1.1.................... moves to amend H.F. No. 1101, as amended by H1101DE1-1, as
1.3Page 12, after line 4, insert:

1.4    "Sec. 2. Minnesota Statutes 2010, section 135A.51, is amended by adding a subdivision
1.5to read:
1.6    Subd. 2a. Other eligible adult. "Other eligible adult" means a Minnesota resident
1.7who is:
1.8(1) a working mother of minor children who works outside the home for at least
1.920 hours per week;
1.10(2) a dislocated worker as defined under section 116L.17, subdivision 1; or
1.11(3) an unemployed person as defined in section 116L.61, subdivision 5.

1.12    Sec.3. Minnesota Statutes 2010, section 135A.52, is amended to read:
1.14    Subdivision 1. Fees and tuition. Except for an administration fee established by the
1.15governing board at a level to recover costs, to be collected only when a course is taken
1.16for credit, a senior citizen or other eligible adult who is a legal resident of Minnesota is
1.17entitled without payment of tuition or activity fees to attend courses offered for credit,
1.18audit any courses offered for credit, or enroll in any noncredit courses in any state
1.19supported institution of higher education in Minnesota when space is available after all
1.20tuition-paying students have been accommodated. A senior citizen or other eligible adult
1.21enrolled under this section must pay any materials, personal property, or service charges
1.22for the course. In addition, a senior citizen or other eligible adult who is enrolled in a
1.23course for credit must pay an administrative fee in an amount established by the governing
1.24board of the institution to recover costs. There shall be no administrative fee charges to a
1.25senior citizen or other eligible adult auditing a course. For the purposes of this section and
2.1section 135A.51, the term "noncredit courses" shall not include those courses designed
2.2and offered specifically and exclusively for senior citizens or other eligible adults.
2.3    The provisions of this section and section 135A.51 do not apply to noncredit courses
2.4designed and offered by the University of Minnesota, and the Minnesota State Colleges
2.5and Universities specifically and exclusively for senior citizens. Senior citizens or other
2.6eligible adults enrolled under the provisions of this section and section 135A.51 shall not
2.7be included by such institutions in their computation of full-time equivalent students
2.8when requesting staff or appropriations.
2.9    Subd. 2. Term; income of senior citizens or other eligible adult. (a) Except under
2.10paragraph (b), there shall be no limit to the number of terms, quarters or semesters a
2.11senior citizen or other eligible adult may attend courses, nor income limitation imposed
2.12in determining eligibility.
2.13    (b) A senior citizen or other eligible adult enrolled in a closed enrollment contract
2.14training program is not eligible for benefits under subdivision 1.
2.15    Subd. 3. Catalogue statement. Each state supported institution of higher education
2.16shall prominently include in its catalogue a statement of benefits provided for senior
2.17citizens and other eligible adults.
2.18    Subd. 4. Determination of qualifications. The institution shall determine whether
2.19a person qualifies for, and require execution of appropriate forms to request, the senior
2.20citizen and other eligible adult benefits.
2.21    Subd. 5. Placement. The institution shall refer interested senior citizens and other
2.22eligible adults to social service, community, and educational agencies for employment
2.23or volunteer work."
2.24Renumber the sections in sequence and correct the internal references
2.25Amend the title accordingly