1.1.................... moves to amend H.F. No. 863 as follows:
1.2Page 5, line 5, delete "211B.04" and insert "211B.01"
1.3Page 6, delete section 13
1.4Page 9, delete section 21 and insert:

1.5    "Sec. 20. Minnesota Statutes 2012, section 10A.121, is amended to read:
1.9    Subdivision 1. Permitted disbursements. An independent expenditure political
1.10committee or an independent expenditure political fund, or a ballot question political
1.11committee or fund, in addition to making independent expenditures, may:
1.12    (1) pay costs associated with its fund-raising and general operations;
1.13    (2) pay for communications that do not constitute contributions or approved
1.14expenditures; and
1.15    (3) make contributions to other independent expenditure or ballot question political
1.16committees or independent expenditure political funds;
1.17    (4) make independent expenditures;
1.18    (5) make disbursements for electioneering communications;
1.19    (6) make expenditures to promote or defeat ballot questions;
1.20    (7) return a contribution to its source;
1.21    (8) for a political fund, record bookkeeping entries transferring the association's
1.22general treasury money allocated for political purposes back to the general treasury of
1.23the association; and
1.24    (9) for a political fund, return general treasury money transferred to a separate
1.25depository to the general depository of the association.
2.1    Subd. 2. Penalty. (a) An independent expenditure political committee or
2.2independent expenditure political fund is subject to a civil penalty of up to four times the
2.3amount of the contribution or approved expenditure if it does the following:
2.4    (1) makes a contribution to a candidate, party unit, political committee, or political
2.5fund other than an independent expenditure political committee or an independent
2.6expenditure political fund; or
2.7    (2) makes an approved expenditure.
2.8    (b) No other penalty provided in law may be imposed for conduct that is subject to a
2.9civil penalty under this section."
2.10Page 13, line 4, after the second "or" insert "more than $500 for"
2.11Page 17, delete lines 1 to 6
2.12Page 17, line 7, delete "(c)" and insert "(b)"
2.13Page 17, line 13, after "members" insert ", donors, or subscribers"
2.14Page 17, after line 14, insert:
2.15    "(4) a voter guide, which is a pamphlet or similar printed materials, intended to help
2.16voters compare candidates' positions on a set of issues, as long as each of the following is
2.18    (i) the guide does not focus on a single issue or a narrow range of issues, but
2.19includes questions and subjects sufficient to encompass major issues of interest to the
2.20entire electorate;
2.21    (ii) the questions and any other description of the issues are clear and unbiased in
2.22both their structure and content;
2.23    (iii) the questions posed and provided to the candidates are identical to those
2.24included in the guide;
2.25    (iv) each candidate included in the guide is given a reasonable amount of time and
2.26the same opportunity as other candidates to respond to the questions;
2.27    (v) if the candidate is given limited choices for an answer to a question, for example:
2.28"support," "oppose," "yes," or "no," the candidate is also given an opportunity, subject to
2.29reasonable limits, to explain the candidate's position in the candidate's own words; the
2.30fact that a candidate provided an explanation is clearly indicated in the guide; and the
2.31guide clearly indicates that the explanations will be made available for public inspection,
2.32subject to reasonable conditions;
2.33    (vi) answers included in the guide are those provided by the candidates in response
2.34to questions, the candidate's answers are unedited, and the answers appear in close
2.35proximity to the question to which they respond;
3.1    (vii) if the guide includes candidates' positions based on information other than
3.2responses provided directly by the candidate, the positions are based on recorded votes,
3.3reliable media reports, or public statements of the candidates and are presented in an
3.4unedited and unbiased manner; and
3.5    (viii) the guide includes all major party candidates for each office listed in the guide;"
3.6Page 17, line 15, delete "(4)" and insert "(5)"
3.7Page 17, line 17, delete "(5)" and insert "(6)"
3.8Page 17, line 20, after "is" insert "or was"
3.9Page 17, line 22, after "session" insert "or within ten days after the last day of a
3.10regular session of the legislature"
3.11Page 17, line 23, delete "(d)" and insert "(c)"
3.12Page 17, after line 26, insert:
3.13    "(d) Distributing a voter guide questionnaire, survey, or similar document to
3.14candidates and communications with candidates limited to obtaining their responses,
3.15without more, do not constitute communications that would result in the voter guide being
3.16an approved expenditure on behalf of the candidate."
3.17Page 17, line 27, after "electorate." insert "(a)"
3.18Page 17, after line 33, insert:
3.19    "(b) A communication consisting of printed materials, other than signs, billboards,
3.20or advertisements published in the print media, is targeted to the relevant electorate if it
3.21meets the requirements of paragraph (a) and is distributed to voters by means of United
3.22States mail or through direct delivery to a resident's home or business."
3.23Page 18, line 30, after "gave" insert "the association"
3.24Page 19, line 1, delete "$1,000" and insert "$5,000"
3.25Page 20, line 24, delete "$100" and insert "$50"
3.26Page 20, line 25, delete "$5,000" and insert "$1,000"
3.27Page 20, line 30, delete "$10,000" and insert "$1,000"
3.28Page 20, line 35, after "and" insert "willfully"
3.29Page 21, line 1, delete "not to exceed $25,000," and insert "that should have been
3.30included on the statement."
3.31Page 21, delete line 2
3.32Page 23, lines 33 and 34, reinstate the stricken language
3.33Page 24, lines 1 and 2, reinstate the stricken language
3.34Page 24, line 3, reinstate the stricken "(c)" and delete "(b)"
3.35Page 24, line 4, reinstate the stricken "(d)" and delete "(c)"
3.36Page 24, lines 23 and 24, reinstate the stricken language
4.1Page 25, line 2, strike "50" and insert "25"
4.2Page 26, line 3, strike "ten" and insert "five"
4.3Page 27, line 30, strike "$1,000" and insert "$5,000"
4.4Page 30, delete sections 51 and 52
4.5Page 30, line 26, delete "10A.241;"
4.6Page 30, after line 27, insert:

4.7    "Sec. 52.EFFECTIVE DATE.
4.8This act is effective the day following final enactment."
4.9Renumber the sections in sequence and correct the internal references
4.10Amend the title accordingly