1.1.................... moves to amend H.F. No. 1967 as follows:
1.2Page 6, line 15, delete everything after the first comma and insert "or 911 responder."
1.3Page 6, delete line 16
1.4Page 6, line 18, strike "a hospital" and insert "an" and strike "hospital" and after
1.5"premises" insert "of the safe place"
1.6Page 6, line 22, delete "During its hours of operation," and reinstate "hospital"
1.7Page 6, line 24, strike "to the hospital" and delete "During its hours of operation,"
1.8Page 6, after line 29, insert:

1.9    "Sec. .... Minnesota Statutes 2010, section 145.902, subdivision 2, is amended to read:
1.10    Subd. 2. Reporting. Within 24 hours of receiving a newborn under this section,
1.11the hospital safe place must inform the local welfare agency that a newborn has been left
1.12at the hospital safe place, but must not do so before the mother or the person leaving
1.13the newborn leaves the hospital.

1.14    Sec. .... Minnesota Statutes 2010, section 145.902, subdivision 3, is amended to read:
1.15    Subd. 3. Immunity. (a) A hospital safe place with responsibility for performing
1.16duties under this section, and any employee, doctor, or other medical professional working
1.17at the hospital safe place, are immune from any criminal liability that otherwise might
1.18result from their actions, if they are acting in good faith in receiving a newborn, and
1.19are immune from any civil liability that otherwise might result from merely receiving a
1.21    (b) A hospital safe place performing duties under this section, or an employee,
1.22doctor, or other medical professional working at the hospital safe place who is a mandated
1.23reporter under section 626.556, is immune from any criminal or civil liability that
1.24otherwise might result from the failure to make a report under that section if the person is
1.25acting in good faith in complying with this section."
2.1Page 11, line 16, after the period insert "If you are consenting to adoption by the
2.2child's step parent, the consent will be submitted to the court by the petitioner in your
2.3child's adoption."
2.4Page 11, line 29, after "by" insert ": (1) "
2.5Page 11, line 30, after "surrendered" insert "; (2) the agency supervising the adoptive
2.6placement of the child; or (3) in the case of adoption by the step parent or any adoption not
2.7involving agency placement or supervision, by the district court where the adopting step
2.8parent or parent resides"
2.9Page 12, line 21, delete "section" and insert "sections 260C.212, subdivision 2, and"
2.10Page 12, line 30, strike "or residential care"
2.11Page 12, line 32, reinstate the stricken language
2.12Page 13, line 1, reinstate the stricken language and delete the new language
2.13Page 13, line 19, after "siblings" insert "requiring foster care placement"
2.14Page 13, line 20, before the period, insert "after weighing the benefits of separate
2.15placement against the benefits of sibling connections for each sibling"
2.16Page 14, line 7, delete the second "and"
2.17Page 14, line 12, after "section" insert "; and (4) in the case of an Indian child, active
2.18efforts to prevent the breakup of the Indian family and to make a placement according to
2.19the placement preferences under United States Code, title 25, chapter 21, section 1915"
2.20Page 14, line 18, delete everything after "section" and insert "260C.221,"
2.21Page 14, delete line 19 and insert "indicating an interest in participating in planning
2.22for the child or being a permanency resource for the child and who has kept the court
2.23apprised of his or her address; or"
2.24Page 15, line 9, delete the semicolon and insert a period and delete "the" and insert
2.26Page 15, line 10, before the semicolon insert "or similar study required by the
2.27individual's state of residence when the subject of the study is not a resident of Minnesota.
2.28The court may order the responsible social services agency to make a referral under the
2.29Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children when necessary to obtain a home study
2.30for an individual who wants to be considered for transfer of permanent legal and physical
2.31custody or adoption of the child"
2.32Page 18, line 14, strike "who is in"
2.33Page 18, lines 15 and 16, delete the new language
2.34Page 20, line 17, strike "subdivision 2" and insert "section 260C.221,"
2.35Page 20, line 28, delete "260C.201, subdivision 11a" and insert "260C.204"
2.36Page 20, line 31, delete "260C.201, subdivision 11a" and insert "260C.204"
3.1Page 21, line 15, delete "involving" and insert "including"
3.2Page 21, line 25, strike "this" and after "paragraph" insert "(d)" and strike "The
3.3relative notification"
3.4Page 21, strike lines 26 to 28
3.5Page 21, line 29, strike "child."
3.6Page 24, line 34, delete the second comma
3.7Page 24, line 35, delete everything before "or" and insert "911 responder"
3.8Page 25, line 8, delete everything after "a" and insert "hospital and"
3.9Page 25, line 9, delete "safe place" and insert "hospital"
3.10Page 25, line 23, delete "safe place or"
3.11Page 25, line 24, delete "may" and insert "shall" and delete everything after "care"
3.12and insert a period
3.13Page 26, lines 12 to 14, reinstate the stricken language
3.14Page 26, line 15, reinstate the stricken "has taken to find an adoptive family"and
3.15reinstate the stricken "for the child"
3.16Page 26, line 16, reinstate the stricken language
3.17Page 29, line 11, delete "the commissioner's agent,"
3.18Page 29, line 14, delete "259.49" and insert "259.47"
3.19Page 30, line 28, after "child" insert "and has the same meaning as "preadoptive
3.20parent" under section 259A.01, subdivision 23"
3.21Page 31, line 28, delete "260C.201, subdivision 11a" and insert "260C.204"
3.22Page 32, line 7, delete "260C.201, subdivision 2" and insert "260C.221"
