1.1.................... moves to amend H.F. No. 745, the first engrossment, as follows:
1.2Page 2, after line 4, insert:
1.3"(h) "Undeveloped parcel" means a parcel of land that abuts an unimproved
1.4municipal street and that is not served by municipal sewer or water utilities; or in the case
1.5of a parcel abutting an improved municipal street and served by municipal sewer or water
1.6utilities, the parcel contains a structure that has not previously been occupied."
1.7Page 2, line 8, after the period, insert "A street improvement district must not include
1.8any property already located in another street improvement district."
1.9Page 2, line 33, delete "Notice; hearings" and insert "Improvement fee"
1.10Page 2, line 34, after "after" insert "public notice is provided and"
1.11Page 2, line 35, delete "has been held on the question" and insert "is held in the
1.12same manner as provided in subdivision 4"
1.13Page 3, after line 5, insert:
1.14    "Subd. 9. Undeveloped parcels; fees. A municipality may not impose a street
1.15improvement fee on any undeveloped parcel located within an established street
1.16improvement district until at least three years after either the date of substantial completion
1.17of the paving of the previous unimproved municipal street or the date which a previously
1.18unoccupied structure is first occupied, whichever is later."
1.19Renumber the subdivisions in sequence