1.1.................... moves to amend H.F. No. 2543 as follows:
1.2Page 1, line 15, delete "final version of" and after "transmitted" insert "through"
1.3Page 1, line 16, after "Agency" insert "from the online data submission system"
1.4Page 7, line 23, before the period insert ". A point source participating in a
1.5water quality offset authorized by this subdivision must have pollutant load reduction
1.6requirements for the traded pollutants based on water quality based effluent limits or
1.7wasteload allocations in place prior to the offset"
1.8Page 8, line 2, after the period insert "For the purposes of this section, "Tier 1 permits"
1.9are permits that do not require individualized actions or public comment periods, and "Tier
1.102 permits" are permits that require individualized actions or public comment periods."
1.11Page 10, after line 7, insert:

1.12    "Sec. 7. Minnesota Statutes 2012, section 115.551, is amended to read:
1.13115.551 TANK FEE.
1.14(a) An installer shall pay a fee of $25 for each septic system tank installed in the
1.15previous calendar year. The fees required under this section must be paid By January 30
1.16each year, the installer shall submit to the commissioner by January 30 of each year a
1.17form showing the number of tanks installed in each jurisdiction in the previous calendar
1.18year. The commissioner shall invoice the installers with the final fee due. Tank fee
1.19payment is due within 30 days of receiving the invoice. The revenue derived from the fee
1.20imposed under this section shall be deposited in the environmental fund and is exempt
1.21from section 16A.1285.
1.22(b) Notwithstanding paragraph (a), for the purposes of performance-based subsurface
1.23sewage treatment systems, the tank fee is limited to $25 per household system installation.
1.24EFFECTIVE DATE.This section is effective January 1, 2015, and applies to
1.25tanks installed on or after January 1, 2015."
2.1Page 13, line 17, delete "certificates of" and after "compliance" insert "inspection
2.3Page 13, line 25, delete "prohibit" and insert "provide control measures to prevent
2.4the pollution of underground waters from"
2.5Page 15, line 19, delete "prohibit" and insert "provide control measures to prevent
2.6the pollution of underground waters from"
2.7Page 15, line 29, delete "certificates of" and after "compliance" insert "inspection
2.9Renumber the sections in sequence and correct the internal references
2.10Amend the title accordingly