1.1.................... moves to amend H.F. No. 3, the delete everything amendment
1.2(H0003DE3), as follows:
1.3Page 1, after line 2, insert:

1.4    "Section 1. Minnesota Statutes 2010, section 122A.09, subdivision 4, is amended to
1.6    Subd. 4. License and rules. (a) The board must adopt rules to license public school
1.7teachers and interns subject to chapter 14.
1.8(b) The board must adopt rules requiring a person to successfully complete a skills
1.9examination in reading, writing, and mathematics as a requirement for initial teacher
1.10licensure. Such rules must require college and universities offering a board-approved
1.11teacher preparation program to provide remedial assistance to persons who did not
1.12achieve a qualifying score on the skills examination, including those for whom English is
1.13a second language.
1.14(c) The board must adopt rules to approve teacher preparation programs. The board,
1.15upon the request of a postsecondary student preparing for teacher licensure or a licensed
1.16graduate of a teacher preparation program, shall assist in resolving a dispute between the
1.17person and a postsecondary institution providing a teacher preparation program when the
1.18dispute involves an institution's recommendation for licensure affecting the person or the
1.19person's credentials. At the board's discretion, assistance may include the application
1.20of chapter 14.
1.21(d) The board must provide the leadership and shall adopt rules for the redesign of
1.22teacher education programs to implement a research based, results-oriented curriculum
1.23that focuses on the skills teachers need in order to be effective. The board shall implement
1.24new systems of teacher preparation program evaluation to assure program effectiveness
1.25based on proficiency of graduates in demonstrating attainment of program outcomes.
1.26Teacher preparation programs including alternative teacher preparation programs under
2.1section 122A.245, among other programs, must include a performance-based assessment
2.2that measures teacher candidates in at least three areas and that requires candidates to:
2.3(1) plan instruction and assessment, and demonstrate their ability to organize
2.4curriculum, instruction, and assessment to help diverse students meet academic content
2.5standards and develop language for that content and to select, adapt, and design learning
2.6tasks and materials that offer students equitable access to content;
2.7(2) demonstrate how to develop students' understanding of academic content, engage
2.8students in meaningful tasks, monitor students' understanding of those tasks, and use
2.9students' response to inform learning; and
2.10(3) develop evaluation criteria aligned with core academic standards and identified
2.11learning objectives, analyze students' performance on assessments in the context of student
2.12needs and identified learning objectives, provide student feedback, and use the analysis
2.13to identify subsequent instructional content for individual students and classrooms of
2.15(e) The board must adopt rules requiring candidates for initial licenses to successfully
2.16complete an examination of general pedagogical knowledge and examinations of
2.17licensure-specific teaching skills. The rules shall be effective by September 1, 2001.
2.18The rules under this paragraph also must require candidates for initial licenses to teach
2.19prekindergarten or elementary students to successfully complete, as part of the examination
2.20of licensure-specific teaching skills, test items assessing the candidates' knowledge,
2.21skill, and ability in comprehensive, scientifically based reading instruction under section
2.22122A.06 , subdivision 4, and their knowledge and understanding of the foundations of
2.23reading development, the development of reading comprehension, and reading assessment
2.24and instruction, and their ability to integrate that knowledge and understanding.
2.25(f) The board must adopt rules requiring teacher educators to work directly with
2.26elementary or secondary school teachers in elementary or secondary schools to obtain
2.27periodic exposure to the elementary or secondary teaching environment.
2.28(g) The board must grant licenses to interns and to candidates for initial licenses.
2.29(h) The board must design and implement an assessment system which requires a
2.30candidate for an initial license and first continuing license to demonstrate the abilities
2.31necessary to perform selected, representative teaching tasks at appropriate levels.
2.32(i) The board must receive recommendations from local committees as established
2.33by the board for the renewal of teaching licenses.
2.34(j) The board must grant life licenses to those who qualify according to requirements
2.35established by the board, and suspend or revoke licenses pursuant to sections 122A.20 and
2.36214.10 . The board must not establish any expiration date for application for life licenses.
3.1(k) The board must adopt rules that require all licensed teachers who are renewing
3.2their continuing license to include in their renewal requirements further preparation in
3.3the areas of using positive behavior interventions and in accommodating, modifying, and
3.4adapting curricula, materials, and strategies to appropriately meet the needs of individual
3.5students and ensure adequate progress toward the state's graduation rule.
3.6(l) In adopting rules to license public school teachers who provide health-related
3.7services for disabled children, the board shall adopt rules consistent with license or
3.8registration requirements of the commissioner of health and the health-related boards who
3.9license personnel who perform similar services outside of the school.
3.10(m) The board must adopt rules that require all licensed teachers who are renewing
3.11their continuing license to include in their renewal requirements further reading
3.12preparation, consistent with section 122A.06, subdivision 4. The rules do not take effect
3.13until they are approved by law. Teachers who do not provide direct instruction including, at
3.14least, counselors, school psychologists, school nurses, school social workers, audiovisual
3.15directors and coordinators, and recreation personnel are exempt from this section.
3.16(n) The board must adopt rules that require all licensed teachers who are renewing
3.17their continuing license to include in their renewal requirements further preparation
3.18in understanding the key warning signs of early-onset mental illness in children and
3.20EFFECTIVE DATE.This section is effective August 1, 2012, and applies to
3.21individuals who first enroll in a teacher preparation program in the 2012-2013 school
3.22year or later."
3.23Renumber the sections in sequence and correct the internal references
3.24Amend the title accordingly