1.1.................... moves to amend H.F. No. 592 as follows:
1.2Page 4, line 1, before the second "General" insert "(a)"
1.3Page 4, after line 10, insert:
1.4    "(b) General education revenue under paragraph (a) must be reduced by an amount
1.5equal to 75 percent of the school's equity revenue for that year."
1.6Page 4, line 20, after "pupils" insert "enrolled in 2012-2013 school year"
1.7Page 4, line 21, after "school" insert "in succeeding school years"
1.8Page 5, line 2, before "learning" insert "flexible" and delete "section 124D.128"
1.9and insert "sections 124D.12 to 124D.127"
1.10Page 5, line 8, delete subdivision 1 and insert:
1.11    "Subdivision. 1. Facilities. Notwithstanding the specified uses of state general
1.12obligation bond proceeds appropriated in Laws 1998, chapter 404, section 5, subdivision
1.135; Laws 1999, chapter 240, article 1, section 3; Laws 2000, chapter 492, article 1, section
1.145, subdivision 2; Laws 2001, First Special Session chapter 12, subdivision 2; and Laws
1.152005, chapter 20, article 1, section 5, subdivision 3, the facilities owned by the Joint
1.16Powers District No. 6067, East Metro Integration District, in Woodbury, known as the
1.17Crosswinds school, may be conveyed to the Perpich School for Arts Education, for any
1.18public educational use."
1.19Page 5, after line 34, insert:
1.20    "Subd. 6. Timelines notwithstanding. Any timelines established by resolution or
1.21otherwise by Joint Powers Board No. 6067, East Metro Integration District, to convey the
1.22Crosswinds school to another party are waived and are without effect."