1.1.................... moves to amend H.F. No. 5, the second engrossment, as follows:
1.2Page 6, line 13 after "rules" insert ", including the requirements of section 62V.06"
1.3Page 9, delete line 18 and insert "The Minnesota Insurance Marketplace is a state
1.4agency for purposes of the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act, and is subject to all
1.5provisions of chapter 13, including the penalties and remedies provided in sections 13.08
1.6to 13.09. The definitions contained in section 13.02 apply to this section."
1.7Page 9, after line 28 insert:
1.8"(c) No later than October 1, 2013, the Minnesota Insurance Marketplace must enter
1.9into a written data sharing agreement with any federal, state, county, or private entity with
1.10which the exchange is authorized by law to share private or nonpublic data. The contract
1.11must specify the types of data that will be shared, and the specific duties of the exchange
1.12that establish a need for the data sharing. Sharing of data that is not explicitly authorized
1.13by law and specified in a data sharing agreement is prohibited. A data sharing agreement
1.14entered under this section constitutes a contract with a government entity for purposes of
1.15sections 13.05, subdivision 6, and section 13.05, subdivision 11."