1.1.................... moves to amend the H1967A3-2 amendment to H.F. No. 1967 as
1.3Page 1, line 2, before "or" insert "health care provider that provides access to urgent
1.4care services,"
1.5Page 1, delete line 6
1.6Page 1, after line 7, insert:
1.7"Page 6, line 29, after the period, insert A safe place which is not a hospital shall
1.8dial 9-1-1, advise the 9-1-1 dispatcher that the call is being made from a safe place for
1.9newborns, and ask the dispatcher to send an ambulance or take any other appropriate
1.10action to transport the newborn to a hospital which shall receive the newborn and perform
1.11the duties in subdivision 2."
1.12Page 1, line 11, reinstate "hospital" and delete "safe place"
1.13Page 1, line 12, after "at" insert "or brought to" and reinstate "hospital" and delete
1.14"safe place"
1.15Page 3, delete line 6
1.16Page 3, line 7, delete everything after "or" and insert "health care provider that
1.17provides access to urgent care services, 9-1-1 responder,"
1.18Page 3, delete lines 8, 9, and 23