1.1.................... moves to amend H.F. No. 1302 as follows:
1.2Page 2, after line 12, insert:

1.3    "Sec. 2. Minnesota Statutes 2013 Supplement, section 297B.01, subdivision 16,
1.4is amended to read:
1.5    Subd. 16. Sale, sells, selling, purchase, purchased, or acquired. (a) "Sale,"
1.6"sells," "selling," "purchase," "purchased," or "acquired" means any transfer of title of any
1.7motor vehicle, whether absolutely or conditionally, for a consideration in money or by
1.8exchange or barter for any purpose other than resale in the regular course of business.
1.9    (b) Any motor vehicle utilized by the owner only by leasing such vehicle to others
1.10or by holding it in an effort to so lease it, and which is put to no other use by the owner
1.11other than resale after such lease or effort to lease, shall be considered property purchased
1.12for resale.
1.13    (c) The terms also shall include any transfer of title or ownership of a motor vehicle
1.14by other means, for or without consideration, except that these terms shall not include:
1.15    (1) the acquisition of a motor vehicle by inheritance from or by bequest of, or
1.16transfer-on-death of title by, a decedent who owned it;
1.17    (2) the transfer of a motor vehicle which was previously licensed in the names of
1.18two or more joint tenants and subsequently transferred without monetary consideration to
1.19one or more of the joint tenants;
1.20    (3) the transfer of a motor vehicle by way of gift from a limited used vehicle dealer
1.21licensed under section 168.27, subdivision 4a, to an individual, when the transfer is with
1.22no monetary or other consideration or expectation of consideration and the parties to the
1.23transfer submit an affidavit to that effect at the time the title transfer is recorded;
1.24    (4) the transfer of a motor vehicle by gift between:
1.25(i) spouses;
1.26(ii) parents and a child; or
1.27(iii) grandparents and a grandchild;
2.1(5) the voluntary or involuntary transfer of a motor vehicle between a husband and
2.2wife in a divorce proceeding; or
2.3    (6) the transfer of a motor vehicle by way of a gift to an organization that is exempt
2.4from federal income taxation under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code
2.5when the motor vehicle will be used exclusively for religious, charitable, or educational
2.7Renumber the sections in sequence and correct the internal references
2.8Amend the title accordingly