1.1.................... moves to amend H.F. No. 617 as follows:
1.2Delete everything after the enacting clause and insert:

1.3    "Section 1. Minnesota Statutes 2010, section 124D.36, is amended to read:
1.6Sections 124D.37 to 124D.45 shall be cited as the "Minnesota Youthworks
1.7ServeMinnesota Innovation Act."

1.8    Sec. 2. Minnesota Statutes 2010, section 124D.37, is amended to read:
1.11The purposes of sections 124D.37 to 124D.45 are to:
1.12(1) renew the ethic of civic responsibility in Minnesota;
1.13(2) empower youth to improve their life opportunities through literacy, job
1.14placement, and other essential skills;
1.15(3) empower government to meet its responsibility to prepare young people to be
1.16contributing members of society;
1.17(4) help meet human, educational, environmental, and public safety needs,
1.18particularly those needs relating to poverty;
1.19(5) prepare a citizenry that is academically competent, ready for work, and socially
1.21(6) demonstrate the connection between youth and community service, community
1.22service and education, and education and meaningful opportunities in the business
1.24(7) demonstrate the connection between providing opportunities for at-risk youth
1.25and reducing crime rates and the social costs of troubled youth;
2.1(8) create linkages for a comprehensive youth service and learning program in
2.2Minnesota including school age programs, higher education programs, youth work
2.3programs, and service corps programs; and
2.4(9) coordinate federal and state activities that advance the purposes in this section.

2.5    Sec. 3. Minnesota Statutes 2010, section 124D.38, subdivision 3, is amended to read:
2.6    Subd. 3. Federal law. "Federal law" means Public Law 101-610 111-13, as
2.7amended, or any other federal law or program assisting youth community service,
2.8work-based learning, or youth transition from school to work.

2.9    Sec. 4. Minnesota Statutes 2010, section 124D.385, subdivision 3, is amended to read:
2.10    Subd. 3. Duties. (a) The commission shall:
2.11(1) develop, with the assistance of the governor, the commissioner of education, and
2.12affected state agencies, a comprehensive state plan to provide services under sections
2.13124D.37 to 124D.45 and federal law;
2.14(2) actively pursue public and private funding sources for services, including
2.15funding available under federal law;
2.16(3) administer the Youthworks ServeMinnesota grant program under sections
2.17124D.39 to 124D.44, including soliciting and approving grant applications from eligible
2.18organizations, and administering individual postservice benefits;
2.19(4) establish an evaluation plan for programs developed and services provided
2.20under sections 124D.37 to 124D.45;
2.21(5) report to the governor, commissioner of education, and legislature; and
2.22(6) administer the federal AmeriCorps Program.
2.23(b) Nothing in sections 124D.37 to 124D.45 precludes an organization from
2.24independently seeking public or private funding to accomplish purposes similar to those
2.25described in paragraph (a).

2.26    Sec. 5. Minnesota Statutes 2010, section 124D.39, is amended to read:
2.28The Youthworks ServeMinnesota Innovation program is established to provide
2.29funding for the commission to leverage federal and private funding to fulfill the purposes
2.30of section 124D.37. The Youthworks ServeMinnesota Innovation program must
2.31supplement existing programs and services. The program must not displace existing
2.32programs and services, existing funding of programs or services, or existing employment
2.33and employment opportunities. No eligible organization may terminate, layoff, or reduce
3.1the hours of work of an employee to place or hire a program participant. No eligible
3.2organization may place or hire an individual for a project if an employee is on layoff from
3.3the same or a substantially equivalent position.

3.4    Sec. 6. Minnesota Statutes 2010, section 124D.40, is amended to read:
3.6    Subdivision 1. Application. An eligible organization interested in receiving a
3.7grant under sections 124D.39 to 124D.44 may prepare and submit an application to the
3.8commission. As part of the grant application process, the commission must establish and
3.9publish grant application guidelines that are consistent with this subdivision, section
3.10124D.37, and Public Law 111-13; include criteria for reviewing an applicant's cost-benefit
3.11analysis; and require grantees to use research-based measures of program outcomes to
3.12generate valid and reliable data that are available to the commission for evaluation and
3.13public reporting purposes.
3.14    Subd. 2. Grant authority. The commission must use any state appropriation and
3.15any available federal funds, including any grant received under federal law, to award
3.16grants to establish programs for Youthworks ServeMinnesota Innovation. At least one
3.17grant each must be available for a metropolitan proposal, a rural proposal, and a statewide
3.18proposal. If a portion of the suburban metropolitan area is not included in the metropolitan
3.19grant proposal, the statewide grant proposal must incorporate at least one suburban
3.20metropolitan area. In awarding grants, the commission may select at least one residential
3.21proposal and one nonresidential proposal.

3.22    Sec. 7. Minnesota Statutes 2010, section 124D.42, is amended to read:
3.24    Subd. 6. Program training. The commission must, within available resources:
3.25(1) orient each grantee organization in the nature, philosophy, and purpose of the
3.26program; and
3.27(2) build an ethic of community service through general community service training;
3.29(3) provide guidance on integrating programmatic-based measurement into program
3.31    Subd. 8. Minnesota reading corps program. (a) A Minnesota reading corps
3.32program is established to provide Americorps ServeMinnesota members with a data-based
3.33problem-solving model of literacy instruction to use in helping to train local Head Start
3.34program providers, other prekindergarten program providers, and staff in schools with
4.1students in kindergarten through grade 3 to evaluate and teach early literacy skills to
4.2children age 3 to grade 3.
4.3(b) Literacy programs under this subdivision must comply with the provisions
4.4governing literacy program goals and data use under section 119A.50, subdivision 3,
4.5paragraph (b).

4.6    Sec. 8. Minnesota Statutes 2010, section 124D.44, is amended to read:
4.8Youthworks ServeMinnesota Innovation grant funds must be used for the living
4.9allowance, cost of employer taxes under sections 3111 and 3301 of the Internal Revenue
4.10Code of 1986, workers' compensation coverage, health benefits, training and evaluation
4.11for each program participant, and administrative expenses, which must not exceed
4.12five seven percent of total program costs. Youthworks grant funds may also be used to
4.13supplement applicant resources to fund postservice benefits for program participants.
4.14Applicant resources, from sources and in a form determined by the commission, must
4.15be used to provide for all other program costs, including the portion of the applicant's
4.16obligation for postservice benefits that is not covered by state or federal grant funds and
4.17such costs as supplies, materials, transportation, and salaries and benefits of those staff
4.18directly involved in the operation, internal monitoring, and evaluation of the program.

4.19    Sec. 9. Minnesota Statutes 2010, section 124D.45, subdivision 2, is amended to read:
4.20    Subd. 2. Interim report. The commission must report semiannually annually to the
4.21legislature with interim recommendations to change the program.

4.22    Sec. 10. REPEALER.
4.23Minnesota Statutes 2010, section 124D.38, subdivisions 4, 5, and 6, are repealed."
4.24Delete the title and insert:
4.25"A bill for an act
4.26relating to education; aligning the ServeMinnesota Innovation Act to federal
4.27law; amending Minnesota Statutes 2010, sections 124D.36; 124D.37; 124D.38,
4.28subdivision 3; 124D.385, subdivision 3; 124D.39; 124D.40; 124D.42; 124D.44;
4.29124D.45, subdivision 2; repealing Minnesota Statutes 2010, section 124D.38,
4.30subdivisions 4, 5, 6."