1.1.................... moves to amend H.F. No. 3702, the first committee engrossment,
1.2as follows:
1.3Page 25, after line 16, insert:

1.4    "Sec. 43. [97A.072] PEACE OFFICER TRAINING ACCOUNT.
1.5    Subdivision 1. Account established; sources. The peace officer training account is
1.6created in the game and fish fund in the state treasury. Revenue from the portion of the
1.7surcharges assessed to criminal and traffic offenders in section 357.021, subdivision 7,
1.8clause (1), shall be deposited in the account and is appropriated to the commissioner.
1.9Money in the account may be spent only for the purposes provided in subdivision 2.
1.10    Subd. 2. Purposes of account. Money in the peace officer training account
1.11may only be spent by the commissioner for peace officer training for employees of the
1.12Department of Natural Resources who are licensed under sections 626.84 to 626.863
1.13to enforce game and fish laws."
1.14Page 33, line 28, after the period insert "The modifications to the financial assurance
1.15rules specified in this act must require that a solid waste disposal facility subject to them
1.16maintain financial assurance so long as the facility poses a potential environmental risk
1.17to human health, wildlife, or the environment, as determined by the agency following
1.18an empirical assessment."
1.19Page 35, line 13, delete the new language
1.20Page 41, after line 22, insert:

1.21    "Sec. 64. Minnesota Statutes 2009 Supplement, section 357.021, subdivision 7,
1.22is amended to read:
1.23    Subd. 7. Disbursement of surcharges by commissioner of management and
1.24budget. (a) Except as provided in paragraphs (b), (c), and (d), the commissioner of
1.25management and budget shall disburse surcharges received under subdivision 6 and
1.26section 97A.065, subdivision 2, as follows:
2.1    (1) beginning July 1, 2010, one percent shall be credited to the peace officer training
2.2account in the game and fish fund and appropriated to the commissioner of natural
2.3resources to provide peace officer training for employees of the Department of Natural
2.4Resources who are licensed under sections 626.84 to 626.863, and who possess peace
2.5officer authority for the purpose of enforcing game and fish laws;
2.6    (2) 39 percent shall be credited to the peace officers training account in the special
2.7revenue fund; and
2.8    (3) 60 percent shall be credited to the general fund.
2.9    (b) The commissioner of management and budget shall credit $3 of each surcharge
2.10received under subdivision 6 and section 97A.065, subdivision 2, to the general fund.
2.11    (c) In addition to any amounts credited under paragraph (a), the commissioner of
2.12management and budget shall credit $47 of each surcharge received under subdivision 6
2.13and section 97A.065, subdivision 2, and the $12 parking surcharge, to the general fund.
2.14    (d) If the Ramsey County Board of Commissioners authorizes imposition of the
2.15additional $1 surcharge provided for in subdivision 6, paragraph (a), the court administrator
2.16in the Second Judicial District shall transmit the surcharge to the commissioner of
2.17management and budget. The $1 special surcharge is deposited in a Ramsey County
2.18surcharge account in the special revenue fund and amounts in the account are appropriated
2.19to the trial courts for the administration of the petty misdemeanor diversion program
2.20operated by the Second Judicial District Ramsey County Violations Bureau."
2.21Page 41, delete section 63
2.22Page 43, after line 17, insert:

2.24By July 15, 2010, the commissioner of natural resources shall provide to the chairs
2.25of the house of representatives and the senate committees and divisions with primary
2.26jurisdiction over natural resources finance and education finance information necessary
2.27to evaluate the effectiveness of the commissioner in managing school trust lands to
2.28successfully meet the goals contained in Minnesota Statutes, section 127A.31. The
2.29information to be provided shall include, but is not limited to:
2.30(1) an accurate description of the school trust lands and their land classification;
2.31(2) policies and procedures in place designed to meet the requirements of the
2.32fiduciary responsibility of the commissioner in management of the school trust lands; and
2.33(3) financial information identifying the current revenues from the land
2.34classifications and the potential for future maximization of those revenues.

3.3By January 15, 2011, the commissioner of natural resources shall provide
3.4recommendations to the chairs of the house of representatives and the senate committees
3.5and divisions with primary jurisdiction over natural resources finance and education
3.6finance on a funding mechanism for compensating the permanent school trust fund for
3.7the public use of school trust lands for outdoor recreation.

3.9    Subdivision 1. Establishment. (a) The Coon Rapids Dam Commission is
3.10established to perform the duties specified in subdivision 2.
3.11(b) The commission consists of 14 voting members and 3 nonvoting members as
3.13(1) two members of the house of representatives, appointed by the speaker of the
3.15(2) one member of the senate appointed by the president of the senate;
3.16(3) the commissioner of natural resources or the commissioner's designee;
3.17(4) the commissioner of energy or the commissioner's designee;
3.18(5) two representatives of Three Rivers Park District, appointed by the Three Rivers
3.19Park District Board of Commissioners;
3.20(6) one representative each from the counties of Anoka and Hennepin, appointed
3.21by the respective county boards;
3.22(7) one representative each from the cities of Anoka, Brooklyn Park, Champlin, and
3.23Coon Rapids, appointed by the respective mayors;
3.24(8) one representative from the Metropolitan Council, appointed by the council chair;
3.25(9) one representative of the Mississippi National River and Recreation Area,
3.26appointed by the superintendent of the Mississippi National River and Recreation Area,
3.27who shall serve as a nonvoting member;
3.28(10) one representative of the United States Army Corps of Engineers, appointed
3.29by the commander of the St. Paul District, United States Army Corps of Engineers, who
3.30shall serve as a nonvoting member; and
3.31(11) one representative from the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, appointed
3.32by the regional director of the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, who shall serve
3.33as a nonvoting member.
3.34(c) The commission shall elect a chair from among its members.
4.1(d) Members of the commission shall serve a term of one year and may be
4.2reappointed for any successive number of terms.
4.3(e) The Three Rivers Park District shall provide the commission with office space
4.4and staff and administrative services.
4.5(f) Commission members shall serve without compensation.
4.6    Subd. 2. Duties. The commission shall study options and make recommendations
4.7for the future of the Coon Rapids Dam, including its suitable public uses, governance,
4.8operation, and maintenance and financing of the dam and its operations. The commission
4.9shall consider economic, environmental, ecological, and other pertinent factors. The
4.10commission shall, by March 1, 2011, develop and present to the legislature and the
4.11governor an analysis and recommendations for the Coon Rapids Dam. The commission
4.12shall present its findings to the house of representatives and senate committees and
4.13divisions having jurisdiction over natural resources and energy policy.
4.14    Subd. 3. Expiration. This section expires upon presentation of the commission's
4.15analysis and recommendations according to subdivision 2.
4.16EFFECTIVE DATE.This section is effective the day following final enactment."
4.17Renumber the sections in sequence and correct the internal references
4.18Amend the title accordingly