1.1.................... moves to amend H.F. No. 1692, the delete everything amendment
1.2(H1692DE1), as follows:
1.3Page 11, after line 2, insert:

1.6    Subdivision 1. Collaborative infrastructure. (a) The Department of Employment
1.7and Economic Development, the Department of Education, the Office of Higher
1.8Education, the University of Minnesota, and the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities
1.9shall collaborate to implement an electronic infrastructure, maintained under the direction
1.10and control of the Office of Higher Education, to support academic and workforce success
1.11statewide. The infrastructure shall first utilize existing assets, tools, and services, including
1.12but not limited to efolioMinnesota and GPS LifePlan. To facilitate implementation of
1.13this section, the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities shall transfer its intellectual
1.14property rights associated with efolioMinnesota and GPS LifePlan to the Office of Higher
1.16(b) To the extent possible, the basic electronic infrastructure shall be available at no
1.17charge to all state residents and to all students attending Minnesota educational institutions.
1.18    Subd. 2. Goals; programs. The office may enhance the efolioMinnesota platform
1.19to allow, at a minimum, implementation of:
1.20(1) a portfolio-based individual learning plan solution that includes comprehensive
1.21academic and life planning instruments, to support student transitions to postsecondary
1.22school or to work; and
1.23(2) a student-owned proficiency portfolio solution to support student transitions to
1.24the workplace and employers seeking first-day-work-ready employees.
1.25    Subd. 3. Resources; accountability reports. (a) The office may seek and accept
1.26contributions from individuals, businesses, and other organizations to support the goals
2.1required by this section. All contributions received are appropriated to the office and shall
2.2be administered as directed by the office.
2.3(b) The director of the Office of Higher Education shall submit, no later than January
2.415 of each year, a report to the governor and legislature on the progress of the office's
2.5activities related to implementation of this section."
2.6Renumber the sections in sequence and correct the internal references
2.7Amend the title accordingly