amended, repealed, enacted, or
2.5adopted to implement the terms of this act. The recommendations must include, without
2.6limitation, the amount of the fee that would be required to cover the costs of Department of
2.7Transportation supervision of inspection and certification, as well as any needed statutory
2.8rulemaking or other authority to be granted to the commissioner of transportation."
2.9Page 11, after line 18, insert:

2.10    "Sec. 12. EFFECTIVE DATE.
2.11Sections 1 to 10 are effective August 1, 2014."
2.12Renumber the sections in sequence and correct the internal references
2.13Amend the title accordingly