1.1.................... moves to amend H.F. No. 3641 as follows:
1.2Page 1, delete lines 14 to 16
1.3Page 1, line 17, strike "(3)" and insert "(2)"
1.4Page 1, line 18, strike "(4)" and insert "(3)"
1.5Page 1, line 21, strike "(5)" and insert "(4)"
1.6Page 2, line 3, strike "(6)" and insert "(5)"
1.7Page 2, line 4, delete everything before "whose" and insert "(6) a legal entity: (i)
1.8formed for a purpose other than to participate in C-BED projects; (ii)"
1.9Page 2, line 5, after "Minnesota" insert "; and (iii) that provides labor, services,
1.10equipment, components, or financing to a C-BED project"
1.11Page 2, line 12, delete "and" and after "dividends" insert ", and other payments"
1.12Page 16, delete "bank" and after "to" insert "financial institutions that are"
1.13Page 5, delete lines 1 to 12 and insert:
1.14    "Subd. 10. C-BED eligibility determination. A developer of a C-BED project may
1.15seek a predetermination of C-BED eligibility from the commissioner of commerce at any
1.16time, and must obtain a determination of C-BED eligibility from the commissioner of
1.17commerce, based on the project's final financing terms, before construction may begin.
1.18In seeking a determination of eligibility under this subdivision, a developer of a C-BED
1.19project must submit to the commissioner of commerce detailed financial projections
1.20demonstrating that, based on a net present value analysis, and applying the discount rate to
1.21qualifying revenues and gross revenues from a power purchase agreement, the project
1.22meets the requirements of subdivision 2, paragraph (h), clause (1)."
1.23Amend the title accordingly