1.1.................... moves to amend H.F. No. 3478, the first engrossment, as follows:
1.2Page 6, line 29, delete "of any year" and insert "of 2010 and 2011 only"
1.3Page 6, line 30, before the comma insert ", and with the exception of funds reserved
1.4for community education in account 431 or reserved for adult basic education in account
1.6Page 7, delete sections 13 and 14
1.7Page 10, after line 28, insert:

1.8    "Sec. 19. FUND TRANSFERS.
1.9Notwithstanding Minnesota Statutes, section 123B.80, subdivision 3, for fiscal
1.10years 2010 and 2011 only, the commissioner must approve a request for a fund transfer
1.11if the transfer does not increase state aid obligations to the district or result in additional
1.12property tax authority for the district. This section does not permit transfers from the
1.13community service fund.
1.14EFFECTIVE DATE.This section is effective the day following final enactment."
1.15Renumber the sections in sequence and correct the internal references
1.16Amend the title accordingly