1.1.................... moves to amend H.F. No. 739, the second engrossment, as follows:
1.2Page 33, line 18, reinstate the stricken "(a)"
1.3Page 33, line 23, reinstate the stricken language and delete the new language
1.4Page 33, delete lines 24 to 33
1.5Page 34, delete lines 1 to 2
1.6Page 34, after line 5, insert:
1.7"(b) A responsible social services agency requesting the commissioner's consent for
1.8a physician's order not to resuscitate or intubate or for an order for other end-of-life care
1.9must submit the request according to procedures established by the commissioner. Before
1.10responding to the request, the commissioner may require consultation regarding the child's
1.11medical care with an ethics expert who is a staff member who provides consultation
1.12on ethics issues or coordinates ethics reviews, and is employed by or associated with a
1.13hospital designated by the commissioner.
1.14(c) An individual or entity, including a hospital, who provides ethics consultation to
1.15the commissioner under this subdivision is not civilly or criminally liable for advice or
1.16opinions given regarding the care of the child, if the individual or entity acts in good faith
1.17and in accordance with applicable medical standards of care."