1.1.................... moves to amend H.F. No. 2458 as follows:
1.2Page 1, line 11, delete "If" insert "(1) Except as provided in clause (2), if"
1.3Page 1, after line 14, insert:
1.4    "(2) For violations of Minnesota Statutes, chapter 177, if the person notifies the
1.5agency within the time period for remedying violations required under the applicable
1.6section of chapter 177, that it has corrected the situation that made the person potentially
1.7subject to the fine or penalty, and the agency later determines that the situation is
1.8corrected, the agency may not impost a fine or penalty as a result of the finding in the
1.9advisory inspection.
1.10    (3) A person may not request more than one advisory inspection from the same
1.11agency in a calendar year."
1.12Page 2, line 3, after the period insert "For violations of chapter 177, the person has
1.13the time period for remedying violations under the applicable section of chapter 177, to
1.14correct the situation without fine or penalty."
1.15Page 2, after line 3 insert:
1.16    "(d) An agency conducting an inspection under this section may impose and collect
1.17from the person requesting the inspection, a fee equal to the costs incurred by the agency
1.18related to the inspection. Fees under this section shall be considered as charges for goods
1.19and services provided for the direct and primary use of a private individual, business, or
1.20other entity under Minnesota Statutes, section 16A.1283, paragraph (b), clause (3). Fee
1.21revenue collected under this section must be deposited in an appropriate fund other than
1.22the general fund and is appropriated from that fund to the agency collecting the fee for
1.23the purpose of conducting inspections under this section.
1.24    (e) Nothing in this section shall prohibit or interfere with an agency offering similar
1.25programs that allow independent audits or inspections, including the environmental
1.26improvement program under chapter 114C."
1.27Page 2, line 4, delete "(d)" and insert "(f)"
2.1Page 2, line 13, delete "and"
2.2Page 2, line 14, delete the period and insert a semicolon
2.3Page 2, after line 14, insert:
2.4"(8) violations of vehicle size and weight limits under sections 169.80 to 169.88; and
2.5(9) commercial motor vehicle inspections under section 169.781, and motor carrier
2.6regulations under chapter 221."