1.1.................... moves to amend H.F. No. 409 as follows:
1.2Page 10, line 9, after the period, insert "If the authority has contracted with the
1.3medical center economic development corporation for any services, the audit of the
1.4authority must include an audit of the books and records of corporation that are related
1.5to any work the corporation performs for the authority."
1.6Page 11, line 25, delete ", in consultation with the medical center economic
1.7development corporation,"
1.8Page 13, line 32, delete "The authority"
1.9Page 13, delete lines 33 to 35
1.10Page 14, delete lines 1 to 4, and insert "The authority may enter into a contract with
1.11a medical center economic development corporation to advise and assist the authority in
1.12preparation of the development plan and the plan's implementation. The authority may
1.13contract for services that include, but are not limited to:"
1.14Page 14, after line 34, insert:
1.15    "(c) When acting pursuant to a contract with the authority, the medical center
1.16economic development corporation and its officers and employees are local officials for
1.17the purposes of section 471.895, prohibiting acceptance of gifts from interested parties,
1.18and public officers for the purposes of sections 471.87 to 471.89, relating to interests in
1.20    (d) All data of the medical center economic development corporation related to work
1.21performed under contract with the authority is public data."