1.1.................... moves to amend H.F. No. 2680, the first committee engrossment
1.2(CEH2680-1), as follows:
1.3Page 36, after line 17, insert:
1.4    "Subd. 11. Veterans medical review team. (a) To ensure the timely processing of
1.5determinations of service-connected disabilities among veterans enrolled in the temporary
1.6general assistance medical care program, the commissioner shall review all medical
1.7evidence submitted by enrollees with a referral and seek additional information from
1.8providers, applicants, and enrollees to support the determination of a service-connected
1.9disability when necessary. Service-connected disability shall be determined according to
1.10the regulations and policies of the United States Department of Veterans Affairs.
1.11(b) Prior to a denial or withdrawal of a requested determination of service-connected
1.12disability due to insufficient evidence, the commissioner shall:
1.13(1) ensure that the missing evidence is necessary and appropriate to a determination
1.14of service-connected disability; and
1.15(2) assist applicants and enrollees to obtain the evidence, including, but not limited
1.16to, medical examinations and electronic medical records.
1.17(c) The commissioner shall provide the chairs of the legislative committees with
1.18jurisdiction over health and human services finance and budget the following information
1.19on the activities of the veterans medical review team by August 1, 2010, and provide an
1.20update by January 1, 2011:
1.21(1) the number of applications to the veterans medical review team that were denied,
1.22approved, or withdrawn;
1.23(2) the average length of time from receipt of the application to a decision;
1.24(3) the number of appeals and appeal results;
1.25(4) for applicants, their age, health coverage at the time of application,
1.26hospitalization history within three months of application, and whether an application for
1.27service-connected veterans benefits is pending; and
2.1(5) specific information on the medical certification, licensure, or other credentials
2.2of the person or persons performing the medical review determinations and length of
2.3time in that position."