1.1.................... moves to amend H.F. No. 2402, the delete everything amendment
1.2(A14-0926), as follows:
1.3Page 131, line 2, delete the second "and"
1.4Page 131, after line 4, insert:
1.5"(xi) that blood samples and test results will be stored for a time period not to exceed
1.618 years from the infant's birth, unless the parent or legal guardian consents to have the
1.7blood samples and test results stored for a longer period of time; and"
1.8Page 131, line 6, after "testing" insert a comma and delete "or"
1.9Page 131, line 7, after "stored" insert ", or to consent to have the blood samples and
1.10test results stored beyond 18 years from the infant's birth"
1.11Page 132, line 9, after "including" insert "research"
1.12Page 132, line 28, reinstate "information that explains that the Department of Health
1.13will not store a blood" and before "information" insert "(2)"
1.14Page 132, line 29, reinstate the stricken language and after "date" insert ", unless the
1.15parent or legal guardian gives consent for longer storage"
1.16Page 132, line 30, delete "(2)" and insert "(3)"
1.17Page 132, line 33, delete "(3)" and insert "(4)"
1.18Page 133, lines 7 and 8, reinstate the stricken language
1.19Page 133, line 8, after the comma, insert "unless the parent or legal guardian gives
1.20consent for longer storage,"
1.21Page 133, line 31, reinstate "extended"