3.23Page 32, line 16, delete "exception" and insert "exemption"
3.24Page 35, line 12, delete "A" and insert "At any time after the district court orders the
3.25child under the guardianship of the commissioner of human services, but not later than
3.2630 days after receiving notice required under section 260C.613, subdivision 1, paragraph
3.27(c), that the agency has made an adoptive placement, a"
3.28Page 35, line 17, after the semicolon insert "the court may waive the residency
3.29requirement for the moving party if there is a reasonable basis to do so;"
3.30Page 36, delete lines 5 to 8 and insert:
3.31    "(f) In order to ensure that a timely adoption may occur, then the court orders the
3.32responsible social services agency to make an adoptive placement under this subdivision,
3.33the agency shall:
3.34    (1) make reasonable efforts to obtain a fully executed adoption placement agreement;
3.35    (2) work with the moving party regarding eligibility for adoption assistance as
3.36required under chapter 259A; and
4.1    (3) if the moving party is not a resident of Minnesota, timely refer the matter for
4.2approval of the adoptive placement through the Interstate Compact on the Placement
4.3of Children."
4.4Page 36, line 10, delete "appealable" and after "order" insert "which may be appealed
4.5by the responsible social services agency, the moving party, the child, when age ten or
4.6over, the child's guardian ad litem, and any individual who had a fully executed adoption
4.7placement agreement regarding the child at the time the motion was filed if the court's
4.8order has the effect of terminating the adoption placement agreement."
4.9Page 37, line 30, after "agreement" insert "on the form prescribed by the
4.11Page 38, line 30, delete everything after "(a)"
4.12Page 38, line 31, delete everything before "The"
4.13Page 38, line 32, delete "also"
4.14Page 38, line 35, delete everything after "shall"
4.15Page 38, line 36, delete everything before "notify" and delete "them" and insert
4.16"birth parents"
4.17Page 39, after line 17, insert:
4.18    "Subd. 8. Postadoption search services. The responsible social services agency
4.19shall respond to requests from adopted persons aged 19 years and over, adoptive parents
4.20of a minor child, and birth parents for social and medical history and genetic health
4.21conditions of the adopted person's birth family and genetic sibling information according
4.22to section 259.83."
4.23Page 39, line 21, after "(1)" insert "the medical care plan for the treatment of a
4.24child who is at imminent risk of death or who has a chronic disease that, in a physician's
4.25judgment, will result in the child's death in the near future including" and delete "or for
4.27Page 39, line 22, delete "care"
4.28Page 39, line 24, after "living" insert "; the decision to donate a body part under this
4.29item shall take into consideration the child's wishes and the child's culture"
4.30Page 39, line 27, after "study" insert "and placement"
4.31Page 39, line 30, after "agency" insert "according to chapter 259A"
4.32Page 41, line 10, after "relative" insert a comma and delete "or"
4.33Page 41, line 11, after "parent" insert ", or the birth parent or legal custodian of
4.34the child's sibling"
4.35Page 42, line 23, delete "in the adopting parent's county of residence"
4.36Page 42, line 24, delete "continuing to conduct" and insert "conducting"
5.1Page 42, line 27, delete "review" and insert "reviews"
5.2Page 44, line 10, delete "adopting" and insert "adoptive"
5.3Page 44, line 15, delete "adoption" and insert "adoptive placement"
5.4Page 45, line 23, delete "by the court administrator"
5.5Page 45, line 29, after the semicolon insert "and"
5.6Page 45, line 30, delete everything after "parent" and insert a period
5.7Page 45, delete line 31
5.8Page 46, line 13, delete "person" and insert "parent"
5.9Page 47, line 7, before "If" insert "(a)"
5.10Page 47, after line 12, insert:
5.11    "(b) The court responsible for conducting reviews under section 260C.607 shall set a
5.12hearing within 30 days of receiving notice of denial of the petition.
5.13    (c) Any appeal of the denial of an adoption petition under this section shall be made
5.14according to the requirements of the Minnesota Rules of Adoption Procedure."
5.15Page 47, after line 29, insert:
5.16    "(e) Upon adoption, the court shall complete a certificate of adoption form and mail
5.17the form to the Office of the State Registrar at the Minnesota Department of Health. Upon
5.18receiving the certificate of adoption, the state registrar shall register a replacement vital
5.19record in the new name of the adopted child as required under section 144.218."
5.20Page 48, after line 3, insert:

5.21    "Sec. .... [260C.637] ACCESS TO ORIGINAL BIRTH RECORD
5.23    An adopted person may ask the commissioner of health to disclose the information
5.24on the adopted person's original birth record according to section 259.89."
5.25Page 48, after line 26, insert:

5.26    "Sec. .... Minnesota Statutes 2010, section 609.3785, is amended to read:
5.29    A person may leave a newborn with a hospital an employee at a hospital safe place
5.30or with a 911 responder in this state without being subjected to prosecution for that act,
5.31provided that:
5.32    (1) the newborn was born within 72 hours seven days of being left at the hospital a
5.33safe place or with a 911 responder, as determined within a reasonable degree of medical
5.35    (2) the newborn is left in an unharmed condition; and
6.1    (3) in cases where the person leaving the newborn is not the newborn's mother, the
6.2person has the mother's approval to do so."
6.3Page 59, delete section 54
6.4Renumber the sections in sequence and correct the internal references
6.5Amend the title accordingly