1.1.................... moves to amend H.F. No. 1416, the delete everything amendment
1.2(H1416DE1), as follows:
1.3Page 28, after line 15, insert:

1.5(a) Notwithstanding Minnesota Statutes, sections 16B.281 to 16B.287, 92.45,
1.6161.43, 161.44 and 222.63, or any other law to the contrary, the commissioner of
1.7transportation may convey and quitclaim to a private party all right, title, and interest of
1.8the state of Minnesota, in the land described in paragraph (d).
1.9(b) The conveyance must be in a form approved by the attorney general. The
1.10attorney general may make changes to the land description to correct errors and ensure
1.11accuracy. The conveyance may take place only upon conditions as determined by the
1.12commissioner of transportation.
1.13(c) No direct access shall be permitted between marked Trunk Highway 71 and
1.14the lands to be conveyed.
1.15(d) The land to be conveyed is located in Koochiching County and is described
1.16as follows:
1.17That part of Tract A described below:
1.18Tract A. All that portion of the Burlington Northern Railroad Company's (formerly
1.19Northern Pacific Railway Company) former 400.0 foot wide Station Ground Property
1.20at Grand Falls, Minnesota, lying within a distance of 300.0 feet northwesterly of said
1.21Railroad Company's former main track centerline upon, over, and across the Northwest
1.22Quarter of the Southwest Quarter, the Northwest Quarter of the Northeast Quarter of the
1.23Southwest Quarter, the Southeast Quarter of the Southwest Quarter of the Northwest
1.24Quarter, and the Southeast Quarter of the Northwest Quarter of Section 36, Township 155
1.25North, Range 25 West, Koochiching County, Minnesota;
1.26which lies southerly of Line 1 described below:
2.1Line 1. Commencing at a point on the north line of the Northeast Quarter of
2.2said Section 36, distant 466.0 feet easterly of the northwest corner thereof; thence
2.3southwesterly at an angle of 56 degrees 41 minutes from said north line (measured from
2.4west to south) for 458.6 feet; thence deflect to the right on a 01 degree 00 minute curve,
2.5delta angle 13 degrees 08 minutes, for 1313.3 feet; thence on tangent to said curve for
2.61500.0 feet; thence deflect to the left at an angle of 90 degrees 00 minutes for 200 feet to
2.7the point of beginning of Line 1 to be described; thence deflect to the left at an angle of 90
2.8degrees 00 minutes for 1500.0 feet; thence deflect to the right at an angle of 90 degrees 00
2.9minutes for 200 feet and there terminating;
2.10containing 16.45 acres, more or less, of which 0.55 acres is contained within a
2.11public road (Koochiching County State Aid Highway 31).
2.12(e) The conveyance in this section is subject to the following restrictions:
2.13(1) the right of way of the public road (Koochiching County State Aid Highway
2.1431 as now located and established) running along the east and west quarter line of said
2.15Section 36; and
2.16(2) no access shall be permitted to marked Trunk Highway 71 or to remaining rail
2.17bank lands in said Section 36 from the lands conveyed in this section; except that access
2.18shall be permitted by way of said Koochiching County State Aid Highway 31."